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Short Science Poems | Short Science Poetry

Short Science Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Science by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Science short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Science poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |

Poetry Science

poetry is the release 
of my science
from my soul

Short Science poem by Ann Roske| Details |

Factual Fiction

Science Fact Science Fiction Technology

Short Science poem by julie heckman| Details |


The clown took off
his mask there sat 
my science professor

Short Science poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

Logic and science

Through logic and science
One can even know Allah
And understand Him

Short Science poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The Toad

I caught a big toad
For my science practical exam
But it gave me pain!

Short Science poem by chris bowen| Details |

rocket science to follow{this is my day}

cause and concern case
your daughter carries a lump
do you understand?

Short Science poem by bl devnath| Details |


                     Where science fails, there faith is only the way to realize

Short Science poem by Brian Strand| Details |


is all fact,
without assumptions-
the myth with a long pedigree.

Short Science poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


Read your science books
Cafeterian Cooks
Teacher’s scowling looks 

By Robb A. Kopp

Short Science poem by Jill Martin| Details |


How do words
the science of
to me?
My heart deems you
but you beg me

Short Science poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

I Don't Know

Every science and great wisdom that has ever been bestowed
was given birth from the thought, "I don't know."

Short Science poem by James Fraser| Details |

Its just a Blip, but what a Blip

Brilliant device The directional ranging Unit, the radar

Short Science poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details |

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein,  the genius
Revolutionised  science
With the Theory of Relativity
That  stunned the scientific community.

Short Science poem by James Fraser| Details |

helios graphein

Messages by sunlight Light reflection, optical Communication

Short Science poem by Rory Hannan| Details |


Lyrics written in the sand
Equations on the back of my hand
Science on steamed windows
Dirty love letters on the back of white vans

Short Science poem by Sharon Smith| Details |

Edmund Clerihew Bently

Edmund Clerihew-Bently,
In science class, listened intently,
Wrote biographies in four short lines,
Invented his own poetic designs.

Short Science poem by Douglas Dunigan| Details |


In my lifetime with new advances in science
I do believe Salvador Dali will live again
Taking us the ones who wish to go way way out

Short Science poem by Joe Inca| Details |

The Fighter

Irish Micky Ward.
His fists were a gift from the lord.
He weathered each punch with defiance.
Now he'll donate his brain to science.

Short Science poem by James Fraser| Details |


Polygonally,¬ Are closed plane figures bounded ~¬ Egypt's pyramids ~¬~

Short Science poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |


He who starts out with an assumption
may end up guilty of presumption.
This is the pitfall of men of science
who prefer wishful thinking to evidence.

Short Science poem by john loving iii| Details |

Wit and wisdom

scientist need to come
out of the closet
and confess they believe
intelegent design but
the science room is a room
we must keep God locked 
out of.

Short Science poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

Do We Need Glasses

Does the sun really set and rise?
How unwise and erroneous to think so.
Science may have triumph centuries ago,
yet we still see with the eyes of Ptolemy?

Short Science poem by Rick Zablocki| Details |


hydrogen 2 atoms oxygen
reaction equals water
just as our lips
reaction equals romance
chemistry of desire

Sept 15th, 2013
For Personifying Science Contest

Short Science poem by nathan martin| Details |

anthropologist from manitoba


 burn the eyeglass for a remedy. 
  knowing now that the leaves 
 have killed before.

  science tells him that it will
  be a late spring.

Short Science poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Material determinism

Are we just meat and butter
Dull slabs for the cutter
Do genes contol hiddenly?
Have we no power or free will
What science concludes
Is fed back to it on a loopy chain

Short Science poem by Douglas Dicketts| Details |

Oxymorons of Note

Political Science
Temporary Tax
Blind Justice
Racial Harmony
Eternal Youth
Honest Lawyer, Car salesman etc.
Utopian Society
Egalitarian Government
Free Lunch

Short Science poem by Poet Destroyer A | Details |

The Question of all Questionku's

#1~Science Fiction~

Is intelligent 
plan based on the Bible?

#2~Inward Meditation~

knowledge, ego
during my lifetime
one question~ Who Am I?


Short Science poem by Charlotte Zuzak| Details |

Young Apathy

Deep scent of ennui
touches the young
who refuse to see
the beauty around them.
Time reined in the Muses,
put out the flame of the bards,
and extinguished awe of science.

Short Science poem by Tajudeen Shah| Details |

Transcendental Reality

Bergson* contemplated 
To the core and found; 
Immediate experience 
And intuition are reality in whole, 
Science and rationalism
Follows them in pursuit due. 
(* French Thinker)

Short Science poem by James Fraser| Details |


Wow! Albert Einsteins Unified field theory Fundamental forces Elementary Particles, his classical Relativity

Short Science poem by GOODNESS LANRE| Details |

Personifying Science

The world was lost
Darkened  and blinded
To the beauties buried
Vast beneath and beneath
The spread of earth.
Then a man came 
And he was Science
Brought the earth, an essence.

Short Science poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                           Science of Physics
                                   tests to know certain results
                                        We deserve the best

Short Science poem by Steven Henderson| Details |

Over Energy Transfer

Fact none the less science has proven
That forms of energy does so change
Overly abundant is this synaptic spark
Power be contained in thus rotting shell
Only one knows thus where energy goes

Short Science poem by Molly Cooper| Details |

The Science Fair

The science fair was fun
But I didn’t know that this was it
Just thought I was going on a trip
Never again to see the sun

~For A Missing Little Friend~ 
Enclosed Rhyme Contest

Short Science poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Genetic Perfection......

                Virgin birth now possible,
                           invitro fertilization....

                Science cloned embryo,
                           immaculate conception.....

Short Science poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

Makita XV: Famous Nightmare

The hours screamed
Fine warnings eclipsed
By the science that is
Her lovely masquerade
for no woman upon bended knee
have I fostered much passion
The love of my sexy nightmare
Breast of the famous queen

Short Science poem by Thomas Hopkins| Details |

Thank you!

For what it's worth
in this piece of earth
in the universe
there are lives
they live they die
no one knows why
science or god in the sky
let us be thankful 
for whatever the reason why
we are alive

Short Science poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                                    natural power
                                                human is animal like 
                                        science and conscience helpEed

Short Science poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Sacred Deals

One promise 
No deal breaking, seal cracking
Absolute YES to make this caress
Belief creeps through oily membranes
Chemical science, gene machinery to tissue pulsing
ALIVE in the sense blood has no dust

Short Science poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |


Is the art of
Terminating man’s faith
Scientists are those who fear faith
Fearing the believing in the unseen
Security through all their facts
They cannot live with hope
Don’t know true love

Short Science poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

Medieval Science Presents

A pocketbook of grins
deprived of rightful glory,
passion, and peace
unionized candles
like smeared lip stick
upon subconscious intellect
layered with finite faces

By Glenn McCrary

© 2012 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

Short Science poem by Sherwin Balbuena| Details |

Our decadence

our hands are extremely
they believe that everything
has the right to exist
like the proliferation
of good and bad
dusts in the air
our science
our arts
our technology
have made a little boon
but a lot of bane

our decadence

Short Science poem by CLAIRE BURKE| Details |

Dark Mystery

The existence of matter - science or religion
Condone our world but not another
Magical universe so quiet and black
Beyond black universes spiral to a hush
Interior of black bursts of motion
Beyond the black lye’s humans’ curiosity

Short Science poem by POET. UNDERTAKER| Details |

religious institution

Once there was a man called Simon “the Institution”
Debated “shift from religious institutions to educational “
protection of individual conscience
protection of group rights, a science
Bloody these goals need a lot of research!

Short Science poem by Solo IQ| Details |

Town Bully

Our town had a Bully named God
who never seemed too pleased
He'd kill us...maim us bad
had our best stuff seized

He used thunder bolts...quakes on earth
even made us diseased
then Science came to town
now the Bully's getting teased

Short Science poem by kash poet| Details |

God the scientist

the human being a miracle of science god the scientist to be man or ape it is our conscience only progress or regress ===================== Placement:1st ; (August 2011) Contest:Natural and Beyond!! Sponsor:John Freeman

Short Science poem by Yanny Widjanarko| Details |

Apocalypse Day

Issues uproar
Mayans had spoken
Will apocalypse perch?

People climb hills
Avoiding the death
Will their faith save their live?

Believe or not
People questioning
Where the decision be?

Mystery sealed
Science had been cuffed
Will the humans reveal?

Short Science poem by Faiz Ali| Details |



Faster than sound
Always out of sight

Here Time is Light
Light is Time

Majesty, Folklore
Science and Fiction

Life, Death passes by


God the Creator

Short Science poem by Rockman Pritts| Details |

Help From Above

Starlight. Star bright
First star I see tonight
Science says you're not a star
They say your light is planet Mars

But can't I still just make a wish?
A simple plea. A small request
All I want is one true love
A gift of light from up above

Rockman  :-)

Short Science poem by Jayla Love| Details |

My sister.

She took the left road while i took the right one.
She choose to stay out late while i choose to sleep my night away.
She choose to hang with the "in" crowd while i was with the science club.
The night she died is the night my heart fell to my stomach.

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