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Short Nostalgia Poems | Short Nostalgia Poetry

Short Nostalgia Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Nostalgia by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Nostalgia short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Nostalgia poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |


nostalgia  cycle 
Of my drought
and rain

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |


trickles into
torrents,to flood memory's

Short Nostalgia poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


For nostalgia I’ll buy you the Sun
Was under it your love was won

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Short Nostalgia poem by Haden Chua| Details |

Memory Lane

Strolling down the memory lane,
Mirages do not seem so strange.
Trails of nostalgia stay engraved,
In the happiness I once embraced.

Short Nostalgia poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |


Nostalgia is an emotion that indicates
Longing for a more familiar past states
It is good to be nostalgic about our
Childhood rituals, old homes, and failures

Short Nostalgia poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

old longings

old longings drifting in a far a - way place. . . . they return- unfulfilled- on nostalgia’s wind For the longing poems (old/new)Poetry Contest of PD

Short Nostalgia poem by Benjamin Mitchell| Details |

Her Eyes (Haiku)

Haiku #1.

                            Filled with nostalgia as
                      I stare back from their depths
                          Crystal pools of radiance.

Short Nostalgia poem by Suyash Saxena| Details |


Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Spring is cricket on the green
Summer is picnics in the park
Autumn is conkers from  the crescent
And in Winter slides on ice
across the schoolyard

After Eihei Dogen (1200-1253)

Short Nostalgia poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Lost Pasts

Lost Pasts

Nostalgia follows the heart back through time.
Fantasy pasts seem better.
I ask, “Are lost dreams real?”

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 20, 2010

Poetic form: Kimo

Short Nostalgia poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details |

Love Remembered

From finite
Garner nostalgia
From olden days;
Golden rays,
Green boughs,
Soft meadows,
Stars reflecting hope.
The elder watched
The constellations,
Shaping and re-shaping.

Short Nostalgia poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details |

Untitled 2

a lament for forgotten yesterday
a muted sigh for a vanished past
what becomes of a new tomorrow
what remains of this inert today
shackled by nostalgia
ever searching
for that other, better way

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |


and cold green
is hidden-
obscuring oue

Nostalgia of the Infinite by Georgio de Chirico

Short Nostalgia poem by jan oskar hansen| Details |



Many elderly people- like me- remember their 
youth in a haze of pink nostalgia, but since I still 
have eyes and remember well I can only say to be 
young was the most difficult time in my life.  

Short Nostalgia poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |


Like a ravished maiden 
pale, forlorn and ashen
the birch lay in the still pond.
Dreams of Ophelia evoke nostalgia, 
as golden tresses move on,
splay upon the water
feast upon our daughter
a beautiful vagabond.

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |

Time to change

is tomorrow,
frustration cries
stay,please stay,
cries once more
nostalgia sighs
looking back,cries
Hear this,
when the clock stops
unless you turn back, 
will tomorrow
ever be

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |


With nostalgia,whimsy and wit
Into English folklore he was writ
Showing his loves & himself,without measure
His poetry became a national treasure
metered euphony,a reading pleasure

Tribute to the work of John Betjeman mentioned recently in my blogs.

Short Nostalgia poem by Ian D. Campbell| Details |


Crop dusting now,
Endings inevitable.

And in this keyhole
I strain to see
your nostalgia.

Patty cake games
Untimely now
And your breath
so much slower
than before.

This closeness
will follow me
eternally so,
until it is my
time for 

Short Nostalgia poem by Dawn Gordon| Details |

Record Store Day

April sixteenth is known as “The Record Store Day”, The old “seven inch” vinyl type of music way! Drop by those old Record shops and take a quick look! Memories of old stomping grounds of a cool nook, Join the groovy “nostalgia seventies” sway!

Short Nostalgia poem by Irfana Ali Bhat| Details |

First flakes of snow

Here they come.
First flakes of that white snow
Still stirs the child in me
Melting flakes on my hand
envelop me with nostalgia
Still I get that smile on my face
Still I start dreaming
Still I feel warm at heart
in that chilling  cold
Still I want to dance
With those first flakes of snow.

Short Nostalgia poem by tom bell| Details |

Small Sizes

How come 50 cents bags of chips
taste so much better,
than their big-bag cousins?
Or 7 oz. nostalgia coke soda bottles
have such a taste, oh, so devine?
I puzzle over such things,
I guess I'm just the wondering kind...
So it follows I should be happy,
To have this shrunken mind.

Short Nostalgia poem by christine a kysely| Details |

Passing Months

These past months
have been racing
swiftly racing
toward the dawning
of a new year

The ending of the old
The starting of the new
Nostalgia on the left
Rightous possibilities
abound for hearts to hear

© Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (December 12th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

Short Nostalgia poem by Katy Lesperance| Details |


I've always been 
hypnotized by smoke,
how it curls and hangs floating,
the only bare remains of 
fleeting thoughts.
The scent raises nostalgia
from thin air.
My sweet grandmother
in her warm kitchen,
sipping milk with ice,
waving the trails 
of her lit cigarette away.
They danced like phantoms.

Short Nostalgia poem by Cameron Webb| Details |

Ever So

the sun is going down in not so sunny california
time wasted time gained
missing you
ever so

the night creeps in
fimiliar memories breach the skin
filling me with your memory
ever so

the nostalgia is suffocating
my heart struggles to pulsate
the breathing stops
still you live on
ever so

Short Nostalgia poem by Brooke Mitchell| Details |


Warm, dark, and
Your promiscuous
Odor lulls me into
A spell
Of nostalgia and
Your rubust flavor
Fills me with a 
Propensity for something
Spicy, and as your
Contagious titillations
Through my body,
My brain becomes
Enveloped in 
An euphoric wonderland.

Short Nostalgia poem by andre vermeulen| Details |

Sifting through nostalgia

sifting through nostalgia
not in form but ingrained
upon this map so twisted
to retrace again.

the displacement that i felt
the lump and nausea
in my own vomit I knelt
and i wept for her.

gracious god you turn me
from fruit to worm
what horrors have i dealt thee?
which perversions must I learn?

Short Nostalgia poem by Gerard Keogh Jr.| Details |

Dark Nostalgia.

A town unlocks their Baptist cage.
They shout and scream unholy rage.
The scorching sun sears all beneath,
Forsaken whips snap from their teeth.
Their eyes are slits that sting of salt.
Born black; born here; it's all his fault.
And what they learned at mothers' knee,
keeps cadence, creaking, from a tree.

Short Nostalgia poem by KAYOD5 Kayode| Details |


Shadow and mirage are thesame;
The former is never a substance
And the latter never an oasis.
But the death of a child is both:
Hope is dashed and respite betrayed
Leaving only behind the pain of rising utility
That often comes from the nostalgia of reality...
I mourn with you Professor.

Short Nostalgia poem by Shanice Hilliard| Details |


What sneaky little things they are
That creep up on you
With accompanied feelings
Of bitter nostalgia 

A candle
Already blown out
Leaves a trail of smoke behind
Like footprints in the sand
Not yet erased by waves

I try to waft the smoke
But it lingers
And curls around my finger
Not willing to let go
Not yet

Short Nostalgia poem by Stacey Brackley| Details |


 On a day of rememberance
Cold nostalgia
  Playing in your eyes
Heart stabbed 
   With un-spoken words

Niether dead
    nor alive
silent lies
     mournful sorrow
Hidden in the uprise

      No one said goobye
Not a word whisperd
       crying in the sky
Forgotten words
        shadowed grace

Short Nostalgia poem by Shaney Rose| Details |


Artistic, introverted, passionate 
Twin sister of Jake, daughter of 
Melanie and Wes
Lover of poetry, fashion, music 
and creativity
Who feels love, excitement and 
Who fears failure, loss and 
Who would like to see Hawaii, 
equality and happiness
Resident of a small town in San 
Diego, California

Short Nostalgia poem by Heather Johnson| Details |


Night falls thoughts come alive
Dancing through my brain like sparks of energy
Nostalgia creeps in
An escape sounds great right now
An adventure maybe?
New city? New friends? New life?
Reality seeps in
Do i have it in me?
Such a big change
Wish i didn't overanalyze 
So frustrated with my mind
Seriously distrubed by my thoughts
Please stop the insanity

Short Nostalgia poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Dreams Glowing Brightly

Dreams wed forever partied in the park.
Hope's voice permeated life's freshest air.
Beloved friends, there rejoiced at love's spark.
The wedding guests adorned in formal wear.
Enjoying snacks and drinking way past dark
Oh sweet nostalgia, come again, so fair.
Beneath night-lights held tight by romance.
Couples glowing brightly, spinning…thoughts dance.

Short Nostalgia poem by Ian D. Campbell| Details |

Mouth Wash

Minty is this unwelcomed kiss, 
never happened in the first place. 

But should have, 
at least my obession
told me so. 

And nearly half a lifetime 
later I digress
and stick inside this 
ridiculous nostalgia. 

Like concrete frozen 
inside this time bomb
of an igloo.

more poetry at

Short Nostalgia poem by harry horsman| Details |

Flash of Youth

One again hears the rendition
of the songbird’s morning tide trill,
amongst shades of trembling light
that, which still meanders upon
the hillside, where unsung meadows
interact in dishevelled jade,
here were one to relive again
if only a fleeting moment,
an indulgence of nostalgia
that for me, cements in my mind
my youth and my esteem for you.
“A  portrait of foreverness”.

Short Nostalgia poem by Jan Delvaux.| Details |

Send me a beam

Wrinkle at the line
creams  for the age gap!
Holiday in France this year
 friends, friends fill an hour.

Or two. Home I say:
danced to nostalgia 
in boxes and mind  pills.
Then straight jacketed. 

Sweet as sultanas
The dreams curbed me in.
A beam houses in Ghent,
One you lived with me

wrinkles our deep lines
for filling water
gaps between here and there.
Yet you & I will see.

Short Nostalgia poem by Roman Atkin| Details |


Spend your days in black and white
Day dream away in sepia
Reminisce of yesteryear
And nostalgia bleeds from you

You've locked the door and lost the key
I know you'll never let me in
I kept on knocking 'til my hands bled dry
Who is that stranger in your skin?

And rain falls harder every day
I need to find a place to sleep
I searched for shelter in my dreams
But even they had turned on me

Short Nostalgia poem by Dream Catcher| Details |

The Sacred Path's

Follow me to the metaphysical plains where spirits graze, 
we'll get lost in the darkest parts of the forest for days, 
following any direction that nature sways, 
ocular perceptions in a Kaleidoscopic maze, 
ascending infinitely in a spiritual phase, 
psychedelically extracting thoughts the mind never portrays, 
nostalgia quickly decays, 
there was never a place for us among society anyways.

Short Nostalgia poem by Nicola Steel| Details |

Forget - Me - Not

Remember us; forget- me- not,
my lips now, liked severed petals.
Blossoms grew with every smile
then, our kisses became the nettles.

Remember us; as glory stems
and nostalgia frames our past.
One sigh, in time, and bittersweet
as memories between are vast.

Remember us; forget- me –not,
and now blossoms another rose.
Yet, as my wounds linger to heal,
your half of our flower grows.

Short Nostalgia poem by Brian Strand| Details |


The imaginary musings of my mind,
experience past & present lingers long,
dusted off,re-opened,viewed from time to time,
retrospective perspective changes all;
Maturity's long-sightedness squints aghast,
then savours the mellowness of memory;
A tear,a smile washes nostalgia's face;
Today will be yesterday,gathering dust,
then filed,microfiched,all too soon forgotten
'til an event unlocks the museum again.

Short Nostalgia poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details |

The Nearest Exit

The Nearest Exit …

… discarding memories,
suffocating in nostalgia’s 
throttling grip,

I flee, moment by moment,
away from the now,

seeking, yearning,

chasing phantom clouds of 

coveting shrouded whispers of 

seducing empty vessels of 

I flee, moment by moment,
away from the now,

seeking, yearning,

lost, alone, torn,

slowly crawling to the nearest 

Short Nostalgia poem by Fatima Nusairat| Details |

Clock that dangle in dates

Clock that dangle in dates
Kept me in wait.
The key that hanged in door lock 
Handcuff me in whimpering.
Rain which mirrors in earth face
Burden me in nostalgia.
The freshness wind that sweetly 
Rubbed night's ankles,
Put me down in the flame.  
Dawn, who fell naked from time
Handed me as oblation to sleep.
And you who skillfully thief, 
Embezzled my mouth roses!
Left me as a poppy pale  on your banks.

Short Nostalgia poem by Matt Caliri| Details |


He calls my name now
In sequins
Like a brocade of sounds
pattering from a single mouth
I continue to lick my behind
Showing the absurdity to the sorcerer
He doesn't feed me; he doesn't know me,
Though I slept on his belly on my first Christmas day
No bigger than a baby shoe...
Damn the cat's nostalgia!
We bore it out of our souls
Like machinated shovels
We live for the next kill
Afraid of every God damn moment...

Short Nostalgia poem by Granny Face| Details |

Bitter Sweet

What was to be can be no more.
What lies here now did not before.
He broke her heart so she broke his
She still remembers his soft kiss.

The web of lies did break with ease.
As one another they tried to please.
When temper flew they broke apart
But nostalgia remained in their hearts.

Now tears find their ways down her face
As she reflects upon her fate.
She remembers him with happiness
But her bitterness cannot be missed.

Short Nostalgia poem by Tatyana Carney| Details |

Sugar Gift of Autumn's Hips

The sun persuaded the earth to move

and slip, 
                       slip from her summer groove

as we climbed to the top of the autumn trees

and swayed with the sway of the orange breeze

He held in his hand a bouquet of leaves

all crackled in crimson he gave them to me

      Their scent lingers still on nostalgia's page

               for I laid them to rest,  as the season's sage...

Short Nostalgia poem by Petrus Jansen| Details |

upside down where nothing falls

open minded patchwork of dreams
one minded irritated hole screams
gliding feather won the thunder race of kings
whirling nostalgia the howling star links 
raining abstractive tons of anima, it stings
pick up the phone and heart sings 

drown struggle, breathe revolt, mass drinks
puke pride, taste flawless imperfection, too loving sane 
...skied harmony, swimming sun

upside down where nothing falls
picnic in unbound space

Short Nostalgia poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

To Ram By Graciela Rincon

To Ram
By Graciela Rincon

I take the ray and the storm of
The arch of rainbow in my mouth.
I leave you my my soul,
And the nostalgia
Of my leaving very far.
Each night I shall call your fire,
And your mysterious look.
You will not die in me,
And in each Milky Way,
Showing in the balcony of time.
Your image leaned in the
Sea of the South,
Will illuminate the solitude
Of the Universe.
In all the ways you will
Walk with me.

Short Nostalgia poem by John Weber| Details |


Josiah conquers revisionists
by stating an old-world axiom:

     “When seeking structure,
     one must be mindful of decay.”

He taps a rusted column with
an ordinary wooden cane,

releasing decades of oxidation
in particulate dust.

As his nephew secures the wire
on the final shape-charge

a tear wells with nostalgia
and sympathy for the hobbled

until the flurry of blasts
at zero.

Short Nostalgia poem by tom bell| Details |

Ten Thousand Torturously Terrible Tom's Tidbits (Three)

46)Gangsta' Rap- When a wanted felon knocks on your door.

47)Nostalgia- A towel specifically for one's nose.

48)Breakfast Schnook- An idiot who will eat carpet tacks when asked.

49)Scorpion- A bullseye when urinating on a schmuck.

50)Eye-Shot- A dummy so drunk he tries to take a measure of whisky through his 

51)Postulate- When the damn mailman finally shows up.

52)Short-Ton- A 4 foot, 3 inch woman who weighs in at 2125 pounds.

Short Nostalgia poem by Jolanta Gradowicz| Details |

Her Sorrow Looks for a Company

She’s going to be fine. It’s a trifle.
She’ll survive it like many times before.
Only the silence and pain are awful.
It’s not possible for her to ignore

The nagging pangs of soundless loneliness,
The scent of nostalgia and longing, 
This pervading feeling of emptiness,
This impossibility of acting.

Thus, her sorrow looks for a company,
But it sees nothing on the horizon.
So she sets out on a lonely journey,
Undergoing another life lesson…

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