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Monorhyme - Definition

The definition of: Monorhyme is below.
There are 3 syllables in the word Monorhyme.
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Definition of: Monorhyme

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Poetry Definition

An identical rhyme on every line, common in Latin and Arabic. "aaaaa..."


A break from my career,
to visit a new frontier.
Where life is not severe,
and stress will disappear.
I'll become a pioneer,
a new found volunteer.
To help this old sphere,
make it's air all clear.
We will persevere,
for I'm the brigadier.
So as I tip my beer,
lets offer up a cheer.
Lets make this our year
where everyone will be sincere.

Standard Definition

Misc. Definitions

\Mon"o*rhyme\, n. [Mono- + rhyme: cf. F. monorime.] A composition in verse, in which all the lines end with the same rhyme.