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Long Heartbroken Poems | Long Heartbroken Poetry

Long Heartbroken Poems. Below are the most popular long Heartbroken by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Heartbroken poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Isaiah Zerbst | Details |

The Lily Maid of Astolat

The knight of knights, Sir Lancelot,
From far away in Camelot,
Went by a way that he knew not
And thus, by chance, spied Astolat
With sunset's gleam upon her tow'rs:
T'was there he met the maid Elaine,
With hair as golden fields of grain-
A lily in the springtime rain-
The fairest of the flow'rs.

With her he left his fearsome shield;
That of her brother, Torre did wield:
At last to her desire did yield
To wear her favour on the field-
A sleeve of red with pearls.
Then to the diamond joust away,
Lavaine and he rode to the fray,
Departing at the break of day
To fight with kings and earls.

She took the shield and lightly step't
Up where she watched as off they leapt,
And there the mighty emblem kept
Beside the bed in which she slept;
The mystic azure lions traced:
She never left it there, it seemed;
She watched by day, at night she dreamed;
She woke each morn as sunlight gleamed
From it to light her lovely face.

Sir Lancelot, wounded, won the prize-
His shield still mirrors her azure eyes;
Not knowing if he lives or dies,
Nor knows she yet the place he lies.
But lo! There comes the knight Gawain;
He bears the prize to he who won,
Not finding him, his quest is done;
The prize he leaves, both mount and run-
But she to find where he is lain.

Sir Torre and she their horses drave,
'Till long at last they found a cave,
The knight within, and near the grave:
Elaine her greatest efforts gave
To save him from death's gaping door.
Through dawn or twilight lightly glides
The lily maid to where he hides
And by his wasted form abides,
His olden glories to restore.

Some months had passed, and whole once more
He offered half his treasure store,
A kingdom's land, or three, or four,
But none of this she cared ought for-
She wanted him, and him alone:
But no, another held his heart.
E'en though it tore hers right apart
Without a glance did he depart;
He left her there to groan.

Without a parting kiss goodbye
She sulked about, but would not cry;
She sicker grew as days crawled by
Until she knew that she would die,
And of a heart that broke:
She sang "A Song of Love and Death"
With wondrous voice but halting breath;
Her heart in song she openeth-
Of never-dying love she spoke.

"My love undying e'er shall be
Though love has been the death of me:
Though sweet is love in company,
One cannot love, the other flee-
I now depart to sweetest bliss.
I wish I knew, but I cannot
If death is sweet as love is not,
When all my pain I have forgot-
As death bestows his frozen kiss."

Her final words of love she wrote
And sealed them in a little note
To place beside her in the boat
Which she desired her body float
To far away in Camelot:
Then with a pretty little sigh
Her soul to realms unknown did fly-
In such a manner chanced to die
The lily maid of Astolat.

Bathed in the misty morning light,
Arrayed in dress of purest white,
Boat decked about with black samite,
Her letter clasped to bosom tight,
A lily close beside it borne,
She drifted down the silent stream;
As if but lost in pleasant dreams,
For on her fairest face was seen
The faintest smile, bright as morn.

No sound of drip or rush or splash
Was heard within that samite sash,
Naught caused that bark to rock or dash;
The waves becalmed their muffled crash
As by them slipped the lily maid:
For all who saw were sore amazed
And soundlessly they paused and gazed
'Till Camelot's walls the boat had grazed,
At which it stopped and firmly stayed.

King Arthur saw her queenly bed,
The letter by her golden head;
To all the court her words he read,
And this is what the missive said:
"My noble lord, Sir Lancelot,
No parting kiss to me you gave,
Therefore I came from o'er the grave-
Bestow it now my soul to save.
The lily maid of Astolat."

Sir Lancelot, heartbroken too
Knelt by her side her will to do,
His arms about her shoulders threw
And to his own her lips he drew-
'Twas love by love at last returned.
But love, once lost cannot be found,
And life, once lost is claimed by ground
That wraps his heartless arms around
A heart that once with passion burned.

Above her grave a statue stands,
A note and lily in her hands
Which says to all of distant lands,
"Love, e'er your loved has loosed the bands
That tie them to this life and breath;
Love, e'er the storm has swept away
The pure, the good of yesterday,
And left in place but lifeless clay
When love is scorned and lost to death."

{Written by Isaiah Zerbst on the nineteenth of August, in the year of Our Lord, two thousand and fourteen;
Published on the twenty-first of the same.}

Long poem by Louis Borgo | Details |

Why Question No Question Question Is Now

I was born unresponsively of arrival on birth.7:01 Am,  one of the coldest days  to record,
I battle for my life for every beat to every breath I was born premature.

Being born premature I was born with learning and mental illness and despite 
Of the disadvantage I broke barriers of stereotypes and prejudices that would follow.

Why Question that it is a recession does it mean mental illness rise? 
No Question the research from
top website say no taking from thefiscaltimes, RecessionsSilent that would include That facts does not lie, 
Question is now who is listening. 

Why Question in the headline it’s the mental ill that’s making headlines
No Question they all ask for help put the system ignored or failure report those demeanor read between the lines.
Question is now could that have been your family or friends so why make fun of the mental ill to feel what;inferior? 

Why Question they say that people with too much education is at a higher risk of become mental ill? 
No Question they say that mental ill can’t have weapons if so then why is it 1.5 million roughly in the military that has sometype of mental ill with weapons? 
Question is now that Bill Clinton stated on Cnn that gun laws will never go away because (forgive me if I miss quoted)  the voters don't hold the people they voted into office to there word.

Why Question that a person got to do a violent act before you determine that there mental ill and if that is so why do we have prisoner that could be mental ill
 or, is it one in the same thing and state from a television host “to do violence you must be some type of mental ill” it would be simply, if he ask the first question I stated then fumble with his words 
No question my doctor said if you are depression more then three day then in there book a person is mental ill 
Question is now why have smoking been written in constitution or some states and you know what type of smoking I’m talking about so  blame.

Why Question that the medicine they give us that can make you aggressive, more violent and sometime even suicidal but when go to sue them it was not enough evidence to prove but ten years later you can’t sue because the statue of limitation has ran out
No Question a comedian made a joke about the same thing was it a joke or was it a movement you tell me much luv to him! 
Question is now is if a person life is more valuable  then a buck if not why is  manufacturer making a G over one prescription not knowing all side effects.

Why Question what is the debt ceiling as well as the glass ceiling seems to be something to keep minority from stepping in the next class because it all revolved around money and who is usually get short stick? (the poor)  
 No Question food stamps being cut, health care require and we have been in a war over wars since I was born I guess my generation was a victim of society and they say it the Lost Generation indeed, 
no wonder inmates believe government own them. 
No question does this facts lie? If so why is history books rewritten in college every semester? Question is now

Why Question in the bible it speaks to the effects things will never be heard or seen would happen
(1 st Corinthians 2: 9)   I paraphrase that….. No question Jeremiah 8-9 once again paraphrasing  the people that became of power and knowledge used it in the wrong way and god later destroy the city
Now question god spoke lyrically and God creation us in his own imagine and I have research that a person can come out of depression naturally but does the doctor tell you that? 

Once again it is a small percent of mental ill that does violence and most time they are the victims. I have giving my life to science I have giving my blood for 10 years and im only 25 years old my doctor told me by year 2020 it should be cure for my disease being born which such a disability may you know I gave my life to science so child like me will never know of harass words to endure.....

I will probably die before 30 or 40 because of malpractice and my disease Why question, No Question, Question is Now what is the definition of crazy and that of mental ill? 
My last statement is, I am the not only person that speak out for mental illness October is mental ill awareness would you like to say you spoke for reason? better yet chance.... 

As of 2015 more information has came out and in a article stated there is lil prove that mental illness cause violence and also that what i have should be consider a brain injury not mental illness i wonder now that facts are coming out what will they say twenty or thirty years from now or even of me

Long poem by J. W. M. Earnings | Details |

The Insane Lane

You healed me…you saved me with a kind, kind heart of sympathy
With well-spoken words (and you deleted the history of my endless rage)
Of empathetic wisdom and positivity…erasing the negativity and rehearsing accord in my mind of past grief and poverty
My tension releases like a billion birds (out of his ribcage)

You dragged me down with bad news…
You had everything to lose…
I had so little to win for…
But, you made me have this bruise
In my heart…you hit me to the core…
With cheerfulness and affection 
In my young, hopeless, genuine heart,
You are my illuminated night – show me some direction!
I was that dim light bulb from the start

Catch me before I fall
To tell you the truth, I have tried to stand tall
And give it my all…just answer my call
My heart is pounding in appall

Pound to the rhythm of my heart x8

Oh, I am going insane
Anxiety and curiosity brewing in my brain

Going insane…
Driving in another dark lane
You were loved
In the bottom of my heart
You were in chains in my heart
I tried to smile bright tonight
I wish you were gone in my life
I tried so hard…to take wing in the light
I wish you the best in life…
I pray for peace to murder the strife

You’re my – 
You’re my sunrise
You are – 
You are the one I prize
I am – 
I am the sunset in your eyes
I am – 
I am the nightfall before your eyes…
I unveil my beauty and I memorize
Every word you utter…
Your words – as smooth as butter 

Catch me before I fall
To tell you the truth, I have tried to stand tall
And give it my all…just answer my call
My heart is pounding in appall

Pound to the rhythm of my heart x8

Oh, I am going insane
Anxiety and curiosity brewing in my brain

And now I’m…
Now I’m…
I can’t say it…
I’m chained to this pit…
Of shame…
Without a name…

Going insane…
Driving in another dark lane
You were loved
In the bottom of my heart
You were in chains in my heart
I tried to smile bright tonight
I wish you were gone in my life
I tried so hard…to take wing in the light
I wish you the best in life…
I pray for peace to murder the strife

I’ve lost the race, 
I haven’t passed the test
But I’ll keep trying (trying)
Though, I’m frankly dying x3 (flying)
I’ll make it up to you, radiant friend of mine
Wipe off the grime from my face…this anger and envy becomes serpentine
To my heart…to my young, once-innocent heart

Pound to the rhythm of my heart x4
I tried to keep pace with the rhythm of my heart
Pound to the rhythm of my heart x4
I’m rolling in the deathcart…into the abyss, I go…take heart, foes that drag me down to the ground heartlessly… vicious night hunts me down like I’m its next prey…I pray x3 my life won’t transform into strife…blooming blasphemy in my young, anguish-whelmed heart 

Catch me before I fall
To tell you the truth, I have tried to stand tall
And give it my all…just answer my call
My heart is pounding in appall

Pound to the rhythm of my heart x8

Oh, I am going insane
Anxiety and curiosity brewing in my brain

And now I’m…
Now I’m…
I can’t say it…
I’m chained to this pit…
Of shame…
Without a name…

Going insane…
Driving in another dark lane
You were loved
In the bottom of my heart
You were in chains in my heart
I tried to smile bright tonight
I wish you were gone in my life
I tried so hard…to take wing in the light
I wish you the best in life…though it slits you like a jagged knife
I tried to search for you with all of my remaining might
I pray for peace to murder the strife…to end this miserable, chaotic life
Death isn’t in this grand land of ours 

Close the corridors of your blue eyes
Tell the truth and sift out the lies
I was black and lonely,
But, now I’m white and carrying with me the attitude of gratitude
I’m wearing an upside down frown of sunlit glee
In my heart…you hit me to the core…
But, you made me have this bruise
I had so much to win for…
You had nothing to lose…
You uplifted me with your good news

Your priceless words gave me ecstatic happiness
Your helping hands brought me out of the abysssssss
I was gravity-bound in the chambers of my mind…I was once numb…and she spit me out like tasteless, gross gum
Can’t help, but wish for God’s kingdom to come x4
You dug deep into my soul of anguish and cheer - thank you kindly for your empathetic words of wisdom

Long poem by Maurice Yvonne | Details |

Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play

Yesterday, I went home for lunch, I never go home for lunch. When I got to our apartment  I don't know why but I didn't reach for my key.  Francine was at work and I always leave last in the morning.  I was sure I had locked the door but I didn't reach for my key. I reached for the door knob and turned. The door was open.  I don't know how I knew. The moment I entered I knew.  I froze. I could feel it, smell it, hell I could taste it. I started walking but my muscles wouldn't move,  my lungs were grasping for air  for some oxygen  some sweet, sweet oxygen but I could barely breathe. “Leave!” I told myself but I kept walking. Not really walking,  it was like moving through mud,  like a slow motion scene in a movie.  But this wasn't a movie.  This was my life and I could feel it slipping away  from my grasp. I heard noises! Francine.  I had heard those noises a hundred times before,  they were the sounds of an Angel  but this was no heaven  this was my own private nightmare. The moans traveled through the muck in the air  amplified like the hiss from a distorted speaker.  It mocked me over and over again. Climbing a mountain might have been easier  but I finally reached the bedroom, and there they were, and there she was. I knew, I knew the moment I entered the apartment.  Why hadn't I just turned back?  I could barely see, my eyes were blurry,  covered in layers of my own tears. I could see her  I knew I had never seen him before. They were naked and in our bed.  Naked in OUR BED! How do you that? How do you cross the line to that extreme? You'd think the green eyed monster  would control my actions from here on in.  I did see green! I was insanely jealous but I didn't want to end up the morning headline in the newspaper. That monster jealousy was by my side but I took charge.  I'd have to keep him at bay, at least for now. You'd think I would be mad, I wasn't. You'd think I'd curse and call her whore. I didn't! Being cut open alive must be lest painful than this.   This hacked away at my spirit,  tore away at my self worth. I felt like a pile of worthless shreds. I spoke I mean my lips moved and words came out... I think.  I think I said,  I'm not sure it all happened so fast, she never spoke. I could see the shame on her face  she didn't need to speak,  but, but I think I said 'Sorry... I said Sorry and I left. I wandered for what seemed hours,  it was minutes.  It wasn't like I was meandering to a different drummer;  there just wasn't any music anymore. I was moving to the rhythm of the beating of my own heart.  Like a broken record it was skipping, like a broken record it played  in a loop of repetitive monotony. I suffered in my circled steps  until I couldn't stand it any more. I found just enough strength  to return to the apartment. I knew she was gone  I already felt the emptiness in my whole. We'd never see each other again. We had been so much. She was a big part of my life. She was the love of my life. I would never love anyone like that again. So much of her was me. I thought she was my soul mate. We let go of all of it. There is a feeling of betrayal. A feeling of disgust. A jealousy that takes over. I'd never look at her the same again. Everything she ever did from that day on would always make me suspicious. Jealousy would rule me. Jealousy should never rule anyone. If you can't trust the people in your life, friend or lover, you need to remove that person from your life. You have to remove that person out of your life. Trust, is the only gift we can offer. Friend, lover or stranger! People can trust me. My word is my bond. I let her go,  I really didn't have a choice I would never be the same again. She was gone. She had left a note. It said Sorry! Sorry! We both were. Maurice Yvonne 11~30~2014 Sponsor: Verlena S. Walker Contest Name: The Green-Eyed Monster 

Long poem by Meredith Manley | Details |

Frozen Soul Within Her Heart

    Frozen Soul Within Her Heart-  
	  She's Terrified to Feel  

Her shadowed past still haunts her-
each night as every light-
fades back into the darkness,
as ghostly beings rise.
She gave her heart to someone,
and promised ne'er to change,
the feelings that belonged to him,
and ne'er her heart to age.
Yet in her own desires,
and every wond'ring dream-
the aspirations that she felt,
would only cause him pain.
He swore he'd never leave her,
and that he'd love her true-
that every day he'd wait for her,
and no one else would do.
Within a year that promise he'd broke,
as he- lost in his passion-
danced and wooed another girl,
and soon was holy wedded.
As any foolish girl would do-
she continued to hold on to-
the memories and the broken dreams,
and the promise of “I do.” 
Looking back she now can see,
that neither of them were,
perfect for the other-
but the feelings still remain.
And truly in all thankfulness,
she escaped a nightmare vow-
But still it often feels,
as if his own opinion,
left her feeling as if-
no one really wants her.
And in reacting to the pain-
the broken hearts and dreams,
the bitter end of being wanted-
and loved for who she is,
she seems to be the girl that leaves,
that can't remain in place-
because if chance should open her heart-
she's terrified of what that might mean.
If she remains in a single place,
and watches his children be born,
or slowly recognize the fact,
that another is creating a heart-storm,
she's terrified that she'll learn to feel-
and have to once again,
give way to emotions bigger-
that she won't be able to reign in.
she's scared that if she'd stayed
she'd forget to learn to fly-
that she may lose the desire-
to escape the poisoned night.
That if she'd stay the constant sight-
of friends so close to her,
will eventually get lost among the thoughts,
of wanting something more to be.
Already she's been used and tossed,
a toy thrown in the wind,
a passing thought of shape and form,
to ne'er be thought of again.
Yet, even beyond that there are a few-
who seem to follow her every move,
who seem to wish that she was theirs',
and that “their” story would be the Truth.
she's scared that if she'll stay,
these emotions will actually get in her way-
and those people who she calls-
her friends and respects,
will become so much more
than any of that.
As crazy or weird-
as any of that may be,
she's scared that she'll mess up-
the friends she has around her.
That she will become this stalking girl,
the ex's worst nightmare in real life unfurled.
Time is said to heal the wounds,
how much time- no one really knows.  
Her darkest deepest secrets, 
her hidden- longing fears-
are silent as the grave,
yet always whispering in her ear.
She doesn't want to be a toy,
a object for the rest of her life,
an image that guys can idolize,
at a “never commit to” pace. 
She's scared that she'll end up,
lonely and lost and old,
the old spinster, old maid, old friend,
that watches her siblings kids.
As friend after friend,
or acquaintances too,
readily pair up and leave,
She's left to watch their progress,
and wonder when it will be 'me'.
She's so deeply deeply lonely,
the pain inside her chest,
is palpable and tangible,
although she keeps it hid.
And all of these emotions,
are locked up inside of her,
no one knows that she's so lost,
or confused as some don't believe her to be.
She's terribly lost, confused, and small,
and is it so wrong to want it all?
To be loved and touched and thought about,
above all others and cared for throughout?
Maybe someday, when she's 74-
sitting in a rocker outside of her door,
her 'lonely' path won't seem as bad,
as it does this night- as she sits on her bed,
and wonders and waits and wishes away,
but all of this pain- seems is her permanent mate. 
And so she's left to simply breathe-
and fight and claw each day-
to find the strength to continue-
as she desperately cries and prays.
And beneath all of the surface, 
below the sunny sky-
frozen soul within her heart,
she's terrified to feel.

~Meredith A. Manley

Long poem by little known nothing | Details |

Bring my love home

She's dying over and
From the insanity of
the missing 
The heart will
Though I wouldn't
dare say this
At the sky she
She says life must
go on
I must go on
she says

I don't want to be
without him 
As she opens the
second bottle of
If I'd had a choice
I'd of gone with him
But I'd never wish
for him to ever feel

This crushing
Not for a instance

In the night she
thinks I'm sleeping
But I hear

Dear God
I was wondering if I
could have a moment
of your time ?
I know your a busy
bloke and that,  
your tired with all
these voices
shouting up at you, 
I would be too.
But I thought I'd
give it a go.
I know your the
universal spirit and
there's  lots on
your mind, 
so I tell you what
I'll talk and you
can just listen, 
give me your views
at the end.

I was wondering if
you've looked in on
me lately
See God 
I'm feeling
incredibly unhappy, 
Distraught you could
miserably alone.
I know there's
millions, probably
I don't know the
but no matter.
I know there's
other's wanting your
The people dying
from cancer or 
The African village
women screaming for
you to stop the men
taking their kids, 
Putting them on
smack to fight there
twisted gorilla
Our boys in
Afghanistan getting
maimed and

So firstly I was
wondering if it's
normal to feel this
way ?
You see I think of
him so much he
enters my dreams as
soon as I close my
Is this your doing ?
Tell me what I have
to do to stop this
Tell me when I reach
the other side I'll
still be me,
Tell me it's ok to
still cry silently,
 without even
Tell me how to stop
the tears,
Tell me,  if this
ache in my chest
Tell me,  I'm
standing this pain
to be with him
Go on tell me ??!!!

I'm so alone I bet
you got all the
Angels up there
keeping you company,

Hay I thought they
were supposed to be
down here looking
after us ?
Point is, the real
point is
You got something of
mine and I want it

I'm not blaming you,
well I am sort of, 
I think your a
really good bloke
but took too much
We all do it now and
then don't we.
I mean the church
wrote your book
didn't it, 
It's really down to
Matthew , Mark ,
Luke, and John,
you should really
send them boys down
I know a lot of
people who want a
word with them.
They're responsible
for war, 
Famine and mass
Because be honest
all wars start at
religion one way or
another don't they.

I'm Sorry I've gone
off track,
What I was saying
my dad told me if
he'd of died when he
got kidney failure 
It's God's will.
Well if it's your
Do me a favour and
send my husband back

I wasn't finished
with him yet.

And if you can't do
Tell him something
for me,
Tell him I love him,
But lie, say I'm ok.
Say I'm getting by,
I got sleeping
tablets off the doc,
Say I'm almost
Not to worry.
Tell him I'm rushing
towards death for
That I've stocked up
on vodka.
God, tell him I'll
be there soon.

Long poem by Alex Duffy | Details |

late night thinking

Lying in bed eyes wide open 
Maybe I need some life coaching
Grab a pen let’s write poems
Let’s spend this night growing
If not then I feel my demise approaching 
I’ve got a lot I need to get off my chest
Please bear with me
I get scared quickly
No one here with me
But alone is how I work best
That line is probably a little hypocritical
But I live in a world that’s critical
While I try and use these words to paint a visual
Came to a point where happiness felt miserable
Simple and easy appeared difficult
I see everything but act like it’s invisible
Maybe I don’t want to acknowledge it, say it came as a shock
Or maybe I’ll just say I forgot
Worrying about situations that haven’t happened yet
Thinking about people in my life why haven’t they left?
Why did my parents not care?
Why was I never told the reasons or made aware?
Why do people take advantage of my kind nature?
I only have this lined paper
What if the ink runs out before this poems finished
What if I write too much and it goes over the limit?
Put others first get called stupid
Get called selfish if you do things for yourself
Then they tell you to ask for help
But when you do, you go unheard
Would it be better if I treated girls badly instead of speaking kind words?
Treat her with respect & nice she’ll think I’m a big bore
But she’ll chase me and love me if I choose to ignore
But I won’t change, I can’t save all of these females
I can’t be the picture completing all their jigsaws
She could have me who’ll treat her right and make sure she never gets hurt
But I won’t wait around to pick up the pieces when she chooses a good for nothing guy
Who’ll show her no worth
Then she’ll label me the bad guy
Which she knows is a sad lie 
She’s just doing it for her part in making it
She’ll regret it when I get in a relationship
But I can hold my head high
Dad never told me how to treat girls or act on dates
He barely said hi
But never did I wait
I always wanted his attention and love
But I wasn’t waiting on a miracle
Couldn’t even mention a hug
He wouldn’t be hearing you
6 times a year was how much contact we had
This must be some alcoholic stranger it can’t be my dad
Put me in care didn’t care if I was fed enough
You never said much
But I had to keep my head up
Wasn’t going to allow you to see me weak
But I wonder how you could put your kid in care and still sleep?
Even though you were never there, and hurt me over, I hope you rest in peace
They’ll misunderstand my insanity and madness
And ignore I came from a family of addicts
Brother high on heroin, no male role model which every boy needs
But I distance myself it’s something I don’t want to see
There we go again me being selfish
But you learn to help yourself when you’ve been helpless
It would have been easier for me to be a druggie and go down the same route
How can anyone be mad I found a different way out?
Maybe I’m trying to be the bigger man
How can you belittle me when my family prefer heroin, crack and a liquor stand?
I couldn’t sleep so I was doing some late night thinking
Too much for my brain to handle so I had to ink it 

Long poem by Robert Candler | Details |

Circle of Life - A Pet Story

It seems like just the other day
Our pup, Shadrack, did pass away;
And altho’ they never seemed like friends,
My old cat, Jorg, knew Shad had met
   his untimely end.

He mourned his loss every day
And looked for Shadrack everywhere.
He’d mew and moan as if to say,
“We were friends.  I do care.”

Then one night, an eerie howl
Awoke me from my sleep.
He’d found Shad’s toys and left no doubt
That his feelings did run deep.

So our tedious search began
To find another likely pup;
But while my poor wife still grieved,
Could another measure up?

We went to Second Chance and Free to Live.
She just could not make up her mind.
She loved them all; but, if she picked just one,
The rest would have to stay behind.

Then, quite by chance, there was a “pound pup”
Who’d been picked up from the streets.
He was a mutt, a “schnauza-pug”;
But he was awfully sweet.

He jumped up and kissed her frantically.
He seemed aware of his “iffy” situation.
He made the best of his opportunity.
Tears of joy told her elation.

“This is the one”, she smiled through tears,
As she held him oh, so tight.
“I’m sure that Jorg will like him too.
Everything will be alright”.

And so it was, until one day
When old Jorg did pass away…

There was no hesitation on this sad occasion;
Come Saturday morning, we went straight 
   to the pound,
Open minded and hoping to be “saviors”,
Surely a nice cat was to be found.

“Sadly”, the lady said,” three kitties have only today.
There’s Andre and Panda and another one too”.
My wife smiled and said, “Jorg was your boy.  You pick.
They’re both beautiful cats.  It’s up to you”.

As I pondered this commitment
Another cat, a young one, caught my eye.
Like Jorg, he was a common gray tabby.
Fond memories were stirred.  I almost cried.

On closer look, his name was Boris;
And, strangely, he was number three.
There was a small sign on his crate,
“I don’t like other cats and other cats don’t like me”.

But there was character in his eyes and he was cute.
He was rolling and purring and stretching.
He seemed to look deep into my heart
And did his best to be quite fetching.

But because he was just a common gray tabby,
And because of the little sign,
His chances were slim, his future quite dim
And one day is precious little time.

For a moment I was lost in his eyes
And I heard his desperate plea, 
“I’m a swell cat and litter box trained.
Take me.  Please, take me”.

“Well”, my wife urged, “is it Andre or Panda”?
“One of us will take the other kitty.”, two older ladies chimed.
“You can each have one ladies”, I said with a smile.
I want Boris and he wants to be mine”.

In just hours he was romping and rolling with Pepper,
Who had happily welcomed his new friend.
Boris was a perfect fit, an affirmation;
The Circle of Life never ends.

Much more Joy than Sadness in this Circle,
And there should never be regrets.
Honor their memories and all the love they share,
Never break the Circle, never be without a Pet.

Long poem by Laura Breidenthal | Details |

That Day Came

Pointless…a strange existence, lost in the panoramic leisure of humanity's walk
I am consumed, doomed to non-being, with lingering darkness
A pain to wake up to the sound of its heavy breathing over my head
And it's agonizing wheezing in sun-drooping times

Sometimes tears fall down my face, seeping in the shadows
I am unafraid, jeering poor judgements, squeezing the bile into half-living life
Saddened by the impact of the blows,
The soft kisses being sent my way…only dissolving   
It burns upon my skin, it's ephemeral floatation above my body
I never reach you, that happiness…so close…ever spiraling
My focus blurred…my lenses dirtied, damp, drizzling in the salts of wishes

Moments of your voice, bouncing off my face
Your aromatic wisdom slipping into my eager ears and eyes
Past happiness, now remnants of sad, layered present

Waiting for that day…surely not long enough… I would have waited more
And that day came, when I heard your voice again…
I had waited in monomaniac, obsessive daydream
My mind sure of the stars within you
Faith in you…faith in your shine

It wasn't fair, I know, to assume such magic would occur
I shouldn't have let you become the purpose of the pain I have mastered
Yet that day came. . .
Sunshine through the windows, my mind in a thousand murderous places
Your voice, your presence, your heart, not so far from mine

I could not trust my mouth, so I relied on yours
Knowing only silence would remain in the end
Like the entire world demanded your presence in that very moment,
Your words slipped out faster than I could register
They were terrifying in volume, cold as frosted ice
To see you so rock-layered indifferent
Was the worst pain I had felt since pointless made its way on a page...
Though I knew in my heart you cared,
I would never let my mind believe

The daydreams, once so real, were now nonexistent
I was eaten, chewed up, disposed of in a single chomp of Never-Was
I would have much rather waited longer… I would have been stronger
You disappeared through the doorway, before I could say...Thank You

And from there, I fought the stinging tears with my life
Doomed with the darkness that I could not let break me
I had to wait. I had to wait and make certain no one else was brought down with me
Then, when alone…when all beings slept…while you lay in bed slowly drifting,
I would wake up to the sound of its heavy breathing over my head
Long after sunsets diminished to black
And I could say to myself, that day came
I could make myself let it go...let you go...

And I cried, my small, black companion by my side
Soon even precious he would leave me
In tearful breakage of death
All dreams of you passing on with the one whiskered witness,
All faith, dreams...passion...escaping away....
Through my pouring lenses, out my ripped heart... and into the night...

Long poem by Carrie Richards | Details |

Dramedy of Errors

Walking from the horrid old motel, and out into the smaze, 
a suffocating day, worsened now, by a mocktail shade of smog
in mockumentary proportions, she flounders in a fog.
Too dazed by crazy sitcoms that seem to fill her life,
on an escalator going up or down, to nowhere in the strife.
A contrail of soundscapes,  brandished against her ears
The dreamathon, of pure devotion,  a mockery of  years,
has vanished now in tears

This travesty, her travelogue, a prequel to self- dialogue
The modem in her brain, was in a dismal state.  
Just blogs of malware,  skyjacked by the haze.

Humongous fury, fills within, while flurried winds regain her wits
Chumps of drice come tumbling down to wash away her tears.
As she scurries through the clapter, dark skies have dumped the rain 
that is drenching all the wasted time, directly down the drain.

She hails to find a taxicab, in the multiplex of cars,
a whizzing motorcade, can't stop to see her scars
She will focus on the chortle of all the passing  feet
the sexcapade, the glitzy parade, seek shelter off street.

Some holding hands, transponding laughs and kisses in the rain
The docudrama of her life has muddied up her brain
Dumbfounded, by the cablegram, now damp within her hand
If only left to guesstimate, she truly should have known...., or planned

A dramedy of errors,  this hazmat suit of words,
they should have been her own reply.... goodbye, her final word!
Astounded, it could come to this ......"So long"........was all it said

For Deb's Contest:   8/14/14  "Portmanteau Words"

Words used:   
motel---moter/hotel         smaze---smoke/haze    
floundered ---flounce/blunder               sitcom---situation/comedy
escalator---escalate/elevator                 contrail---condensation/trail
soundscape---sound/landscape             dreamathon---dream/marathon
travelogue---travel/dialogue                  prequel---preview/sequel
modem---modulator/demodulator       malware---malicious/software
skyjacked---sky/hijacked                    humunguous----huge/monstrous
chumps---chuncks/lumps          drice---dry/ice        clapter---clap/laughter
taxicab---taximeter/cabriolet        multiplex---multiple/complex
motorcade---motor/calvacade          chortle---chuckle/snort
sexcapade---sexual/escapade           glitz---glamour/ritz
transponding---transmit/respond     docudrama---documentary/drama
cablegram----cable/telegram       guesstimate---guess/estimate
dramedy----drama/comedy       hazmat---hazard/material
goodbye----God/be/(with) ye         Dumbfounded----dumb/confound

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