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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
august autumn
baby bangla
baptism baseball
basketball beach
beautiful beauty
bereavement best friend
betrayal bible
bio bird
birth birthday
black african american blessing
blue boat
body books
boyfriend break up
bridal shower brother
bullying business
butterfly cancer
candy car
care career
caregiving cat
celebration celebrity
change chanukah
character cheer up
chicago child
child abuse childhood
children chocolate
christian christmas
cinderella city
class clothes
color community
computer conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad dance
dark daughter
day death
death of a friend december
dedication deep
depression desire
destiny devotion
discrimination divorce
dog dream
drink earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion father
father daughter father son
fathers day fear
february feelings
film fire
firework first love
fish fishing
flower flying
food football
for children for her
for him for kids
forgiveness freedom
french friend
friendship fruit
fun funeral
funny funny love
future games
garden gender
giggle girl
girlfriend giving
god golf
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
innocence insect
inspiration inspirational
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mentor metaphor
middle school military
miracle mirror
miss you missing
missing you mom
money moon
morning mother
mother daughter mother son
mothers day mountains
moving on mum
murder muse
music my child
my children mystery
myth mythology
name native american
natural disasters nature
new year new york
nice niece
night nonsense
nostalgia november
nursery rhyme obituary
ocean october
old onomatopoeia
pain paradise
parents paris
parody pashto
passion patriotic
peace people
pets philosophy
places planet
poems poetess
poetry poets
political pollution
poverty power
prayer preschool
pride princess
prison psychological
purple quinceanera
race racism
rain rainbow
rainforest rap
raven recovery from
red relationship
religion religious
remember remembrance day
repetition retirement
riddle rights
river romance
romantic rose
roses are red rude
sad sad love
satire scary
school science
science fiction sea
seasons self
senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
sky slam
slavery sleep
smart smile
snow soccer
social society
softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
space spanish
spiritual spoken word
sports spring
star stars
storm strength
stress student
success suicide
summer sun
sunset sunshine
sweet symbolism
sympathy tamil
teacher teachers day
technology teen
teenage thank you
thanks thanksgiving
tiger time
today together
travel tree
tribute true love
trust truth
uplifting urban
urdu usa
vacation valentines day
vanity veterans day
violence visionary
vogon voice
volleyball voyage
war water
weather wedding
wife wind
wine winter
wisdom woman
women word play
words work
world world war i
world war ii write
writing yellow

Long Goodbye Poems | Long Goodbye Poetry

Long Goodbye Poems. Below are the most popular long Goodbye by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Goodbye poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by Isaiah Zerbst | Details |

Celena, Brave Celena- Part 1

From Judges 11.
Pronunciation: Seh-LAY-nah

His brothers cast the young man out, the child of an harlot;
He fled away to distant Tob before they found an outlet
For anger, more than what they'd done, to fully disinherit
And drive him from his father's house, though not for foul demerit
Within himself, but all for greed- it made them hate their brother.
Now Jephthah lives his life alone, without a father, mother;
He goes about with newfound friends, considered rather shady:
At least he does not get too wild; he found himself a lady,
And has a one and only child, a daughter like her mother.
She's tall and slim, with long, black hair; as fair as any other,
And loves to dance and sing and play her timbrels with the daughters
Of the mighty men of Tob, who play their music by the waters
Of the brimming banks of Yarmuk; lovely music, song, and dancing,
In the evening, in the twilight, which is wordlessly enchanting;
So much so that all the stars come out before the sun has drifted
Below the burning desert sands, thus Nature's course has shifted
From what it was, what e'er has been his want, his call of duty,
And all to see some pretty maids who sing and dance with beauty.

The Ammonites come, bent on war, on taking land and cattle;
They'd kill the men of Gilead and claim the spoils of battle:
The land that once belonged to Sihon, which Israel gained possession,
Then Joshua allotted to the sons of Gad and Reuben.
Thus Ammon claimed what was not his, but what he thought he needed;
And Israel must be captained well, or else they'll be defeated.
The elders ride in haste to Tob, to Jephthah's lordly dwelling
To find the man who would be best and see if he is willing;
But Jephthah said, "Did you not hate me? Did you not expel me
Out of my father's house, and now you come to me and tell me
Of your need when in distress? If I by some rare providential
Act of mercy be successful, will you lay aside resentful
Ways and set me over you?" And this they would; they needed badly
A man who knew the art of war, who charged in battle madly;
So they agreed and made him captain over all the forces,
The leader of the fighting men, the officers, and horses.
Then Jephthah vowed a vow to God, he said, "If Thou wilt give me
A vict'ry over Ammon, then returning I will give Thee
Whatsoever first will greet me at the doorway of my dwelling
As an offering of fire for a savor sweet of smelling
Unto Thee." And having spoken he departed to the battle
With his whole command of soldiers, with a clash and tramp and rattle:
And they smote and killed the Ammonites until the Plain of Vineyards;
In twenty cities passing through as Jephthah drove them downwards.
The town of Mizpeh heard the news and every mouth was voicing
The praises of their leader and his soldiers with rejoicing;
Then, as they saw him from afar, the townsfolk all assembled
To cheer their hero, now their judge; but mighty Jephthah trembled,
For as he came unto his house his daughter came to meet him
With timbrels and with dances from his door she came to greet him;
Her raven tresses bouncing, and her flowing dresses swirling;
Her face alight with happiness, and glowing as she's twirling.
She smiles at her hero from the battlefront returning,
But he cannot return it for the raging storm that's churning
Inside himself, and making him so weak and sick and frightful
For his daughter, lovely daughter, blessed with grace and so delightful.
And he said, "O sweet Celena, you have cast my spirit downward,
For I've  vowed a vow that's binding, and I cannot take it backward;
I have sworn to make a sacrifice of fire of whatever
First would meet me at the doorway of my house; but I had never
Thought that it should be a person, but a heifer or a doeling,
Or perhaps a dove or pigeon." Here he stopped, for tears were rolling
Down his cheeks, and rent his clothing as he stood there, crushed and grieving;
Amazed at what he'd done, and even now not quite believing
His hand must wield the wicked knife; his hand must light the fire;
His hand must end his daughter's life; his hand must build the pyre.
He stared at his offending limbs, said, "Would to God I'd lost them;"
For now he had to tell his wife how much his oath had cost them.
Then Celena, brave Celena said, "Perform what you have spoken;
For the Lord has taken vengeance and the Ammonites are broken:
Only grant me two months longer so that I and my companions
May bewail my virgin state among the mountains and the canyons."
One word was all that he could say, the one word, "Go," and held her
A moment to his bosom as his teary eyes beheld her;
A chain of gold about her neck, dress gay with colored sashes;
A tremble in her ruby lips, a teardrop in her lashes.
Then turning from her father, to the wilderness she stumbled;
Her eyes so filled with tears that down the road she tripped and tumbled,
And lay a while in the deep, deep dust that rose above her;
Then stripped her golden necklace, one gold ring and then the other
And threw them from her to be swallowed by the dusty powder:
"What good is gold?" she softly mumbled, crying ever louder.
Retreating to the lonely cliffs, the desert's jagged mountains,
Where desolation reigns enthroned, except for by the fountains
And streams that bring a thread of life, that ever downward trailing
Flows by the place where seven maidens gather as they're wailing
The loss of faithful friend, the favored, beautiful Celena,
Who would not flee, but e'er would be the dutiful Celena,
Submitting to her father's vow, though leading to her dying.
The place that used to ring with song and laughter fills with crying;
And music now is sighing of the maids and lonesome whispers
Of the wind. And those who danced are aimless wanderers and drifters,
Seldom speaking: consolation is but vain when 'tis imparted
To a soul whose days are numbered when its life has barely started. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Silent One | Details |

Love story part 3

After watching the refugee crisis and the outbreak of war in her country, Mathias joins a charity organisation and joins a convey of ambulances delivering aid to camps.  Camp after camp he searches for his beloved,
“Oh beloved, the one who holds my heart,
I have travelled the world seeking you.
Through stormy seas, across death ridden deserts,
climbed the highest mountain and walked though troubled jungles.
Yet, still I struggle to find you, some say I've gone mad, 
but I know you exist as I can feel you through my pulsating heart.
The chapters of my love story have not yet began,
but I know this is more than a Romeo and Juliet affair.
This is not about a boy and a girl, falling in love forever,
this is about a mere mortal connecting with a Goddess like Venus.
Two hearts connected through a spiritual existence,
awaiting the fate of the magical union of touch.
My passion is like that of a magnificent waterfall,
only you can extinguish this endless flame of carnal desire.
Come, let me adore you, I am a devotee to your love,
come, let me burn inside you, I am the curator of your flower garden.
I yearn for you, like a sinner begs for forgiveness,
I want to cherish you, to die inside you.
Don't deny it, this is fate, I live for you and you for me,
honour me with your presence and feel my love.”
Imaani waits patiently for her beloved, to be connected, but with no internet or phone, she feels all is lost,
'oh beloved, where have you gone?
The echoes of your voice still haunt my mind.
I'm calling your name, but you don't hear me,
my tongue never tires from it.
But, my soul feels restless,
it dances alone in the pale moonlight.
My eyes turn to you,
they need guidance, but are blinded by your disappearance.
My heart falls upon deafness of the ears,
Which tire from its cries. 
It's beating, but only to call your name.. 
The blood may rush around, but nothing excites the mind.... 
Until you reappear...'
Mathias starts to become frustrated, thinking Imaani may have died, yet still holds a little hope in his heart,
“My beloved,
the one that resides within my heart...
I've never met you,
yet I still miss you...
The world longs for things,
which have become immune to me
I only long,
for the reunion with my beloved...
I've become silent,
For i know they don't understand
I have loved you,
before the beginning of time..
Before, this world,
We floated amongst the stars...
I anticipate,
to be intoxicated by your aroma...
Where ever I go,
It seems the path will lead me to you....
Even though you are so far,
you have my heart in the palms of your hands...
My loyalty is with you,
as you hold the key to the doorway
I know within my heart,
This life can’t keep us apart..”
Then as fate and destiny have a funny way of turning out, Imaani catches a glimpse of what could be her beloved.  She rubs her eyes and walks towards him and calls his name,
My beloved has come,
the sight, 
has left me breathless,
left me speechless...
My body is full of passion,
for the reunion...
for, my beloved is here,
nothing else matters,
nothing else exists...
Now, my soul is at peace,
now I am home...
Tears roll down both of their eyes as they embrace.  Mathias holds his weak beloved in his arms, promising never to let go. They hold each other for what seems like eternity. Share many stories and after a long time both of them smile,
“Oh beloved,
I heard your call..
Some say I am bad, whilst some say I am good
But, I know you will keep my honour,
after all, I am only yours..
Oh beloved,
the world has never known a love like ours..
The world only knows my name, as I seek you..
Nobody knew me, before the sorrow of love
But, your memory has written our love story...
I do not fear the world will change
My life is with you, please don't change..
So, here I am once again
So, hear my lovers call
My sorrowful story, my pains from society...
For this world will remember me, because of your love
For, ever since, I have become yours,
Life now has a new meaning...
Today, I finally achieved my dream,
and tomorrow, there will a brand new love story.”

Part four: Time for goodbye
Sadly, Mathias has to leave as he needs to return home.  He promises to take her with him when he returns, but must return to complete all the correct documentation.
Imaani begins to seek his return everyday to save her from what has become her deadly fate,
“Oh beloved,
Come back to me...
For, it is just you I seek..
You arrived, in my hour of need..
When, I was so lost...
Come, come, come set me free,
From the chains of your everlasting love..
Since you went away...
You took with you my heart...
Oh beloved, if you don't want to stay before my eyes..
Then, return to me my withering heart..
Why present me with such riches...
Only to take them away.”

“I long for the day, when all we feel is love,
no more hatred, no more pain, just happiness.
I long for the day, there is no more war,
to pick up a newspaper and see only peace.
I long for the day, where there is no hunger,
an end to poverty, drought and famine.
I long for the day, children can live without fear,
no oppression, no abuse, no manipulation, no hurt.
I long for the day, when we can all live as one,
no sectarianism, no warfare, no killing of innocents.
I long for the day, where anyone can love,
regardless of colour, culture, faith and sexuality.
I long for the day, where there is a cure,
for every illness, so no child dies in childhood.
I long for that day, when I can live and not fear,
because of a premature death, signalling my end.”

To be continued
The Silent One. 20 August 2015

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Poet Destroyer A | Details |

Poet Convention 2014

Poet Convention

Lost in a poets convention, 
I can't recall every poem, I've read through the years
50518, unique comments I 'validate'--- 
Thank You For Sharing Your Happy and Sad tears 
Since March 24, 2010 In the mist of every line, 
I'm sending special hugs, for he/she that favorite me through the years 

Today's Convention, 
A praise to all poets mentioned and not mentioned

I will miss, the sweetest girl on this block LEONORA G.,
She treats me with love, adores my words and twisted poetry.  

I will start with the soups famous October, 7th babies,  
Frank and Kash, Debbie D, and myself, these lines belong to us, 
Our best characteristic has everything to do with the mind 
In our poetic hearts you'll find the symbol of justice and balance

This is not a song, it is not a poem, it's a free falling memo written with style

Back in March 2013, I said it then, I'll say it again 
Andrea, you and only you are the Poet Queen 
By the Queen, sits the Poet King of rhymes, Robert L. Hinshaw
Thank you both for never stepping on your loyal subjects 
Carol B., & Linda Marie, no one can replace the hole you left inside

I will miss all the little poetry pups, who came and sat by my side 
MAHIMA and Saanvi, and Sabrina, thank you for the encouragement

Phyllis, Joyce, Francine, Rhonda, Betty, sweet Karen A., and Catie, 
Clap your hands for the lovely quiet soup ladies.
Okay, maybe not Karen A., and Catie, these ladies love speaking their minds:)
SARA K., a mentor to some, a Fairy Godmother in my book
I will miss her "Magic Pen like Wand" dearly.
Gail, thank you for spreading your wings, and teaching us how to fly. 
Hopefully --wings are a nice gesture, --waving--  
"One day I'll see you again, my friend."

Daver Austin, "Go ahead, make my day" thank you for the show 
Now, you know why I referred to you as, "The Clint Eastwood of Poetry."
Russell Survey, encouraged my days and moods with his kind words

Scribe ML., where are you my friend? 
Don't you know your BIGGEST FAN misses you!!!

Dr Ram, Bindu V, Litan D., Donna J, Shadow, Sandra A., Peter Durgan, 
Giorgio V., Mystic Rose, BL Devnath and of course our Nette.
Thank you for being kind and rewinding and replying to every note.
Joseph M., Caleb S., Vincent F., Juliet L., Lucy Carrillo, Scott 37, Johnny R.,
Kelly D., thank you for the honor in always honoring my words

Roger Horsch meets Eileen Ghali, your smile, her smile always made me smile,  
No matter how many miles apart, our smiles always met on the same page.

Jenish, Don J., S.Z. Kamoonpuri, Gideon, Gary, Austin E., and Jody M., 
Fatima N., Mark N., Aiyah B., Ralph F., Kathryn C., Elly, Ayesha A.,
Clay W., Erich, Syam, MIKKI, John B., Olusegun, *Sukmawati* Gwen,
Delysia H., Frederic P., Richard L., Brenda L., Keith, Debbie G.,
Thank you for painting the best IMAGERY 

Michale Clarke, Charma C., Wayland B., Jancarl C., Carrie, and Harry, 
M&M, Abdulhafeez, Michael B., Maria P. S., CHAN and Mandy T.
You are only the beginning of what makes this a good community

Arlid A., Dinda M., Silly Billy, Tim Ryerson, we go way back.
Ravindra, Kim M., Richard S., Honestly JT., Wade A., Dom-X.
The ingredients in your poems, makes the best soup remix

Joe M., Jack H., James H., James P., Tim B., Jon A. C., Allan K., Matthew A.
Deb Wilson, David S., David William, Thomas S., Cecilia M. 
Keep that pen flowing for tomorrow needs poets like you.

Justin B., Laura B., your words will continue to be a part of me.
Owen Y., and John L., your visits, your friendship I will never forget

Yasmin and Carl F., hanging out with you on the soup was the best.

Cherl Dunn, and Colleen Bono, SandyIvy, I will miss everything about you, 
Mostly I will miss your friendship and the way you took care of me.

Poet and sister Skat, keep rocking what I can't.... 
Copy paste your love, welcome in the new.
Show Edwina, Robin, Sam B., and all the NEW POETS they belong

Last but not least-- Behind every mess, they are the best 
--Craig Cornish and Cyndi McMillan
What have you done, I admit without you this place would have been no fun.
Thank you for the spin, making every penny worth our paid premium memberships

Before I forget, 
I want to take this time to reminisce and add two old friends to my hot list.
Nikko and Chris A..... My first POETRY SOUP FRIENDS.
I will never forget you, and all the fun moments we had,
Back when the soup was not like this:) 
Chris, can you ever forgive me, I never stepped up to say "I was Sorry!"

As you know my kindness is my weakness 
Now it's time to be strong and move on 
If one day I return, then you know, I fell off the wagon
And, into arms and luring fingers of Team Poetry Soup

The Poet Destroyer

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Diane Lefebvre | Details |

Wellington Gate

His walk into town would prove fateful that day,
As his mind wandered idly while finding his way.
His footsteps were brisk like fall chill in the air,
Past Wellington Gate, south of Denby town square.

He paused for a time as the hearse passed him by.
Its dark, somber outline contrasting the sky.
Stood still as it turned in through Wellington Gate,
Down this last dusty byway of sorrow and fate.

A pair of dark geldings, black plumes on their heads.
Seemed subdued in their manner while carrying the dead.
Their hooves beat dull thuds on the cold, hardened sod:
Alerting the devil, but more hopefully, God.

The box in the hearse lay there stark and austere.
Poor souls final journey, last trek anywhere. 
The small group of mourners now somber and mute
Trailed after the hearse in reluctant pursuit.

His thoughts then turned back to concerns of the day.
The errands in Denby that had brought him this way.
His footsteps trudged on toward the town just ahead.
On past this bleak place with its fields of the dead.

And the day passed by quickly as he made all his rounds,
Attending to business before leaving the town.
Then an overdue visit to a friend from the past,
Would leave his mind reeling, in tumult, aghast!

For Nell Reed had returned from her home far away.
Nell Reed had come back, never more would she stray.
The scene he had witnessed at Wellington Gate,
The pine box, the mourners, lamented Nell's fate.

Then a blow to his middle - sharp twist like a knife.
Twice now he'd lost Nellie the love of his life.
Nellie, oh Nellie sweet child of his youth.
How could he accept this - admit to its truth?

She now lay in her coffin - pale, cold, not a sigh.
No words would she speak, not one single goodbye.
No explanation of the times in their past:
Of unanswered questions, he could now never ask.

He then found himself back at Wellington Gate.
Fall shadows had lengthened and the day had grown late.
Dead leaves of November swirled under his step,
Invited him follow to where Nellie now slept.

The despair that he felt huddled there by her grave,
Made him seem as a man now most surely depraved.
Harsh pleas for the answers to questions long asked,
From someone once cherished, now part of the past.

Where had she gone while he fought in that war?
Why did she leave, did she love him no more?
Upon his return, mind and body all scarred, 
To face life without her - so sad and so hard?

He cried out in frustration, old sorrow and pain,
As he knelt by her grave there on Evermore Lane.
And the day turned toward evening, but he did not see,
Trapped there in his memories with no place to flee.

Then he sensed someone else, just behind, but nearby.
A young man with Nell's look, most especially her eyes.
In his hand was a letter, tinged yellow with time-
Nell's neat, tiny script penned on each faded line.

"She told me about you and what you once shared,
And asked me to find you, to tell you she cared.
She wished you to have this," his voice held a plea.
"Her last thoughts on this earth were of you and of me."

"The letter was written a long time ago,
When I was a child, before I came to know.
The man I called father, in the days of my youth,
Was only her husband; a well hidden truth."

"He raised me and fed me and treated me well,
But he never did love me and I always could tell.
This letter from mother should bring you at last,
Answers to questions that have troubled your past."

And the son placed the letter in his fathers cold hand,
Waited a moment - made a half-hearted stand.
But he turned then and left - back through Wellington Gate:
To the place he had come from and his own earthly fate.

And his father by the morning, lay frozen and dead,
On Nellie's cold grave with the message unread.
He never did view those last words meant for him,
It grew too dark to see as the cold night set in.

He succumbed to that cold and to Nellie's mute call.
And died where she lay on the last day of fall.
And the years passed on by, like the years always will.
They now lie there together, both silent: both still.

And all who'd remember lie near them as well,
No one now survives for this sad tale to tell.
Yet the legend goes on of this man and of fate.
It's still whispered while passing by - Wellington Gate.

Copyright © Diane Lefebvre | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Connor burke | Details |

you make demons sigh

First draw 
Proved me wrong.
Girl you are strong
No doubt about that
I am too though.
Don't you ever forget it
We are different strengths. 
Girl please. You're losing it.
What is so hard to understand.
I sped up.
Now you slow down. 
Because? Because what? 
We both need it. 
Equal balance.
To progress.
In devastation.
Always failing cause we start up again from where we last left off. 
Gushing over a couple kids with me someday 
tying the knot moving out to Texas 
so you can be with your ma and see your siblings grow up. 
Planning our future in a tornados hollow center. 
In the wake of destruction. 
Just cause our chaos has run out of steam. 
Its only the eye of the storm.
And we always get our second wind is coming.
Inevitable unless we try to change once 
but nah I guess we masochistically desire our dependent mutilation. 
baby we don't have a story. 
We are the book of Revelations.
Obedient plot with a deep tragedy.
Foreshadowing's nothing without an ending.
But no not us. 
Fall asleep and wake up 
at the starting line in our crazy, luke warm, loopy maelstrom.
Like the progress we made the day before never happened. 
And hell neither one of us is gonna say anything about it 
cause we're not schizophrenic. 
But I don't know about you..
But I wouldn't call you crazy. Too risky. 

I'll just assume the power went out before I got to save. Yep.
Eh. No worries 
go get giggly with your girlfriends 
clown around routinely
fill your room to the brim with smoke. 
And I'll go get popular in a rowdy crowd 
cause I'm an expert at chaotic mischief 
when I've spent my day shutting my liver down.

And then its you and me 
making plans to get married tonight 
and we had an awesome tale going.
We liked reciting it 
cause we were so numb and high we didn't realize we plagiarized. 
Romeo and Juliet right down to the parts 
where they hardly knew each other. 
Mistaking lust for love. 
Charming talkers. 
And killing ourselves at last.
Its a shame that it took one of em seeing the other dead 
to realize there's a time to play and a time to be serious. 
Keep reading. Wait. Con. I. Think I'm. Feeling somethi-- 
And we always seemed to blackout before we could write a fin.
Coulda been a best selling book.
You Alcoholic author man .

Wait. Hey. Amb. Do you remember. 
what. we were saying last. night. 
Did we say something about.. Uh. Nevermind. 
I'm hungover and out of it.

--Man I must forget alot. 
Cause everytime I'm in a pit 
I look at your picture in my wallet for solace.
But. Hold up. you're the one who put me in!
Its cause now I feel struggle I feel resistance 
Something I never felt before
Its like that little worm has some rhythm in its heart. 
Seeing something I normally didn't
Holding in its last breath. 
To swim to the top of the bottle. 
Through the liquor. 

Like wait a second. 
I looked at you and really felt love.
And I want a life with you. More.
This warmth? Woah
Never leave. I'll dig upwards.
Through hells ceiling.
Brake my wrists unremittingly.
Until I reach the surface.
And then I'll make my claws grow back round and soft. 
So I can hold your hand.
And my teeth I'll file down. 
To fit back in my mouth and scrub off all the blood. 
So I could give you a kiss. 

You can make a demon gentle.
And this monsters wrath will deplete 

And my eyes for the first time join my lips in a smile.
as I kiss your forehead to sleep.

As this caterpillar finally builds his cocoon. 
it looks like two humans interlocked.
Arms and legs crossed. 
Like a force to be reckoned with. 
Unstoppable together as one. 
You are my woman. 
And I Will always love you. 
Cause you're my girl. 
You're my one.

The truth of the matter though is that
you are a double wicked candle.
fuse not far from the igniting sight
i did you wrong, turned my eye, and blank for a second 
but you said nah this is eternity now
This is all I know
How did I do this to myself all over again.  
But its not. 
no matter what I said u grew quiet And learned to do the same. 
Ashamed. but I never jumped the edge
Believe me. I felt fine with being wanted that's it.
Never had them. never did. 
It was you. You beat me. 
You got this you win. 
I didn't lose anything but you.
I just hope you know. 
Its all good. Let that be the ending.
For all I care now.
Its over.
Tragedy fulfilled. 

Copyright © Connor burke | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by george franklin | Details |

my friend vernan

VERNANS PAIN              
                                                     DUE AGAIN, AGAIN 
                                HE SHOWS 
                                                     HEROIC STRENGTH
                                             ALL, IN VAIN, 
                                             HIS BODY HALTS, 
                                             SAYS “STOP THE PAIN ‘’
                                             CRUMBLE STUMBLES 
                                             FAILS TO OVER POWER 
                                             THE EVIL’S CLAIM 
                                             TO HIS DOMAIN 
                                             THE TRIBE THAT LOVES 
                                             LOOKS ON DISTRAUGHT 
                                             AND UNABLE TO HELP 
                                                      TRIES LOVES SUPPORT

                                          THE WILD MAN'S ON HIS WAY
                                          BEHIND EYES CLOSED SO TIGHT 
                                          '' WE'VE, COME TO SAY GOODBY '' 
                                          A CARESS
                                           A FLUTTER, A SMILE 
                                          A DISTANT LOOK
                                          THAT RECOGNIZES, 
                                          SAYS ADIEU 
                                          MARGARET'S IMAGE HOVERS CLOSE 
                                         AS JACKIE KEEPS A
                                         WEARY, TEARFUL 
                                         WATCH OVER DAD,

                                         HIS FEET AND HANDS
                                         NOT WASTED
                                         LIKE THE VIBRANT
                                        VERN I KNEW
                                        A BODY LEFT BEHIND THAT NIGHT 
                                        AS OFF HE GOES 
                                        TO TEAR AHEAD
                                        '' REMOVED,'' SAY YOU
                                        I THINK
'                                       '         OUR MAN ABOVE
                                        IS EXPECTING YOU''
                                                 TRUE !
                                        FORGIVENESS DUE
                                        THOSE LEFT BEHIND 
                                        HOPE TO GATHER
                                       ANOTHER TIME
                                       HIS TRIBAL PALS
                                       WILL SPREAD
                                       MEMORIES AND ASHES
                                       THE FISHES WAY
                                       AND TREAD AGAIN
                                       HIS SORGINE,
                                       HE'S OFT 
                                       AND LEFT US WITH 
                                       OUR LOVE
                                       AND CARING TRUE 
                                      OUR MORTAL FEARS 
                                     AS WE MOURN AND CARE 
                                       LAUGH AND REMEMBER 
                                     HE GOES AHEAD
                                     FOR HIS AGENDA
                                     IS '' FORGE THE WAY ''
                                     AND WAIT,
                                    GOD BLESS,
                                    HERE'S TO YOU
                                   A GLASS OR TWO
                                   WE RAISE IN PRAISE
                                   AND AGAIN

                                   MAGGIE! ARE YOU COMING?
                                   JOAN AND THE OTHERS WILL BE ALONG LATER   

Copyright © george franklin | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Wilbert Dela Cruz | Details |

6 hours ago today, November 20, 2015, my mom passed away in front of me

My mom was everything to me
She was my every day, my every morning
She was literally my life and I lived every single bit of it, in her world
She was my inspiration and her smile, was a sun-shine in my face
Every morning I would wake up and the first thing I ever thought about, was her
She would see me come down the stairs and automatically wave her little hands 
“Good Morning, Bert!” she would squeak out, followed by a smile as big as the ocean
In return, I would play with her cheeks, pinching both sides as I would often do
While she, on the other hand would always try to get a bite off of them, just for fun of course
It was our special ritual thing we do every morning, as if exchanging something more than words can say
My mom was my greatest dream of all and I mean that in every sense of the word
Because for a dreamer such I am, no dreams has ever come close to my undivided attention
I am also a freewill-thinker but where it comes to my mom, there can only be just one choice
I would choose her every time just because I am her son; it’s my duty to return the love, she has instilled in me
For a long time now I found a great calling preparing and giving her daily meds and insulin shots
To her I was her private doctor… To me, she was my princess, my queen and I would do just about everything
I have learned a lot being with her 24/7, 7 days a week, like being more of the patient trying to solve my problem with patience
Well, I mean it’s a work-in progress kind of thing but I truly feel that I’m a lot better compare from the old me
Little by little, day by day, one day, it just occurred to me that I was becoming the person, I can consent to be
For me helping her with her needs, she has helped me figured out my own path into the person I’ve always longed to be
You see, often, I’ve cried out, in silence about trying to find my own purpose in a world, filled with mysteries and illusions
And like I said earlier, every time, I would wake up and I would find her downstairs with her smile fixed directly at me
If you can only feel things in my shoes, no other kind of happiness can ever feel so pure and complete, it contented my soul
My mom loves to garden and because I love her and I wanted to make her happy, she made me fall in love with gardening
I could not believe it at first but gardening became my Superman’s fortress of solitude, it’s like it’s a whole new different world
She has given me so much of everything; I only wish that I had given her something even remotely significant, in comparison 
She didn’t just shaped me to be the person I am today; I became the person who would happily choose to be guided by her
Because there’s nobody else in the world like her, no heart can ever be as pure and innocent and good as her heart is
My mom was one of kind, a diamond if the rough, a jewel in the night and my sole treasurer of dreams
I don’t know what I would do without her, I have not one clue what my mornings would be like without her smile
I’m not even sure if I can ever get passed the darkness that I will be facing tomorrow; I only know one truth for now
I love my mom… I love her more than the meaning of the word love; I love her transcendently from infinity and beyond

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Herbert Siao | Details |


It was like a whisper- 
My wife delivered the sad news- 
"Your grandfather was dead."- 
And so he was- 
Her eyes was awfully sad- 
Touched me gently on my back- 
He was old- 
The time I started to noticed him around- 
He was a relic- 
He talked about the war- 
The warring in the land- 
Dispute over religion- 
The greatness of the past Presidency- 
How Marcos summary killed young idealist- 
How my uncle survived the bullet- 
And wrote a letter to Imelda to help him- 
The hospital bill in exchange of his ideology-
How he comes on this land- 
Answered the migration call-
In the Southern Philippine-
He was young- 
He loves democracy-
He went to street and joined the protesters-
To end up injustices- 
He tilted the land- 
Grow coffee and Avocado- 
He sniffed the salty wind of the Celebes sea- 
As he stood at the cliff of Matutum- 
Sometimes they sale fruits in the public market- 
Those years of the early 60's- 
While my mother was just a kid- 
Then we came- 
My cousins and us- 
We sat at the table- 
Trembling in the dark of dawn- 
That was during our summer escapade-
While grandma prepared for us a hot milk- 
Then he walked near beside- 
Staring on us- 
Preached the narrative of his life- 
As I perceived- 
He was a learned man- 
Our pillar collapsed-
My knees gave up- 
I sat on a bench- 
My body drenched by my cold sweat-
My eyes drawn beyond the wall- 
Like I search things on the mirror-
Tears lined on my eye-
An innocent face- 
Stared back from the reflection of the clear pond- 
"Eat it..",my older cousin whimpered-
We wore straw hat- 
And a checkered polo-
And the place was cold- 
That morning, we went into a brook-
We forgot time went by-
It was already two in the afternoon-
"Let's go home!", I don't recall who said that-
We walked briskly- 
Hold a big salmon on our hand- 
We were afraid- 
The sky was slowly given up from the dark- 
The rain started to pour- 
Then we saw him-
He was there signaling us to halt- 
Tending his carabao- 
At six- 
We gathered on the sofa- 
Only the flickers of the light glows- 
He sat on the dark corner- 
Listened the radio transistor gibbers- 
The mountain loomed in silence- 
The radio announcer talked about the cold front- 
The wind outside whistled-
At school he asked on us sometimes- 
How things going on-
He bragged about it- 
To his neighbors-
On his house at Tieza- 
There was this book rack- 
I sat there often-
Read carefully-
Those stories about the Greeks- 
The Filipino contemporary authors- 
Because of that I love to stay in the library- 
Hand gripped the yellow mongol pencil- 
Scribbling some words on crumpled papers- 
And hid it somewhere-
At college he went to our house at Silway- 
He watched the television- 
I read silently the Doveglion- 
Near beside him- 
He was weak and knew his end was coming- 
I touched his head always- 
He breath weakly and coughed-
How I love my old man- 
My son likes to play beside him- 
He was on his death bed-
Then my wife- 
Was standing right in front on the workplace- 
She looked at me on the eye- 
And I knew the smile of there is something-
Isn't right-
I knew he was gone-

Copyright © Herbert Siao | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Margie Pierson | Details |

Dads Final Goodbye

It all happened rather sudden, having to say goodbye.
My children standing all around as tears filled there eyes.

Then I heard a voice say son its time to come home.
But God I asked, how can I leave them here all alone?
Come he said there's something I want you to see.
Next thing I knew I left my failing body.

He took me to the waiting room oh what I beheld
standing there before me was so many all around!
He spread his arms oh so wide and said son can you not see
all these here before you, they are family.
As my eyes filled up with tears I said Yes I understand.
Come my child its time to go then he took me by the hand.

God, I asked how will I know my kids will be alright
once I leave this world and step into the light?
with a chuckle in his voice oh so very dear
come my son there's something I want you to hear.

He brought me back to the place that all my children were
Now close your eyes and listen tight 
as your family sing you toward the light.

With each song that you sang it lifted me oh so very high
and before I even knew it  I started toward the sky.
What seemed to you me fading away
was actually me going home this very day!

As I got to Heavens door there they were 
your mom, grandmom and grandpop 
just like they said they would.

They kissed and hugged me very tight
then said everything's gonna be alright. 
We've been waiting oh so long
we're glad you finally made it home!

Then they said there's someone, I know you long to see.
Then grandpop said come on and follow me.

Standing there before me on this very day 
was the one and only man who took my sins away!!
I fell down upon my knees
his shining face I've longed to see!

Then Jesus said arise my child
come and walk with me awhile.

He took me down the streets of gold
trust me Heavens beauty to behold!
He took me to a mansion oh so grand and true.
With my very hands I've prepared this just for you!

We talked and tarried awhile you see
then Jesus smiled and looked at me.
I know what's on your mind this day
there not really all that far away!

Lord, I'm worried about my children, they could never get along.
Jesus smiled and said behold your children in your earthly home.

A curtain opened oh so wide
when I looked I began to cry!
There you were in my house that very special night
no arguing, no complaining, nope, not even a fight!
Jesus said you see your children are going to be just fine 
because of the love you have left behind.

Life isn't perfect, ups and downs you'll see
Its like a winding road full of uncertainty.
All along this road you'll find laughter, joy, sadness, pain and yes even loss
but standing here before me child can you not see its worth the cost?

Then he said its time my child to wipe your tears away.
No more worry, no more pain, no more death beyond this day!
He wiped away my one last tear, then pulled me close and held me near.

Now one last message to my family and friends
I will always love you and that will never end 
but please don't mourn me too very long
I'm not really gone, just finally home!!

Copyright © Margie Pierson | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Wilbert Dela Cruz | Details |

I am lost I know i am

I’ve often wondered, what it’s really like, to be lost I mean I’ve been lost before; in fact, I’ve been lost, many times, at many levels I’ve been lost, in my ways; lost in the light of my emotions, lost in love I’ve been lost in my thoughts more times that I can remember I’ve been lost inside my dreams as if those dreams are my permanent residence And I’ve also been trapped in nightmares, more than I can dream up a dream But those are a different kind of lost, there’s no definitive feel that gives them life I mean, yeah! You can lose your ways but life has a way of fixing that, it’s a natural law Lost in dreams and nightmare, you could always wake up to snapped you back to reality It was said that an open mind can tame the widest beast and love heals through time They are not real lost, the lost, I’m really trying to get to, is the sudden loss of everything-in everything Like, when, as if time literally stopped and all the sudden you’ve lost your self-preservation I’ve been wondering more so now than ever because yesterday, time literally did stopped for me And everything that I thought I knew about life, adopted a whole different meaning, my now is not now anymore I’m rumbling on and on, I know, I’m trying not to, forgive me, it’s a new territory for me But based from my newbie-experience, to be really lost isn’t exactly what I thought it would be It cannot be explained even if I try… all I can say is, there is a lot of thinking going on, a lot of searching And accepting that the mind has a mind of its own too and to wonder everywhere, seems to be the just cause To be lost, I always thought I would be inside some kind of darkness somewhere like in a cocoon And I would just be waiting for the light to come in, while I burn from an invisible sensation of the internal fire It’s complicated… to put it mildly it is as thorny as love is easy and simplistically normal, I know it doesn’t make sense I’ve been asking and telling myself the same thing over and over, I mean I should be asleep right now But here I am, trying to put together some kind of logic to these somewhat insensible thoughts It’s a reality check for a dreamer… life is not a dream, life is simply what it is, there is no punchline I am lost, I know I am, but somehow, in some way, I also know that I will be fine I would just have to embrace my loss and start from the beginning but one thing for certain I feel somewhat fearless at this moment because I know in my heart’s heart, I have something, I didn’t have before I now have a special angel, guarding me from heaven, who loves me beyond breathe and beyond reason So you see, now, I don’t mind being lost and if this new life ahead is going to be my darkness, all I can see is her light I’ve always joke around with her saying that while I am her son, she, on the other hand is me sun, shining on me

Copyright © Wilbert Dela Cruz | Year Posted 2015

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