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The Mission Trip To Please

On mission trip overseas
At least one week will do
Hold babies gently squeeze

Whether in cold where freeze
In rain forest where view 
On mission trip overseas

My hearts desire will please
Feed hungry babies stew
Hold babies gently squeeze

Give up my life of ease
Place on feet needed shoes
On mission trip overseas

Help babies who cough wheeze
For mothers good tea brew
Hold babies gently squeeze

Perfect week just do these
Open heart my love grew
On mission trip overseas
Hold babies gently squeeze

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The Mission Statement

I only want a heart that is free.
To be content with life and me.
I want the space and room to grow.
To reap the harvest of seeds I sow.
To live, work, and take care of mine.
And at the end of the day, bask in the sunshine.
To put forth my hand in an endeavor.
To fearlessly move into forever.
To not be held back by hesitation or fear.
To chase down more than just what is here.
To get up and taste what I am made of.
To jump in both feet, into life, happiness, and love.
To build my dreams with my own hand.
And to have the freedom to do and be, as much as I can,
For as long as time and space will allow me.

Sarah Comstock

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The True Christian's Mission!

In my quest for this mission,
Many days and nights I prayed,
But plagued by selfish visions,
I asked what the Spirit had to say,

The battle engulfed self and spirit,
Screams of desire flooded my mind,
While fierce haunting demons appeared,
My voice of reason was such confined.

Yet the Spirit moves in silence,
And while this Spirit ever grows,
It ever gently reminds us,
By whispering gentle blows,

Thus the tranquil wind,
Burst in upon the storm,
And the quieting din,
Deafened hellish horns,

And in hush's sweet embrace,
The Spirit within me said,
Messages filled with grace,
Of how others must be fed.

Give them glimpses of wonder,
Inspire them with your faith,
Yes, give them much to ponder,
Yet in a much more simple way.

Don't lose them in scripture,
But to the word remain true,
Only teach that which is sure,
And that which you can prove.

There will be those who oppose,
All that I would have you say,
But this is why you were chose,
For this great mission today.

For you have been surely blessed,
With a faith complete and whole,
You've been prepared for this test,
Now go and share what you know.

And keep in mind your quest,
To gather the children who know,
That love's the answer to this test,
Upon which a true Church can grow.

Now I come before you today,
For help in spreading this word,
For its the Church we must save,
To find a path true and sure.

The end times are now upon us,
We need to be better prepared,
With a Church which is more just,
To embrace those lost and scared.

Our Church should always be righteous,
And offer salvation's warm embrace,
It should help the groom to find us,
And with our lamps full we will wait.

But our task reaches further still,
As there is much work to be done,
For we need to ensure God's will,
On earth as it is in heaven!

We'll teach love and forgiveness,
Of both trespasses and debts,
Our mission does not glorify us,
Rather the Lord who gave us this quest.

Once we believe our mission complete,
Humility will show us we have more to do,
And we will always endlessy seek,
That which the Spirit tells us is true.

And above all we will keep in mind,
That it takes a heart wide and great,
Filled with all the love we can find,
To pass through the narrow gate.

So a call to action must be made,
For our great holy quest has begun, 
Visit us whether or not you're saved,
At True Christian Church dot com.

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My Mission Statement

I'll be as kind as I can be, practicing sincerity.
I'll do my best at what I'm best at doing,
but what I can't do well, I won't be ruing!

For Rick Parise's 1-3 Line Poetry - 
Your Life "Mission Statement" Poetry Contest

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I Woke Up This Morning With A Mission On My Mind

I Woke Up With A Mission On My Mind… I woke up this morning with a mission on my mind. I wanted to tell others of Jesus! It was about time! There were so much scripture I began to ponder. My love for Christ grew down here and “up yonder!” When I needed some help. And needed it the most. Christ saved and filled me with the Holy Ghost! The excitement I had for Jesus began to brew. I wanted others to know this one that I knew! Others from church just couldn’t help to explain it! My love for Jesus... It’s hard to contain it! I pray that others will share of God’s life eternal. It’s my wish for their name to be in heaven’s journal! I pray that God will use the words that are spoken. To minster to the needy, bruised and the broken! Lord… Help me not to be ashamed of your GOOD NEWS! May there be a shout of victory beyond the church pews! A mission for Jesus... God has stirred in my soul! To be his example… Wherever I go! May the banner of the cross be lifted above… As an example of Christ sacrifice from his heart of love! A testimony of God’s goodness is a joy to share! Spreading his glad tidings to people everywhere! A mission for Jesus is what he’s already given! So others may know of a brand new way of livin’! By Jim Pemberton

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A Scientist's Mission - Itty bitty

The rocket is complete;
he wants to go to Heaven
as Enoch ascended

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"Completed Mission"

Soul has sacred filled
Love DNA the real deal
Sacred poet seal


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Mission of the Ninja

Send on mission to recover and kill,
He prepared his mind not to fail and feel,
Drawing his sword,he freezes;
She`s his love,~makes him sneezes;
Cannot kill but knocked off to take the seal.

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A Traveler's Journey (A Visit to the Quarai Mission Ruins)

I am a traveler 
In a place beyond time
I speak the language of stone
And adobe,
Listen to the echoes of history
In roofless, melted walls

This is my journey

I am a traveler, 
An earthbound melting misfit
Whispering in the language
Of leaves and lizards,
Of rustling cottonwood leaves,
Taking pictures with my mind

Is my journey

I am a traveler
Just passing through
On my way to somewhere,
Always on my way – on my way to
Else-where, to else-when, to else-wise
Even so, I tarry here

This is
My journey

I am a traveler, 
A stranger from
Time beyond
To long ago 
In this ghost-filled home
Of peace and contravening conflict

This is my

I am a traveler
Who sits cross-legged on the earth,
Alone with the ancients
Alone amongst shadows and sunshine,
Silence and grace
My heart and soul cry out in echo

This is my journey

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my mission statement

                      To be Great! 
                  Is   what  I   
           But on God; do lies 
this fate!

For the 1-3 line  mission 
statement contest.

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What is the mission?

Always been judgemental,
Needing right now to relax,
Strip me back to elemental,
I’m coming straight out of K-pax.

Never been one to follow the mainstream,
Finding it hard to be spoon fed,
A light in my chest I intend to have full beam,
Body and soul climb out the marital bed.

Feeling like i’ve wandered to help this earth, 
I became stuck, stagnated, despaired,
Each day we move closer to re-birth, 
when we reach the other side we’ll see how I faired.

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My Mission Statement

To love the Lord my God with all my soul, with all my heart;
          His love and compassion to others I must impart;
                  To be His willing instrument until this world I depart.

12/9/11 for Rick's 3 line mission statement contest.

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Why did God create angels
to wander behind the gates
of Heaven to protect it from Hell,
or to obey the command of His will?

Without my knowledge, or comphrension,
He assigned one of them to protect me...
why would a mortal like me defy His intention?
Everywhere I go, that angel safeguards me.

Perils on the road multiply as countless miles,
blind corners can kill, if someone is not keen;
pedestrians cross boulevards at red lights,
signs warn to cross them when they turn green.

I often feel that a spiritual being is walking beside me,
he doesn't breathe, cast a shadow, or can be seen...
but that angelic presence is strong: that's why I feel safe and laugh
as a babe in the arms of a mother whose endless love surpasses death.

Everybody thinks that the mission of angels is to read sacred books
and sing of God's glory, not watching us who dwell on this planet of fright;
how wrong they must be for their limited insight when their life is not bright!
Think again: they are in search of good souls to reward them with miracles!

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Two Royals On A Mission - A Riddle

They parachute nude into urban New Jersey,
two Brits on a mission to claim their nobility,
a Prince and his Princess, infantile, ill equipped, 
out to reconquer America, their rightful home.


A synopsis of a novel written by a British author.
Have you heard of it? or better yet have you read it?

Hint: His initials are M.H.

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In the book of John it relates the history
of Jesus' mission of Christian mercy
when Jesus encounters a Samaritan woman near a drinking well
it was a meeting between two nations whose relationship was one of hell
the Jews and the Samaritans did not get along
each felt the other's method of worship was inherently wrong
separated by paganistic practices and supposed sins
discrimination and name calling again, again and again
yet it doesn't seem that much different than today's society
where different ethnic groups display the same hate and hostility
but Jesus interjected Himself, He came to intervene
on a mission of mercy and tolerance never before seen
to bring abundant love and life to a world cloaked in misery
and give living water to quench the drought that has parched humanity
to step from behind the stained glass windows of the churches and synagogues
and into the hearts and minds of men and spread the goodness that is God

John touched on a theme that's occurred several times in the Scriptures
when a man of God meets a woman and a spiritual wedding can be pictured
on a mission of mercy to cross that Great Divide
to bring people together on the same spiritual side
Jesus told that Samaritan woman He knew of her past
about the five husbands that she had outlast
but whether she was divorced or widowed from them
it's not mentioned in the text so don't assume any sin
but Jesus saw beyond that and looked into her heart
He treated her with respect and held her in regard
she knew He was a prophet by His very words
she told Him of the things about Jews she had heard
Jesus the Christ then went into His missionary mode
He said in order to worship God you don't need any certain code
as there is no specific time nor any special place
for one to worship the God of righteousness, truth and grace
a mission of mercy is what Jesus came to convey
He even revealed to her who He really was that day

mankind has a problem looking pass the surface and into the heart
we can't seem to get the message that we're all equal in the eyes of God
we come with our bigotry, prejudice and hate
we can't even agree on the issue of faith
but Jesus the Christ gave us a lasting legacy
to love one another and to live life as a mission of mercy

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' Mission Impossible ... '

Mission Impossible :
Yes … That was Me …
A Mission Impossible
For God, The Almighty

That is until, I found His Super Words …
‘ Nothing, is Impossible for Me … ‘ Haven’t you Heard?        Matt. 19: 26
What’s Impossible to Others ( for They Cannot See)
All The Possibilities, in you, that I See …

… and with Heavenly Patience
And My Holy Love and Mercy 
And your Humble – Whole-Soul-Sorry(s)
… You’ll Soon Be Worthy … ‘

and Now … It’s A Mission Impossible
Yeah … That’s Me …
I’m on A Mission Impossible
For God, The Almighty

… with a Fire in my Belly
and a Blaze, in my Heart
The Fuse has been Lit …                                             Song of Solomon 8: 6
I’ll Shine thru this Dark

and I’m Shining for All You – Mission Impossible(s) Out There …
… ‘Cause, A Mission Impossible, Don’t Stand A Chance, Against Prayer !

( da da da da      da da da da     da di da )

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Tag-Mission: King of the Haiku

I'm sorry, I'm late
Coronel Christopher Higgins 
Your soldier is here

The new assignment:
5,7,5 syllables
Over and Out, Sir!

Mission: A Choka
Destination: Domain of
The King of Haiku

Objective: Just Fun
Agent: A trained Dove
Top Confidential

Homing Pigeon, Go!
camouflaged by Creation
He reigns in the Wild
Go to his Kingdom
see, taste, touch, hear, smell Beauty
Kingdom of Balance

Endless Images
Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
He commands Seasons

Mount, Wood, Wind, Pond, Sun
Five Elements of Nature 
Muse without Limits

Waves, Hail, Snow, Rain, Dew
His forms of Inspiration
of the first Water!

You should be careful
with his "Tornado." Watch out!
It's a Masterpiece!

Before you see Him
A Haiku about a Dove
He'll have been writing

Carrier pigeon
Fly! Give this note to the King
It says:"You are tagged!-

-Raul Moreno-
Send message and pass this code-
-24 hours"