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Belgian Poems and Poetry from Belgium

Belgian poems and poetry from Belgium. Read examples of belgian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Wisdom under the Moon BelgianBelgiumCrane, Marcus09/20/2016
ripped stitches BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha05/19/2016
The Surreal Vision of My Friend the Spear BelgianBelgiumDe Ryckere, Damon03/23/2016
America BelgianBelgiumDe Ryckere, Damon03/23/2016
On a Sunny Day BelgianBelgiumDe Ryckere, Damon03/22/2016
Saint Jude BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl06/01/2015
stop FEELING BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha05/29/2015
What doesn't kill you BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha05/02/2015
sleepless nights BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha04/11/2015
separation BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha04/11/2015
sleepless night BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha04/11/2015
dear nobody BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha04/01/2015
The truth BelgianBelgiumDe Neef, Erik03/14/2015
the monsters under my bed BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/20/2015
the maze BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/20/2015
stuck in the maze BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/20/2015
numb BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/20/2015
streams of crimson BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/20/2015
give me time BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/18/2015
break BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/18/2015
the loss of a sister BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/18/2015
the worst monster BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/18/2015
shattered BelgianBelgiumAbdelfatah, Aisha02/17/2015
White Glove BelgianBelgiumVincent, Marianne02/08/2015
The Back-Up Plan BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl01/06/2015
Liberties BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl01/06/2015
A Wash BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl01/06/2015
Rain II BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl01/06/2015
The Samaritain BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl01/06/2015
Daddy, tell me why BelgianBelgiumD., Lilly02/19/2014
A poem about that person we've all encountered BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl09/09/2013
Challenges of Parenting BelgianBelgiumDavis, Darryl09/09/2013
Butterfly BelgianBelgiumDe Neef, Erik08/09/2013
learning BelgianBelgiumDe Neef, Erik07/29/2013
daughter BelgianBelgiumDe Neef, Erik07/14/2013
My love BelgianBelgiumDe Neef, Erik06/14/2013
The old fisherman and the hummingbird BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/15/2013
Oldtimer love BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/15/2013
The medicinal curse BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/14/2013
Letter to Rosie BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/13/2013
Jazzy poem BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/13/2013
Young reader to writer BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/11/2013
The forgotten poet BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/10/2013
full moon and the pond BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/10/2013
nightfall BelgianBelgiumsador, ellinor05/10/2013
I Want BelgianBelgiumCollart, Romain04/08/2013
Just One Thing BelgianBelgiumCollart, Romain04/06/2013
One Last Time BelgianBelgiumCollart, Romain04/06/2013
Untitled BelgianBelgiumCollart, Romain04/06/2013
Je veux BelgianBelgiumCollart, Romain04/06/2013