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Australian Poems and Poetry from Australia

Australian poems and poetry from Australia. Read examples of australian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Empire Of The Ants AustralianAustraliaGinesi, John11/27/2014
Premium Member Poem A Short Conversation AustralianAustraliathirtyseven, scott11/27/2014
By River's Edge AustralianAustraliaLarson, Daniel11/26/2014
Premium Member Poem Small gifs AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/26/2014
WISH AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/26/2014
Creepy Tales : The Lion AustralianAustraliaGinesi, John11/26/2014
Frozen in Crystalline - Number 3 AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/25/2014
Black Diamond AustralianAustraliaGinesi, John11/25/2014
Frozen in Crystalline - Number 2 AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald11/25/2014
Frozen Frames AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald11/25/2014
The Singer - Disguised AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/24/2014
Whales in Distress AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/24/2014
Premium Member Poem Crowned by meadowsweets AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/24/2014
Premium Member Poem It's the bridge that make us human AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/24/2014
Another Night In Melbourne AustralianAustraliaBrennan, Ben11/24/2014
bowels fowl AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON11/23/2014
Autumn Beauty AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald11/23/2014
Human qualities AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/23/2014
Utopia comes AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON11/23/2014
Premium Member Poem Trout and Bear AustralianAustraliaStroh, Uwe11/21/2014
Premium Member Poem I asked God and He said no AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/21/2014
Glad to breathe, glad of our birth AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/20/2014
New World Disorder AustralianAustraliaBrennan, Ben11/20/2014
Premium Member Poem Ice Meth AustralianAustraliaStroh, Uwe11/20/2014
Premium Member Poem Friendly Darkness AustralianAustraliaStroh, Uwe11/20/2014
The Long Ago AustralianAustraliaChapman, Clifford11/19/2014
Premium Member Poem The dawn, it paints the sky AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/19/2014
In Memoriam AustralianAustraliaZammit, Ronald11/19/2014
Tumor consciousness AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON11/19/2014
Premium Member Poem Walking by the lake AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/18/2014
Premium Member Poem Round and round AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/18/2014
Autumn Oak Tree AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/18/2014
Precious Gems AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/18/2014
Premium Member Poem Come to the hills AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/18/2014
Premium Member Poem Misery cannot create AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/17/2014
It's All About Me AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/17/2014
Premium Member Poem Mindfullness AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/17/2014
Premium Member Poem My Dog named Shiva AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/17/2014
Premium Member Poem It's morning time AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/17/2014
Ruby Red AustralianAustraliaport, daniel11/17/2014
Premium Member Poem I feel God's breath in nature AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/17/2014
Premium Member Poem world wearied grace AustralianAustraliaStroh, Uwe11/16/2014
HOOKERS AustralianAustraliaDarcy, Vicki11/16/2014
Premium Member Poem Living alone AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/16/2014
Evil at AustralianAustraliaJOHNSON, DON11/16/2014
Hiding AustralianAustraliadugan, dannielle11/16/2014
Father AustralianAustraliadugan, dannielle11/16/2014
Premium Member Poem As I woke up AustralianAustraliaDuggan, Peter11/16/2014
Premium Member Poem From intellect to intuition AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/16/2014
Premium Member Poem My brother is the only precious stone AustralianAustraliaShanta, Elizabeth-Dea11/15/2014