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How Much Longer Will It Go On

He was the child that did not smile, or live
or breath, towards his death he did not look
as though he had the time to duck and dive
he was taught to live or die by the book

Bruised and battered in a dishevelled state
hiding in corners wrapped only in tears
he, deprived of love, a child they did hate 
starved of food, under the stairs, hiding fears

Then justice stepped in and took him away
to a home full of love, fun and laughter
in that tormented life he could not stay
as one so young he could not look after

He grew into a man without a care
Adopted a child, saved them from despair.



Deprived of freedom then held as a slave
mental torture, in every race and creed
trapped in a void, while trying to be brave
inside looking out, a broken heart bleeds

Tormented, abused, while home is their jail
shunned by a partner and tainted with lies
no contact with friends including no mail
then pushed to the brink each day they despise 

Whispered sweet nothings, then captured by love
charmed to the alter, their vows they both read
the cracks appear, as does a boxing glove 
sentenced to life for an innocent deed

With prayer and patience they will be released
A living hell at the hands of a beast.


Note*  This is a double sonnet. I used the same title 
for both as these despicable crimes can happen to 
anyone of any age in any country and we should not 
close our eyes to the fact that it could be happening 
in our neighbourhood to people we know…

Details | David Williams Poem

Hook Line and Sinker

Me, my brother Tom and Uncle Pat were on a fishing holiday
three men in a rowing boat way out in Dublin Bay
we anchored up and cast six rods over a sunken wreck
hoping for the catch of our lives to haul onto the deck
hours passed with the floats just bobbing up and down
Tom fell asleep and Pat sat watching with a frown
a ferry passed by and the swell nearly made us capsize
as I held onto the sides Pat stood there with staring eyes
his float had gone and the rod had bent double
I woke Tom up and told him we were in trouble
Pat grabbed the rod and with all the strength he had
he struck the line which went straight down, oh man this was bad
the boat began to list quite far and water was gushing in
we started bailing out, but Pat held firm he stood there with a grin
he had a bite that was pulling hard the line shot under the keel
only one fish had the strength for this, it was a giant conger eel
Tom rummaged through the tackle and handed Pat a knife
we shouted ‘cut the line’ or this fish could take a life
but he heaved and reeled then shouted ‘get the gaff’
we saw his head and great big teeth and said ‘you’re having a laugh’
Tom grabbed an oar and whacked it’s head, the oar it broke in two
Pat’s foot was in the firing line and the eel snapped at his shoe
the eel it thrashed; we kicked and lashed the eel half out the boat
but the eel was having none of it and was going for Pat’s throat
the screams were heard by other boats who came to our rescue
the next we knew the eel was dead killed by god knows who?
a harpoon in it’s head stuck out and we were showered in blood
Pat saw blood gushing from his foot, then fell with a sickening thud
we climbed aboard the other boat, the eel it was their prize
we lost our boat and rods, half a shoe plus two toes, It’s the truth, I tell no lies….

© 21/2/2014

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