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having sex - footle

buck wild
rodeo style

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Tanka 6

This poem has been deleted due to possible publication.

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Fall and
red yellowing 
leaves in the trees
an old man sitting 
on a bench
watches them 
and thinks of his youth
a youth 
sitting on a bench
looking into his iPhone
simulates the falling 
red yellowing leaves
and goggles 
the future 
of trees

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Nuclear leak

I am the nuclear ,the unwanted power,
i pay you according to you  care:
for how long have I served you?
Provided you the energy to carry on;
sometimes you even packaged me
and exchanged me for currency;
how many of your wars have i fought?
And when in my might you triumphed
didn't you simply answer superpower?
I am the power behind your wheel,
i keep many of your industries going,
i make your night bright like sunflower
even in your health i play my role.

But in your luxury you forget,
you just forget our agreement
and begin to neglect my care
asking me to go to hell;
you begin to push me to my enemy
as you exposed my nudity to whirlwind
and asked water to deal with me as it liked
you are like a louse that lives on hound,
that thinks he is killing the hound,
where will it live after the death of the hound?
you neglect my care, you expose yourself!

But you are master of propaganda:
for failing to play your role,
what name have you not called me?
You said I am a murderer,came out with statistics
of how many i had killed, you marked me unwanted
and went on streets to shout me down;
you are quick to talk of Fukushima;
man, man ,man,your deceit is legendary,
fire is good i understand the say.

Yes i know you art,
you know how to call things names,
when you fail at you duty,
you simply say mechanical error;
and when you don't understand people,
you simply call them primitive;  
when you don't understand the misery of God,
you simply conclude he does not exist.

No, i am not afraid of your deceit
i am comfortable with who i am
you are the one looking for me
if you still want me,you are welcome,
if you don't want me again
God knows i will not ask for you.

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Media Horde

Whenever I become bored
I become a media horde
I've got a terabyte equipped 
To store the music I ripped
I've got Aerosmith and Jetta Ray
Frank Sinatra and Cold Play
I've got rock, rap, country and blues
I can play anything I choose
You name it, I have it stored
Because I became a media horde

Every Facebook status I post,
All the special news friends boast,
I save it in a word processor file
It's sick, I admit it, I'm not in denial
The pictures of your kids or dogs,
Even the one of the polka dot frogs
If it's funny, cute or sexy too
I copy and paste it for later view
Anything random I have stored
Because I became a media horde

I backed up every movie I buy
My stacks of DVD's reach the sky
I got the same show on vhs and dvd
even backed up in avi and mp3
i feel like an entertainment lord
when i became a media horde

every ebook offered free of chard
no file is too big, no story too large
maybe i'll read them all one day
i will not let any of them get away
Magazines fill my inbox with digital copy
When they come in the mail I'm not sloppy
Every issue I sort out by descriptions
I have at least a hundred subscriptions
Maybe I'll read them if I get bored
For now I'm just a media horde

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   -Dharga Nagar Safa

Birth not,
Feeds but,
To the brain but not breast by,
Taking care,air is where and where,
All the 7B,
Walking along the Global village,
24H like a clock,
No other-
But Google mother!

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A Plane and The Eagle

O'er tempest,soars the 
eagle with wings 
stretching towards the 
smiling sun.
    Up the sky,a figure 
with outstretched wings 
battling the turbulent 
wind and frowning sun.
      Soaring like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Gliding like an eagle-
Never an eagle.
      Mistaken for an eagle 
in the sky-never an eagle.
      Utter's sound as the 
eagle-never an eagle.
    This man-made 
under a stormy wind.
    For paid price-loss of 
    The works of mother-
nature can never be out-
dated or equalled.
    Frog-men under sea 
and frogs in the waters 
can bear witness.

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I’m trapped with a screen full of many colors and diversity
For many years now we are fighting a new battle verses technology 
A trust which spans a continent 
And we're falling in love on the internet. 
Reading inspiring words with which I can relate
Sending a message by email it will never be late 
And to find the right way, you took out a huge map.
Now gps signals direct you in a snap.
So set aside your laptop and modem, 
Our problems definitely the computer or technology can’t solve them
In the air there is a consciousness of a doomsday predictions
I look at the future and I have to say goodbye to the imagination
I break away ascending to new heights
You have to admit new technology gives us all such a delight
We are consumed by false knowledge of societies,
That is why we are so dependent on this new era of technology
Ahead of me lies a time of science and unyielding compliance. 
Mankind is constantly finding new kinds of appliances
So the PCs, laptops and smart phones where under the dominion
Computers now became our new religion

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature 
cannot be fooled. 
Richard Feynman 

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I'm unplugged for now, im free.
  This virtual situation can be poisoning, truly.
I try not to let it capture me
  Its imagery, can be so damn pretty.

So if sometimes you dont see me
  Know that its just temporary.
I've unplugged every inch of me
  From the cell phone, net to HDTV

I do not want to get stuck in, a trance treaty
  With the entertainment, industry.
These subliminal messages are attacking me
  I just needed, a little time to breathe.

To break this systematic energy,
  Bring me back to reality & focus on whats 
Really important to me.  
All that glitters is enticing, indeed.
  But its perceived, to make one happy.
A devised plan, through the enemy.

These companys do not love you or me
  Its just a perception, of what they want 
You to believe.
  Electronic warfare control, is there gain
To achieve.  

Hold on to whats tangible, in truth.
  Life is to fragile.  Our mind is our armour,
If only we ,  choose to use.

So today I can say, im not mechanically free
  But im thankful, I took some time out

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love technology?\Good, it brings together\People worlds apart

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The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

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Alone In The Dark

I opened my eyes,under. 
A bleak atmosphere-
deserted I beheld.
Sinuous channels flowing.
Sounds escaped,
As I walked on vast layer 
Of permafrost.
Beyond the horizon,the 
World lay bare.
With my heart in my 
Hand,I passed thru 
Argyle And Hellas,amid 
eerie Sounds echoing as 
Storms circled,forming 
Shadowy figures.
Storms etching
The terrain,light   
Coloured dust particles
Created shifting light
And dark patterns.
How came I into this 
Voiceless world?
Three thousand miles, 
Across is chasm;beneath 
Lay the throne of Hades
I thought.
Drawing near,I jolted
As I heard a voice.
In the ship, this voice
Echoed in my ears-
"Welcome to earth!"

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Cantankerous and
Preying on
Unsuspecting people;
Eat data and
Ruin the 

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I gave whatever you wanted-
Thy but took me for granted-
Neither you paid attention to the appall
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
Tsunami had been a story for you-
You forgot the huge ash spew-
You quickly forget the squalls-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
On the surface I gave you so much green-
On using oil instead you were too keen-
Empty soon is going to be bowl-
This is an important call
your earth I am, you dear all-
The entire hydrocarbon already you burnt -
Solution that I gave never you learned-
Energy in alcohol is not small-
Never will it let cars stall-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
What was for the future you drank –
Pain then you felt inside near flank-
Livers and kidney now take great fall-
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
To preserve for the future still there is time-
But you have to consider condition mine-
On me you concentrate huge steel n concrete-
For my balance it won’t be fine-
I shall spin then like a bent bicycle wheel-
Towards nadir will I go, or in the Zenith-
I might fall into the dark infinite beneath-
Where then be you and who to listen the bawl-    (cry loudly)
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-
If I do not fall but loose declination degrees-
Either then you will heat or get highest freeze-
Wooden poles might become trees all
This is an important call
Your earth I am, you dear all-

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Technology grows. 
As the day goes.
Though some homes uses the broom.
But mine uses vacuum.

Gone are days of town criers,
Awhile ago, people share flyers.
Now fast and swift.
Can information cross barriers.

Talking of a machine mould,
Compared to a manual mould.
What you do for several days,
Can be done within a day.

Who on earth can lift a car?
Even those on drug, can only try.
For technology as heard your cry.
The jack lifts all, with a care.

Great pleasure,
Has technology brought.
For a room could be so hot,
But technology turns it into a freezing hall.

In medical world, 
You are like ‘sagging’ of the fashion world.
For gone are days. 
When people die of pains.

For days gone by, are for piggy banks.
But right now, we go for online banks.
For they are more safe, 
But yet to be free from crime.

Full of advantages.
But not without disadvantages.
With this truism.
Technology is not left going.

As whole shoyinka rightly said,
In his creative death in the dawn.
‘’That there are wrathful wings.
Of man progression’’.

Requesting a slap from ones clerk.
For him, it’s a corn.
In a lions den.
But for robots, a fish in a dogs front.

Replacing snail-bat things,
With the tortoise-horse things.
So great indeed!
Have you helped.              

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Technology is Changing the World

Note: Written from the perspective of a teenager.

Our older brothers and sisters Were the last to live without technology Our generation wouldn’t last a day Without a cell phone in their hands It’s too late for most. Our younger brothers and sisters Are growing up with technology A ride in the car requires an iPad Without a screen life is unbearable It’s too late for most. Our moms and dads Are already adjusted to technology There lives wouldn’t function without their computer Technology is not a problem The way we are getting used to it is.

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Science and Man's Destiny

The knowledge I have given man empowers him to chart his own destiny Will it be for his betterment or his detriment I can only wait and see

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The dead can offer you nothing
except your own, hard work.
Don’t stand so close.
Their reach is longer than your fear.
They are desperadoes with
nothing to lose,
nothing to give,
only more of the same.

Don’t stare too hard
at those full of their own emptiness.
They have nothing to offer,
nothing in their words, their eyes,
they can’t offer their hearts -
they have none.

If you look too long
you begin might begin
to think you’re just like them,
catching the light rail
eternally stuck between where
they’ve come from
and where you’re going.

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My Machine

My machine
is sleek and mean
running down
electric streets.

My mind 
is clear and clean
running on music 
and nicotine.

Ghosts hover slowly
over this ethereal scene
and signposts on the road
are not what they would seem.

My machine is 
slick and mean
and it never
runs clean.
It fogs it up,
and smogs it up
ever since I
was a teen.

My mind is a buzz
with music
and love,
running on nicotine . . .

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A generation where there is no more mouth to mouth conversations 
No more emotions, no more feelings, and definitely no expressions 
On my journey of life I’ve been derailed from its tracks
Due to technology our life’s purpose has been lost and we need to get it back
Each of us has been infected by the disease called technology
Please don’t text me a “I’m sorry” …a poor way to express an apology
Just call me on my landline phone
My computer is off so I’m alone
There are 140 characters that unleash unforgettable consequences 
Before I type my thoughts it completes my sentences
Whatever happened to our privacy?
Lmbo … with social media there is no mercy 
Reboot, restart, refresh, and reroute…everything is going berserk 
Have you noticed the” next big thing” doesn’t see to work
Spending quality time and loving our family and friends can't be ignored
It is so God like and beautiful, that is for sure
These social media sites are running our lives and it shows
What would we do without Facebook and twitter, no one knows 
Just in case everything crashes we need to be able to write sentences
Face to face verbal communications are essential for our existence
Technological addiction is leading to a more isolated generation 
Although technology can be profitable, it must be used in moderation

Exodus 20:2-17I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have strange gods before me.  

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I am sitting inside my smart TV set with my wireless remote control

I am sitting inside my smart TV set 
with my wireless remote control 
and I can’t seem to get my wireless remote control 
to work for me
can someone out there 
please keep on  changing the channels for me 
to something else

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Torturous Technology

Hidden cameras you don't see
Creeps that watch you on T.V.
I-Pods taking photographs
Put on twitter for a laugh
Video streaming on you tube
Of teens being very crude
Facebook postings not so nice
Innocent people pay the price
Of all this technology
Being used for cruelty
Instead of making people smile
It is used for being vile
Cyber bullyings a way
To show hatred every day
Pushing someone way to far
Causing them another scar
This kind of madness needs to end
Technology should never send
This kind of mean uncaring evil
Instead we should make others feel
Loved and welcome--never hated
This would  be appreciated
By everyone who wants to see
A more friendly technology

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I am a technological Dinosaur

If I want to spell a word I get my dictionary
Others use their I-phone

If I want to know the time I look at my watch
Others use their I-phone

If I want to send a message I get a pen and paper
Others use their I-phone

If I want to know a recipe I get my cookery book
Others use their I-phone

If I want to work out a sum I get my calculator
Others use their I-phone

If I want to know the weather I look out of the window
Others use their I-phone 

If I want to listen to music I turn on my radio
Others use their I-phone

If I want to take a picture I use my camera
Others use their I-phone 

If I need to look somewhere dark I use my torch
Others use their I-phone

If your I-phone gets lost then so are you, 
How do you ever manage without it?

BUT if I get lost and need directions – I ask my husband
And he gets out HIS I-phone!

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The Device

The law requires each one to seed
A small device inside our head
To solve a case without much aid,
To count the things: who's there, who's dead?

It links with me without my Yes,
And reads my brain without permit,
And finds me in my secret place,
And scans my flesh for cold or heat,

And spots my stares and line of sight,
And determines my hormone saps,
And spans my heart and pressure's height,
And notices my walks, my naps,

Then processes the data got
Again without my own decree.
And on their screen a message popp'd,
"This man we found wants to be free."