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Money by Fields, Justin
Love by mabaso, ayanda
snorted spagsms by MO, Marugu
The Doors of the Subconscious by Biocchi, Daniel
for the world by labeau, catherine
Sophie's Sofa by Blake, Sam
Vogon poem by thirtyseven, scott
Revealed by Carey, Ninette

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The Snap


          before landing on pier — the snap stopped it        ever since


Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2016

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Hotwired the orgasmatron
headed out on sixty-nine
know there’s nothin up ahead
and even less behind.
Pagination, pixilation
nothing seems to work
maybe just  I’m gettin old
maybe just a jerk
off that is
gee whiz
can’t ya take a joke?
Lost in smoke
years since last toke 
days since last drink
I think.
As ya'll can see
rhyme don't agree 
with me, 
so back to blank 
slate, mate
and the cheque's 
on you.
Iambic to the core
commonman’s  snore
such a bore.
Straight from the soul
infinite whole
or is that hole,
wasn’t  this 
supposed to be 
Never know
have to go

Copyright © Dave Will | Year Posted 2014

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get a load of this
utah backward is a sneeze
forgive me utes, please

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

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I will not play this for the rest of my days
Their is nothing to gain
All done in vain
You got what you came for
I know who you are
The victory is yours 
We will live with our scar
We will pass through this darkness into the light
and leave you behind...Hopefully......You will do what is right......

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2014

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Pshhhhhhh Tckkk

I've been working really hard.
And I haven't done a thing.
The answer to the riddle isn't signaled with a ding.

Professions and confessions leave the door a bit ajar.
I've traveled many places, I've not gotten very far.
The only way to get there must be high up on a star.
Maybe someday I'll find my way with my human radar.

The endless dream of inhibition.
A life long scheme with no ambition.
An entry of just one submission.
To catch that big one while your fishn'.

What is the point of rambling on.
If it's still dark upon the dawn.
And clouds foreshadow yesterday.
Repeating everything you say.

I now have come to understand.
Why an Ostrich hides itself in sand.
It's not because it is afraid.
But maybe just needs some cool shade.

What image can an artist show.
To make the viewer ever know.
The vision that was born within.
That they look for with that sly grin.

Where does the end begin this time.
As I keep searching on in rhyme.
Awaiting a slight glimpse ahead.
To come alive before I'm dead.

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2014

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An ode to Jenni Mann

Oh an ode to jenni mann 
To write an ode, oh an ode to jenni mann
Would be good, and proper. 

Fitting, not like the clothes your distant aunty gets you.
They never fit. 
Unlike writing an ode, oh an ode to jenni mann.

When the plutonian shores of my heart wash asunder my sadness and heart-ache at your loss
I shall endeavour to beware the boars who gnash without remorse- they do make me cross
Their eyes filled with the darkness of the Forest of Dean
But who is the Dean? The Dean of a University? A cathedral perhaps?
Or is his name simply Dean Fitting?

We had weed cakes. 
The amnesia induced seizure did not please ya 
Nor did it ease ya into loving me 
Perhaps if I had sherbet it'd be different.
Sherbet? or Sherbert? I'm not a gambling man
I shouldn't have left you in your seizure jenni, i shouldn't have left you

Now you're dead. 
And there's no amount of sherbe(r)t in the world that can bring you back to my nest of sexual decadence
My quagmire of lust is brown and hollow - like an easter egg, only there is no joy here jenni. 
There is no fun to be had without you, all I can now do is reminisce of sherbe(r)t, boars, seizures and ill-fitting clothes
I am stuck in a perpetual state of limbo, I failed to beware the burn, I am in an ever self-sustaining maelstrom of torment and sexual grief

I am no longer, 

Copyright © Behe Moth | Year Posted 2014

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Migel your habs

                               Migel your habs cruggled to a stone
                              In Hoppsberry he frailed a rubbingone
                         Dan Shane and Mirrabelene snogged the day
                                    Upon the fritful Lubbenderry

                                   So the Bennets grubbed a ree
                                For queen Lodd who went for a tee
                         Mill Flogginben flonked in the month of May
                                Slurpped berrettidos for cabalerry

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2015

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Vogon poem

Vogon Love Poem attempt NO. 1

I lay here alpaisd
my ugataala resting on your terangela
held captive
by your radiant pherisloosums
listening to you kyrroud rhythmical snrootum
dmyeluc of loocatagle
if only I had some of the blankets

Copyright © scott thirtyseven | Year Posted 2015

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Ode 32 111 102 32 97 32 98 97 108 108 32 111 102 32 115 110 111 116

See, see the splurptious sky
Marvel at its big Mauve depths.
Tell me, dingle, do you
Wonder why the Aardvark ignores you?

Why its foobly stare
makes you feel Crappy.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your crumbobulous facial growth

That looks like
A Rotten fish.
What's more, it knows
Your flarpgurgle potting shed

Smells of a ball of snot.
Everything under the big splurptious sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm aliens?

Copyright © Rick Eichelberg | Year Posted 2014

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snorted spagsms

My ugaatala snorted spagsms
As your terangella snorted restfull
I honoured your snrootum
As I whipped the gruntbuggly
I sink with thy starlyheat
Until I purdle and drink coolant of thy armpit

Copyright © Marugu MO | Year Posted 2016

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for the world

I wrote alit from the mine
the turkey not a mind
of digging the best out of a hole
to get the liver the heart and the neck
and stuffing you must be out of your mind
thank you did it all thank you my last word
a tralala give me a party only me invited
at your no sense know a full moon

Copyright © catherine labeau | Year Posted 2015

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Sophie's Sofa

An elusive pedestal amidst the lights darkens the lounge
And many drink with a glittering eye of scorn
And the snickers only make the room spin faster
And indifferent fingers fashion you forlorn
But you can't help but notice that strange caster

There upon the sofa
That impossible being feeding off her little bird
Flings a silhouette in the brittle blight 
Every sickness is now blurred
It looks upon you before taking flight

Copyright © Sam Blake | Year Posted 2015

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The Doors of the Subconscious

The beat of the music is knocking from the radio.
It tries to enter her subconscious but the door there won't open. 
She has to finish the lunches; then vacuum; sponge the kitchen floor
 And now it's time to go to the gym. 
She does this three times a week Tuesday and Thursday at the same time, 11:00 in the morning and Saturday's at 1:00 pm. 
Two hours of resistance training. 
She does a circuit, her circuit. 
It is a well planned routine, It is her routine. 
It will keep her fit and toned and alive for a few extra years.

As she drives to her workout the radio is knocking again. Knocking, softly, gently at the door that guards the stories she won't talk about.  
The places she won't go to and those things that she forbids herself to do.

Copyright © Daniel Biocchi | Year Posted 2015

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love is based on love you do not need to bag someone to love you can start by loving your self.                       love,love ,love. the os no meaning of love is  known in all diferent ways love is expresed in diferant forms .                          family is one  of the  important people you may can not live your life without family beeng a part of it .                     no one can teach you how to love you just have to find it your self.

Copyright © ayanda mabaso | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © James Lennim | Year Posted 2016

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Money is a bad thing
but it could be good
like donating to the poor
so they could have more
But it could be bad.....
like people worshiping money
and being selfish
money could be cruel 
but they who have it
it may not be you 
but listen if you don't have that much money
people will not be wicked
you may get married
just because of the money
but you want someone 
that loves you for who you are
not of what you have....
-Justin Fields

Copyright © Justin Fields | Year Posted 2016