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Best Masnavi Poems

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New Masnavi Poems

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The Pain Train-----------Haloo by Salehi, Pashang
Samara Part 1 ----------Haloo by Salehi, Pashang
Samara Part 2-----------Haloo by Salehi, Pashang
The Bubble--------------Haloo by Salehi, Pashang

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The Best Masnavi Poems

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The Bubble--------------Haloo

The bubble 

I’m a bubble, bubble of air;
	Deep in the ocean, fully aware.
Darkness my cover, cold and sad;
	Covering my soul, making me mad.
Who deserves this much loneliness?
	In the dark ocean of the emptiness.
Months have passed, years have gone;
	One day I woke up,and saw the Sun!
Love at first sight, was indeed.
	You plant your love, I grow the seed.
Darkness turns to beautiful light
	Color of sunshine a golden white.
How blind I was yesterday?
	Not knowing the light of today.
Sweet like the honey breeze at dawn;
        Taste of sunshine, glorious sun.
Love is a gift, a gift of sight;
	It lets you see, in the darkest night.
Light is love, love is warm;
	If you have it, trust the storm!
It felt lighter with warmth of love;
	caused me to fly, like a golden dove.
Higher and higher into the cloud,
	Thousands of lovers form a crowd.
Love and sunshine are both complete;
	The heart of this bubble started to beat.
Thousands of bubbles ready to burst;
	Dying from waiting, dying of thirst.
Seeking the source of silver and gold;
	The secret of Love will fully unfold.
If you are dark from lack of the light;
	Remember me, I escaped the night.
Ask and listen to what’s new to you;
	Follow and trust, if you are blue.
If I end up in th dark and deep,
	I promise you, not to cry nor weep.
Love is a gift, a gift of sight;
	It lets you see in the darkest night.
Love is light and light is warm.
	If you got it, trust the storm.

Haloo        2/8/2011

Copyright © Pashang Salehi

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Samara Part 2-----------Haloo

“Samara” A flying seed…   (Part 2)

I started seeing, the sea of light;
        orange and yellow, purple and white.
Hugging the sun, soft and warm;
	no more darkness, no more storm.
Gentle breeze night after night,
	no more anguish no more fight.
Oh my goodness, life is bright. 
	Spring and summer, both delight. 
Wind with music, night and day;
	Spring is amazing, April and May.
What happened? I was a dying seed.
	Now I became a flowering weed.
Everywhere I looked heaven on Earth.
	Thousands of flowers ready to birth. 
Whispering breeze warm and gentle;
	telling me to be, no more judgmental. 
To live or die, try and try
	With love you fly, fly and fly.
Summer is good, summer is fine,
	which you rather, grapes or wine.
Little by little, top to bottom,
	Trees turn yellow, orange in autumn.
Autumn is a season, season of yellow.
	It takes away, without any sorrow.
Autumn is a season filled with sorrow
	Its wind will take the things you borrow.
Colder and colder night after night,
	shorter and dimmer the source of light.
Winter is coming angry and shameful.
	Freezing and chilling, piercing and painful.
It covered my body with a bitter snow;
	I lost my flowers, nothing to show.
Dying is easy, a good night sleep;
	Not like counting sheep, no more weep.
Once, I was,  a flying seed.
        Next, I died in my lasting deed.  
I did wake up in a mountain of light;
	filled with contentment absence of fright.
I went through the cycle of rhyme.
        Arrived and fresh, bloomed in time.
My seeds are flying, cautious but tender.
	They know exactly what it is to render.
There will be storms in their upcoming.
	But, no fear of  what becoming!
No more fear of becoming.
	Dying or living both welcoming.

Haloo   2/2014

Copyright © Pashang Salehi

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Samara Part 1 ----------Haloo

“Samara” A flying seed…   (Part 1)

Twilight sky, silvery cloud,
	One of the many, lost in a crowd.
Some nights fly, following the breeze.
	Some nights the world turns into freeze.
Sometime left, sometime right,
	day after day, night after night.
One day play in the early dawn; 
	next day rest, on a velvet lawn.
One day swim in a droplet of dew;
	next day lightning, angry and blue.
Where am I going? Nobody knows!
	Hope for a garden, garden of rose.
How can I seek my destination?
	When there is no affirmation!
Where do I find liberation?
	When I was made of limitation!
Living in a cage, the cage of body,
	rusty chains, stained and cloudy.
Frustrate and tired of not knowing;
	what direction the wind always blowing.
Another day, one more night;
	another storm, one more sight.
I fell down, like a dying bird.
	Hit the ground, dazed and blurred. 
Covered by darkness, into the ground,
	deeper and deeper, round and round.
No more excuses, no more complain.
	No more! No more! No more in pain.
Days have passed, weeks were gone,
	no more desire for early dawn.
Dying in grave, dark and cold,
	nothing to worry, nothing to hold.
Dying in grave washes your pain.
	Timeless darkness comes to reign.
Suddenly, I felt a throbbing pain.
	A piece of wood stretched like cane.
Out of my body into the ground,
	deeper and deeper whispering sound.
Pushing me up, up and away,
        little by little all the way…………………… (Continue with part 2)

Copyright © Pashang Salehi

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The Pain Train-----------Haloo

The Pain Train…

There is a train, mystic and strange.
     It never stops turning or change.
It is big and strong, like an ugly chain,
     People like me are ridding this train.
It moves from Dawn, all the way to the night,
     Filled with sorrow or phantom delight.
I was born within this speedy train
     Nothing seems real except the pain.
Thousands and thousands they come and go
     Living and dying without they know.
Sitting together not knowing where
     Nothing seems real except despair.
Where are we going? Where is this place?
     Is there a conductor to show his face?
This train is going without intent
     We will be going wherever it went.
I heard a traveler told me today
     your stop is near you don’t have to stay.
He told me to look at window out. 
     The view was lovely without a doubt.
I am tired, tired of pain;
     Never again to take this train.


Copyright © Pashang Salehi