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Short Violence Poems | Short Violence Poetry

Short Violence Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Violence by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Violence short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Violence poem by Sarah Broun| Details |






Short Violence poem by Archana Kapoor Nagpal| Details |


fears of violence --
the unflincing spirit
emboldens others

Short Violence poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Today's Schools

guns in school
"bang bang you’re dead"

Short Violence poem by Michael Jordan| Details |


Conversation heats
Anger flashes suddenly
Then violence erupts

Short Violence poem by Comfortably Insignificant| Details |

Big Brother

Eruption silenced 
by a snowstorm of violence:
Nature unbalanced

Short Violence poem by Kolapo Olapoju| Details |


The loss of reason
fuels the fire of violence
And society Sobs

Short Violence poem by farah chamma| Details |

Humanity's Incineration

Derisive vile of
Violence, as we speak in
Silence,   igniting…  

Short Violence poem by Ron Cervero| Details |


Prison walls are black
Violence and pain inside
Never to be free

Short Violence poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

Justice the Parodox

Justice is a paradox in itself,
Because it to breeds violence.

Short Violence poem by Marlene Murray| Details |


Amid violence and deception, how does
         Man fined redemption?

Short Violence poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Tree Of Wisdom

Amid violence

a ray of hope captivates

thy tree of wisdom

Short Violence poem by Jack Kenny| Details |


defeats violence
every Love day
What's meant to return

Short Violence poem by Peter Akinjute| Details |


Drops without pity,
chastens with violence its preys,
blessing in disguise.

Short Violence poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details |


night falls silently
covering shades of violence
sunlight strikes horror

Short Violence poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |


Breath in, Breath out, and let Knowlege take it's root and uproot feeble minded violence.

Short Violence poem by Catia Davis| Details |

Another Untitled Poem

Nothing, Silence like screaming through your brain
Emty violence, like bullets through your veins.

Short Violence poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details |

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
The name that is handy
To espouse the relevance
Of struggle through non-violence.

Short Violence poem by Erin Baker| Details |


Smattering of neuron fires.
Waking to dream.
Peace before violence.
Palm of the hand.

Short Violence poem by Alex Keith| Details |


Silence is bad

Silence makes me mad

I don’t like silence

Silence brings violence

Silence makes me sad

Short Violence poem by Summer Hackney| Details |

Evening News

Domestic violence,
Robberies, child abuse,
Disturbing visions,
All of this, in the evening news.

Short Violence poem by romeo naces| Details |

Night Swamp

            shrieks shatter swamp's silence

       nighttime stealth, hushed violence

darkness, the difference!

Short Violence poem by Sidney Beck| Details |



Some men prefer  violence
Some prefer violins

Some women want to be chased
Others want to be chaste

Short Violence poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Cryptic Tombstone

            War and violence

                     a sad epitah.....

                              thinning out the herd

Short Violence poem by Kristin Christensen| Details |


Life has 
Overcomming obstacles with
Violence emotionally and physically, but
Excitement comes and goes in every possible way.

Short Violence poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

We Fall Upon This Earth

Violence begets violence,
When the gray
Falls upon this earth, but
Possess no legs
To get up and fight or
Walk away with
The gold

Short Violence poem by lashawn white| Details |

My Hair

On the top of
my head it sits
my very own what,
in it's natural form
waiting on my next
act of violence
upon it I will perform...

Short Violence poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details |

Conversations with a Knife

No purpose in silence,
with these breaths becoming
iron, my sharpest edges
unfurl the curtain, shredding
the flesh of solitude,
with violence.

Short Violence poem by Jodie Williams| Details |

Sleepy Eyes Itch

Truths slash open innermost fears
Sleepy eyes itch with unshed tears
Pounding heartbeat eats the silence
Never before exposed to such violence. 

Short Violence poem by john loving iii| Details |


Resolve irreverently
Every violation of Godly law
Violence attending resistance
Others have failed
Let us succeed
Tyranical rule must be defeated

Short Violence poem by Annie Brittle| Details |

Your Best Shot

You called me names I don't recall,
I slapped your face for the barefaced cheek.
You pinned and pressed me to the wall,
For violence, damsel's knees go weak.

Short Violence poem by William Hughes| Details |

Root of Evil

After love comes sadness After sadness comes pain After pain comes rage With rage comes violence Love is the root of all good, But also the root of all evil

Short Violence poem by rebecca travis| Details |

Fall of Night

Deadly violence erupts into the night sky,

        wind ripped daytime desires,

        eventually the rest of earths light,

        gives into darkness.

Short Violence poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details |


Hold your peace
Let the violence cease
Sheath your sword
Draw no more blood!

Let it off with a shrug
Give him a hug
If to Peace you belong
She shall make your days long!

Short Violence poem by ... Gigno| Details |


Independence only costs what you contribute
To live and die can be based on that choice
Fighting does not sound a call for violence
People accomplish so much more with a voice

Short Violence poem by Marty King| Details |

gentle frustration slowly unraveling

in silence
i declare violence 
a warm chill rises from the former latter
yet i am just another person in search of something better beautiful
in noise
i perfect my poise

Short Violence poem by David Byrne| Details |


Art, Action, Death

Great Nebula
Stellar nursery
Cradle to grave
Clouds of infamy
Entomb Orion 
Killer of beasts
Born of Bulls Hyde
Stung to die

The peaceful sky
Harbours violence

Short Violence poem by Kim Hilliker| Details |


I've left you
No more violence
Battered for the last time

***** Written for my daughter. She left her husband this weekend. Yay! I'm so proud of her.

Short Violence poem by Barbara Attaway| Details |

A Love Story

The dark, heavy beauty
Thundered foreboding

Ferocious, blue-grey violence
Erupted from her stormy heart

She sang a steady rain and
Danced with magical lightning

A love story

Short Violence poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

Buddhists and Muslims

Sometimes, buddhists attack muslims with trivial provocation!
Thus both sides are led into ethnic tension!
But if anomalies are resolved,not much sectarian violence
will be perpetrated!

Short Violence poem by andrew delapruch| Details |


love cannot stand, 
friendship holds no ground,
the world is full of liars,
everyone is an enemy,
violence will win out,
strength is an irrelevant concept &
all bets are off.

Short Violence poem by Nancy Jones| Details |


A revolution without radicals
is like 
squash casserole without squash.


Oh, and just so ya know, radicalism and violence are two completely unrelated terms.

Short Violence poem by Melissa Ross| Details |


I wake to the sound of red alarms and harsh blue whistles,
Perhaps this is just a false occurrence, it sounds always these days,
The notion is struck down, this world is full of violence.

Short Violence poem by romeo naces| Details |

Noon Quiet

                     . . .   noon sun's violence

                                     lovely orchid's eloquence

                                             breaks ornate silence . . !

Short Violence poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Hurts to be Human

Hurts to be human
Sadness, grief

Hurts to be human
Anger, violence

Hurts to be human
Adultery, lust

Hurts to be human
Confusion, stress

Hurts to be human.... that's why Jesus died!

Short Violence poem by Allison Unknown| Details |

We Did Nothing Wrong

We can love
We can hate
We still did
Nothing wrong
We are the victims
As the violence
Takes control
We cant quit
Until we try
Just please
Open your eyes
And see
We did nothing wrong 

Short Violence poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

In Abandonment

Airy, Buoyant Clouds, Defiantly Float  Gaily, Heedlessly, In Joyful Kaleidoscopic Light.
More Nautical Oval Players Queue Rashly, Stirring Thunderous, Unexpected Violence With Xrated, Yeasty Zealousness.

Short Violence poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |

First sequel god doing ungodly things

like a civil gentleman,
he was drowned in their violence,
and had no will or power to save or protest,
he fell and fell so good,
that he could not see his own epitaph,
like we all are not able to.

Short Violence poem by jide badmus| Details |

turbulent serenity

it looks humble 
but harbors trouble. 
a pregnant silence 
nurtures violence. 
it is threatening, 
it is frightening... 
a silent silence whispers vengeance 
it is worse than an out-spoken uproar. 

Short Violence poem by John Allen| Details |

Men of Clay

Sand of day
dust by night
men of clay
robbed of sight

bone to bone
dream asunder
violence intone
is it any wonder

we fight to no end
we lose despite
peace without defend
and at the end no respite

Short Violence poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

muslims and christians clashes

Muslims and christians clashes,  the worst sectarian violence!
Therefore I urge christians and muslim to readjust their neighbourliness, 
and friendliness to receive reconcilliation approval from the powers above!

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