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Lithuanian Poems and Poetry from Lithuania Republic

Lithuanian poems and poetry from Lithuania Republic. Read examples of lithuanian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Birds don't know our Puzzles,, end added,, RU EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/24/2016
White kitties won't trip us up,,, and what if they do RU EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/16/2016
Another round LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis04/05/2016
2, What and when will i receive, Sky will decide LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
1, There were other mythologies in the air LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
I learn from you to fly through intercurrent days LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/03/2016
A shark bite,,, or song of the lark,,, what will you be LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra04/02/2016
Daily walk LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/30/2016
For T Part 1 LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/29/2016
internal bleeding LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/29/2016
Inside the bubble LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/17/2016
Little hope LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/15/2016
stream LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/14/2016
Fight Out LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
It's All About The Rage LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Mad Tears LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Neck Kisses LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Black Gold LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Gin And Juice LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Ophelia LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/13/2016
Emerald Cat LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/12/2016
I'm Bad Like The First Time LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/12/2016
Rainbows for black space, edited LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/11/2016
Daily melody LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/09/2016
A Vixen LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Misty Me, Misty You LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Sad Party LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Young Man LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Flora LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
American Atlantic Blue Yacht LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Lilac Mermaids LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
Havana Girls LithuanianLithuania RepublicPaliulyte, Gabija03/08/2016
two,,, overprinted love LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/05/2016
one,,, probably insane LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/04/2016
the chosen path LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis03/03/2016
0,,, vanishing embrace LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra03/03/2016
Intoxication with past life LithuanianLithuania RepublicDakneviciute, Emilija02/29/2016
Elks are thirsty in my dream LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/27/2016
1 smile, 1 glance, 2 soups LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/27/2016
Dogcatcher's death and song LT EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/25/2016
Nostalgia: overcoming universal boredom LT EN LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/23/2016
Theater chess, parts 2-5 LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Theater chess, part 1 LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Long ago seems like tomorrow, edited LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
In the center of one Circle EN LT LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
Beings, not known to outsiders,,, Average life LithuanianLithuania RepublicGabija, salamandra02/22/2016
no name LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/22/2016
Sewers of the soul LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/19/2016
after a while LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis01/18/2016
Subconsciousness LithuanianLithuania RepublicGervickas, Rytis12/11/2015