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Vietnamese Poems and Poetry from Viet Nam

Vietnamese poems and poetry from Viet Nam. Read examples of vietnamese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
THE LAST ACTVietnameseViet NamNguyen, Linus04/17/2013
Just do itVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine04/01/2013
This itemVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine03/30/2013
Life isn't a wish granting factoryVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine03/20/2013
WastedVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine02/23/2013
ApologyVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine02/06/2013
Won't it be a sweet sixteenVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/17/2012
I received my report card todayVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/08/2012
DietVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/07/2012
Save Me Now For All I CareVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/07/2012
My Escort is goneVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/07/2012
Last cutVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/01/2012
Missing ThornVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine11/29/2012
Mortal SaviourVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine11/28/2012
Money burnsVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine10/12/2012
Some fast loveVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/27/2012
December dayVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/27/2012
Words of the heartVietnameseViet NamTú, T?04/28/2012
If you just smileVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/08/2011
Dead WinterVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine12/06/2011
Never HealVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine10/13/2011
Could He hear meVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine09/30/2011
AliceVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/31/2011
Sensational tearsVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/17/2011
Everybody CriesVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/15/2011
Two linesVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine08/02/2011
You're still not hereVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/23/2011
TrappedVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/15/2011
I forgiveVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/14/2011
When lids were shutVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/14/2011
The seaVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc07/13/2011
Sinful BeautyVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/03/2011
Maybe laterVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine07/03/2011
LoveVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/30/2011
Broken StringVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/29/2011
LifeVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/29/2011
Blame it on meVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/28/2011
Yes or NoVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/27/2011
MotherVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/18/2011
The jester's wordsVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/18/2011
The arrow of cupidVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/16/2011
LifeVietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/16/2011
Never fooled againVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/15/2011
PoisonVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/08/2011
Snow on Big BenVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/07/2011
Vancouver maple's winterVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/06/2011
Her little linen dollVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/03/2011
Mona LisaVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/03/2011
The eye of Shakespeare VietnameseViet NamPhan, Phuc06/02/2011
Beneath the mountain streamsVietnameseViet NamTran, Celine06/01/2011