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You question duskiness "Whereas he be?"
Be careful pal; he hides behind the tree!
Inside the sneaky shades he aptly lurks
because you've drunk too many Cuty Sarks.

You, silly chump! You're shaking on your feet;
Contele Dracula* and tough tidbit
exists inside your foolishness' resource
and punishes your wrongs without remorse.

Excess in drinking could be bad for you;
tis not that you'll become a drunk boo-hoo
but he'll metamorphose to baseball bat
and if you drink again, he'll kick your butt.

I know you're stupefied and very scared
cause Gigi hides in pizza boxes where'd
jump up, if thee besotted be and fool,
and then consume your pizza, super-cool.

Admit it, dude! You're shivering in fear!
But if you prayed he would disappear,
expect him to start dancing everywhere-s,
and jingle, so, his spurs upon your stairs.

Ha ha! Hill Billy, you! Outside your house,
behind the pumpkins, sound the irked meows:
bewildered Gigi cats will jump ahead,
inside your car and on your empty head.

You should, thus, paint your house pistachi'o green
cause if you stall before your PC screen
he'll haunt the lines of your poetic calls
and bats will eat your order of spring rolls.

© 10-02-2014, G. Phookan, G. Venetopoulos, All Rights Reserved
(Iambic Pentameter) 
* Contele Dracula = Count Dracula in Romanian

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Scherben des Lebens/ The shards of life/ Los fragmentos de la vida

Die Scherben des Lebens lassen sich nicht kitten.  (German)

The shards of the life cannot be cemented.  (English)

Los fragmentos de la vida no se puede enmasillar.  (Spanish)

Les éclats de vie ne peu pas être à nouveau ensemble.  (French)

I frammenti di vita non può essere di nuovo insieme .  (Italian)

Die skerwe van die lewe kan nie weer saam wees. (Afrikaans)

Ang mga tipak ng buhay ay hindi maaaring simentuhin. (Tagalog)

Cioburile vietii nu pot fi cimentat. (Romanian)

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The Legend of Craftsman Manole

There was a builder named Manole
-a genius in his craft-
His reputation reached a knight
who hired him at once
to build a stunning monastery 
on the Romanian land...

Whenever builder named Manole
was finishing his task
An evil rain demolished walls
with envy in its drops
and yet again brick onto brick 
he built his reputation - thick

So on a stormy day wife of Manole
Was sacrificed as she reached his site
With bricks and tears and tears and bricks
He sealed the wall - as pillar ...  she with child -
While selfish knight heard builders on the roof:
"Next time a greater church we'll plan"

Demonic knight removed the ladders
and let them stranded  so they would die
Manole said:"Let's build tough wings of shingles"
And one by one they tried to fly
As deadly force attracted to their Fate...
Since then the breeze is crying loud...with child...

for Carolyn and John's Contest "Legends"

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Romanian Sonnet

Smokes as long ropes for puppets drawn by people of air;
Round about, only the sky and the perambulator star;
Compote of plums and stars in a huge glass jar;                                                   
Night with smell of bread next cheerful bakers sitting on chair;
One was promised to be fired because he wasted too much light;
A chalet covered by white diamonds like a tomb painted with blue 
From the Happy Cemetery, where with gathered funny tales grew
A new season like a white page to be written with blue from height;

Miss Winter with shinning eyes and long white gloves,       
Conducting long snow drifts and carols moving above;       
Making fate met destiny with all that they gave;    
This sun with a grey fur cap made us invisible doves                                                 
Flying towards The Milky Way singing slowly of love;     
At the other side of the soul, people live in the same cave.

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In the City

Market stall sellers, spewing out cheap tat, for bargain hunting peabrains parting with their cash; items disintegrating from one single use.

City traders impress with tall tales of the day, lapping up each others crap enjoying it's scent and taste; not caring for the common man whose lives they have wrecked.

Office workers looking grey, another mundane day. Sitting at their desks, day-dreaming of a different life while listening to bosses drivel on about deadlines.

Shop workers getting by, mastering people skills, satisfying  customers; some are born to please but for others it's just painful.

Buskers playing tunes, some are good, some are not. They enjoy what they do, even to an audience unattentive to the soundtrack of their day.

Beggars in doorways trying to prise money from our wallets but who are the genuine needy? Alcoholics, drug addicts or rich Romanian gangs who treat it as a living. 

Cyclists whizz past, jumping the red lights. An obstacle for pedestrians and motorists alike; two wheeled accidents waiting to happen.

Motorists zoom past at speed with arrogance and aggression; the survivors way to driving through city streets. A combination with potential for fatal consequences.

Some walk through the streets, head down, oblivious to all around, focusing on getting to their destination. Others soak it all in; buskers, coffee shops, the bustle of life.

If you're in the city, enjoy the city, even with the smog. Life's too short to be annoyed with the things that irritate us. Embrace what's on offer but accept you'll be ripped off!

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A Romanian from Devon

I once had a friend called Michel
He was an immigrant, what the hell?
He flew here from Heaven
Our bread for to leaven...
Yeah,the Lord is a Romanian from Devon.

He blessed all the birds and the bees
But the Government he sure liked to tease.
You are too corrupt,
He cried as he supped.
So they slung him up here on' tween two  trees.

After he died we had storms
And fires and floods and alarms.
We never perceive
Rather, we deceive...
So by our fragmented fears we are torn.

Collect up my fragments,Oh Lord
Strike me not dead with thy sword.
Reglue me with care
as my faults I lay bare.
Add my soul to thy heavenly hoard

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Harsh winds blow from a baron frozen land,
Of ice and snow.
Exhaling Nordic gods breath a chilling mist
An eerie foggy vapor creeping along the
 Waters aquatic edge.
Rages angry seas lap against the wooden
Hauls as battle harden men brace for impact
Waves crack tarring asunder splinters oaken shell.
Yet these Icelandic warriors laugh at death,
Savoring it's flavor, and relishing their own bloods
Taste upon salted lips.
The devils seed lives within them, these
 Barbaric conquerors known to history as the vikings
By Thor’s mighty hammer does strike thus,
Against the anvils rough hewed edge.
Sparks fly igniting thunder and lightening below
Splitting apart the very heaven's themselves,
Odin exposes a distant horizons far off shore.
Hear the oarsmen drumming, a pounding, 
 It's hastening beat the inner heart of this vessel
Foretelling hells army will soon arrive,
At early morning highest tide.
Whom shall stand after this storm hits land fall.
The sword unsheathed will take vengeance fill
With it's blade dipped an ink well of blood.
No treaty signed can stop history's mighty wrath
Feel hot Norse breath upon your neck oh roman.
Seek thy brothers kinsman’s council for
 Safety’s sake alone.
Fears children hide beneath a gray cloak of innocence.
Illusions shelter of falsehoods arrogance delusion,
 Believing the walls of roman shall never fall.
A dark shadow is cast over thy world of glittering
Gold a plunders treasure chest a shinning example 
For glistening ripening to fill ill gotten
 Gains empty hauls. 
What price to pay for lies deceit, it's brilliance
Calls forth a trumpeting, a sounding for
 Deaths comforting.  
Valhalla gates open wide, to welcome
Vanquished heroes unto the neither world.
While Romanian drink deeply from deaconesses
Bloody cup.
The Vikings sing a victory song and voyage on
And Odin smile down upon his people 
With pride's honor restored.

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Blue eyes

Blue eyes sing
The scent of honey time
Romanian sky

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The Kiss

She didn't come to their date…
At bosom pocket, a flower red
Is trembling mysteriously, mate 
Of sparrows in a quarrel mad.
The silver tower of the church
As endless old column of light,
And green the desperation's birch
Belong to many angels sight.
The bird in flight that never dies...
His solitude, a rose will rest
On their bench; but hope still tries
To bring a thrill in fancy's nest.
She could still come…The fancy's kiss:
How desperate embrace and kiss!

Note: Constantin Brâncuşi (February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957, ) was a famous 
Romanian sculptor,  whose works -including The Kiss (Gate),The Sleeping 
Muse ,The Endless Column, etc - are well known w.w.

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Romanian "Ice and Desire"

"Striptease of sweetcherries" hot
With white dress ice-cream;
Liqueur-Impetuous fire;
This splendid old team,
In which desire
Is just small

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Romanian Hunger

Lamb well roasted with wine : tears...
New potatoes red;
Savory grave,dill gravy
Green salad wears;
Forgive us...
God !...

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How lovely the morning is,
pervaded by the silence of loneliness,
as sleepy green and red dragons fly in circles
around lost feelings.
Next to me on an old couch,
God watches a movie with clowns.
I play chess, and it is naked
all around the queen, that
who reads the lines in my palm,
speaking lies about my dearest stars.
Beside me,
my cup of Romanian coffee is still hot,
while I wait
for the green and red dragons
to dissipate.

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To Your Majesty, One Big....

...Hoender - Afrikaans, Pulë - Albanian, ???? - Arabic, ?????? - Belarusian, ???? - Bulgarian, 
Pollastre - Catalan, ? - Chinese (Simplified), ? - Chinese (Traditional), Piletina - Croatian, 
Kurecí - Czech, Kylling - Danish, Kip - Dutch, Kanaliha - Estonian, Manok - Filipino, 
Kana - Finnish, Galiña - Galician, ??t?p???? - Greek, ??? - Hebrew, ???? - Hindi, Csirke - 
Hungarian, Kjúklingur - Icelandic, Ayam - Indonesian, Sicín - Irish, ?? - Japanese, 
??? - Korean, Calis - Latvian, Vištiena - Lithuanian, ??????? - Macedonian, 
Ayam - Malay, Kylling - Norwegian, ???? - Persian, Kurczak - Polish, Pui - Romanian, 
?????? - Russian, ???????? -  Serbian, Kuracie - Slovak, Kuku - Swahili, Kyckling - Swedish, 
??? - Thai, Tavuk - Turkish, ????? - Ukrainian, Gà - Vietnamese, Cyw Iâr - Welsh, 
????? - Yiddish, Huhn - German, Frango - Portuguese, Poulet - French, Pollo - Italian, 
Pollo - Spanish, Chicken - Maltese, Chicken - Slovenian, Chicken - English.,...-=.....-=..-=..-
=......HA! HA! HA!...for old times Kidster, Your Majesty.

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I never liked horses, 
oh yes, they are beautiful 
and dumb
and crap in their food
on the grassland of forever.
Horses are like Romanian women,
you catch them, rape them 
and tamed you sell them 
in Hamburg as tame whores, 
who can be ridden by any man 
for a bit of cash.
And all the owners of horses have
to do is to serve them weed.

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Perfect 10

Nadia Comaneci 
Gymnastic Queen
Olympic starlet
Romania's dream
Montreal summer
As this young girl bloomed
Three Gold Medals
Young boys swooned
Moscow 1980
Another two Golds won
For this Romanian girl
The darling one
America bound via Montreal
This young gymnast stool so tall
Her dance routines, amazing and hip
From her somersaults, to her back flips
She was one of my idols
When i was in my teens
Her Perfect 10
Has to be seen
" Dedicated to Nadia Comaneci "

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Romanus " Romania "

Romanus country
Romania to us
Iron curtain frontier
Dismantled by fuss
Like us all invaded
But by Goths and the Huns
Typical past history
Populations on the run
The Ottoman Empire, absorbed their souls
A free Romania the ultimate goal
Modern Romania has had its fears
The first world war
In neutrality gear
But by 1916, they released their fear
Allies they joined
As they sung the same song
Austria-Hungary they fought
To get rid of the wrong
In the second world war
Under Stalinist pressure
To remain neutral
Avenues of different measures
The Axis they joined
Once again with the Hun
With Italy and Japan
Their armies over run
Second world war over, but left with a horrific scar
Another country that went to far
Their part in the holókauston
A non defend-able time
The Antonescu regime
Crossed the line
Antonescu's approval for the removal of Jews
To concentration camps, quite horrific news
Eichmann and Richter, confirm the above
Jewish families on their final shove
The most recent chapter, in this ancient place
Nicolae Ceausescu, the people he would face
With the recent demise of the Berlin wall
This dictator so horrid, would also fall
A two hour trial on television
Would see him sentenced to his execution
Taken outside, him and his wife
For treason and genocide, they were shot on sight
Romania to date
A democracy
No longer Iron Curtain
A country now free
" In dedication to the Romanian Poets on Poetry Soup "