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Egg Shells

No more walking on egg shells
or stroking one mans pride

My wounded heart is open now
and at last so are my eyes

No more empty conversations
pro claiming he's the best

If truth be known his actions shown
He's just like all the rest

There is so much to be thankful for
I'm healing from the fall

But he's the one who's suffering
He could have had it all...

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Popcorn anyone

~Summer is Natures intermission~

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Loves Reflection

Behind me in the mirror 

Hot breath gently on my neck

Red satin bow falls to floor

Exposed gift adored... 

Contest: Red

Sponsored by  Francine Roberts

Form: Dodoitsu

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Angel Kisses

Snowflakes so silently fall

Like Angel kisses

Winters breath upon my face

Their departure traced

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A wall between

Loves call awaits me

    Or perhaps it is knocking

        What if I answer

            Once opened finding no one 

                Only a wall between us

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Face to Face

Face to face at last

Perpetual gaze is held

No words are spoken

Hands reaching out with purpose

You grab the last cookie first 


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Essence of humanity

Thoughts and prayers of man kind
Rise above us all

Drifting through eternity
fearless of the fall

Our lives we enter each one unique
Like pebbles on a beach

So many thoughts and words composed
So many left un preached

I like to think they gather there
Somewhere beyond the stars

Someone opens each and every one
and places them in jars

The inscription on the jars
is simply stated there

Here is the essence of mankind
Feel free to use and share...

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Unseen hands


To catch

With one hand 

Never touch down

Always there waiting, watching, protecting 

Something so much greater than you or I 

Shared hope and faith

Unseen hands



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Loving you

You are such a strong man, and I have such a delicate soul.  I think we came together so
that we may compliment each other in this otherwise over-whelming world.

Our worlds are so different and yet at the end of the day we meet in the same place, with
the same love and smiles we gave one another earlier in the day.

Questions, yes there are many always on my mind, answers well they come and go but the
important thing is that when I look into your eyes all my answers are there waiting deep

Loving you is so much easier than anything else I have ever experienced.  When my life
seems to over take me I know I have a haven in your arms and a place in your heart where I
can go and rest my soul for a moment. 

This man, this incredible person that is my lover, my friend and the one person in all the
world that understands me, how lucky I am to share a little bit of time with him during my

The most important thing that I carry with me throughout my day and night is the feeling
within me knowing that he is there for me.  So strong and yet so gentle, there is no love
in all existence that compares to this feeling.

I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you forever.

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Surfer chick

He never stopped preaching
About the color of my hair
So I kept right on bleaching
and now there's nothing there 

Contest: Bad hair day
Sponsored by Rick Parise
Form: Chastushka