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Short Pollution Poems

Short Pollution Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Pollution by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Pollution poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Pollution poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

Environment pollution

We need to control
Environment pollution
By hook or by crook

Short Pollution poem by shannon farlouis| Details | |

Save Earth From Pollution

There are solutions
To save earth from pollution
New resolutions

Short Pollution poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |

Foul air

It is hard to foul air
in a sleeping bear's lair.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Pollution poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |


Petroleum’s careless pollution
Eroding Poseidon’s Triton

By Robb A. Kopp

Short Pollution poem by Lyric Man| Details | |


Beijing pollution 
Like nothing I've ever seen
Pray for the people!

Copyright © 2014 Dave Wood

Short Pollution poem by Hakeem Sotayo Aro| Details | |

The Niger-Delta

The only source of a State's wealth
Lies in woeful scences
Of penury, Abduction,
Pollution and rebelion.

Short Pollution poem by John Monteblanco| Details | |

Lily Pads

Green, are lily pads
Floating on a waterfall.
Clear of pollution?
Indeed I dare not say yes.
But soon there will come a day.

Short Pollution poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

Air pollution in cities

We should plant more trees
In the cities of the world
Beside the roads
And on the roofs of buildings
To reduce air pollution

Short Pollution poem by Lizzie Treetop| Details | |

Come Fly with Me

Come fly with me on eagle wings
Forgetting all pain and life’s confusion
And I will show you wondrous things
Not marred by present or past pollution.

Short Pollution poem by Catherine Marggraf| Details | |

the conclusion

The solution to any intrusion of mind contrasting, mind pollution
Accept support from fellow beings, is the perfect start toward a remedies conclusion.

Short Pollution poem by Charleen Martinez| Details | |


Grey faces
Diets high in fat
Days that turn to night
Red eyes
Longing for cheap pleasures
Slavery in America is different

Short Pollution poem by olusegun Arowolo| Details | |


Crude oil drilling
Dark viscous liquid

Becomes valuable
When first distilled

Cause pollution
More dollars for firms.

CONTEST:"Shanzi" sponsored by Joann Grisetti

Short Pollution poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |

The Squawker

Squawking all the day; cackling hen, ruler of the roost. 
The others chit-chat; gossiping chickens having a party.
Cackler disagrees with all that’s being said and is ignored.

Short Pollution poem by Sarah Myers| Details | |


Unbearably I gaze
through the endless smog,
and attempt
to blow clouds

a pollution I have let it
It seeps

Around, it is dark
because inside
so am I.

Short Pollution poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details | |


Reduce pollution
Everyday by using 
Common sense
You can recycle soda
Cans, scrap metal, paper, and many other items
Littering should cease to cause the
Earth to have more inner peace.

Short Pollution poem by Bryan Himes| Details | |

Truth Is Dangerous

Truth is dangerous
Written in a riddle of mass confusion
Hidden in illusion 
Behind lie pollution
Truth never speaks
              only repeats
A message of a dream I once believed
Truth is dangerous 

Short Pollution poem by Hammam Hamad| Details | |

Green book

You say green book...We say it's a door block
You say it's the modern book...We say it's high voltage shock
You say it's the solution...We say it's the pollution
You say it's the cure...We say it's from the sewer

Short Pollution poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

I am sitting inside my smart TV set with my wireless remote control

I am sitting inside my smart TV set 
with my wireless remote control 
and I can’t seem to get my wireless remote control 
to work for me
can someone out there 
please keep on  changing the channels for me 
to something else

Short Pollution poem by Black Eyed Susan| Details | |

Beyond Earth Hour Challenge

Inhale the earth
the world’s a dessert -
just give a burp

Tip: Use seran wrap only for food. Don’t use it as clothing ;P
Real tip: Use ceramic dishes instead of paper plates for meals to decrease landfills and pollution.

Short Pollution poem by kash poet| Details | |

NP My Snoring Wife

noise pollution
breaking night's silence...
sleepless hours

a roaring engine...
beside me
my snoring wife

a ticking clock
competing with...
the snoring sound

who will win?
let me see...
sleepless judge

Short Pollution poem by Lucas Williams| Details | |

The Growing Solution, The Greatest Pollution

Blood pounding amidst a fallow soul, Reigning gravity a subtle leader. Spread 
abound the dreamt, overlords to the apocalypse. Perception vitally ruptured vein in 
its attempt. Absolute inveracity the growing solution, the greatest pollution.

Short Pollution poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details | |

Mind over Matter

The heart feels the resolution
From the minds illusions
Drawing adverse conclusions
Cause for contusions
A product of evolution
Searching for a solution
Matter filled with pollution
Causing anxious delusions
In need of conclusive solution.

Short Pollution poem by KAYOD5 Kayode| Details | |


    Credo of nature’s mutilation;
           Height ot man’s desperation:
                            Nature’s blood flows -
                                   Man’s repeated blows:
                                        Niger’s delta crude pollution.

Short Pollution poem by Sabina Nicole| Details | |

Beauty for ashes

Her House was ablaze,
Smoke filled each room she
Was barely alive,

Congested and faint,
A withered rose suffocates,
She fell to her knees,

Voice heard loud and clear,
Severed through the pollution,
Arise, your set free!

By: Sabina Nicole

Short Pollution poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

NP - Horns

They were originally installed to scare livestock off of the road,
but now they're used simply because people don't have any self control.
If I had my way I'd remove every horn from every automobile.
They now only add to the noise pollution that none of us need to hear.

Short Pollution poem by Richard Lamoureux| Details | |

Fun with Footles

Sixties Manson Beatles Connection


Seventies Know it all


Eighties Favorite Pet


Nineties Kyoto Protocol


Two Thousand Twelve Election 


Footle Fun Contest

First attempt at this form.

Short Pollution poem by Neldy Jolo| Details | |


A killer garden of love 
expects pollution of sin 
was walking in town 
embraced my chest home
serving the environment 
Butterfly flies 
affect the branches done
disappeared and gone
health in a car exhaustion 
guard our natural wealth 
let's save the wildlife
do not be smug!

Short Pollution poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |

Dark Destiny

I have seen you on the 
Winds of change;
Reigning in tightly 
the future’s course.

Life is a playground.
Your games tough,
cold and soulless.

At the crack of
Your whip, deaths’ hunger is appeased;
Earths skin is torn asunder and death is free
to dine on her naked breasts.

Short Pollution poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |


IF Man the epitome of creation was supposed to be
Certainly, something went wrong with Divinity’s plan


How else can we explain the unleash of war and loathing  
Plus the abominable pollution of our water, air and land? 


© Demetrios Trifiatis
    15 APRIL 2014  

Short Pollution poem by Al Beech| Details | |

The Stench

leaving the stench
 of extinguished species
across scorched dirt
beastly commercialism’s
love of the green lining pockets
born from tomorrow may never come
prompts consummation of resources
and  without manners of a cat
 leaves unburied their
poop and piss of pollution
 gagging every earthly creature

Short Pollution poem by Amy Green| Details | |

Your Sickness

Where's the zeal in being a zealot?
Single minded entities always
Forcing, pushing, constantly attack.
Keep your sick. altered, mechanistic
Ideals far away from me.

Thanks but no, I can think for myself,
No need for your help
Feels like the Crusades- believe or die
Look and see  I’ll never be
Your brainwashed puppet

Short Pollution poem by Christopher Meyer| Details | |

Hypnotic Pollution

Sitting on the clouds
I feel like flying
Above strawberry fields
I feel like crying

Some feelings I got
Something big is about to happen
Blowin over the heirs 
Just to get to the kickoff

Like a magician
Flipin cards 
Disappearing when the fields come
Everybody knows

This is survival of the fittest

Short Pollution poem by Litan Dey| Details | |

Me Bad

I was thinking to tell you
For a long time
The word that will bore you
But i couldn't
Smiling lips
Your true and fool heart stops me.
It bothers me
I can't sleep
Today i must say this
Please! don't mind
Don't think me bad
I'm saying from my core feelings that
Today is very cold!
Don't go outside......

Short Pollution poem by Amber Hurst| Details | |

Fallen From Grace

We live in a world we didn't create We were born into it Into this violence and hate We grew up with poverty And breathed the pollution And even if we could It still shouldn't be us To find a solution They say we're the future They're all a disgrace Mankind was once divine But we've fallen from grace

Short Pollution poem by Alex Brown| Details | |


Can we even call the s*** we breathe air?
The thick and poisonous smog
Fills your lungs
Fresh air is a precious treasure
For the world now
Oxygen: a rare encounter
In the city
Children coughing when they inhale,
Pollution and smoke enter your nose,
Fills your chest, and then your blood
And you cough and gag,
And choke on the smoke

Short Pollution poem by Margeret Bailey| Details | |


Silence is such a lovely word,
the moments when the air
circulates and the Angels
sprinkle blessings,
Silence is a virtue
that brings good thoughts,
and resolutions,
Noise only creates negativity and pollution,
It does the soul good to listen to the hush
of silence, minus confusion,
Silence is a saving grace for a mind in turmoil......

Short Pollution poem by Charles Grisham| Details | |

Night Cut Short

Has one saved me
From the past pollution
A slight ingrate in a complicated world
The spell still lingers
But is it so potent, 
The summer I was formed into my being,
So now come hear
What I have here to say
Conform Death as king and he will grant you
One single wish
Quick and painless fall to
Or slow to suffer the pain you have cuased you

Short Pollution poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

In Peril


  .                                              Earth
                                             In Danger
                                           Stop Pollution

Sorry, I cant get the first line to center..

Short Pollution poem by Gerald Nforche| Details | |

Africa for Sale

Feel the privatization in its might
A bullet in the African soul-
The sectors sold
The branches squared.

Our pride dwindles
When our Africa is slowly auctioned
To forces of stealth
Ruiners of our democracy.

Our masters slowly gather the spilled milk
Stride by stride
Grinning at the auction table
Their eyes glued on the politician’s billboard:

Short Pollution poem by Gerald Nforche| Details | |

Africa for Sale

Feel the privatization in its might
A bullet in the African soul-
The sectors sold
The branches squared.

Our pride dwindles
When our Africa is slowly auctioned
To forces of stealth
Ruiners of our democracy.

Our masters slowly gather the spilled milk
Stride by stride
Grinning at the auction table
Their eyes glued on the politician’s billboard:

Short Pollution poem by DANIELA VOICU| Details | |


I am
in the middle
of meditation
in lotus position
I am
the reason
for you to leave me
the big opera of God
a poets reward
You are
the unspoken complicated words
dancing far away
only dust and smoke
(Evolution pollution)
is on the way
and remembers
Big destiny waves
no one here
to see now
what I feel
I am a
Shanghai monk
in orange pajamas
standing in the air

Short Pollution poem by Trevor McLeod| Details | |


I work for things deemed sensible
and avoid the junk dispensable
while seeking what's appreciable
to learn just what's achievable

while backwards reprehensible
where everything's disposable
and all that's left that's savable
is garbage that's recyclable

So say a prayer that's plausible
and hold mankind accountable
to keep your faith believable
that there's a God perceivable

Short Pollution poem by Alexander Millar| Details | |

Through the forest's trees

Through the forest, through the trees
Hearing birds, frogs, and the bees
Being quiet, being still
Water, leaves, on the occasional hill
Animals over and underground
Feels like no one is around
Yet in beneath the growing grasses
Is polluted air from oil and gases
This pollution will grow and grow through time
Getting a dime for everyday that it's not is not a lot of dimes

Short Pollution poem by Mark Matthews| Details | |

When I am, When I'm Not

When I am,
I see the world's little beauty and life.
When I'm not,
I see the world for it's disease and death.

When I am,
I have lave, happiness,
and a joy to be alive.
When I'm not,
life's meaningless,
causing me great pain.

When I am,
I write of love
and feeling full of life.
When I'm not,
I write of the world
decomposing from
 pollution, cruelty, and death.

Short Pollution poem by Miriam Fredericks| Details | |

Above Everything

Above racism, nepotism, communism, sexism,
ambition, pollution, domination, seclusion,
God reigns!

Way above segregation, self-promotion, 
physical illumination, elevation,
apartheid, genocide,  cyanide, religious pride
God abides!

Floating above Coptic, Catholic  politics,
toxic doctrine,  elitist foolishness, 
putrid imaginings,
God in His Omnipotent Majesty reigns!

Short Pollution poem by Russell Sivey| Details | |

OO Kittens Offending Odor

Small meow I hear A smell coming underneath I see movement in the dark I saw the kitten The odor was offensive Wanted to pass out, didn’t She purred so slightly I picked her up to see her Then the smell nearly smacked me She stunk so, so bad I took her home to bathe her So she won’t offend again
Entrant into Susan Burch's "Offensive Odors or Noise Pollution" contest!

Short Pollution poem by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu| Details | |


Storm rages brimestones   from ages to ages.
    The earth quakes from its foundation,flakes of hell erupts from the depths beneath.
   Seed of discord blossom
  In the very cord of the society as nightfalls in    soweto  forestalls the dawning of a new era.  
Blaming mankind's curiosity or nature's complexity.

This is my first attempt on couplet,critics are welcome to air their minds.

Short Pollution poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

Speaker in the us Senate

I am an us Senator
I speak to you with 
The integrity of an us Senator
I care about the world
I care about the poor 
I care about the old

And when I am not speaking
I am taking
From all of you who 
Were put here on this earth 
By God to give unselfishly and unknowingly
To support me and our better world

I am happy to be able
To perform
In the role that God 
And you
Gave me
I pray for all of us

Short Pollution poem by Amy Kovalcik| Details | |

The Play of the Bad

oh no, not another one!
where is my relief - respite
from the intolerable?
locks in love
lustful companions
twist their eyes
glare their gaze
all towards my aura
abolish this devil's droplet
the one in my heart
un lodge the claw
curled in my sinew
spasm this pollution
into desolation
harden it's hardship
degrade its rape
finish it once and for all
for i cannot again 

Short Pollution poem by bridget bennett| Details | |


- i've been crawling across this path
wondering which breath will be my last
erasing the memories of my past
-making new ones every day
to replace those that go as they may
-input & output, out of my control
and i'm right back in this hole
whatever. let's just smoke a bowl
-endless rotation
dead body's floatation
-what's the solution?
to keep me from the endless pollution
the drugs keep up the dillution

Short Poems