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Short Farm Poems

Short Farm Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Farm by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Farm poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Farm poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Why Does The Cock Crow

Why does the cock crow?
To get our lazy asses
out of our warm beds.

Short Farm poem by Matthew Horstkotter| Details | |

A Farmers Haiku

Morning rooster calls
Daylight breaks the horizon
Time for work lets go

Short Farm poem by LINDA JACKSON| Details | |


    fattened lambs no longer
    laze in sun -
    market day dawns

Short Farm poem by Thomas Kourkoulis| Details | |

A Vermonters Demise

Four cord of wood
Sat down

Short Farm poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

What Does The Crow Say

What does the crow say?
“When I’m the farmer’s greatest
enemy, life sucks.”

Short Farm poem by Natalie Railoun| Details | |


summer clouds pregnant
with new life for the withered-
barren grass waiting

Short Farm poem by David Graham| Details | |

Wooden window , traditional 5-7-5

Wooden window creaks -
Tree branch swing hanging lowly 
Peeking sun thaws snow

Short Farm poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

No Charm On The Farm

The third time’s a charm,
unless you live on a farm.
Cow poop stinks each time.

Short Farm poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

What Does The Cow Say

What does the cow say?
“Don’t touch my teats you pervert.
I will call the cops.”

Short Farm poem by Mark Harris| Details | |

Missouri Life

        Wind chimes whistle low
      Sticky, sweet sugar maple
        leaves, red, wave hello

Short Farm poem by Patrick Feeney| Details | |


Running fingertips
through tall sharp wheat, at peace alone
here, life's my indulgence.

Short Farm poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Farmyard Symphony

The cock crows in the morning.
The hog snorts all the day long.
The bull bellows dominance.
Farmyard Symphony!

Short Farm poem by Warner Baxter| Details | |

owl is wise fox sly

~*~ owl is wise fox sly elephant never forgets cows and pigs don't care ~~**~~ ~*~

Short Farm poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |

Raspberry and blackberry bushes

Sticks in containers,
Patiently wait on my lawn
For me to plant them.

Short Farm poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |

Healthy Harvest

A healthy harvest is a farmer’s joy; his dedication has produced a good income and large stores.

Short Farm poem by Richard Breese| Details | |


A UFO flew over Lake Erie
And really blew Air Force theory.
For it towed a large sign
That was flashing this line,
We borrowed a cow from O'Leary.

Short Farm poem by Donna Jones| Details | |

Poor Foghorn

My big ol' rooster,
thought he was cock of the walk...
Until....Red, my hen 
ended it all today with 
a flogging and loud squawk!..

©Donna Jones


Short Farm poem by David Fisher| Details | |

A Farmer Named Brock

There once was a farmer named Brock
Who was proud of his timely cock.
‘Cept it rose too early
Surprising his Shirley
On the day we turned back the clock.

Short Farm poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |

The Walton-Horns

Old Jack Walton-Horn was a mighty old boy.
He was a farmer full of joy.
He harvest corn.
His son was name John.
Penned on May 17, 2014!

Short Farm poem by Richard Breese| Details | |

A Cow Named McKuen

There once was a cow named McKuen
Whose cud she was always a'chew'n.
Till one day in her lane
We asked please explain,
Said she, "It shor beats a stand'n 'n moo'n."

Short Farm poem by Keith Trestrail| Details | |

For Stevo Down on the Farm

Behold, I knew him well like a brudder,

The girls said he was a bit of a dudder!

  He was always half-arsed

   But the years have passed...

Now he milks one cow then the udder!

Short Farm poem by James Fraser| Details | |

Greened Ley Lines Visual 2

Ley lines, greenery seasonal harvest stretching for miles Such patience undertaken, combined with mans intelligence Fatigue is soon expressed, witnessed by erratic crop lines .

Short Farm poem by Ivo Cosentino| Details | |

The quick brown fox

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog The hound takes no notice and sleeps like a log The quick dog jumps over the lazy brown fox The tod is dog-tired—had a fight with the ox.

Short Farm poem by Xaysouvanh Phengphong| Details | |

Pulling the Buffalo

Early morning the farmer 
pulls the buffalo to the rice field.
Before sunset the farmer
pulls the buffalo back home.

Day in day out, 
the buffalo learned to follow
the owner.
In the end the buffalo 
became the good follower.

Short Farm poem by Julia Ward| Details | |

The Farmer

The field is THERE
And that is all that can be said.
No feature worth recording.

The farm is FLAT
And that is all that can be said.
No need for more.

The farmer in this life,
And that's not all that I need say.

Short Poems