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Long Longing Poems | Long Longing Poetry

Long Longing Poems. Below are the most popular long Longing by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Longing poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop | Details |


                                               FIRST GLANCE EMBRACE


                                                      She grabbed his voice
                                                     Though conference din
                                                     Sought to win his gaze--
                                              But crowds of gabbers tottered in...
                                        He missed the sexy nod she sent his way--
                                      Distracted by a phone call--faded from his day.

                                                         But oh, that face....
                                                      Would not be gone....
                                                      bony visage--home
                                                          of passion's eyes--
                                                       Fate teased in him
                                                           her Paradise--

                                                            Upward Man
                                                   Brash Upward Plans--
                                    Of course, his heart must be attached--

                                                       Her stubborn mind
                                                    holds fast to dreams,
                                                         bows to Fate--
                                                   but loathe to schemes....

                                                        In sultry dreams
                                                       The night is theirs
                                                          Palm to Palm--
                                                    All answered Prayers.

                                                            Eyes exult
                                                      Besieged by bliss--
                                                     becalmed threshold
                                                          of moonlit kiss

                                                       she Owns his Face
                                                 sweet charmed caressing
                                                     that leaves no trace
                                                       but silent blessing

                                                               (His Story)

                                                           Over a shoulder
                                                             behind a pole
                                                            he saw a face
                                                     that grabbed his soul
                                                           wild hair so red
                                                       his heart caught fire
                                                          hands of grace
                                                      could capture choirs

                                                          Laugh of bells
                                                       tolled 'cross the hall
                                                        just as he moved
                                                            he had a call--
                                          stepped out in search of quiet space,
                                                           cut short his call
                                                          yet lost her face--

                                                           She was gone...
                                                            Another man?
                                                            Abysmal sight....
                                                            a f_cking awful
                                                           maddening plight.

                                                         He's lost his chance,
                                                          in town One Night.

                                                         Her essence brands,
                                                         Flays bare his heart--

                                                          But business swirls
                                                        Worlds...seas apart--

                                                            tho' hard to place
                                                     She is a tune he can't erase

                                                            the Dreamers tryst
                                                            shake clouds above
                                                               Moon Shadows
                                                              She nuzzles love
                                                            and slips o-er him
                                                              in  Passion's Glove.

V. Anderson-Throop

Long poem by betty njie | Details |

In my head

This is not a perfect story, its a feeling that i just want to share with you. I need HELP

The love i show to everyone in my surrounding, its just rediculous the way have trained myself to become or should i just say its my character thats how i am. I hate it when i cry for nothing, its just that i cant get it, do i have to be perfect to earn something in life. Am a good dancer, a good writer as well as a good person, but what have i earned in these living nothing absolutly nothig. Have plied myself to be thee who loves all and never attempt to hate any even thoes who have shown me hatred. Deep in me i feel the agony something somewhere in my daily living is not satisfied have allow my instincts to believe that its just the human strategy we are never satisfied and can never truly and pratically be satisfied, but in my case its a bit different. I miss love, looking at the whole situation properly i cant tell who loves me and who really hates me devastating anomly. The history of my life carries untold stories within its path, i dont even know who truly i am. One thing that am very sure of is that i am always there for thoes whom i feel am bound to be there for although i could be somewhere else. In tears i sometimes sit to ask why, why do i have to be these way. Am so mean to myself as the ones am so hardly trying to be a help of, at a moment i hate myself so much that i dont want to exsist anymore, i wish to be another somebody of somewhere. Just because i couldnt once make it right to the ones i feel bound to help. I am a lost soul screaming loud for attention at some point i can explode if i could, there is such much going on in my head i have issues that i want to talk about things that i just cant keep to myself. Thanks to writing i can state it down. This is a rapid that have ever since search to write about about but i  just could figure it out. I really cant tell weather my own mother loves to talk less of my dad or my boyfriend. My motto, never have up the fight for love, deep inside me am gone, empty and lost, but in my heart i know i can make things happen and watch myself work wonders i believe that. It might be hard to understand if you cant feel what am feeling in me but am completely lost. Do i even have talents? i dont know i have no idea, what i think is am just that loser that dont want to accept her destiny. There is nothing i repeat nothing in this world that cant be solved, my soul is longing for satisfaction love and nothing but the truth. The big thank you i always carry around in me goes to thee the almighty thee who created man from a thick clot of blood and gave hime life despite all what he know that would happen, who has given me the chance to live a life. Suddenly am starting to see life with a different eye than i normally used to as i am writing this,have just figured out life is me, i am my life its only me that can make myself feel just the right way i deserve to feel. Have made so many wrong dicisions, gone through so many hard ways that i could have actually safe myself from. Have given away my last penny to make another fellow feel happy and like me for thoes moments, have thrown my pride away to make a boy fall for my adventurious way, have hurt someones feeling to make another one like me, have done so many harm to myself and others. I just dont know where to head to sometimes i just feel like i should just kill myself and free my thoughts but then I always have this tiny voice in my head that always reminds me of Gods love and it works everytime, thats just what keeps me moving anytime i want to turn back. Have written a manuscript that carries living in it but its still in my laptop. At a certain point i thought putting down 28 pills in my tiny body could save by story, totally wrong thought am stronger than that.   SAVE MY STORY.

A Dream
What happens when you feel so lost, so devastated knowing that no one seems to be understanding your situation. When the whole world turns their backs on you, you feel empty, its a terrible feeling.

A Wish
Wanting to become a somebody to make a certain person in your life happy, a wish that appears not to becoming true, wanting to publish your first book at the age of 20 but you almost 20 and nothing.

Long poem by Darian Rehder | Details |

Love, Death, and Rebirth

The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just one thing missing
Her father. 

Days passed by and turned into weeks but only felt like a few seconds
Her life just whizzed by faster and faster until it was just a whirr in front of her eyes
Darkness filtered into her heart and mind until she didn't know if she could go on
But she had to. She couldn't let her mother and her sister drown in this same pain
She wouldn't let them.

She pushed all the darkness into the depths of her own heart
In hopes to save the hearts of the two people she had left
Because what else was there to live for now?
The rest of her world had crashed and her mother and sister was all that was left 
She wouldn't let them drown in pain too. 

She watched as they started to heal in her loving arms
Their hearts started to lighten up once more
But hers was just as dark as it was before 
And growing darker day by day 
But she wouldn't let that stop her. 

Suddenly a year had passed... and then two 
It only seemed like seconds to her but everyone else started moving on
Her mother and sister no longer needed her nurturing care
But she needed someone to hold on to

With nothing left for her to take control of, the dark pushed past her boundries 
It found a way into her soul
Until all she could see was dark and no light 
But her mother and sister were healed now
They didn't understand

The tears came back and engulfed her soul
Bit by bit until she wasn't sure why she was still alive
The grief took over like knives 
Piercing her skin over and over and over
It hurt so much.

She started to wonder what it'd look like to be dead
She could see him again if she was
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to endure this pain?
Wouldn't it be so much easier than having to live knowing she'd never see him again?
It would.

So she started to hate herself
All that negative energy was starting to take toll
Everyone around her was breathing while she suffocated more and more by the second
She wished she'd just choke already instead of living in constant pain
If no one would put her out of her misery, she'd have to do it herself

She couldn't see any light anymore
So she grabbed the pill bottle off the shelf and just hoped it wouldn't take long to die
Deep down she still had a spark of light, but she just couldn't find it 
And now it was too late in her mind to change, to turn back and try to look deeper
She was done living.

That's when people started to notice that everything wasn't as peaceful as it seemed
They started to see how deeply depressed she had become
They wanted to help her see the light again before it was too late 
So they sent her away to see doctors and to take pills to make everything better
It was a start.

She didn't see a change at first but suddenly she could think clearly
Maybe what they were doing was actually going to help her see the light again
Yes, she still wanted to die, but maybe that wasn't the only option anymore
They cared,  and behind all their own problems they were trying to understand
They really were trying

Six months longer she would be treated and cared for
Until suddenly she was sent home from her treatment and care with a smile on her face
She had a new perspective
Someone had helped her ignite that spark in her heart until it was a glowing ember
She had been reborn

Sometimes you have to be able to experience the worst of it
To come back shining brighter than before
And if she had died that cold day in October, she wouldn't of ever seen the best of it
Or known that it would get better
and it did!

And she now sits at her laptop, with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart
It's never been an easy road and it won't ever be
But at least she knows she's lived through the worst
And it can only get better from here

So whenever she feels lonely or gets back into that dark spot again
She can look back on what she's learned and can read this poem
And remember that she survived the darkest depths of depression
And she will continue to survive it as long as she lives
Because she is stronger now than she ever was before ?

Long poem by Audonus Taylor | Details |

Real Words

My false reality is a normal man,
owned by financial security, slave to
the essentials and more, much 
My desired existence is that of an 
a wordsmith, a bard, a writer with 
beyond measure and degrading 
Lately, the two overlap and become 
for sake of survival...

Concrete floors, blistered feet, and a 
that I have given up on the dream,
the one goal that keeps me above 
Though my effort surpasses most 
general laborers, I feel the normalcy 
taking hold of and overshadowing 
the life I need,
the existence that calls to me like a 
lover on
the nights when settling seems too 

And I break my back and bruise my 
so life does not implode before me.
Still, I feel the disgust in my core, in 
my being, and all the signs point to 
acceptance of truth.
The rejection letters, the sugar-
coated no, and
the silence that lingers past waking 
into the foundation of my 
How do I compete with failure?
A question that kills the confidence 
over years of painting my soul on 
blank paper.

Should I be meant to be "average",
Should I be destined to be a lost 
talent that
never found the title I so desperately 
Why do these words come to me so 
Why do I bleed ink and bandage the 
in hours of devoted creativity that 
from nowhere less than a place that 
soothes like home to a veteran 
Do I lack conviction or skill?

All the questions are there with no 
real answer to soothe my ache to 
touch the impossible.
My life is in the hands of other's who 
me as a waste of time for a 
No insight into my work past a few 
No knowledge of my struggle past a 
And the silence, the god damned 
is a toddler seeing death for the first 
A constant and typical experience 
that breaks
me down to a weeping infant prone 
to fear.
Fear that is born of a man reaching 
for purpose but grasping only the 
cold emptiness
of air stained by nothingness, the 
worst kind.

The damage, is not for the fragile of 
mind or heart, and it lasts until it has 
reason not to.
It's the kind of damage that rips 
asunder the
very spirit of a man to the point of 
mental illness and a longing to lose 
the yearning.
It hurts...
Yet the pain acts as motivation to do 
to "be" more...with no direction 
a first step to any path or road right 
for me.
And the urge to give up multiplies to 
undeniable and unbearable 
Like a victim to an attacker,
Just a means to survive and 
of the shame of being broken in 
every way.

Yet through it all, I work...
Then I do what comes naturally...
I cling to the hope that I am what I 
I clench the idea that my words 
And I survive on selling my time, my 
for eating and living long enough to 
my voice, the one that will hold their 
and capture their eyes in the gaze of 
My reality sits on my chest and rides 
slowly sinking shoulders...
It's the nightmare made too vividly
but seems essential to this false 

And though this is the only life I can 
touch now...
It is the words that still remain as 
real to me
as the first moment I discovered 
And for this reason, I swallow my 
and continue to try past the hidden 
tears of disappointment.
The tears that I fear may someday 
confuse my eyes about where I am 
and where I want to be.

Long poem by J. W. M. Earnings | Details |

The Impossible - FINALE - Stepping Out of the Abyss

I hope you can be so
kind to hand me the
rope of hope for
Waiting for Your
sundrenched, super
sweet response
Life will never get
Difficulty will come
our way in a jiffy
Believe me…when I
say this
I had the time of my
life, stepping out
of the abyss
Doing the impossible
It was incredible –
I was handsome and I
was irresistible 
In your eyes…in your
possible if you put
your mind to it
You and I will get
out of the poverty,
regret-freezing pit
Unchain me from this
Look at me…look at
my pain…
I need God’s healing
It’s driving me
I’m reaching out for
His rain to make me
whole again – to
bring back my sanity
– to wash away my
shame-marked stain
The pain’s driving
me insane
I see happy-go-lucky
birds roam free
beyond my barred
Loving you, in times
of tribulation and
solitude, is harder
than it seems
How can I mend your
broken wings and
Sunlit serenity
comes our way no
Forgiveness is hard
to accept from deep
Sinful lusts hit me
day in and day out
I’m feeling corrupt
in my skin
Don’t walk away from
your problems
Don’t wage war with
them and shimmer
like rainbow gems
Used to be with you
once upon a time,
You loathed me and
envied me from the
I easily fell for
you and it was, at
first, sublime
My eager eyes watch
you…feel the slow
and fast rhythm of
my aching heart
Your freezing fire
and I’m scorching
I can’t say no to
you or walk away
from you – my role
in this relationship
is to be your living
sacrifice and pay
the price…
Roll the dice and go
according to His
Don’t seek me…I’m
not wise…I was the
one you despised –
you treated me like
a foe – just admit
it! Stop throwing
your childish,
immature fit!
But I’ve risen to be
a better person –
I’m prized and I’m
Melt away my misery
and replace it with
mesmerizing music,
lifting up my frown
and making me feel
free ’cause I
followed the
welcoming, pleasant
voice you guided me
with – honestly, I
feel prized by His
cordial, awesome
But, I’m a troubled
You wept tears of
shame and I couldn’t
You made me weep
No more! Wow! I was
drowning so deep,
But You rose me up
again and Your
miracles made me
swim to safety
I flew with fervor
in my heart – let go
all qualms and
flee…flee from the
world of blasphemy
You are real to me –
a grand, creative
You’re my brilliant
shepherd – I’ll
follow You like Your
little ugly duckling
– take me on a
terrific tour!
You whispered these
three things that
links to Your wise
sayings and it made
me jump with cheer
and I’m…well…
“You’re stronger
than I realize,
You’re not alone,
And you’re not a
No hope in mind –
not anymore
In love and blind –
still am for shore! 
Forever…and ever
I will always love
Treat yourself right
and walk into the
But, I’m six feet
below the surface –
He makes me rise up
like the sunrise,
glistening dreamily
with dandy delight 
Pull me out of the
callous night…repair
my wonderful state
of mind – He’ll make
everything work out
alright – everything
will work out in the
long run…the end is
only the beginning
just like the
transforming into
stainless sight
I catch a glimpse at
the golden eagle,
taking flourishing
I accept the sight
with arms wide open
Open up the
corridors of my mind
and get me out of
the lion’s den

Long poem by Demetrios Trifiatis | Details |



“I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before and
 I hope to return a thousand times after.” GOETHE 

Each soul an ambassador was and is of God’s will and grace
A ray of divinity, a guardian of the Holy Law 
Each with a specific mission: to learn or rather to remember
How to find the way of return throughout space and time
And with the divine, again, to be seen in perfect equilibrium


The day I was born, as every man alive,
I found my immortal self bound to the wheel of time 
That around eternity’s circumference took me, in very heavy chains
Asking to follow obediently the unswerving path of fate;
This endless trip of return where the only constant thing is change


Since then I have died once and many times after
But death's dark palaces to hold me were unable
As my soul’s perpetual desire to follow my way
Brought me back to this ephemeral world of fleeting dreams
With a new body, new hopes, new goals but always with the same desire


Thus I journeyed back and forth the plains of oblivion
Choosing the best conditions I could, according to my karma
Trying to find endlessly the golden middle way 
That unmistakably between the extremes is only to be found
But since from the river of forgetfulness each time I was drinking 
I was obliged, unfortunately, to start over again


So, I was born once a king and another was born a beggar
And in turns I was born a coward, a hero, a holy man, a vicious man,
A  Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, an idolater a black man and a woman
And healthy and sick I was born and intelligent and witless


And was born to love so much the things I once detested
And to hate passionately the things I once held dear
And was born only to laugh and another just to cry
So, I drunk successively from the cups of joy and of sorrow
And was born to make friends out of my enemies 
And enemies out of my brothers
And was born to realize the impossible dreams and fail the very easy  
And I was born to slay and to be slain alternatively for thousands of years


Thus I lived continuously the extremes of both good and evil
Striving to find endlessly the balance in my soul
Through the wisdom that was endowed upon me by the Great Spirit
Who like a beacon, luminous, to guide me waits
To my supreme destiny that GOD for me has traced


So, as was passing from life unto death, from darkness unto light
With a speed determined by me, I don’t put on GOD the blame,
All my lessons have I learned through trial and error
Up to the very last reincarnation, in body’s mortal temple


Now free, AT LAST, from all earthly desires and every karmic blame
Radiating with holiness and glowing with grace 
My immortal soul, HER divine wings unfolds and soars upwards the heavens
White light blazing in perfect equilibrium 
And pure now to her glorious creator returns and with HIM UNITES! 

©Demetrios Trifiatis
   5 January 2013

“A little while and my longing shall gather dust and foam for another body.
A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind and another woman shall bear me”

Long poem by T Wignesan | Details |

Poem by Kasiananthan on the Tamil Diaspora and Eelam, trans by T Wignesan

The Parrot and the Woodpecker may turn...
    [Sung by TEnicayccal Cellappa]        Translated by T.Wignesan
mAnkiliyum marankottiyum                    The parrot and the woodpecker

   kUtutirumpa tatayillai                             their nests to regain  nothing waylays

nAnkal mattum ulakattilEyE                    Only we  in all this world

   nAtutirumpa mutiyavillai                        our homeland to seek may not turn      

   nAtutirumpa mutiyavillai                        our homeland to seek may not turn

                            [Above refrain repeated twice]

cinkalavan pataivAnil                               From skies filled with Sinhalese planes

  neruppai alli corikiratu                             fire tumbles down in seething showers 

enkal uyir tamil Elam                              Our lifeblood   our Tamil Eelam

  cutukAtAy erikiratu                                      a simmering graveyard on fire


tAykatarap pillaikalin                               While mothers rave in pain  children’s

 nencukalaik kilikkinrAn                             breasts  the oppressor tears apart

kAyyAkum munnE ilam                           Long before they might ripen    tender

  pincukalai alikkirAn                                  the buds crushed from burgeoning


pettavankal UrilE                                   Those who begot us back home

 Enku rAnku pAcattilE                              tossing  turning in their longing for us

ettanai nAl kArttiruppOm                       For how many days might we linger on

 atuttavan tEcattilE                                  in the other man’s refugee land

unnavum mutiyavillai                                Without proper food

 urankavum mutiyavillai                              without sufficient sleep

ennavum mutiyavillai                                Unable rightly even to think

  innumtAn vitiyutillai                                  when will the day dawn for us


kitti pullu atittu nankal                              We who played at kitti pullu*

 vilaiyAtum teruvilEyE                                  joyously in the heedless streets

katti vayttuc cutukirAnAm                         There now tethered  others lie felled

 yAr manatum urukavillai                             no  no hearts pain for us

Ur katitam patikkayilEyE                       When our eyes light on letters from home

 vimmi nencu vetikkitu                           sobs prise open our brimming breasts

pOrpulikal pakkattilEyE                         By the flanks of battling Tigers

 pOkamanam tutikkitu                            there to be  our hearts throb and yearn


Note: * A competitive game played by hitting a small stick with a bigger one, the goal being to cover the greatest distance. Also called in Tamil Nadu and Malaysia: kavuntA kavunti.                                      

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 1995. From the collection: “Words for a Lost Sub-Continent” (2001). Excerpted from “Kasi Ananthan: Poet Laureae of Tamil Eelam” by T. Wignesan in Hot Spring: A Journal of Commitment, Vol. 3, No. 9 (London), December 1998, pp. 17-18.

Long poem by J. W. M. Earnings | Details |

Our Love Was Priceless

Take away my flaws…give me your best shot – gimmee your all!
Lady Gaga: [Give me a big (applause…x3)]x3
Beyonce/Rihanna: Let go of all worries…please remain by my side and put my mind 
and heart and soul at ease
Gather around me, my stinging, beautiful bees…
I get pleasure off of your applauses…giving me satisfaction…I feel like I’m top dog 
right now! Discouragement won’t push me down to the ground again!

*Verse 19*
Beyonce/Eminem/Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears/me: Am I going above my 
Why am I still throwing my fits?
I don’t need your envy…but your wonderful, stylish sympathy
Rehearses in my mind…set me free, angel of forever-glowing glory
All: You took me to a higher place called Heavenly Haven
You are the enlightening dove and I’m the frightening raven
But, we’re two peas in a pod – opposites attract this time around
I was once lost in a multitude – once pushed down to this dirty floor
Me: I’m wingless…I’m invisible…
I’m incredible..I can do the impossible
Fighting negativity, so I can be me – 
Instead, I invite positivity and kiss sunlit glee 
Beyonce: Come here…fly to me…don’t be blue
Rihanna: If you only knew…that I loved you
Lady Gaga: But, I guess I was that bizarre girl that came out of the blue…just b/c 
I’m eccentric, doesn’t mean I ain’t wild and epic…


You’re my ultimate addiction – you lift me higher than cloud seven
I gottah keep pace to run this race the right way…
Alright, you’re making my day…you are like my cherished Haven
Satisfaction is ours, baby…nothing’s in my way today!
Can you see it like fireworks in the sky?
Did you ever wish to be free
Like those mockingbirds and jays in the aqua-blue sky? 
You and I will receive the ability to fly
The ability to show off our inner glow…yah know…soooo…
And we’ll be putting up a show…yah know…yah know…let the wicked wind blow…
oooh ahhahah ohhh…
Stop being an attention whore...
You were the one that I adore...
Our love was priceless...
Now, my heart's weeping and in distress

*Verse 20*
Me: You’re beyond brilliant…(Beyonce: in my eyes…)
So exquisite…you amaze me – you get the hint? (I’m telling the truth – no lies…
don’t wave your goodbyes)
Hmmmm mmm…
All along, I was in denial for so long…for oh so long…I’ve been proven wrong that 
you and I can get along
But I’m singing this lullaby with a touch of wildness and surreal style, but first, let 
me write this somewhat satisfying song…
Me: I’m clueless...our love was priceless - what happened to it? You broke up with 
me and stomped on me like B.S.
Lady Gaga: I’m speechless
Rihanna: I’m so depressed
Beyonce: I feel so insecure, I must confess
Me: I’m trying to make good progress
Beyonce: You’re interesting beyond reason and logic…our love ain’t plastic
You’re not a brick on the wall 
You’re my fantasy – you’re just that fancy & fantastic…so epic…
Give me your all…your all…stand tall – give me your all!
Rihanna: give me all you got
Me: give me your satisfaction – don’t leave me to rot
All: We hit the dead end – I guess love is the end…darlin', is it true? 
Was our love nothin' or priceless to you? 
'CAUSE I ain't jokin' - I'm sick with the love flu 
A-and I'm left without a clue...I must solve this mystery on my own without you...

Long poem by Poetryof Providence | Details |


I knew I loved you    the very day we met

our God and Father showed me            a heart I’ll not forget

it doesn’t matter   how far        you are            away

my words  will always       my thoughts of you betray


I have plunged into your thoughts    like a pail within a well

dived within their depths                  where your realities do dwell

if I had not these things     in you ever seen

no love from me               would I you ever bring


I’ll never support injustice            or those unmerciful and mean

the things that engage me     the qualities of our King

to hold the scepter                   one must fulfill imperial Law

not written in stone     but upon the hearts its draw


Ever am I aware                  of my need for you

a character so solid     whose strength can see me through

to remain with me                 you must learn the paths of Truth

ever seek Jahs guidence                      leave the errors of your youth


Did you not know     that I would be sent to you

or believe the answer             to your prayer was true

I confess I never thought             to find any who

would hold onto my heart        in the way you do


God will never let you near me         till you understand the cost

to resurrect a true love           from your former life be crossed

exclusive devotion in unity            and a bond of one

to glory in each other               like our Father and his Son


You are outstanding          no man I know compares to you

there is acuity in                   everything that you pursue

a self awareness              that the majority have lost

but that pursuit of itself                    has had its own cost


I want to tell you I love you                  and will never part

want you by my side          not just living in my heart

I shall never find                           another who is the like of you

the gems within your heart                they are what me drew


Awake Awake oh sleeper                  dreaming in the dust

you must die to hatred        rise in Love you must

there is a price for True Love             most here not willing to pay

so they settle for just  anything      that gets them through the day


How many tears           alone have you cried

the feelings you do           not share             but hide

kept the suffering          and afflictions       untouched inside

left to yourself         because your trust had died


I offered you this gift                 but you turned me away

but it is still remaining       like the light of day

it was made just for you           thats where it does belong

to deny something so precious             is not just but wrong


But this is how we grew up       the World in which we live

dedicated to the pursuit of self   from ones heart don’t give

like Christ we keep on waiting              for you to return our Love

there is no greater Gift in Life                  a present from above



source: Life and the Song of Solomon

and the Words of Christ Jesus



COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller

Long poem by Alex Duffy | Details |

where did it go wrong

I don’t need your love if you can’t see my heart shines enough
If I’ve got to have money to find your love
If you don’t hide your issues I can find your trust
But baby where did it go wrong?
Was the baggage too heavy?
Did it just feel wrong?
Or were we just not ready?
We just weren’t mature
My depression and you being insecure
I thought I’d addressed all of this on poem of love
But we thought we were so in love
I had to laugh it off, you talking about marriage and giving birth
When you kept accusing me of lifting skirts
Let’s not play the blame game as to why we didn’t work
I guess we are both to blame 
But no closure came
I spent the whole time trying to show you I am worth it
You were trying to turn me into the perfect man 
While I tried to show you ain’t no man perfect
How was I meant to take spirit?
When you were trying to transform our relationship into a drake lyric
Yeah I pour my heart out
Flaws and scars out
But I didn’t look at another girl while I was with you
No matter what you want to believe
I wasn’t going to beg you not to leave
How could 2 people so right for each other be so wrong?
So sick of love music so I’ve got no Ne-yo on
Maybe if we met now we could work
My alter-ego’s gone, depression brought out my worst
Which meant I gave you troubles that were undeserved
I apologise for all that its worth
But we only talked, I never went to bed with her 
I’m responsible for what I say not what she takes out of what I said to her
Feelings were shared but her head is hers
Yeah I had a line of girls who I could be with and not care how it goes
I’ll allow their body to cover up the fact my heart is broke
They won’t have any info won’t know anything matters
They’ll just see my smile and laughter
Put you to the back of my mind
It’ll end up passing in time
But it can’t be good in the long run
My all wasn’t enough so where did I go wrong hun?
Lets’ flip it, I can act like we never met
I don’t know you
I don’t have any regrets
Don’t remember a thing we had to go through
You’re a stranger
No feelings towards you, no hurt, pain or anger
You’re no longer a danger
Is this how we grow?
You thought I was using you to boost my ego
I won’t text I won’t call
Delete the memories of when you begged me to take you against the wall
You’ll still blame me say I made you fall
But will forget to say how I gave my all
How you were half-hearted, heartless, manipulative and bitter
Now I’m getting abuse from your friends on twitter
They only know your side but of course they believe you
I have a lot I could show them
But I’ll just say I’m leaving you
I realised you’re not worth it
But I’ll still writer all these verses 
The girl who I thought would fix me, did more damage than healing me
Failed to manage in killing me
Pain didn’t vanish it’s still in me
Maybe we need to remove the past
Introduce the facts
Sick of getting abused and attacked
You thought I was sleeping with my female friends
But you talked to them more than I do
They were never with me even way before I met you
It’s just nice having friends you can depend on knowing they won’t let you down
But I don’t need your love
If you were that perfect your ex’s would have stuck around 

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