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Short Chocolate Poems | Short Chocolate Poetry

Short Chocolate Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Chocolate by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Chocolate short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Chocolate poem by Merle Manu| Details |

She chose chocolate

Over and over again

Short Chocolate poem by Amy Swanson| Details |

A Give-Me-Chocolate Footle

   ~ all mine!


Short Chocolate poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |

Chocolate love

Chocolate as love
Never last
For a long

Short Chocolate poem by M. L. Kiser| Details |

Beautiful Chocolate

taste of 
coco heaven;

Short Chocolate poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


I want I want want
Chocolate on the table
Can't have diabetic

Short Chocolate poem by Alli B.| Details |


I'm making cupcakes
They are yummy chocolate
I want to eat them

Short Chocolate poem by Kenneth Sullivan| Details |

Marshmellow Clouds

Skies of marshmellow
How big
The cups
Of hot chocolate

Short Chocolate poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Seven Layer Cake

Seven- layer -cake
Fudge-chocolate on top, sides
Mother in kitchen

Short Chocolate poem by Christy Hardy| Details |


chocolate, walnut
looking at me
I love this stuff

Short Chocolate poem by Cathy Ncube| Details |

Hot chocolate time

Frozen red leaves fall
Chilly skin and bones
Hot chocolate time

Short Chocolate poem by karen croft| Details |


easter is coming 
filled eggs,jelly beans, and more
chocolate bunnies

Short Chocolate poem by David Whalen| Details |

Easter Bunny and Chocolate ears

Of Easter bunnies
I have no fears… I simply
Bite off both their ears!

Short Chocolate poem by Marty Owens| Details |

Lustful Pleasures

From the cocoa tree,
Chocolate sensualism
Hershey with Almonds!

Short Chocolate poem by Richard- Olivier Marius| Details |


Elevator doors,
Open. Enters, chocolate skin.
Pours out, the feared white!

Short Chocolate poem by karen croft| Details |

your kiss

filling my hunger
your kiss tastes like chocolate
creamy,sweet, and smooth

Short Chocolate poem by Tatyana Carney| Details |

Hershey, PA

Dutch flowers painted
bright on barns to welcome us
to chocolate country.

Short Chocolate poem by Leon Stacey| Details |

Christmas Gifts

Santa stuffs stockings
Pomegranates, juice, bees wax 
Chocolate tree nuts

Short Chocolate poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Empty Bowl

Spring green empty bowl
Two scoops low fat sugar free
Chocolate ice cream

Short Chocolate poem by Kathy Gillet| Details |


Drove home in the cold
Lighting a fire to keep warm
Sipping hot chocolate.

Short Chocolate poem by Ed Coet| Details |


my palate craves delicious 
double chocolate chuck 
cherry jubilee ice cream

Short Chocolate poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

White Wedding Gown

I am sorry God
I dropped this 
Chocolate ice cream 
On this white wedding gown

Short Chocolate poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details |

Heard A Rumour

Heard a rumour,
They're stopping making
Bubble chocolate bars,
No more aeros anymore.

Short Chocolate poem by bl devnath| Details |


  We carry sense but things too cause sense in to us as a Chocolate carries sense of love

Short Chocolate poem by karen croft| Details |

Falling In

Your eyes are so brown

I fall into a sea of dark chocolate

Swept away by your charm

Short Chocolate poem by Jeralynn Clark| Details |

Tainted Feathers

Tainted Feathers

Man made bouillabaisse
oil and water don't mix
chocolate quackers

Short Chocolate poem by Marie Harrison| Details |

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Halcyon chocolate
Sweetness that calmed her troubles
Her own vacation.

Short Chocolate poem by William Masonis| Details |

The Bulldog Does A Shot

Showed her the Chocolate Cake Shot.
She downed it like Life:
All business with her pleasures.

Short Chocolate poem by binibining p.iNk| Details |





~Liquid Heaven~

coursing through my chocolate-deprived soul...

Short Chocolate poem by tabitha colby| Details |


I love chocolate
wish i had a 
house of chocolate
it is my weakness
my desire
I love Chocolate

Short Chocolate poem by Effie Blake| Details |

No Reprieve

deprived --
main course only!
no chocolate ice cream,
when you sup at the restaurant.
no treat.

Short Chocolate poem by Daniel Cheeseman| Details |

Spoil Yourself

Marsh mellows
Big as pillows
Chocolate drips
Those sticky lips
Forget the waist
Gorge in haste

Short Chocolate poem by Brian Strand| Details |


fruit seed-
helps to meet
other's chocolate need

Title is another name for the Carob

Short Chocolate poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

sugar plumpling

“sugar plumpling”
dieting again—
no chocolate hearts

© February 14, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Short Chocolate poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Modern Desserts

Delicious, enjoyable
Dip, taste, um--um
Guilt, worry, forget


Short Chocolate poem by MC MC| Details |

Haiku: Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate frosting
tastes very good on a cake
think I'll eat some now

Copyright McCuen 2009

Short Chocolate poem by Katherine Livingstone| Details |

Unlikely Combinations

Crimson lilies
And Green roses.

Roasted chocolate
And crispy juice.

Happy couples
And me and you.

Short Chocolate poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details |

To Soothe A Staff Spat

He bought everyone
A choux pastry
Filled with cream
And half covered with chocolate,
To eclair the air.

Short Chocolate poem by Brian Strand| Details |


I scent
something new
my taste buds grow-
as the 
plant flowers my

Short Chocolate poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Mommy Making Cake

Mommy, after
You finish making
This chocolate
Layer cake,
Can I just lick
The batter
From this spoon

Short Chocolate poem by John Joseph P.| Details |

Cup Of Joe

100 percent Colombian Supremo bliss 
the chocolate touch, blended twist
simply irresistible, sweet kiss mocha

Short Chocolate poem by LEON WILSON| Details |

Taste Buds

Thick chocolate with a cup of tea

          A silk river of milk
   Exploding in my mouth so smooth.

Short Chocolate poem by Satin Doll Diva| Details |


just one look: love captured far,
prisoner of your chocolate bar.

Here and Now Contest Entry for Mr. Parise

Short Chocolate poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Cavolo proscuitto
Beeef tagines with prunes
Tomato Barlotti
Chocolate fondant
Vanilla cupcakes
Left over

Short Chocolate poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details |

Winter Wonderland (~ A septolet)

Frosty feet
stomp around 
wool scarfed

Hot chocolate sippers
soaking fireplace's warmth.

Short Chocolate poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Sweet Shots

Hot double fudge
Chocolate, walnut, sweet
Good when shared with a friend or 

(Cinquain, traditional)

Short Chocolate poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Chocolate decadence

Creamy decadent lovers
Tantalizing desire
Taste rapture slowly
Sweet cream, cocoa, milk

Short Chocolate poem by Brian Strand| Details |


A tropical pavlova
rice with plum compote
caramel pecan sundae
a lemon posset
chocolate cheescake
sweets for my

Short Chocolate poem by Brian Strand| Details |


A pasta primavera
smoked salmon off-cuts
apples in cider sauce
with herby sausage
an orange terrine
Dream !

Short Chocolate poem by Edward McCormick| Details |

Hearth Hung Stockings

Candy coated sugared chocolate treat Stuffed hearth hung stockings, we dream! Concern, it's lumps of coal...

Short Chocolate poem by LEON WILSON| Details |

Raspberry Ripple Sundae

raspberry ripple sundae
strawberry layered
minty chocolate topping
coconut topping
1 chocolate flake
whipped cream

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