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And Nothing Else Matters-A Cell Phone Rant

Perhaps in a row they sit on their chair.
At their small object they all like to stare.
They speak with no voice; the room’s silence grows.
They sit on their chair, perhaps in a row.

With both thumbs moving, such dexterity!
Faster than cheetahs their thumbs seem to be.
Some with small headphones also are grooving.
Such dexterity with both thumbs moving.

You utter a word; I doubt they will hear.
On screens, words are better than in one’s ear.
Conversing sans screen they might find absurd.
I doubt they will hear you utter a word.

I see them in class not looking at books
in spite of their teachers’ dirtiest looks.
Tell them to stop; they just give you their sass, 
not looking at books!  I see them in class.

Their phones are in use all hours of the day.
Do not even try to take them away!
You might be accused of phone/child abuse.
All hours of the day their phones are in use.

I see moms alone with a child that’s hurt,
Not even giving their child some comfort.
Nothing else matters but their precious phone.
With a child that’s hurt I see moms alone.

The cell phone’s their all - their almighty God.
Anything else for them must be a fraud.
Some only text you; they won’t take your call!
Their almighty God - the cell phone’s their all.

When did this begin? Bringing phones in school?
Kids who don’t have them are thought not too cool.
To take students’ phones is likened to sin.
Bringing phones in school. . .When did  this begin?

A time and a place there is for all things.
I hate at the movies when a phone rings!
Cell phones at dinner? An utter disgrace!
There is for all things a time and a place.

Sadly, much worse, there’s texting while driving.
If you’re not trying to be surviving,
do it! Your next ride might be in a hearse.
There’s texting while driving, sadly much worse.

Nothing else matters to addicts, I know.
*Every cloud has a silver lining though -
Less actual talking with those mad as hatters!
To addicts I know, nothing else matters.

*Cliche used (Every cloud has a silver lining)/ this line checked by, which counts Every as a 2-syllable word.
Also used inspiration from the Metallica Song: Nothing Else Matters & Picture #3

Written April 28, 2016 and inspired by the  Lyrics cliché image  contest of Silent One
using Swap Quatrain style, a form created by Lorraine M. Kanter and described at

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream of gold from lead and mercury
Fueled reaction in copper with phosphorus 
A universal age of prosperity

Bismuth bath. Deficient of iron and zinc
Astronautic laugh – last shine of hope
Nuclear decay –enlightened way – elemental - instinct
Scientific – logical clay – gaseous isotope.

The fluoride, we drink?
Humanity on the pivotal brink

The edge, a precipice.

Lanthanides and actinides
Metals and mysteries.
Shrink down to atomic scale
Our intellect – an accelerated history
A holographic projection
Radioactive expansion
A gravitational trajectory 


Precious pavonine pearl
Our planet, our world.
A place all our elements may inhabit
Terrestrially unique. Diverse and intelligent
The push of inertia
The pull of gravity
The spin of an atom
The spin of our galaxy.

The end.

(written for the periodic table of elements poetry contest) 12-12-14

Copyright © Joel Thornton | Year Posted 2014

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having sex - footle

buck wild
rodeo style

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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More Than Machines

More Than Machines?

Face to face they stand
Brain to brain
Two-eyed flesh machine
And one-eyed plastic terminal
Interacting systems
Inputting, outputting, precious data.

Face to face they sit
A complex team
Driven to perform
With error-free precision
In a controlled mini-world
Ruled by the god of technology.

Face to face they lie
Worlds apart
Stark, cold plastic eye
Flashing programmed data;
Warm, sensitive flesh eyes
Flashing non-programmable twinkles.

Face to face they are
A new species
Ruled by the god of technology.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Computer Poem
Sponsor: Carol Eastman
Judged: 04/16/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Fall and
red yellowing 
leaves in the trees

an old man sitting 
on a bench
watches them 
and thinks of his youth

a youth 
sitting on a bench
looking into his iPhone
simulates the falling 
red yellowing leaves
and googles 
the future 
of trees

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2014

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Media Horde

Whenever I become bored
I become a media horde
I've got a terabyte equipped 
To store the music I ripped
I've got Aerosmith and Jetta Ray
Frank Sinatra and Cold Play
I've got rock, rap, country and blues
I can play anything I choose
You name it, I have it stored
Because I became a media horde

Every Facebook status I post,
All the special news friends boast,
I save it in a word processor file
It's sick, I admit it, I'm not in denial
The pictures of your kids or dogs,
Even the one of the polka dot frogs
If it's funny, cute or sexy too
I copy and paste it for later view
Anything random I have stored
Because I became a media horde

I backed up every movie I buy
My stacks of DVD's reach the sky
I got the same show on vhs and dvd
even backed up in avi and mp3
i feel like an entertainment lord
when i became a media horde

every ebook offered free of chard
no file is too big, no story too large
maybe i'll read them all one day
i will not let any of them get away
Magazines fill my inbox with digital copy
When they come in the mail I'm not sloppy
Every issue I sort out by descriptions
I have at least a hundred subscriptions
Maybe I'll read them if I get bored
For now I'm just a media horde

Copyright © Casarah Nance | Year Posted 2014

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Copyright © Dennis Rarick | Year Posted 2014

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Nuclear leak

I am the nuclear ,the unwanted power,
i pay you according to you  care:
for how long have I served you?
Provided you the energy to carry on;
sometimes you even packaged me
and exchanged me for currency;
how many of your wars have i fought?
And when in my might you triumphed
didn't you simply answer superpower?
I am the power behind your wheel,
i keep many of your industries going,
i make your night bright like sunflower
even in your health i play my role.

But in your luxury you forget,
you just forget our agreement
and begin to neglect my care
asking me to go to hell;
you begin to push me to my enemy
as you exposed my nudity to whirlwind
and asked water to deal with me as it liked
you are like a louse that lives on hound,
that thinks he is killing the hound,
where will it live after the death of the hound?
you neglect my care, you expose yourself!

But you are master of propaganda:
for failing to play your role,
what name have you not called me?
You said I am a murderer,came out with statistics
of how many i had killed, you marked me unwanted
and went on streets to shout me down;
you are quick to talk of Fukushima;
man, man ,man,your deceit is legendary,
fire is good i understand the say.

Yes i know you art,
you know how to call things names,
when you fail at you duty,
you simply say mechanical error;
and when you don't understand people,
you simply call them primitive;  
when you don't understand the misery of God,
you simply conclude he does not exist.

No, i am not afraid of your deceit
i am comfortable with who i am
you are the one looking for me
if you still want me,you are welcome,
if you don't want me again
God knows i will not ask for you.

Copyright © KAYOD5 Kayode | Year Posted 2014

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The plague in Spain is carried mostly by a plane

Isn’t it ironic?
That the plague called the bubonic
Killed the man but not the rat
And did not even kill the cat
That caught and killed the guilty rat

Isn’t it ironic?
That in this age of the electronic
Ebola is running unabated
It’s deathly thirst left quite unslated
Just like the plague as earlier stated

Isn’t it ironic?
That in this age of progress so terrific
A plague is not spread by a rat
Nor by bat and not by cat
But by technology - imagine that!

Copyright © Daniel Human | Year Posted 2015

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predict, prepare.
There's safety in numbers.
No surprises in the new world...

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Technology Poem | |

Beneath A Hazy Pink Sky

The first
close-up of Mars      was 1996  since then-
a flotilla of  fly-bys   orbiters     landers     and rovers

fourth planet from the Sun
    roman God of war it is called

always the question    is Mars  habitable for living life
key to existence    water    is there water on Mars
could living creatures still exist 
perhaps    WE    will become    life on Mars

a continual chain of explorations      finding new discoveries
polar ice caps
     drifting clouds in its atmosphere
         seasonal weather patterns
                huge volcanoes  the size of Arizona
       canyons     and proof of former flooding

it is rocky and cold        and dry    with a-
a hazy pink sky     (that seems beautiful to me)

is Mars habitable for humans
the Curiosity Mars science laboratory
rover is on   a  bold  exploration       of discovery
for science
     for technology
             to find answers to questions and questions        

did you know you could send 
             a postcard to Curiosity

the future holds promise      with the launch in 2020
of a robotic science rover      seeking life
all part of the Mars exploration
program    to address the key question
      the potential for life on Mars

And why 2020 you ask
well     that is when Earth and Mars are 
     in the most advantageous positions of orbit

but for me there is another key question
would I-

     leave this beautiful place of Earth
                                       for a unknown existence
on a planet rocky    cold    dry    with volcanoes erupting

but oh
     something about that hazy pink sky    beckons

June 22, 2015

Free Verse

For the contest, Subject Mars, sponsor, Joe Maverick

Third Place 

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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   -Dharga Nagar Safa

Birth not,
Feeds but,
To the brain but not breast by,
Taking care,air is where and where,
All the 7B,
Walking along the Global village,
24H like a clock,
No other-
But Google mother!

Copyright © Muhammad Safa Thajudeen | Year Posted 2014

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Delete Or Save

                          "Delete Or Save"

                 High technology now gives a choice
                 to simply retain or throw away,
                 pictures, emails, texts and voice mails
                 that accumulate from day to day!

                 Remembrances and memories though
                 do not have such luxuries!
                 There is no "Delete Or Save" button
                 to erase what Life decrees!

                 How easy it is to make a selection
                 to discard once and for all,
                 anything one deems no more important!
                 Nothings too big nor too small!

                 But for the world that is within,
                 this choice is not in sight,
                "Delete Or Save"
                 doesn't erase a wrong,
                 nor make a bad memory 
                 seem right!

                 One thing though shared in common,
                 a life event in the memory stays,
                 as does social media on the internet,
                 it stays there 'til the end of days!

                 So when it's time to discard and throw away,
                "Remember, it is leaving the device,
                 but it is still out there 
                 in cyber space somewhere,
                 and it may return, 
                 and the return 
                 may not be nice!

                 Both ways involve using memory.
                 One's artificial and the other's genuine!
                 The artificial has become the real almost,
                 and the genuine is considered on borrowed time!

                 Life with it's genuine moments,
                 are true memories that flood the heart's space!
                 Sometimes, try as we may,
                 we will never some memories erase!

                 So what one does in this world
                 is now for all eyes to see,
                 but remember,
                "Delete Or Save"
                 is not an option 
                 for the heart's 
                 true memory!

                  WTA-IV  3/29/2016

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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CyberPoetry: ClearNet

The Internet or cyberspace needs you to trust it, even though embarrassing vulnerabilities will reveal your lack of wit.  

Tech savvy users, ciphered chatting and risk calculus, reading the terms of service, as it could be the catalyst...  

To consented digital surveillance, data-mining and analytical buffoonery, who can you choose to be if you are truly not free?  

Cameras are everywhere, in the sky and in our pocket, accessed through transmission control protocol sockets.  

The clear net is the internet minus the deep and the dark monikers, you can get high off your own supply of virtual encrypted liquors.  

Download an app from any store and your identity may be stolen, by pirates with bad intentions, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing.  

A sheep in wolves clothing, is software maliciously exploited, with he intent of hurting developers, hoping everyone will avoid it.  

Now here comes the patches, updates and recommended use, just like substance abuse, addictive qualities will be produced.

Copyright © Derriziel Pierce | Year Posted 2015

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CELL HELL - for contest

Cell Hell – for contest

devoid of interaction
cell phone amoeba

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

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There once was a fellow named Ted Who recently in church got wed His wife was in the mood Laying there in the nude… He was texting his friends instead! He was sending text after text His new wife was feeling quite vexed 'I'm after your bone - now get off your phone .... Or I'll leave if I'm under sexed! A collaboration with Jospeh May Both Poems inspired by 'And Nothing Else Matters' By Andrea Dietrich 1st May 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Hieroglyphs and Holograms

Hieroglyphs and Holograms

   used in old Egyptian times...
through symbols, signs and pictures;
non-verbal interactions.

Ancient Egyptians
   interpreted at a glance
      meanings and feelings.
Symbols would stir emotions...
provide factual knowledge.

   exist in these modern times;
      new name...Emoji.
Used in our digital world...
pictures like smiley faces.

Just like hand signals,
   Emojis speak non-verbal
      emotions, feelings...
a whole thought in one image
enhances verbal insights. tech...
   3-D visions, light induced.
      Like feats of magic,
project images not there...
visions that hang in the air.

Where will this tech lead...
   like ancient Hieroglyphs 
      replaced by plain words...
will we reverse the process;
draw 3-D symbols in air...

Language of symbols...
   holograms show more than words;
      images and signs
3-D Hieroglyphics... 
expressions of tomorrow...?

April 10, 2016

Contest: Hieroglyphs  and Holograms
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

Emoji: digital technology, a small digital picture or pictorial symbol that represents a thing, feeling, concept, etc., used in text messages and other electronic communications and usually part of a standardized set. 
Example: She texted me an emoji of “money with wings,” which may mean she’s out shopping.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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A Storm Is Brewing

A storm is brewing.
Humanity is itself undoing.
No common good are men pursuing.
Anyone who stand for morals we're booing.

All focus on taking.
Every taboo we're breaking--
Self-control mankind is forsaking.
Godless science accelerating, never braking.

Media families so amusing!
Gender lines deliberately confusing.
Their hidden agendas subtly diffusing.
Enough is enough is enough.  Start refusing!


Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2016

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Technology is Changing the World

Note: Written from the perspective of a teenager.

Our older brothers and sisters Were the last to live without technology Our generation wouldn’t last a day Without a cell phone in their hands It’s too late for most. Our younger brothers and sisters Are growing up with technology A ride in the car requires an iPad Without a screen life is unbearable It’s too late for most. Our moms and dads Are already adjusted to technology There lives wouldn’t function without their computer Technology is not a problem The way we are getting used to it is.

Copyright © Jimmy Mxxxxx | Year Posted 2014

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A Plane and The Eagle

O'er tempest,soars the 
eagle with wings 
stretching towards the 
smiling sun.
    Up the sky,a figure 
with outstretched wings 
battling the turbulent 
wind and frowning sun.
      Soaring like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Gliding like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Mistaken for an eagle 
in the sky-never an eagle.
      Utter's sound as the 
eagle-never an eagle.
    This man-made 
under a stormy wind.
    For paid price-loss of 
    The works of mother-
nature can never be out-
dated or equalled.
    Frog-men under sea 
and frogs in the waters 
can bear witness.

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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I'm unplugged for now, im free.
  This virtual situation can be poisoning, truly.
I try not to let it capture me
  Its imagery, can be so damn pretty.

So if sometimes you dont see me
  Know that its just temporary.
I've unplugged every inch of me
  From the cell phone, net to HDTV

I do not want to get stuck in, a trance treaty
  With the entertainment, industry.
These subliminal messages are attacking me
  I just needed, a little time to breathe.

To break this systematic energy,
  Bring me back to reality & focus on whats 
Really important to me.  
All that glitters is enticing, indeed.
  But its perceived, to make one happy.
A devised plan, through the enemy.

These companys do not love you or me
  Its just a perception, of what they want 
You to believe.
  Electronic warfare control, is there gain
To achieve.  

Hold on to whats tangible, in truth.
  Life is to fragile.  Our mind is our armour,
If only we ,  choose to use.

So today I can say, im not mechanically free
  But im thankful, I took some time out

Copyright © cherie thomas | Year Posted 2013

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A generation where there is no more mouth to mouth conversations 
No more emotions, no more feelings, and definitely no expressions 
On my journey of life I’ve been derailed from its tracks
Due to technology our life’s purpose has been lost and we need to get it back
Each of us has been infected by the disease called technology
Please don’t text me a “I’m sorry” …a poor way to express an apology
Just call me on my landline phone
My computer is off so I’m alone
There are 140 characters that unleash unforgettable consequences 
Before I type my thoughts it completes my sentences
Whatever happened to our privacy?
Lmbo … with social media there is no mercy 
Reboot, restart, refresh, and reroute…everything is going berserk 
Have you noticed the” next big thing” doesn’t see to work
Spending quality time and loving our family and friends can't be ignored
It is so God like and beautiful, that is for sure
These social media sites are running our lives and it shows
What would we do without Facebook and twitter, no one knows 
Just in case everything crashes we need to be able to write sentences
Face to face verbal communications are essential for our existence
Technological addiction is leading to a more isolated generation 
Although technology can be profitable, it must be used in moderation

Exodus 20:2-17I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have strange gods before me.  

Copyright © Jeffrey Lee | Year Posted 2014

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love technology?\Good, it brings together\People worlds apart

Copyright © Ethan Michaels | Year Posted 2014

Details | Technology Poem | |

Technology and Kids


Copyright © Latha Ramprasad | Year Posted 2015

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Technology and the Environment

He must save the world,
He who is one with machines.

We’ve dug a deep hole,
Too deep for men with shovels.
Erosion of soil,
Habitat degradation.
Lack of fresh water,
Just look at California.

Who can save our world?
Engineers that build the truss.
Which can hold our load,
These burdens we self-impose,
Look forward: There’s no way back.

Copyright © Mike A. | Year Posted 2015