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In the Aftermath of Love and Tragedy: Heloise and Abelard

"Then there is no more left but this, that in our doom the sorrow yet to come shall be no less than the love we two have already known" (Words of Heloise to Abelard after her pregnancy) Like moon on nights of skies un-starred she lived without her Abelard. A parched still plain was Heloise - like moon on nights of skies un-starred. In death she would not lose regard for him who’d been her rain and breeze. Like moon on nights of skies un-starred, she lived without her Abelard. When Abelard put love away, with Church he mightily aligned. The world was not like ours today when Abelard put love away. Not even Heloise could say were she to often cross his mind. When Abelard put love away, with Church he mightily aligned. By Andrea Dietrich For the Famous Couples/DuosPoetry Contest of Heather Ober (based on one of the most interesting love stories I have ever read: Abelard & Heloise)

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The Tragedy of Humanity

Most all fail to see what truly sets all us free be Ye Almighty.

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The Tragedy Unspoken

The tragedy unspoken but believed
The yellow tapestry said
Beneath its own layers
A hollow space below my tender graces
Shouts the pain felt from that day
She never said a word

Russell Sivey

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                     A TRAGEDY OF PRIDE ( hubris)

In the Arctic nights the jazz born North Lights sound
with a music of their own. Fair winds ferry fragile birds--
take to the skies in search of sympathetic warmth profound

while white breathless silence magnifies each sound as it is heard
and few venture forth, like bears they dash to find a haven
where they can hide until reluctantly the sun has stirred--

But, there is one jay bird who is not one of nature’s craven
creatures-- Waiting for a spring call from his mate, he hops into the hungry snow
to dance a dangerous dance in icy morning with the ravens.

There is a God flung magic that dashes high above the haughty human know
among the ancient secret kingdoms of the mystery sky--
And there it is that Wisdom’s Word is spread by wing and wayward winds that blow

their way in worldwide splendor and intricate magnificence that defies
the mind of man.  It is a truth that dalliance in vanity is inborn---
Man or bird, into the nature of some spirits-- it low lies

and becomes incited when grand fame or imagined glory has been shorn
by another .  And , so-- in Persia when the Prince of Peacocks heard
murmurs of the razzing ravens and the sassy sparrows high sky airborne

a proclamation that the World knew now there lived a peerless bird--
plucky-proud, surpassing the peacock -- Jay magnificent with a spirit daunting, a weight
of valiant blue in shades escaped of double rainbows, color-blurred

who bedazzled all nature’s eyes and winds of ear, that judiciously beheld each trait.
The peacock, no longer Highest Prince of Birds, screamed a terrible and cosmic sound
of jealousy.   Ignoring all the glory that still made him great--
the vain and foolish peacock fell-- stunned and breathless to the ground.

Victoria Anderson-Throop  2012 ©
Written in Juja, Kenya
Bird is Stellar Jay, common in Valdez, Alaska

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A Tragedy at Midnight

And the clock strikes twelve
Her blood turns to ice
The crows are screaming
The child is sleeping
The fire licks her feet
As she silently prays
And the angels cry
And the corpses dance
And the lost souls
Are found at lasts
When the child wakes
To a ruin of ash
And sees the body
Of her mother
And the body
Of her father
And the body 
Of her sister
Picked clean by ghouls
As she drifts to join them
And then she stares
At her own dead body
Just laying there.

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The tragedy of Loki and Freyja

It happened in the world called Asgard
Never heard by human ears
The history of one heart, scarred
And moved by love and fear

It's the story of a liar
Loki was his name
His heart of ice catched fire
The goddess Freyja was to blame

But he failed to tell her
And she moved on alone;
Now listen to what occured
In front of mighty Odins throne:

At that time the gods assembled
To feast upon their victory -
Many goddesses hearts trembled
The cause was Lokis flattery

But beautiful Freyja, angered by this
Stood up and stopped the flatterer
Lokis pride got hurt and he hissed
And with terrible words, he hurt her:

"Why do I need to shut my mouth
When your legs are wide open?
Of all the people here I doubt
You'd find one whom you haven't loved then!"

And before anything could be spoken
He left; a lonely god again
The bonds between them were broken
A lie, told to hide the loving man

But even gods sometimes surrender
To a mighty enemy, love or regret
He still was drawn to the other gender
To the woman he couldn't forget

He arrived at her chamber
Thoughts of apologie on his mind
Just to learn that Odin sent her
To a location undefined

And Lokis world again was grey
As he cried into the wind
"Why did you need to take her away
Just because once I sinned?"

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A Tragedy and A Triumph

Love is blind in the most peculiar way
Since some cannot see the obvious in front of them
 And they often stay.
Or the anguish of a torn soul; existing in a shell 
Beat down to the core, though most couldn’t tell.
The invisible shards of a heart, where love use to grow
Where fantasy took plight and then reality started to show.
There were always more layers, than what was in sight
An evolution of a spirit, that is now free to take flight.
Soaring through the skies of life and knowing who they are
No more stories of lies or deceit; instead the healing of a scar. 
Misfortunes disappear, like a slate wiped clean
 New beginnings and happiness which are now sewn back at the seams.
A tragedy gone and a triumph has prevailed,
A start to recovery and with it a new story to tell.

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She Hates Me...A Tragedy...

Ignore me...Why?
  "You’re a LOSER thats why!"
You Hate me, What did I do?
  "Why else, you are you!"
What is that supposed to mean
  "Figure it out, you’ll never win,"
I said I was sorry, What more do you want?
  "You ARE sorry, Pathetic, a Dork and a runt."
Is there anything I could do to change your mind?
  "I want you leave, what are you blind?"

Fine then I’ll go, but I want you to know,
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve said and I’ve done,
I’m sorry for the feelings, the love I didn’t show...

And the boy turned away, down the track where they run,
And ended his life...with the shot of a gun.

And when the girl heard, she uttered not a word,

For to miss him, to care,  or feel sorrow, well, that would be absurd...

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The Tragedy of Unemployment

The Tragedy of Unemployment

By Elton Camp

Jerry had been employed all of his life
And had two children and a loving wife

He had ability, experience and good pay
It was unexpected what the boss did say

“Due to the economy, changes are slated.
Your job is one that’s to be eliminated.”

“I am under intense pressure from on high
To find something else you have to try.”

“A good recommendation I’ll gladly supply.
You have two weeks and then it’s goodbye.”

To go home and tell his family Jerry hated
How could such news possibly be related

The house mortgage wasn’t paid off yet
The oldest soon to start college was set

The chance of finding a job was very slim
Few would consider a man the age of him

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The Tragedy of Sara Merriweather

She left a bloody track 
of footprints
up and down 
the hospital hallways
the doctors 
looked the other way
as if she was 
a phantom
a character
playing a harmless role
in their drastic dreams
she screamed
don’t you care?
can’t you see? 
blood is seeping from my feet
can’t you see? 
I’m dying
don’t you care?”
she sat
in the hall
crimson prints
in all direction
she shrieked
at the ignorant doctors
as blood formed a lagoon 
around her broken dogs
she wept
and pled
and died
in the warmth 
of her seepage
and in the middle 
of that hallway
she laid
and rotted
her bloody track
altered from deep crimson
to light brown-red
but remained
without any consideration
from the doctors 

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Oh, the Tragedy! (for Dr. Ram's Contest)

John Steinbeck won the Nobel and Pulitzer prize
     For his stories about struggles of the common man
His novel “The Grapes of Wrath” will bring tears to your eyes
     As a family in the Great Depression seeks new land

Although Shakespeare’s comedies are still enjoyed today
     Romeo and Juliet’s tale of star-crossed lovers
Grabs the reader’s heart and renders so much dismay
     A powerful cathartic relief is discovered

Comedies give laughs that last only for a moment
     While tragedies often leave a deeper impression
The characters and their stories seem far more potent
     They stay with us longer and lead to introspection

Although we delight in O’Henry’s witty stories
The impact of tragedies remains with us always

*For Dr. Ram’s “Tragedy Is More Enjoyable than Comedy” contest

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Overcoming The Tragedy

You left i cried
im lost inside
this pain i gain
tears fall like rain
it hurts it cuts
i miss you so much
three years have passed
im suffering atlast
realizing my pain out of no where it just hit me
wishing everyday that you'll come back to earth to get me
but your never comming back
and they'll never see me smile
due to all the love i lack
i wont be happy for awhile.

-Spencer Coggsdale     dedicated to Roxanne Lynnette

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The Tragedy of Desire

Beautiful whispers of the dead 
Dreamers slumber on the lawn 
Flowers dare not grow 
where the brave had traveled on 

Winter remorse and summer fall 
alone wanders the few tall 
I had seen them bow in prayer 
but answers they will not find there 

Water and blood are thicker than fire 
but none can escape the tragedy of desire 
I had watched them fall in Her wake 
life and soul she came to take

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The Tragedy of Dementia

The Tragedy of Dementia

By Elton Camp

What was Lora has faded away
Slowly, inexorably, irreversibly 

Competence, intelligence, caring
Lost in a morass of tangled neurons

Unperceived by her in the early stages
Though all-too-evident to her family

“They say I can’t drive anymore
I can, but they just won’t let me”

Parents she wants to pay a visit
Though dead for decades now

Frustrating confusion interspersed
With a day or so of relative clarity 

More and more, growing uncertainty
“Now just who did you say you are?”

Adults claiming to be her children
It can’t be true, but they still insist

She stares at one, uncomprehending
“I have a daughter with that name”

To her husband of sixty years duration
“I don’t know you, we aren’t married”

Finally the end, unmercifully slow
Death enveloped Lora like a fog

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Life Laughs Tragedy My Way

I walk without moving,
  Across a world I can’t see,
    As life laughs tragedy at me.
Laughter amidst the progress of man.
  Languish against the prowess of man.
    Malicious laughter raising "round-robin".
      May I ask their intent?
        Inquire of their bent?
          My destruction?
            Pure amusement?
              Self defense?
What's your inspiration?
  We watch your work and wonder.
What's your constant notion?
  We walk the world. We wander.
You've lost me,
  You've tossed me
    To the dark, deadly depths.
      You hailed me.
        You failed me.
           No reprise, no rest.
  I have succumbed to seclusion.
    Beat down.
      Feeling the dry ground.
        Fearing the melodic sound:
          My desperate breathing,
            My own heart beating.
              Yet, even my fears could not imagine the depth of loneliness.
Every morsel has no flavor.
  Every bite of this life is bland.
    Though I strive to savor,
      I cannot help but spit-out your offering of sand.
For the sake of being morbid
  For the hope of seeming hopeless
    I crawl through the dirt of graves
      With astounding display of drama in the dragging of my legs.
        Announcing the refusal of my remaining days.
          A tantrum of sorts.
            Played-out in the dust.
              With Life and Death looking on in disgust.

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The Tragedy of the Banished Revolutionaries

The Tragedy of the Banished Revolutionaries.

Epochs apart, yet,
bound by conscience,


Enduring the whispers of time,
through creeds professed,
sermons preached,
and a million sins confessed.


the essence,
of these banished revolutionaries,
is ceremonially muted by ritual,
and gleefully crushed under,
grandiose edifices,
that serve Religion Inc.

"And the meek shall inherit the earth",
an incendiary thought,
conveniently discarded,
for the pie in the sky that must be sought.

The tragedy of the banished revolutionaries,
whispers still,
for us to hear,
through the din of the cacophony of prayer.


The tragedy of the banished revolutionaries,
each day that we choose,
to shun the meek,
and mouth conscience-salving prayers,

for yet more silver,
and yet more silk.

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Tears Must Fall (In honor of the Virginia Tech tragedy)

Unlock your sorrowful tears,
Let them flow Like a raging river. 

From the depths of your being
howl Like a wolfcub who has been
Abandoned by his pack.

Ask for the comfort you will
need in all the days to come.

Keep your expression of sorrow
with you as Long as you need to grieve.
It will bend of it's own 
accord when you are finished.

Allow yourself the unhindered crying
your soul will require to heal.

To make sense of things, grasp your 
spirituality as a way of sailing 
far far away from the utter
horror of it all.

Do not try to push those tears aside,
as your pain and suffering is meaningful,

Though it does not feel that way now...

Take their photo's from your wallets
and display them at will,
with awesome Love and abundant pride.
Take them out as need be
and shower them with tears and memories.

I promise you, it will validate
their very existance.

Know that the very waters of your
faith will certainly be tested.
Also know that this too shall pass.

Your pain will remain forever but
your faith will return tenfold.

Allow the Light to pass over your
darkness and believe that one day
There will be healing.

If you can find the strength within,
you must allow for access back into
Your hearts, for one day you will
feel entitled to open the gates that
have held you under seige.

Because grief will never Leave you
where it finds you...

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The Tragedy of Elise

We are Elise.
We are uncountable.
With no way to break open our locks
They designed sweet melodies as keys
And conquered countries in our name.

We are the loved and easily forgotten.
They came to us with bouquets of rose,
Like the Queens, we sat cold yet joyous
As they placed sweet nothings by our feet
And we were heartbroken when they abandoned us.

We are the noontime shadows.
The sun is so bright and the darkness so great
Hurricanes rage inside and tear us apart
But we dare not reveal the burdens we carry
For we are loved by them, in all their carelessness.

We are Elise.
Broken open and tossed aside.
Loved purely then left behind.
Unhappy but satisfied.
We are Elise, the greatest puppet ever made.

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Twisted Avenger Tragedy in Alabama

Gray the sky grew,
And darker still in hue.
How could anyone know when the day began,
So many would never see the sun rise again.
So many the Lord did decide to take,
A trail of destuction the Twister left in its wake.
The winds twisted and blew,
Leaving a path of lost souls when it was through.
To terror many did awaken,
For many of their kin was taken.
When the sky turned blue again,
It was to many resounding voices whispering Amen.
Not all that prayed for relief,
From their grief...
Were as lucky as some,
For many were called to their eternal home.
So when we look back upon this day,
We will still pray...
That the many lost have found their way...
To the Pearly Gates and entered therein,
All due to the unruly winds.
When we remember this day,
Let us bow our heads and pray...
For the wonderous souls we lost,
And may we never forget the cost.

4-28-11     For:For the lost loved ones on 4-27-2011

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Whose Tragedy is it

I wonder if he knew
Before the impact
That his time was through
Or was he oblivious to the fact

Did he feel anything at all
When the metal was twisted
And the glass did fall
Or was his soul already lifted

Could he hear my mother gasping
Was he worried for her
Or did he not hear anything
I will never be sure

All I know is how we felt
At the loss of someone so great
At the hand that we were dealt
That tragic turn of fate

It was like a butcher’s knife
Straight to the heart
When you lost your life
A sad new journey we did start

The days go by slowly
The agony seeps in bit by bit
The tears make us not see
The irony of all of it

For we are now all in pain
And you can feel no more
Whose tragedy is it again?
I’m not sure anymore...

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love, sick, tragedy.

The blue sky weeps in this blue world
It seems to tell a story, a story about nothing
The sun smiles, it smiles as it kills the moon
Gone forever and lovesick! Fading into nothing
Remembrance is a pain not wanted, nor needed
It feels warm in the dark, feels like death
Nothing can bring it back. Nothing can fix it
Missing this darkness that warms the body
Missing this darkness that warms the soul

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A mother has gone a young girl has died and a father has lost his wife.
A child has lost a mother and a brother and a son has lost his life.
They fought everyday with tooth and nail.
They felt that their life was a living hell.
Everyone knew their lives would get worse.
So they've walked their last walk here on earth.
This tragedy that has happened is so sad.
But we thought it wouldn't be the son it be the dad.
We wish things were different and his thoughts had been turned.
One thing out of this tragedy"There's a lesson to be learned".
Please hug and kiss your kids and show them lots of love.
So we don't worry about our kids going to early to be with our lord above.
                  Teresa Skyles/Theoklapoet
This is true I lost two neices and a nephew in this tragedy.

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This tragedy is my own

Of all the stories I could tell
the ones that matter ring a bell.
My heart aches,
My heart breaks,
For the love and companionship of you.
Your all I could ever even imagine.
Your very presence makes me quiver,
Your smile makes my heart shiver.
Through the anger and harsh words,
We make each other think even more.
More Of the love we're throwing away,
Yes it is sometimes hard to think,
That words can hurt more than bruises.
Baby your love keeps me around,
And your warm embrace has
captured my heart. This life is
The only one we have together,
So why not make it enjoyable.
Fight fight until your out of punches,
And at that time is when
I give you my warm loving embrace.

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The tragedy of president Nixon

'For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings*
By flu or common cold or treach'rous reason

O sacred blood, spoil'd by these nasty things
With sharpen'd points in envy hands of treason
High stomac'd are my foes, and full of ire!

Alas, my friends, it is the hunting season
In rage deaf of my plea, hasty on fire
I hear the Congress' howling, barking sound!

I am disgrac'd, impeach'd and baffled here
Purc'd to the soul with slanders venom'd spear!'

*The tragedy of king Richard the second; act III, scene 

This form is an 'eleven'. See my other poem 'Image'.

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Unfortunate sin as tragedy falls

Falls into........
a wall
a stall
the light
a sworm of bullets
a willing hand of love
water as ones blood
a battle within between two Gods
a bat 
a fist
a steelpipe
a broken bottle
a hand gun
a dumpster
as a person falls in and out
of darkness that enlightens
a grace from above
guarenteed life of the unfortunate