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Short Technology Poems | Short Technology Poetry

Short Technology Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Technology by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Technology short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Technology poem by Ann Roske| Details |

Factual Fiction

Science Fact Science Fiction Technology

Short Technology poem by Ethan Michaels| Details |


love technology?\Good, it brings together\People worlds apart

Short Technology poem by Dustin Craig| Details |

Generation Z

Youth becomes brainless
Consumed by technology
Generation lost

Short Technology poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |

Hands On

Teach successfully
Through technology

By Robb A. Kopp

Short Technology poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |


Technology certainly has its place..
But Gee, what happened to talking face to face?

For the Epigram contest

Short Technology poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

The Habit Mind

The habit mind
Is the holocaust
Of technology automating
Rational enlightenment
For the slavery of time
And poverty of creation

Short Technology poem by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton| Details |

Autumn wind

Sacred sounds of the autumn wind
Blessed microphones could not endow
A feeling that our lives entwined
This silly technology knows not how.

Short Technology poem by Shawn Sackman| Details |

Cool Nerd

Nerd, unpopular
Facebook calls, founder’s stock shares
“Geek” is the new cool

Entry for Natalie Fllikkema's "Talkin Technology" competition

Short Technology poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |


In this day Technology rules Forgetting The pleasure And tactile delight of books -Reading by the fire
Shadorma contest

Short Technology poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Comic strip hero Dan Dare
Space pilot extraordinaire,
Each week in the Eagle flew,
Against Mekon and his crew-
Dan's technology later came true.

Short Technology poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

If we all have the answers

If we all have the answers in us,
Then why are we as human beings still divided by misery and poverty and blinded by the 
power of money and technology.

Short Technology poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Hey Fancy Face


Suzie sure did love technology
especially cosmetology
when Botox became her friend
each wrinkle it did mend 
now she's a part of biology

Short Technology poem by Alex Roth| Details |

Broken Bottles

ladies saviors flowers
rise roses red
and blast blessing balm
sores ripping revelation
-s crashing chimeras chasms
of another homeless plea
in broken bottles of technology

Short Technology poem by christine hawksworth| Details |

Split Second Timing

Blue hue, violet rays
took my breath away.
Yellow mellow days
swallowed me whole.
Red shining danger signs
caught my guard down.
Black jack, apple mac,
oh! for the age of technology !

Short Technology poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Computer Technology

It seems to me
that with all of this computer technology
designed to make all of our lives much easier and better,
that I often find
I'm more so inclined
to simply use pencil and paper.

Short Technology poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |


Of medium and message
Living through technology
Technology diffusing us

Nature does the same
Branching of the human mind
All signs converge between inner space
Below the surface
New worlds are churning

Short Technology poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Our Technology Fiend

Our Technology Fiend

Computer, dear, please come on.
Don’t be so temperamental.
Click, click, no light, no sound.
A pulled wire; oh, that cat.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 20, 2010

Poetic form: Chastushka

Short Technology poem by Jen H.| Details |

Unknown Day

I sit here watching
Home videos so old
A blanket covering me
From the winter so cold

I try to remember 
The day being shown
But to me this day
I quite unknown

It seems
Technology remembers
My life better
Then I do

Short Technology poem by Sherwin Balbuena| Details |

Our decadence

our hands are extremely
they believe that everything
has the right to exist
like the proliferation
of good and bad
dusts in the air
our science
our arts
our technology
have made a little boon
but a lot of bane

our decadence

Short Technology poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details |

Dick and Jane

Jane says that 
Old Dick is dead
Along with painting
And the guitar

That technology 
Has replaced them
And put them in storage, 
IN museums and on digital tapes

But that when 
The technology is down
She prays 
That Old Dick 
Will show up

Short Technology poem by Daljit Khankhana| Details |

Human Description

Anatomy is an amplification of Amphibology, 
Conspicuous consort of natural ideology,
In consideration of the developing technology. 
Contentious contentment or consummation contemplative, 
Conjectural, theoretical and practicable sociology.

Short Technology poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details |

Re-cycle me

When its thought
To be
All over 
Put me through a cross
Cut shredder 
And store me 
In a cardboard shoe box

When the technology is right 
Re-cycle me 
As a vanilla ice cream pop
With a dark chocolate cover
To be eaten 
And loved 
Just one more time

Short Technology poem by Barbara Washington| Details |

PoetrySoup And The iPad

Once upon a time
PoetrySoup and the iPad didn't play well
Glitches, bugs, fixes, made me whine
As I couldn't enjoy this wonderful site from my iPad

Now they'll playmates having fun in this world of technology
Speeding right along poetic Internet highway

Short Technology poem by Katelyn Dobbs| Details |

A Shared Dream

Chills of comfort
as smooth as skin 
grazing grey stones. 

In the next room-
technology is hard at work
churning, turning
while the guitar gently rifts. 

Harsh winds are whipping, 
we are lying 
above a pale yellow floor
across a hazy tundra.

Short Technology poem by cecil hickman| Details |

To Too Fast

Perplexed by the changes of technology so fast,
Maybe my mind will not manage or last.
If technology continues upon this speed,
Our personal minds we will never need.
When man no longer has any need for a mind.
That will be the end of all of humankind.

Short Technology poem by Hilde Bird| Details |

Tomorrow again, I begin

When you are old and lonely,
and children moved away,
promising they visit soon,
if they get time some day.

Old age does not fit into, modern technology,

Whenever I say:
“This will never happen to me!”

I am still learning:” Never to say never, again

Short Technology poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

I'm Going To Hell

Sentence me to a life of complete solitary,
just allow me my stereo, computer and my TV.
When I die I'm going to hell most certainly
because I'll have to leave behind all of this heavenly technology
and that will most certainly be the worst kind of boring hell for me.

Short Technology poem by Brandon Basson| Details |

Unsolved Mystery

The brain mass of the human mind
Harbors iq’s you won’t believe
But still leaves one thing undefined
Much simpler than technology
With only three percent in use
Will we one day transcend this grip 
And exercise control when juice
Mingle with blood from a bitten lip

Short Technology poem by Carrie Richards| Details |

Driving on Fumes

We're eating more beans to stretch out our cash...
Living paycheck to paycheck, hoping pennies will last 
With all the technology that's out there today
If only science could find ingenious ways
To fill up our cars with all of that gas !!

for Carolyn's "Economic Woes" contest

Short Technology poem by Dustin Craig| Details |


Sex to repopulate the planet
Objectively trying to make the world a better place
Citizens attempting to get their views heard by politicians
Irate countries at war with one another
Emptiness amongst the poor; longing for more
Technology coming to the forefront
Year after year, adding to history

Short Technology poem by Judy Konos| Details |


Does HE hear our email prayers?
Do they count as if we care?
Are HIS photos of perfection
Cast of HIM in true reflection?

A forward here, a forward there
Just one click, we're everywhere
Perhaps HE counts technology
As though it were theology?

I don't know nor do you
Only hope that this is true!

Short Technology poem by Kalind Thakkar| Details |

Too Much Technology

Too Much Technology

Technology all around
Pen and pencil underground

Texting on the highway
Leads to the driver’s last day

Too much Facebook and G-mail
Now there is no more snail mail

Maybe we should get back to communicating one-to-one
Talking face-to-face can be exhilarating and fun

Short Technology poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |

One Sticky Question

There was a miracle,
Came the supernatural,
And awed us with unachievable,
Such things/events glue us bad,
Our technology attempts to copy as much,
Get which thus far eluded,
When it finally does things,
Miracles’ proportions,
Will we be gods?
Or still be humans?
Don’t have a clue,
But I am still glued.

Short Technology poem by Kenneth Cairney| Details |

The Tower or New Babel

The tower had grown for thousands of years
Slicing deep through Earth’s stratosphere
Its roots were as deep as it was tall
Built in the hopes it would never fall
But the movement of Earth’s fiery heart
Had melted and tore its roots apart
Old goals remained as technology grew
Just as old had fallen so would the new

Short Technology poem by Duke Beaufort| Details |

Mother nature's son

The world is a factory farm
And no one can save nature's charm
The harm from this binge
Makes ecologists cringe
And stinks like a raw underarm

Author's note: Let the games begin and hold your nose.  The scale of exploitation is unparalleled in human history.  But don't worry because more industry and technology will save us.

Short Technology poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |


The killer that will get you eventually
is plain and simply inactivity.
This is one of the downfalls of living in a society
with all of these comforts from modern technology
which in turn promotes complacency
both mentally and physically.
Get off that couch and stop being so lazy.
Exercise that brain. Exercise that body.

Short Technology poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

Mars Face

Mars face
Perhaps a point we are meant to see, the face on Mars may match our Sphinx, half mile high, so they say it are, the come together links? on Mars? Cydonia so they say, has Pyramids 3 four n 5 sided, Nasa dinna want us there, technology could they share, when comes rewards, requited :) Don Johnson 28-july-11

Short Technology poem by John Goodman| Details |

technology enabled me

i am an artist
i write because i feel
i write because somewhere the self censor button got removed, and
this thing we call technology
enabled and liberated 
will i become famous?
i dont know
i dont know
im just writing this poem to you right now
hoping for some peace
in this crazy world
hoping for some truth
hoping for some love.

Short Technology poem by Milton Toran| Details |


God created man,
man created survival,
survival created ideas,
ideas created technology,
technology created power,
power created greed,
greed created war,
war created conquest,
conquest created dominion,
dominion created destruction,
destruction created the end.
The end?...The end created 
a new beginning with our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Short Technology poem by Desmond Smith| Details |

poem 72

Day in, day out.
We walk and walk.
Night in, night out.
We talk and talk.

Wondering if the other is real.
We think and think.
Hoping the other is real.
We pray and pray.

Technology controlling fate.
We wait and wait.
Communication grows weak.
We strive and strive.

Is this a dream?
We pinch and pinch.
Will it last forever?
We yearn and yearn.

Short Technology poem by Fritz Purdum| Details |

Never Happens

Warm your soul in a microwave
Technology will rule the day
Unplug your life and you go dim
Pure energy is your only friend

Fast food slows you down
Loose yourself to be found
Wish for dreams to covet
Lush is lust we love it

Prolong the body is the spirit dies
Even wingless angels must fly
Whatever happens will always end
What never happens will never begin

Short Technology poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Join the United States Air Force

To put your young lives on a good course, join the United States Air Force. Recent high school graduates learn responsibility. At the same time, they are helping their country. You will work with the latest technology. You will gain experience that looks good on a resume. Anywhere “Old Glory” proudly waves unfurled, men and women serve all over the world.

Short Technology poem by ... Gigno| Details |

Unplugged Energy

How has technology saved us?
The world almost runs itself
Digital empires in our hands
Keeping everything in demand
Just another buzz word again
What remains a classic lasts
Now becoming the end of this
The next best thing never is
Screens might be counterfeit
Put down the phone for a sec
You may just run into a pole
Look at the world around you
Do you feel your own energy?

Short Technology poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Doris my baby girl
Tubes and devices
Medicial technology
No matter the modernist

The pain and suffering
Doesn't quit still a part
When one has to have
Help for the damaged part

But you had a sense of 
Humor, said they had 
Used WD-40 and duct
Tape to hold you together

May the great physican
Be with you tonight
Greet you with the morning light
Bring you home where's your heart

Short Technology poem by Denise Hopkins| Details |

begin to boil, technology

written 23rd June 2013

I'm about to blow my stack
 another poem I'll never get back
CRASH....this time my phone lets me down
 hours of typing.. 'lost' try to recall it all again
Technology is driving me insane
 but there's the irony, 
The great poets and song writers
 in the olden days were declared mentally insane

It was intended for another poem to share tonight
so instead enjoy my love for technology

Short Technology poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details |

SpaceKraft (Werk Makes Free)

Robotic space arm.
Slowly building spaceship.
Metallic glimmer of iron and steel.

Advanced quadrilaterals and spheres.
Trigonometrical equations-
Cascade from computer screens.

Hammers bang.
Sawblades sing.
Conceived by human minds.
Achieved thanks to alien technology.

Many centuries it takes to complete.
But what a sight to finally behold.
The sun reflects off smooth silver.
Dazzling eyes.

Short Technology poem by Vandy Saylors| Details |

Two Paths

Two lives
Two paths
Mirrored steps on different roads
Ever winding, never crossing
Separated by miles, never to meet

Act of God

Somehow technology created opportunity
Shared interests opened Windows
Conversation sparked curiosity

Still, two paths, separate
Could they cross
Could they merge
Could those steps be taken together
As two paths become one?

Time alone shall tell.......

Short Technology poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details |

Who wants to be immortal?

Like a phoenix
you tumble, hurt, and renew;
you grow old and grey
and yet you live through.

As you watch those around you
slowly pass on,
your children, grandchildren;
yet still you're not done.

Technology booms,
the world grows much faster,
through wars and starvation;
watch weather's disaster.

Would you really want
to live through it all?
To be historic relic,
and be immortal?

I wouldn't.

Short Technology poem by M. L. Kiser| Details |

Whatever Floats Your Boat

We big spending
Are way
Too technology
Vexed by the simpler,
Early lifestyles of our ancestors;
Remember that there is a cheaper way to do everything.

For instance,
The Amish

Year after year, they survive 
On the ways of nature;
United by their beliefs;
Rare though, they may be.

By living
Only by the simplest methods,
Are they 
Thriving, successfully.

Short Technology poem by reyhan yucebay| Details |

In spills of off shore

Kills ocean spicies
Ecosystem under  stress
Air full of allergens
Poeple bankrupts
Ocean of treasures
Boyous of wonder 
Takes years to rebourne

Technology flaws
Without recovery plans
Never plan to save living beings
Should stop all off shores drilling
Triggering capital depression

Spicies like our people
Need immediate care
Look upon unfortunately 
In play as the one clean its act

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