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Tiger in the Sea

I thought I had hooked the world’s largest grouper
After struggling for hours, I was still reeling
Refused help from a friend; I was a trooper
Somehow I found its resistance appealing
Hot sun on the Gulf had me in a stupor
And in my hands I started to lose feeling

It finally came into view just before dark
Was shocked to find a fifteen-foot tiger shark

He’d just been toying with me all afternoon
And he was more than half the size of my boat
I felt like a comic in a weird lampoon  
My heart seemed to be rising up in my throat
Captain Ahab might have viewed this as a boon
But far too much weight did this tiger shark tote

He bolted, took off, stripped the line from my reel
And I had to cast elsewhere for my next meal

* For Thvia's "The One That Got Away" contest (True Story!)

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Poe and I

Poe's darkness calls to such as I, an ember,
a velvet covered wing chair's grasp on dark nights.
I seek the maudlin moan of his December
to nurse an aging form and love's lost delights.
As Poe has said, "distinctly I remember..."
his sweetest kiss and the wound he left in flight.
So, by the hearth sit such as I in shadow,  
Raven in hand by the firelight's ruddy glow.

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Crystalline Wings

The trodden pathway of brown pebble stones and grass Leads to a hidden meadow below a mountain pass Where soft gentle winds flow endless from blue skies Whispering secrets to agile dragonflies That frolic in sunshine amongst daffodils Wings with touches of gold dip low just for thrills As bumble bees hum; and a bird playfully sings … Watching sun rays reflect on crystalline wings ~*~

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On full moon night, wild tresses float like flowers
as stars ignite her arms to dance, then to pull
her gypsy robe, arise  tambourine hours ;
the wake of  feet romancing tunes from sky’s drool.

Bold magic only her distinct kismet whips
Yet she, humbled by thief lover’s captured kiss,
unveils the inner tramp panting without reign.
By dawn, a Jezebel turns into maid chained!

©rispetto using two rhyming quatrains abab ccdd
with 11-syllable lines


For Lisa Cooper’s Gyspy, Tramps and Thieves
14 may 12

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Again , she pines on barren stars and clasps the handrail of despair, maiden of night, gazing afar Juliet speaks to feebled air . Oh, hours trickle on beats unkind, that mock a future undefined unmoved, her pulse begins to roam of fevered thoughts on walls, alone. With ebon clouds that float midway she ponders, restless as a breeze, compelled to seek this dream-like play that waits for lovers' melodies. Yet tresses blow without relief, for love denied like winter thief as silence drapes the skyline’s veil on empty porch howling farewell.

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Unique Lady

She is gracious,skillful and filled with true love,
Dense weight on her shoulder to help those in need,
 Utopian woman  selected  from above,
Malice absent, but poetry her  daily feed,
Doesn`t compromise as regards perfection,
She`s voted as the VOICE without election,
Pride and oppression she detests to the core,
Her traits and values many damsels adore.

*Dedicated to Debbie Guzzi,Linda(PD) and Andrea, NOT forgetting Nette,Carol,Catie,Carrie,Gwen,Leonora,Suz,Anne-lise,Mandy,Sara,Constance,Skat,Gail etc.

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Wild Passion

She’s wild, a passionate heart of love inspired Playing a violin, masterful and free So fast and fierce, her every lust is desired Violin sparks aflame burning intensely She screams with pleasure of the fire’s indulgence Peak of passion has reached beyond innocence Her mouth open with flames entering inside She loves her tremendous trek, her awesome ride Russell Sivey Happy Valentines Day

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Purple Horizon Proud

The sun rose bright red not a dark cloud in sight
           Few whispy cotton clouds spread around blue sky
Redtail Hawk in sky left nest for morning flight
          On those cold air currents he did swiftly fly

Door was opened by east north easterly wind
           Letting out illness, death, want_then in comes health
The sun set covered in dense clouds_cold its shroud
           Will it rise in morn purple horizon proud

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The Realm of the Lyrical Poetess

How I admire the lyrical poetess!
She, who watches nature's beauty all around,
yearns to feel the wind of summer's soft caress
as she listens for the magic in its sound.

When she sits to write in peaceful, quiet hours,
from her realm of thought spring forth. . .  pretty flowers
She plucks up each bright blossom, then sets them free
as blooms of the lyrics in her poetry.

(This is dedicated to my lyrical poetess friends at soup, of
whom there are more than a few!)

For "A Soup Member Worthy of a Tribute" Poetry contest
of Richard Lamoureux

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Dancing in the Garden

Dancing in the Garden

I see them there , cast against the garden wall
Shadows dancing in the blush of afternoon
The lively winds tumble branch and grasses all 
In their passing these quick images are strewn
The sun soon dropping into its red hued nest
Dance now with abandon for soon they will rest
Sun, wind and wall, partners in this pretty show
Little gifts of nature to set hearts aglow