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When the storm clouds boil around me, 
And the lightning splits the sky--. 
When the howling wind assails me,
And life's sea is rolling high--
When my heart is filled with terror,
And my fears, I can't allay--
Then I find sweet peace and comfort, 
When I simply stop and pray.

When the things of life confound me,
And my faith is ebbing low--
When my trusted friends betray me,
And my heart is aching so--
When the night seems black and endless,
And I long for light of day--
Then I find a silver dawning,
When I simply stop and pray.

There are things beyond the heavens
I can't begin to understand,
But I know that God is living,
And I know He holds my hand.
Yes, I know He watches o'er me
All the night and all the day--
And He's always there to hear me
When I simply stop and pray.

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Every now and then

Every now and then I come to you a climbing jasmine through the window of your heart a perfumed smile beneath your sheets a sweet scent in waking thoughts an empty porch of swinging dreams Every now an then I come to you a hush-hushed whisper on a restless night a drop of sunshine on winter lips a tender touch upon bare shoulder a yearning moment in ardent kiss Every now and then I come to you a melting snowflake upon your lash a silent breeze tickling your cheek soft gentle wind behind your ear a vivid memory a vision gone a lingered breath which once was here
(revised and reposted)

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Meet me half way,where the river meets the sea

What would I give to get a glimpse of your smile to have and to hold your heart for a while I want to meet you where the river meets the sea Leave your oars behind Set the barrier down and sail away with me We' d sail away together to wherever the wind blows to our soul's velveteen garden where blushed crimson bleeds its rose We' d sail away together to a secluded land I curl within your arms and hold on to your hand We'd lay down on autumn's blanket watch seagulls soar up high Free wings upon blue waters beneath a mandarine sky What would I give to feel the tender of your fingers brushing sand between my toes to taste your honey~dew breath as the moonlight cradle glows But, here I walk upon the sidewalk each footprint leading home beneath the falling stardust standing on my own And here I am singing a love song my shadow dancing free and there you stroll along the river bank so far away from me 'My love,Come to me like a soft breeze upon my cheek Kiss me ...... Charmaine Chircop For Giorgio Veneto's Contest Gothic or Romantic(Old/New theme

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Sleeping With The Enemy


See what you want to see.
Don't Look at me!
You are staring you are watching;
Eat what you can't be..

Come sleep by my side.
The whole world is our playground..
Don't make a sound..
Stop clowning around

In the mist of the night,
You keep me from crying

I wipe off the taste of your lips.
You kiss me starting at my inner hips.
You broke me in a way..
I hate to say your love is better every day 
I deny you, the one thing I can't say.

You are my pillow.. 
Where I rest my legs,
Can you feel me~
This moment feels right
I just want to die here, 
Die here ~ 
Die here by your side..

I sleep with my eyes wide open,
I sleep with the enemy by my side
Come here and hold me..
After you watched my worlds collide..
Come here and love me..
I'm yours till the end of time...
You can rock me!
Under the moon and its rhyme..
I put it all to a side, how I hate you inside.
I can't let go,,
I just want you to know, 
I'm a fool in love with you..
Even if it doesn't show!

12- 7- 10

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Kiss The Sky

Dropped some purple haze with Jimi -
we created castles out of polished beach glass,
then we fused with acid-laced clouds.

Kissed the sky
so high.

Jimi started bawling,
his torrential tears washed us down and out to sea.
Each drop of water became a pixel,
until reality morphed into a painting of musical notes,
and the music transformed back into a fresh reality.
There wasn't any more doubt
whether we were experienced now -- and how.

The tide washed us up into heavy crosstown traffic.
Jimi wandered down Voodoo Blvd,
I became a hoodoo child
gobbling up sugar cubes filled with liquid sunshine.
I watched the yellow cabs race by,
watched the heavy metal race by.

Jimi was jacked into electric ladyland,
his radiant smile, hiding pain
and covering other people's lies.
Even so, Jimi believed in his message,
sincerity set him apart from the crowd,
which is why he made sure
not to let his smile, wither and die.
But the more that his manager pushed,
the more that Jimi's pusher came....

Jimi was hypnotized by the flashbulbs of fame,
attempting to out-run a childhood filled with shame -
blowing out speaker stacks
with that twisted pedal magic,
spellbinding incantations
vibrated from his guitar,
making love to the sky with rainbow hues
of acid rock-induced rolling blues.

Jimi simply wanted someone to love him back
even half as much as he could,
for Jimi's love was honest and hard,
with wings waiting to be released
into a world not yet ready to be fully free.

Kissed the sky.

Kiss the sky
so high.

2013 "I Love You Like Sky" Remix
May 20th, 2013


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It Is Springtime In Heaven

It is now springtime in heaven Sky is so blue...sun shining so bright Beautiful flowers are everywhere Angels are the harps play Here on earth...we scamper around Sky is so blue...sun shining so bright Beautiful flowers are everywhere We are missing the angels in heaven Angels are the harps play They await the we do also As once again we will all be together Our mothers and heaven above Dedicated to: Our Mothers in Heaven and her children who will be missing her this weekend on Mother's Day To all of you who still have your mother here on earth with you make sure she knows how much you love her.

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Sing Solitude-Play Soltude-Confetti's Song

Hidden away 
between the broken chimes
of church bells 
lies the dream of a man
the waltz of a butterfly
and love for one woman
He carves her name from a star
on a pebble~
burying it deep
where corals sleep

Across the moon 
wishes concieve
from moist salt on his cheek
in the womb of an ocean
ocean so deep,ocean so dark
dark as the night in his soul

Hidden away
between the broken chimes
of church bells
lies the dream of a woman
the soft breeze of a petal 
and love for one man
She paints his smile from a rainbow
holding it high ~
where sunsets splash
in the sky

Across the moon
wishes concieve
in the womb of a desert
desert so steep,desert so dry
dry as  each crack on her lips  

Hidden away 
between the melidious chime
of church bells
lives the love of a man
lives the love of a woman
where oceans meet
where deserts greet
where stars collide
where dewdrops fall
Lashes caress
the dream in their eyes 

Play Solitude...Sing...

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Belly Dancer

I walked in and found a chair,
And sat down and saw you there;
The light was shining, the light was low,
The candle flickered soft and slow.

The lonely music filled the night,
I felt right then my heart take flight;
The voice that taunts behind the veil,
Haunting echoes that sob and wail.

Hips that glide with slow gyrations,
Arms that weave with undulations;
Languid eyes touched with kohl,
Whisper words to flame the soul.

The sounds of that persistent beat,
Soothe the brow with passion's heat;
Lost in the scene that ignites my eye,
Heats my skin and makes me cry.

You move thro night and cast your spell,
And thoughts I think I'll never tell.
Let's pretend there'll be no end,
For you are more to me than friend;

I want to take you in my arms,
And feel the warmth that never harms;
I play on the strings of love's romance,
As you swing and sway in a belly dance

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The Garden of Adonis Lyrics

If I kissed you in the morning
would you stay,
or like the mist here in the garden
would you slowly fade away,
and if the sunlight warmed your lonely brow
and made you smile, 
would you be here by my side
and walk with me a while.

There's a blushing glow of roses,
A rouge upon your cheeks,
A hint of mellow sadness in your eyes
And a heart that wants to trust 
In your smile.

I wish I knew
the secret to your love
I wish I knew
I wish I knew

Will you wander here with me
and let's just share the day.
Who knows, perhaps we'll find our way.

If I kissed you in the morning
would you stay,
or like the mist here in the garden
would you slowly fade away.

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Half Baked Sinner

(my lyrics for a country song, but with no music yet.)

Well, my momma -bless her soul - she brought me up good.
She taught me all she knew and she taught me what she should,
She took me to a church and she made me knock on wood.
Still, Honey, I’m a half-baked sinner.

‘Cause I’m sittin’ here and thinkin’ that you’re look’in mighty fine.
You set my heart to pound’in and I’d like to make you mine.
But I’m such a careful gal though I walk a thin line,
Yeah,  Honey, I’m a half-baked sinner.

Oh, a half-baked sinner; that’s all I am.
Stuck here in the middle of “Nowhere Land.”
A half-baked sinner, I’m God’s little joke,
but I still have my spirit ‘cause I’m only half-broke!

Well, I’m contemplatin’ things with you I’m not supposed to do.
If I’m halfway to Hell, they’ll put me all the way through!
But I’m only HALF-stupid - unlucky for you!
Yes, Honey, I’m a half-baked sinner.

Yes, I know you’ve got your pride,  but listen,  so do I.
I might not tell the truth, but I sure don’t tell no lie!
And I never will give in, for if you ask me why,
It’s because I’m just a half-baked sinner.

Repeat Chorus:
Oh, a half-baked sinner; that’s all I am.
Stuck here in the middle of “Nowhere Land.”
A half-baked sinner, I’m God’s little joke
but I still have my spirit ‘cause I’m only half-broke!