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Short Grief Poems | Short Grief Poetry

Short Grief Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Grief by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Grief short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Grief poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |


to my knees in grief --
solid ground

Short Grief poem by nicole marrier| Details |


Today im not sad
Im in the next stage of grief
Today im angry

Short Grief poem by Tamra Amato| Details |

for Sean at Henry's Memorial

Big-gun emotions
Grief sounds a hole in the soul
Ears empty echoes

Short Grief poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |


The mirror speaks truth
Her lonely eyes reflect grief
Another day gone

Short Grief poem by paul holmes| Details |


Emotions wet trail
Of laughter or grief, often
A mixture of both.

Short Grief poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details |

"Less to Carry"

My shoulders are tired
of carrying so much grief
from a long hard week..

Short Grief poem by Cherie Lowe| Details |


Oh gentle spirit
Set loose from life’s pain and grief
Flee to the heavens

Short Grief poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |


It has flown to me.

And it has given me grief.

It was your sad smile.

Short Grief poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

What Endless Smile

What sign of grief
What endless smile
Is that
What makes
This heart denial

Short Grief poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

Time Goes By

Old Father Time that master thief,
Will steal your dreams and pay with grief.

Short Grief poem by James Burns| Details |


  Screams above the din

A moment of grief and loss

    A loved one passes

Short Grief poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Faces in funeral homes

Faces in funeral homes
We noses display grief-
I'm lost in memory of death's entrance

Short Grief poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The poor

In congested homes of slums
The poor people live –
No one listens to their grief! 

Short Grief poem by Margaret Okubo| Details |

Joy Lost

Pain and grief remains
   as thieves  in the dark of  night 
    rob  a heart of joy.

Short Grief poem by john o'brien| Details |

True Rest

True Rest
Though grief is real
And problems still exist
The peace He gives is far greater

Short Grief poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Express Yourself

Express Christian's belief
Satan up to mischief
Only path to relief
Instead of saying "Good grief"

Short Grief poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Remove This Mask

Life wears
This mask
Of grief and
Unveil this truth. again
At last, we remove this mask

Short Grief poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Carrying Grief

My mind though blessed with wisdom Carries with it grief of years gone by
Russell Sivey

Short Grief poem by Igor Marinovsky| Details |


Time is our joy and sadness,
happiness and grief.
Sometimes it flows so fast.
Sometimes it runs so slow.

Short Grief poem by Jack Jordan| Details |


	rainy season 
	grief, white hydrangeas 
	hungry caterpillar

	A haikuette for “Haiku Wannabees”

Short Grief poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details |

I Can't Go On Like This

Take me to my Halcyon,
The place where all my grief is gone
While I'm unsure if Peace is pure-
When all I do is wrong!

Short Grief poem by dheya shirqati| Details |

It's the evening

Windows wide open on the Oxygen of grief ..
And flowers of the depression on the table of silent  ..
It's the evening!!

Short Grief poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

life goes on

intermittant storms
rage in the sky and my heart
my unshed tears burn
in spite of my grief
the sun shines and life goes on

Short Grief poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Charlie Brown

Poor Charlie Brown,
a boy who always wore a frown.
No Valentines, no love, good grief!
Bald head hung low in disbelief.

Short Grief poem by Ruben O.| Details |

Cut Down


friend's fault stirs soul's grief allied axe logs weak aura grand tree ends landing

Short Grief poem by Brian Strand| Details |


The poet hears silence;

in the eyes of grief

within the clouds motif

in the falling leaf

of the haiku,brief

Short Grief poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details |


Families  bereaved
Epaulettes and sacrifice
And  valour  buried
Only this lone guest to sit
And rue, in avian grief.

Short Grief poem by Tom Higgins| Details |

Just A Thought

dead man,
blind man,

Short Grief poem by Steve Eng| Details |

Growing Young

Autumn eyes
Face new skies;
Ancient ears
Deaf to fears!

Grief is sin,
So you grin
At a child…
Time has smiled.

Short Grief poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop| Details |

Winter Sea Tanka for me contest

My father is dead

I kneel by gray winter seas

Fjords echo my rage

Grief swoops down from the heavens

Like hawks grabbing prey

Short Grief poem by Elly Wouterse| Details |

Lady Mantle's grief

Lady Mantle's grief like morning dew drops her transparent healing tears display so clearly @ Ellie Daphne

Short Grief poem by raskin bobbins| Details |

recovery starts small

Tall pines, burnt forest
Devastation of soot and grief
Blackened bark, smokes
Winds whisper as time passes
Among the decay, seedlings

Short Grief poem by jack horne| Details |

Susan Hill's Woman in Black

The woman in black:
Spirit haunting Eel Marsh house,
Detests the living,
Wasted, bitter, died of grief,
Terrifies the villagers.

Short Grief poem by Fatima Nusairat| Details |

Oh Sadness Whist

At the house of grief ..
On the beat of groaning night,
 I continued to dance.
Everything inside me cry
Oh sadness flakes, whist.

Short Grief poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |


heartbreaking aqua
tears tearing from lashed sighs
run in wakes of blue
endless fountain of grief’s fall
wipe salt filled eyes  

Short Grief poem by William Masonis| Details |

Political Chastuska #1: How to Respond to a Meltdown?

Depression rears its ugly head;
New grief for those in need.
Throw money at it 'til it's dead,
Yet place no check on corporate greed.

Short Grief poem by Mike Jones| Details |


The fiery orb now grows in warmth slowly,
Liquid gold, limpid glows,
Gilds lank skies in godlike pose,
Dispels grief and human woes.

Short Grief poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details |


My Hopes renewed and doubts subdued,
Pray no grief comes soon intrude-
May Peace of Mind thus tell me true,
"The only one for me is you."

Short Grief poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Lamenting Blossom

Lamenting Blossom

Shed not tears of grief.
Light forestalls your requiem.
Glorifying life.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
April 18, 2010

Short Grief poem by Don Schaeffer| Details |

Onan's Other Side

What is the
seed I dare not spill?
Is it useless grief?
I have only so much
stored in my breath.
I dare not waste
a single tear.

Short Grief poem by Owen Yeates| Details |

Poisonous Barb

A poisonous barb did depart
From her venomous mouth like a dart
Said with disdain
Caused much grief and pain
And embedded itself in his heart

Short Grief poem by Brian Strand| Details |


his grief
for a child
despair crushes
into an
obsession with

Ekphrasis on his series on death by Bocklin

Short Grief poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |

Time to Move On

If I permitted
I could curl up in a ball
in a dark closet somewhere
and weep my whole life
Too many tears are too much
Grief is a bottomless pit...

Short Grief poem by Brian Strand| Details |


made a
map of sorrow-
in tribute to his
through the vale-
found him peace with

Ekphrasis -C Lewis-A Grief Observed

Short Grief poem by James Horn| Details |

Sin and Grief

Sin is small word which is so obscure;
How much more of it can we endure?
Causing so much pain along with grief;
God please put in my site much relief.

Short Grief poem by DINA SCALIA| Details |


From tragedy remain
The grief we relive each year again
The spirit revives within us all
Remembering the purpose of our countries call

Short Grief poem by Liliana Negoi| Details |

loss - tanka

the sky is crying...
souls, climbing the rain's ladder,
try to find the sun...
grief sweeps slowly with its hand
the eyes of those who still are...

Short Grief poem by Can Yucel| Details |

only gift

Lost in waiting full
of grief
my eyes dive into
your absense.
I cannot make my
heart understand
that the flowing
are the only gift
from you

Short Grief poem by chris bowen| Details |

international times

lift an angel to the sky.grief angel,grieve out tunnels of fortune and 
sucker,routine affair,sap sucker,give care and thanks,i dont own a tank.

Short Grief poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

I Trade You For This Gold

I kiss you not,
Sweet Jesus,
Upon your flesh
I kiss you not,
For I am weak
Broken by 
This seed 
Of grief
Why did I 
Trade you
For this 
Bag of gold

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