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Short Fairy Poems

Short Fairy Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Fairy by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Fairy poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fairy poem by RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY| Details | |

Sara Lisa Sue

Sara Lisa Sue
The evening spent with children
Living fairytale

Short Fairy poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


love your style
it goes for miles
here's why
you make me smile

Short Fairy poem by Marco Bing| Details | |

The Sunflower Mystery: solved

Pixies in the fields, not fairies from the skies
Turn sunflowers facing East with well-trained fireflies!

Short Fairy poem by Marco Bing| Details | |

The Sunflower Mystery

We all saw the sunflowers turn their heads by day
But who saw the fairies turn them 'round the other way?

Short Fairy poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


you got me hook
i love your look
it cooks
my eyes or book
on you too for hours
your my

Short Fairy poem by Nigel Fox| Details | |

The Man who never was

Last night I dreamt a dreary dream
Beyond the clashing rocks 
I saw a dead man win a fight 
And I think that man was I

Short Fairy poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |


my vertical delirium
pass by 21st dimension
where vibrates the substance
pure layer of the infinity
who hides the God
and his absolute lights
for my astral soul

Short Fairy poem by Katherine Stella| Details | |

Oh Your Tricky

once was an tricky old leprechaun
colored blarney stone with neon crayons
so much for gift of gab
I just hailed down a cab
and ran over that fairytail icon

Short Fairy poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

Heart of Paris

I am from another galaxy 
all a romance in the heart of Paris 
all a mystery without desire 
all a lost phantasm 
all a film of being 
where art is in the spiritual thread 
so that every love to be eternal

Short Fairy poem by jezabella singe| Details | |


From a flower
A fairy grows
She's not a Daisey
Lily or rose

She has no name
They call her a weed
This little fairy
Raised from a seed

Her beauty masked
By those more known
She's pulled from her bed
And away she's thrown..

Short Fairy poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |

The Magic Drum

In a far away kingdom,
there lived an old man
who had a magic drum.

Whenever he played it,
things appeared before him,
as he wished from his heart.

He played it for good,
making the queen
and her kingdom to be happy.

Short Fairy poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

Khloe Kennedy April

her way to touch the sky
her light in mine
her soul on my destiny

I like our dawns to two
her stains of silence

I like nova fire
these vibrations to caress

I like our mad fantasies
their dust of instant

an instinct of existence

Short Fairy poem by Diana Dalton| Details | |

Lilac Lace

Her abode Clothed with Shades of purple Rustic accents Books & fairies Steering Reflecting Her souls dance Lilac so Her happy hue Singing to Her being Embraced In violets & lilac lace
Diana Dalton 5 Aug 2013

Short Fairy poem by Naamani Badih| Details | |

Temporary Fairy

I'll never be a cure as temporary, For someone's lifetime old injury, No!I'm not a passing by fairy, I'm searching for a lifetime crony, Not a selfish temporary story, So go mess someone else's sensibility Using your pretty petty.

Short Fairy poem by Christine McKinnon| Details | |

knock knock

knock knock

Knock knock
Who's there

A fairy master
of your 

A fairy teller
of my tales

A fairy master
I am true
and I've 
come just 
for you

But my tales
you will 
not sale

for I will
tell my 

Short Fairy poem by Prasenjit Banerjee| Details | |


Sitting idly by the river with a fishing rod in my hand A timeless afternoon spent in reverie, eyes benumbed Watching cloudlets floating across distant mountaintops I find myself all hooked up, writhing happily in the sand.

Short Fairy poem by Caitlin Feely| Details | |


Pounding, rushing waterfall
White foam mist creates a wall
For hidden creatures down under deep,
Where fairies and elves crawl and creep.
Unicorns with gleaming coats
Tiny castles with puddles for moats
If you look closer, you can see
A world behind a long-lost key.

Short Fairy poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

Fall Begins -Ballad Stanza-

The Fairies dress in their warm coats a cool, Fall chill is in the air around them, to the ground, leaves float they dance around, without a care. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Sept.24/2013 I haven't penned one of these for quite a while. I would love to join them in their little dance. :O)

Short Fairy poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

The Playing Fairy -Etheree-

The Fairy plays on the elegant moon dances with the stars her feet don't touch the ground her heart and soul are happy she sits on the moon and rests there her tired eyes become very heavy she drifts off to sleep under the moon's light. Copyright © Cynthia Jones July.5/2005

Short Fairy poem by Megan Childress| Details | |

Fairy Tale

From here is where the end begins
The truth is this story will never have an ending
Once a fairy tale
Now a night mare
The story written from the words of my heart
Hasn't had it's fairy tale ending
The prince of my storys has always been the opposite of what was precieved
When will I get my prince
And when will my story finally end

Short Fairy poem by Victoria Georguieva| Details | |


Hardly any human soul can be found outside,
only lonely footsteps on the ground this time.
The cold has fallen down
upon the sleepy snuggled town.
From the quiet sky
snowflakes are waving hi.
Serenity has come at last,
not asking about anyone's past.
It is just the joy of the white night,
it is just the peace of the houses' lights.

Short Fairy poem by ashek rahaman| Details | |

The Fairy Tale

The story of a  fairy 
Legendary , merciful
The most beautiful 
Birth of a Prince
The luckiest of all 
They met amidst the heavenly clouds
Ascend of the stars     
They met 
In the bright moonshine 
All the heavens angel
Cursed out the demons
 Created was Eve
allures of the universe
A little frail 
Thus began 
The truest Fairy Tale

Short Fairy poem by Norma Arana| Details | |

Faery Land

Winged creatures delight a field at rest
enchanting the night, her warm request
to tease all blooms in fine array
and spill magic as wind-songs play.

A shimmer of wands brightens oak trees
petals laughing with grass at ease,
joyful the air spilling faery beams
while heaven smiles on earth, agleam.

Rhyme Battle (Round 3) Contest
For Juli-Michelle

Short Fairy poem by Susan Verombeck| Details | |

My Fairy Friends

May fairy dust sprinkle upon you
And sparkle in your eyes too
May fairys hold you in their arms
To enlighten you with all their charms
That everything you feel and see
Will apear to you magically
To pick up your troubled spirit
Learn the call to be forever near it
Zimble Dee Zimble Doo
Come my fairy friends in blue
Always together yes to be
Enchanted Magically

Short Fairy poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

A Kiss of Sunshine

upon the still lake
maple leaves float in sunshine
red, gold and orange
my heart swells with sad longings
of Thumbelina’s lily

flat, green and shaded
the pink of lily petals
bathed in only sun
to be that child once again
dreaming of the Fairy Prince

bold and golden bee
striped in royal black velvet
lifted on sun rays
I dream of holding a child
a Gran reading fairy tales

Short Poems