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Short Color Poems

Short Color Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Color by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Color poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Color poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


All blood banks,

In red!

Short Color poem by Abdullah Alhemaidy| Details | |


sound bees
honey color

Short Color poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


Your color,

Our colour,

Mixing u!

Short Color poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details | |

strawberry fields

miles of color
strawberry fields

Short Color poem by Norey Bailey| Details | |


my favorite color
love it like a motha fuq-a

Short Color poem by Deneen White| Details | |

Fall Backwards

the color of leaves
signifies a
change in time

Short Color poem by James Peranteau| Details | |

Op art

One circle

in size and color
it grew

Short Color poem by Deneen White| Details | |

How Sweet The Sound

poetry is like music
it crosses all
color barriers

Short Color poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Stella De Oro

Stella De Oro
Beautiful golden color
Refreshing flower

Short Color poem by diane klein| Details | |

Autumn Leaves

early morning fog
wind blew through
color of fall leaves

Short Color poem by Anoucheka Gangabissoon| Details | |

The color of love

If it is real
Love must be multicolored
Paint it, humankind!

Short Color poem by Patricia L Graham| Details | |

Saharan Winds

Dunes now flowing
Blow spring air
Sandblasts love ...

Short Color poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Wheels Turning The Sky

Blue is the
Color of wheels
Turning through
Our deepest sky

Short Color poem by Edward McCormick| Details | |

choice color

choice color, artist! the rainbow chose me...

Short Color poem by gary bechter| Details | |

You may choose your own

creativity's birth-right,
color outside...lines

Short Color poem by Smail Poems| Details | |

The Color Green

Grass, trees, cool cars
My favorite color too
The color of life

Short Color poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |


My crayon color is greenish plaid
Cause monochromatic is sad

Short Color poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

Autumn leaves

The water pours from me
Into the pot
The color
Of autumn leaves

Short Color poem by Nicholas Oifoh| Details | |


A glowing sunset
many a color splashing
the sky is her paint 

Short Color poem by Stephen Parker| Details | |

Dessicated, Autumn Leaves

Medley of color
Harmonious wind blending
Browning lobes bled dry

Short Color poem by Matthew Anish| Details | |

Lighting the Night Sky

Air full of color 
Lights over the East River
A fantastic Fourth

Short Color poem by dakarai cobb| Details | |


Does color have a language?
What is talking black?

Short Color poem by Susan Mills| Details | |

The Artist Saw White

the artist saw white 
the artist saw with the eye
a color of fate

Short Color poem by Veronica Joseph| Details | |

Butternut Silk

color of butternut
silken in my fingers

Short Color poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Memories await

twinkle of color
memories adorn each branch
stares await new ones

Short Color poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Thoughtless Eyes

Thoughtless eye
Glorious fireflies
Dancing in
The color purple

Short Color poem by Gerard Keogh Jr.| Details | |

Wedding Vows At Twilight.

May our setting sun
bring out every color of
our passion for life.

Short Color poem by josh torres| Details | |

the color of spring

The color of spring
Is bright and amusingly 
The flowers the trees

Short Color poem by Ovidiu Bocsa| Details | |

The butterfly-poet

A scent, a color …
he has to pick from heaven,
in no time amber.

Short Color poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Brown water today
Soil, rocks color stain you
Cleansing comes soon

Short Color poem by Neelam Sangwai| Details | |

color change

erratic maple 
changes color per season
is that you learnt from?

Short Color poem by Reynaldo Mast| Details | |

A Flower on a Branch

A flower petal

Blossom on a long tree branch

With a bright color

Short Color poem by chris bowen| Details | |

my regard

liv tyler rose red
a passionate new color
based on the lips of.....

Short Color poem by Valerie Sherman| Details | |

Quinzaine Again

Kids see the bright side of things
Are we color blind?
We see dark?

Short Color poem by viviane leite| Details | |


A change in the  mood
To once more accede to you
Aesthetic'lly blue

Short Color poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

A Friendly Bishop

A friendly Bishop…
In Angel’s weary eyes lies 
The color of sin

Short Color poem by maritza pagan| Details | |


Gasping for the air
The color lost in your face
It is time… good-bye

Short Color poem by dakarai cobb| Details | |

Neither black nor white

Neither black nor white.
The color of perfection
Will never be seen.

Short Color poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Green sea

Sea of lush green leaves
Wind causing waves of color
Mind dances along

Short Color poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Dove shaped wing in 
Sky, looking down on earth
Even your color same

Short Color poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Autumn Forest

Spectrum of color,
Lush strokes in numerous shades;
Gorgeous canopy.

Short Color poem by Fred Cleaveland| Details | |


Mountain of color
Sunbeams expose thy beauty
Clouds become ablaze 

Short Color poem by Alyssa Finley| Details | |


True love, hand in hand
But does it really matter
What color we are?

Short Color poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

nectar of the gods

nectar of the gods
butterfly picks up threads of
her orange color

Short Color poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

The Go Color

green the go color
color of money
in the USA


Short Color poem by Tranquil Bleu| Details | |

Traces of Autumn

Traces of autumn
Ripples through the reflection
Tranquil blue waters

Short Color poem by Mary Bryans| Details | |

A Haiku for Those Busy Nights

Working upon work
Fresh to-do lists float around me
But I can get done

Short Color poem by Rick Parise| Details | |

New Season Adorn

new season adorn

a spectrum of color splash

a time soon taken.....

Short Color poem by chris bowen| Details | |

parker bench

the red white and blue
confederate flag had them
the same color scheme

Short Color poem by Effie Blake| Details | |

Azure's Not Always Pretty

the mind of the unthinking
is the color of the sky
on clear sunny days

Short Poems