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Triumph of the Soul

As I wandered alone without a task
All around me wild flowers sprang forth
My face a sad contorted mask

Of emotionless strife since birth
My eyelids closed against the day
Enjoying the fall of darkness on my Earth

The sun tried to spread its ray
The sweet smelling fruit kissed my head
As beneath the mighty mango tree I lay

The deep red scars on my heart fled
When a strange melody on my fancy grew
And the balm of stillness on my limbs spread

An unknown peace I soon knew
When the leaves danced with the breeze
The shadows of my life I threw

The butterflies and the bees
On me did comfort heap
That amazingly I found under this tree

My shallow life and forgotten sleep
This wilderness made new
With pleasure my heart started to weep

The grave cares now seemed so few
My life found a new definition
And into the azure sky my soul flew

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Awaiting Admittance Haiku

a gentle dew drop
slides softly down the petal
awaits admittance

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dark night envelopes
as black shimmers hug her curves
sparkling on charcoal
the soft rays of the black pearl
twining around her hot wrist

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Limitless Love

As she walked thru limitless pain
Her body contorted and old
She ached for his divine grace
And freedom from binding chains
Her soul clearly broken
Into tiny glittering points
And dark night enticingly beckoned
To pass into limitless sky
And as day blurred into dusk
Her soul took its flight
Among the burning starry way
She at last found what she lacked
A limitless ocean of love and peace
That He held in his arms


For Paula’s ‘Limitless’ contest

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Do not tempt me so with this life
I have left all behind
It was too much to be a perfect wife

It had become one big strife
The stone wheel in which my soul did grind
Do not tempt me so with this life

Amongst these mountains I do not strive
No chains are here that could bind
It was too much to be a perfect wife

Idle life, why do I yearn for a busy hive
I have left behind mankind
Do not tempt me so with this life

My raging mind in tranquil pool did dive
Peace and enchantment here combined
It was too much to be a perfect wife

My soul seems dead not alive
Oh why did I leave behind mankind
Do not tempt me so with this life
It was too much to be a perfect wife

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Angel Of Mercy

O’ Angel of mercy
Do not take her away yet
Tarry a while
Wait a while
Her body is still warm
Her soul still lingering
    I have to say
    A million things
    I have to show her
    A million dreams
O’ Angel of mercy
Stay a while
Wait a while
    She has yet to hug me
    She has yet to love me
    Her hand on my head
    Her breath on my cheek
O’ Angel of mercy
Tarry a while
Wait a while
    My heart cries
    For her warmth
    My life cries
    For her strength
O’ Angel of mercy
Stay a while 
Wait a while
    Her immense love
    Which gathered
    Me to her
    Is yet to be felt
O’ Angel of mercy
Tarry a while
Wait a while
    Give me a chance
    O’ Angel of mercy
    Give me a chance.

By-Tahera Mannan
Contest-Your Darkest Hour
Sponsored by-Ryland Matthews

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Winter's Blanket

The winter Queen has arrived
Silent and soft and slow and divine
Slowly thru icy breath she whispers
As her silver garments open wide
Miracles appear swirling free
As tiny angels dancing above
Softly drifting to the ground
On the wall and rooftops
Window ledges and branches bare
Tiny crystal flowers bloom
As she spreads her blanket around
Tinkling and glittering they enter
Frigid human lonely hearts
And like wild butterflies
The warmth flutter again
As each flake a beautiful dream weave
In the white tapestry of life

By Tahera Mannan

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White is the tiny jasmine growing in my garden
The soft snow that falls on my nose
The cumulus that drifts in the blue sky
The heart of a pristine lotus

 White is gown I wore for him
And the gloved hand on his arm
The Arabian which ran wild in the desert
As mystical as the first ray of dawn

White is the baby in Mary’s arms
And the lilies in the church
The rice and confetti thrown on the bride
The veil which hides her blushing cheeks

White is the dove which brings peace
And the tiny bell that hangs on its neck
The moon that shines gently at night
The stars that shine in her eyes


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The Message in the Balloon

I caught myself this blue balloon
Flying adrift and among trees
Laughing I untied it from its string
And ran in happiness at top speed
The balloon unknowingly deflated
And hung limp from my fingers
Sadly I touched its shiny surface
Feeling a lump in its heart
As my fingers explored its very life
A tiny paper note it unveiled
And on it were the words of a little child
Asking her daddy to come back
As I sat on my bed at night
And looked out to the starry sky
My eyes closed and a prayer went up
For daddy to come to his waiting child
For daddy to come to his waiting child


By Tahera Mannan
For Francine’s ‘Happiness is a balloon’ contest

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Life Renewed

white tips stretch in prayers
blessings flow down in soft streams
life slowly renewed