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Kuwaiti Poems and Poetry from Kuwait

Kuwaiti poems and poetry from Kuwait. Read examples of kuwaiti poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

A million pieces KuwaitiKuwaitFatimah, Jessica10/10/2015
Sleepy Bug KuwaitiKuwaitFatimah, Jessica10/03/2015
That Night KuwaitiKuwaitJay, Jessica03/25/2015
Nameless KuwaitiKuwaitJay, Jessica03/25/2015
I Imagine You KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/03/2014
The Clothes Line KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/02/2014
Hey Fiddle Fiddle KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/02/2014
I Lost You That Day KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/02/2014
Endless KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/02/2014
These Little Eyes KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy04/02/2014
The Retreat KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/18/2014
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Nights KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/11/2014
Dripping KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/11/2014
Homo Sapiens KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/11/2014
I Pinky Promise KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/08/2014
I'm Sorry KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/06/2014
Disappear KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/02/2014
Bruised Peach KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/02/2014
Out In Cold Alaska KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/02/2014
Wisping Wiles KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/02/2014
Them Vegans KuwaitiKuwaitAvocet, Ammy02/02/2014
Vision in the mood KuwaitiKuwaitKumar, Sawan01/06/2014
home KuwaitiKuwaitambriz, yessica12/25/2013
lost KuwaitiKuwaitambriz, yessica12/22/2013
The Jokes on You KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/15/2013
Real Deal Woman KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/15/2013
Broken Dreams KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/14/2013
Thoughts and Thinking KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/13/2013
We,re Gone KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/13/2013
Isit only Me KuwaitiKuwaitFlit, Flit04/13/2013
Ever since KuwaitiKuwaitHijazi, Hassoon06/25/2012
Silence KuwaitiKuwaitHijazi, Hassoon06/22/2012
Ever as many I try to write for thee KuwaitiKuwaitHijazi, Hassoon06/21/2012
I Was Your Angel KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, rukiya11/26/2011
I Knew I Would Be Gone KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, rukiya11/20/2011
Tell Me Y KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, jameela11/20/2011
You Walked Away KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, rukiya11/19/2011
Come Back To Me KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, jameela11/19/2011
Cruel World KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, jameela11/18/2011
I'M Falling Apart KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, rukiya11/18/2011
I Wish There's A Way TO Say No More KuwaitiKuwaitfarouk, rukiya11/17/2011
Leave love to the brave KuwaitiKuwaitGeorge, Jovita11/05/2011
Time KuwaitiKuwaitGeorge, Jovita11/05/2011
I still miss you KuwaitiKuwaitGeorge, Jovita10/10/2011
Frozen KuwaitiKuwaitGeorge, Jovita10/06/2011
The next few moments KuwaitiKuwaitGeorge, Jovita10/03/2011
Talk Warrior KuwaitiKuwaitAfify, Farag05/18/2007
Lovely Queen KuwaitiKuwaitAfify, Farag05/18/2007
Love Board KuwaitiKuwaitAfify, Farag05/18/2007
Only Truth KuwaitiKuwaitAfify, Farag05/18/2007