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Short Grandmother Poems

Short Grandmother Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Grandmother by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Grandmother poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Grandmother poem by James Marshall Goff| Details | |

Yellow Throat Warbler

wild river perch
songs Grandmother heard
caress my heart

Short Grandmother poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

an orange peel scent

an orange peel scent 
reminds me of grandmother---
my knarled hands

Short Grandmother poem by Heather Hill| Details | |


Threaded memories, the smell of my grandmother seeps from the pillow

Short Grandmother poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

an orange peel scent

an orange peel scent
reminds me of Grandmother--
my own knarled hands

Short Grandmother poem by Marty King| Details | |

grandmother's sweet potato pie haiku

sweet potato pie
my grandmother used to make
i will always miss....

Short Grandmother poem by Kyle Maples| Details | |


Drift into the depths.
Submerged you are beyond sight,
But you are still here.

Short Grandmother poem by Marycile Beer| Details | |

In Spirit

  She watches over them
Soon a grandmother to be


Short Grandmother poem by Marty King| Details | |

saturday morning feast haiku

grits, eggs, and bacon
made home fresh by grandma's hands
making my start fresh

Short Grandmother poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |

A Spider Haiku

Creepy-crawley bugs; Grandmother Spider weaves her many silken gems.

Short Grandmother poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Short Grandmother poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details | |


You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

Short Grandmother poem by Margaret Foster| Details | |

Grandmother's Brooch

~ handed down to me eighteen caret with gold leaf Grandmother’s bequest ~

Short Grandmother poem by Samuel Durant| Details | |

F uck

Sittin' on the
brown couch cushion
next to the

broken fan
on the 
kitchen floor

talking to

Short Grandmother poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


we  getting older
but bolder
stiil as the feeling
we both was reeling
you can bet 
it was

Short Grandmother poem by Jim Wilson| Details | |


My grandmother's voice
Contained her grandmother's voice,
An ancient lullaby.
The Yosemite Valley
Took million of years to form.

Short Grandmother poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


they talk to you
and raise you too
there at your side
when mother tell lies
they or wises
theyer like  others

Short Grandmother poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Laundry, odor, stink
Parmesan cheese, fungus, dirt
Bleach, washing powders

(Let me Haiku you from a grandmother's point of view.)

Short Grandmother poem by Kesha Mashaw| Details | |

My Grandmother's Masterpiece

My sweet grandmother bakes it
Tangy fruit inside
The crust sprinkled with sugar
Take a great big bite
Sensational taste
Red cherry 

Short Grandmother poem by craig cornish| Details | |


the live oaks sheltered
and sunlight stippled the drive
covering our heads
our grandmother's Kashmir shawl
wrapped around all three of us

Short Grandmother poem by Ace X| Details | |

Morning before sunrise

Light is almost clear
The morning is here
Beautiful light, beautiful moment
Your grandmother and all it has been 
Now or then before a sunrise moment.

Short Grandmother poem by Dorian Petersen Potter| Details | |

Injustices - Quinzaine

Injustices just break my heart. Do they affect you? Make you sad? Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 10.10.14

Short Grandmother poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

Grandma's Mirror

beneath some blankets in my grandmother's' old trunk a silver mirror keeping the secrets of youth my face reflecting her past

Short Grandmother poem by John Joseph P.| Details | |

Granny Cool

You're my inspiration
always been there when needing a spiritual lift
indeed you're one-of-a-kind Grandmother
fit-to-be-Queen with gift
Bodhisattva qualities

Short Grandmother poem by Gypsyof Essence| Details | |

Beautiful Lace

Eyes of piercing true,
ever so blue.

I hope you knew 
as you flew on the wings of grace,
your life was like beautiful lace.

In that lace 
was a place,
just for me.

Short Grandmother poem by Fritz Purdum| Details | |

The Same Smile

The brevity of beauty
Is like an Iris blooming in spring
A grandmother holds the hand
Of her shy little granddaughter
They have the same smile
Love shines forever

Short Grandmother poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

Heaven Scent

scented lavender was pressed between thin parchment.... sent beyond the grave
For Charlotte's Contest: "Creative Haiku" 9/20/14

Short Grandmother poem by Aiyah de Torres| Details | |


                   she is the most beautiful wild flower
                       time ran fast fades the glamour
                               living in twilight zone.

Short Grandmother poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


some or side
set on head at the side
she ware them all
at all her calls
to teach and preach
she walk like a cat
move like a rat
in HER

Short Grandmother poem by chipepo lwele| Details | |

Grandma And Grandpa

Our children loves the advice
you give them!
The organic food you prepare
for them!
The affection,laugh and smile
you give them!
Happy grandma and grandpa
We all heartily love you!

Short Grandmother poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

lost behind fragile glass

she smiles cautiously

as if she knows who I am....

I live on her nightstand

For Senryu Contest: Sponsered by Black Eyed Susan

Short Grandmother poem by Christy Hardy| Details | |


When I was a little girl,
my only wish, was that 
someday, I would be famous.

My grandmother always said,
"you can be anything you want to be,"
and I believed her, Maybe, I did not believe in me.

Short Grandmother poem by Nancy Jones| Details | |


Mama Mary taught me crochet
Pa Kemp taught me sure to respect her

Grandmother taught me how to cook foods that please
Grandfather, who was her protector

taught me things that.... 

I'm still learning.

Short Grandmother poem by Lorenzo Pacheco| Details | |

My Great Grandmother

My Great Grandmother

Trinidad Pacheco

I Miss you

but I know that your happy

You were always kind and giving

you never missed are Birthday's

I will see you again oneday

In Heaven.

R.IP Great Grandmother

Short Grandmother poem by Rocky Edwards| Details | |

Time to Play

Pick your bush clean.

"You can fill 
your bucket faster ,
and have more time to play".

When my Mom was picking blackberries,
long sleeves and jeans.

My Grandmother would tell her kids,

Pick your bush clean

R. Damone 2014

Short Grandmother poem by Susan Gwynne-Galfe| Details | |


B eautiful boy 
R ough at play
Y oung and curious
C uddly and loving 
E normous energy


A ngel from heaven
L oving and loyal
I rresistibly  huggable 
A dorably cute
N eat and outgoing
A  pple of our eye

Short Grandmother poem by Erin S| Details | |


To my Grandma whose bond I share
For everything you have done with love and care

So much and yet you give more
Endless are the things I thank you for

Here is something simple, a mere piece
From the gifts you helped nurture and release

Short Grandmother poem by Nola Perez| Details | |


January & February this year, 
prescription lenses lost. I count
the cost (it cost me dear).

A place for everything
and everything in its place,
my grandmother said,

but I only know 
where my glasses are
when they're on my face.

Short Grandmother poem by Ray Dillard| Details | |

Grandmother's Turkey

My Grandmother's recipe
Here, yet she is gone.
Plump turkey stuffed with veggies,
Spices sprinkled on.
Basted until done.

I'm most thankful for family!

P.S.- Complete recipe available upon request by Soup Mail.

Short Grandmother poem by Lisa Stoffer| Details | |

Grandma Hearts Grandma

I never met Grandpa
so I do not know
if he ever went dancing
or stubbed his toe.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandma loved him.

And Grandma died
when was in 8th grade.
So we didn't talk
I am afraid.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandpa loved her.

Short Grandmother poem by Jim Grecco| Details | |

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day,
To a very special mother,
Tons of hugs and kisses,
Even though you're just my grandmother,
You're the best mother ever,
And no one can disagree,
And even though you're just my grandmother,
You're still a mother to me.

Short Grandmother poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Little Boy

Little boy runs from his grandmother up a tree... Gran sits in chair waits He needed spank'n so she waited 'til he came down.. Discipline takes time
Cody's dad told this story about him and his grandmother years ago....

Short Grandmother poem by shaikha alansari| Details | |


My friend (Brandy) 
Got some candy, 
From her mother (ma) .

My friend (Brandy) 
Got more candy, 
from her brother (Bro) .

My friend (Brandy) 
Got lots of candy, 
From her grandpa (Pa) .

She got a tooth ake
Is it a mistake! ! ? ? 

Short Grandmother poem by Josey Portas| Details | |

It all adds up

One falsely accusing grandmother,
One misunderstanding brother.
One tear upon the cheek,
One heart that is very weak.
One life that was sad from the start,
One pair of lovers torn apart.
One very chastising world,
And one very sad, lonely girl.

Short Grandmother poem by Marquis Turner| Details | |

Denise Mother's Poem


(D)evoted daugther, mother, wife, grandmother.
(E)goistic not in your description. 
(N)ice caring loving person.
(I)ntelligent educated beautiful woman you are.
(S)uccessful. So many ways you been blessed.
(E)ver lasting phenomenal woman. my mother.

Short Grandmother poem by Joy Petten| Details | |


To you I am thankful, 
for all that you give.
To you I owe this life thatI live.
You taught me to be all I can be.
Often I failed,
Yet you didnt give up on me.
In my life there will never be another,
To hold a candle to you , my dearest grandmother.

Short Grandmother poem by R Kumari| Details | |

Brought up my late Grandmother (2005)

Grandmother Grandmother can’t you see
That all of you is a part of me
Whether you were absent you were not
I have got everything you have got
Grandmother Grandmother you fed me strong
Even though you were gone all along

I love you and miss you so much

Short Grandmother poem by Taylor Graham| Details | |


A clearing vision fails.
Nothing is what it seems.
Your inheritance, scuffed
lenses, ammonia, sins
of a grandmother’s house.
Of a grandmother’s house
nothing departs unchanged.
Elbows, knees and knuckles
scraped raw by scour-pads,
solvent, sting of scrubbed air.

Short Grandmother poem by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.| Details | |

Happy Holidays Dear Faye 2K12

May your colors which unique shine thro' upon
Family as the brilliant Christmas lights do,
And yet after the white blanket has gone;
May this joyous Season's peace find you true.
May hearts warmth find you this grand Holiday.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's dear Faye!

Short Grandmother poem by Glen Enloe| Details | |


Opal grandmother eyes,
watery milk glass veins
in stick arms
throb weakly,
tense tight white thread
into frayed, thin quilts.

There is a slight rustle
of desperation, a hope
of completion
as smudged pigeons
shatter wind
and winter gives up
its gin clear grace.

Short Grandmother poem by Rob Vittozzi| Details | |

My Grandmother

My Grandmother I miss her so
Her smiling face when I see her
She could always make my day better
But she had gotten ill
Went to a better place
My grandmother I miss her so 
Is always in my heart and soul
She will always be forever and always.
My Grandmother I miss her so

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