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Loving The Child In Me

There is a child that looks like me.
Years from now still won't be free.
You'll want to rock her in your arms.
Keep her safe from all that harms.

Some things you simply don't forget.
And there is shame that haunts me yet.
The stark reality is this-
I find it hard to share a kiss.

Children are meant for love and prayers.
Not sneaking footsteps on the stairs.
Fear grows where refuge should be.
Hate floats on a toxic sea.

In all these years sorrow still lives.
A broken spirit but strong will gives
reason to find a better way.
This child is loved by me today.

written 4/13/2013

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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the first thanksgiving

steal their land
then dine with them....
no reservations needed

**for Chris Aechtner's Yet Another Senryu contest

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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This Year

Many splendored visions dancing through my head.
Wishes caught up in the stars and moon struck sky.
Roads to travel near and far where I am led.
Past regrets are vanquished-I'll no longer cry.
Dive into life's canyons and I won't be shy.

Give this heart another chance to grow and love.
Paint my words on canvas for the world to see.
Seek my wisest answers from the heavens above.
Bathe in scented waters flowing wild and free.
Find forgiveness in my soul and let it be.

Rock the children in my arms both young and old.
Find my voice and sing so loud the birds will cheer.
Give somebody warmth and shelter from the cold.
Live my life with passion and I'll show no fear.
Let my hopes and dreams just sparkle bright this year!

for contest "This Year" sponsored by Francine Roberts

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Jungle War

So thick with rain,the rancid air
into the jungle pours.
Young soldiers with their feet on fire
keep on despite the sores.

This war is one that no one wants
and no one understands.
Young men and women give their lives
in these far Asian lands.

Back home these kids are shown disdain;
they're spit upon and worse.
When they come home from Viet Nam
in airports they are cursed.

A blight upon our history
was this long standing war.
But we should show the vets respect
for suffering they bore.

written by Deb Wilson 
January 12th, 2013
for contest "Historical Modified Quatrain"

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Painting A Picture With Sister In It

One summer day I was just past twenty
feeling as usual alone and apart.
When in she walked with smiles aplenty.
and whispered quietly into my heart.

"I'm your sister ! " she proclaimed to me.
And all I could do was burst into tears.
Such a wondrous sight she was to see
melting away those long, lonely years.

Our mama had passed some years ago
leaving us both in a tortured life.
Sis and I were soon to know
a lack of love impales like a knife.

Apart from each other we grew up sad.
We both lived under a cloud of pain.
I was thinking it never got better than bad
till I saw my beautiful sister again.

Since then we've made up for time lost
sharing all our joys and sorrows
keeping in sight those bridges crossed.
Now we'll surely know bright tomorrows.


Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Sun Dancing

Twirl across the fields
in an adoring frenzy.
Chill is forgotten.
Our feet sing like hummingbirds.
Sun fingers tickle our souls.

written Jan 6th,2014

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Badly Bent Not Broken

We laughed at each and every thing.
You were my sovereign soul mate.
How could I know when I wore your ring
that you were the one would teach me hate?

So many days filled up with laughter.
Nights of unmistakable pleasure.
Then you hung me from the highest rafter.
Caused me pain too deep to measure.

I worked so hard to perfect and please.
Giving you everything I was made of.
In times of stress I'd bring you ease.
You flourished in unconditional love.

One night I came home late from work.
There was my telephone message blinking.
Turns out you're a heartless jerk.
You shattered me without twice thinking.

Those words still haunt me to this day.
"I simply can't go on pretending.
I need my freedom and right away".
How cruel the message you were sending.

Yet when I recovered from the shock
I picked up the pieces of my soul.
For years my heart was under lock.
But now I'm healed and once more whole.

I've heard that you never settled down.
That great love's never come your way.
Well karma reigns and you wear the crown.
That's really all I have to say!

for "Betrayal" contest sponsored by Frank H.

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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He Gives Wings To Me

intensity grows
   those dark eyes give wings to me...
       passion flies within

willow soft lashes
    framed upon a work of art...
        masterful the gaze

lips that taste of wine
      tantalizing nectar sweet...
          cannot turn back now

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Eyes First Meet"
sponsored by Michael Falotico

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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shards of azure sky
weave me into future dreams...
captain of my ship

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Blame It On The Moon

Silhouettes of the far off skies
laced through the edge of madness
bring a certain dance to your feet
and some mysterious sadness.

Into the depths of black and beyond
temptation knows no bounds.
Moonlight breathes upon the earth
while passion's song resounds.

Under the lunar tapestry
love outlives it's hunger.
Thirst and greed shall disappear
while all the world grows younger.

Blame it on the stars above;
those crescent pieces of sky.
Blame it on the moon's pale glow
and never question why.

written 10/28/2013
for contest"Blame It On The Moon"

Copyright © Deb Wilson