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Loving The Child In Me

There is a child that looks like me.
Years from now still won't be free.
You'll want to rock her in your arms.
Keep her safe from all that harms.

Some things you simply don't forget.
And there is shame that haunts me yet.
The stark reality is this-
I find it hard to share a kiss.

Children are meant for love and prayers.
Not sneaking footsteps on the stairs.
Fear grows where refuge should be.
Hate floats on a toxic sea.

In all these years sorrow still lives.
A broken spirit but strong will gives
reason to find a better way.
This child is loved by me today.

written 4/13/2013

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the first thanksgiving

steal their land
then dine with them....
no reservations needed

**for Chris Aechtner's Yet Another Senryu contest

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He Gives Wings To Me

intensity grows
   those dark eyes give wings to me...
       passion flies within

willow soft lashes
    framed upon a work of art...
        masterful the gaze

lips that taste of wine
      tantalizing nectar sweet...
          cannot turn back now

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Eyes First Meet"
sponsored by Michael Falotico

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Jungle War

So thick with rain,the rancid air
into the jungle pours.
Young soldiers with their feet on fire
keep on despite the sores.

This war is one that no one wants
and no one understands.
Young men and women give their lives
in these far Asian lands.

Back home these kids are shown disdain;
they're spit upon and worse.
When they come home from Viet Nam
in airports they are cursed.

A blight upon our history
was this long standing war.
But we should show the vets respect
for suffering they bore.

written by Deb Wilson 
January 12th, 2013
for contest "Historical Modified Quatrain"

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Skinny Dipping With My Darlin'

The waves are lapping,do I dare to say
that they are tickling my bare bottom so.
And I am laughing out loud as we play.
My sweet darlin' and I go toe-to-toe
as into the deep blue yonder we go.
He traces all the freckles on my back;
it seems he nearly has a heart attack!
As I start to shake out my long,wet hair
he finds he's face to face with my clothes rack.
You see,I'm standing up now,proud and bare!

There was a time when I was very shy;
you wouldn't catch me undressed in the light.
But then one day I met my special guy
who let me know that my curves were just right.
My naked form was a beautiful sight.
So we swim around this ocean like fish.
I'll whisper in his ear and grant each wish.
When we reach the shore we'll roll in the sand
like sugared doughnuts stacked up on a dish.
I feel wild and free as I take his hand.

for contest"Your Birthday Suit"
sponsored by Cyndi Macmillan

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Tree In The Wind

I will draw unto the depths of my soul to love my life.
Although there are sorrows and some travesties along the journey
I bend like a tree in the wind,strong,proud and beautiful.

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sweet love song

love is fresh and new
   but grows strong like an oak tree
      sweet shade in the sun

foundation of trust
   hearts and souls given freely
       thoughts that live as one

kisses like nectar
   skin to skin and arm in arm
      song sung endlessly

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One Courageous Lady

The lady was brave as she could be
And she went down in history
As one who stood up for her race
The whites said she should know her place

She boarded the bus like all the rest
Not knowing she'd be put to the test
The bus driver yelled back with a frown
"Get up you four,let this man sit down"

The driver and man were white of course
But Rosa refused to respond to force
She knew in her heart that she had a right
So she quietly sat there prepared for the fight

Rosa Parks knew what this would cause
To boldly ignore the Jim Crow laws
Thus a city bus boycott began
Martin Luther King Jr. became her fan

In Montgomery,Jim Crow's called unfair
Some think the rights movement began there
When a lady courageous remained in her seat
Refusing to give herself up to defeat

And so in December of fifty five
The civil rights movement became alive
When Rosa and all the other brave souls
Would go down in the history rolls

* for Carolyn and James's "History " contest

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How To Lose A Bikini

Here's a tale I've told before
From when I was a teen
The subject at the time was sore
For I caused quite a scene!

Had a brand-new bathing suit
My first bikini ever
I figured I looked mighty cute
And that was my endeavor!

Up the high dive I did go
Winking at the guys
Time to give them all a show
Bending legs and thighs

Diving off the board I went
Far as I could take it
One way my body was sent
Bikini didn't make it!

Off it flew into the air
And left a naked me
Falling to the water there
For all the world to see

So embarrassed my face was flushed
Gone was little Miss Sassy
In the water I stayed and blushed
Humiliated lassie!

** for contest "Reconsidering Laughter" sponsored by Desiree Birdseye

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Sleepy Soul

indigo has fallen
upon my lovely petunias
they are patiently waiting
because they do love the sun
quiet calm has fallen upon my heart
the gossamer winged angels
are patiently waiting to
astound me,surround me
guide me to dreamland
meanwhile the night and i
carry on like lovers
caught up in an endless dance
a fine romance till