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silk dreams
weave a path
of ancient memories
leading me towards a shared destiny
with my ancestors
blessing me with visions
they dreamt
and now I see
~inspired by my interest in finding and walking 'labyrinths' around the Midwest...

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Cathedral Spiritual

Pink and grey walls rise like castle parapets
Reflecting the sunrise in golden hues
I ride along the canyon to the sound of leather
Creaking softly in the tranquil mountain air

Sweat and horse, with layers of dust
Well worn jeans against a speckled hide
Gently swaying in a unified rhythm
Languidly haze swirling about our feet

Around the bend we startle snow geese
Flocks floating, rising, settling serenely
Angling, landings against the lapping waters
Black tipped wings against wintry white

Sandhill cranes foraging for cutthroat trout
Reflecting blue beside the meandering creek
Majestically standing, patiently waiting
Blue dragon flies dancing within their reach

Off the beaten path we wander
Past yucca swaying in the breeze
O’er grama blue as sky beneath us
Cushioned carpet of pine and peat

Rock squirrels scurry across a Douglas fir
Scolding woodpeckers on a burnt oak tree
The chorus is merged by the hoot of an owl
And the clip clop against rocks as we proceed

Canopies of piñon line the trail
Mixtures of conifer shade the landscape
Grey blue greens with clusters of sienna
Cathedral spiritual within an ageless solitude

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Secret Garden

*Secret Garden*

Go back to natural beauty, unwind
Bury and soak into this, I unsigh
Seein' a landscape, large and high
Seasonal flowers, anywhere so wild

Garden hums with life, colors lyin'
Beyond my reaching, my eyes blinded
Ties of scent flowers, let time flies
Fascinated and exotic, much that I cry

Beauty in flowers, awakes my mind
Even briefly, it's significant prize
In one's innermost, all men can find
True nature of being, vigor of mankind

The secret garden, greatest is the mind
There's a sacred place, where true beauty lies.

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Falling riffs like spangled gold,
And sounding drums seem to explode
A surge of tapping, dancing feet,
The piano’s notes, mon coeur entreat.
Cherie amour the air is ''sweet'', so silver laced,
Each face reflects another’s shine
As endeavours fruit is taken in
Like fragrant mellow wine.

© Joe Maverick 03-08-2010

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Joy of Life

Open the windows.
Open the doors.
Let the glorious sunshine in.
Remove the dust.
From the floors.

Listen, the birds are singing.
A happy, happy tune.
In April, May and June.
Live life to the full.
It's never dull.

Feel the vibrations.
And the thrill.
Over whelming you.
Stirring your soul.
Lifting you up.
To where you belong.
Begin the day with a song.

Life is wonderful and a joy.
It's there for you to enjoy.
To the country side.
And the sea., I go.
I  hope to meet you there, you know..

I feel I want to shout out loud.
To thank, whoever made it so.
Made nature grow.
The sun to glow.
The flowers to bloom.
Come out of your lonely room.
I hope to see you soon.


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Blossom of baby's breath,soft white
Dusted my shoes in the morning light;
Brushing gorse,crusted yellow
Over the stream with weeping willow;
Into the wood of rush patterned lace
Across a meadow at a slower pace;
Along the cowslip filled track
Under clouds,edged blue-black;
A storm erupted on the scene
Shadowing the pastures a pastel green.

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The Wreath, A Soldier Chronicle pt. 1

A fine mist, hovers close to the ground,
But it cannot be a fog.

It cannot be, it's a hundred and three,
This is desert, not a bog.

Strain as I may, I still cannot see,
The earth, that lies beneath.

Until a man, comes into view,
He gently sets a wreath.

My camera softly clicks, but once,
At the Solemn view,

I caught his eye, he walked my way,
And whispered " who are you"

I said, I'm taking photographs,
To chronicle this fight,

Just then, the mist began to clear,
My eyes beheld the sight,

For what happened here, the night before,
The worst I had ever seen.

I could not bring myself to shoot,
I just could not believe,

The soldier pointed out a patch,
On a dead mans arm,

The Stars and Stripes,smeared with blood,
Protects me from all harms.

I bowed my head, tears filled my eyes,
At the carnage I did see,

These men and women lying here,
Bravely died for me.

As I raised my head, to thank him,
The soldier with the wreath,

He briskly turned, stood up straight,
I could barely breath,

He raised a stiff hand, to his brim,
Slowly let it fall,

Then suddenly he disappeared,
If not there at all.

I walked among the fallen troops,
Looked down, could not believe,

The soldier that lay below me,
Was the one that set the wreath.

  To the Soldiers of Desert Storm

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The Challenging Winds

As hurricane Katrina has came and gone, "the challenging winds can do no wrong".
As hurricane Katrina did left many dead and homeless, "the prompt of prayers can
imprint the mind to be-strong!!
Not all it its path did away with the cries, "the challenging winds attacks only in the nite".
O'Challenging wind why do you communicate so ruthless and powerfull. Do you
seek in your path-of-destruction-the need to evacuate. The contact of the history is
the guiding forces that compliment the need for the rain that came. O'Hurricane, O'Hurr-
icane, please come again. :What you did on New Orleans, will never make-us "friends".

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My Land

A land that captures your attention;
encapsulate your thoughts of natural beauty and tranquility
A land of divine sunshine.
A place of seashores; a land with momentum water drop falls, exquisite white 
sand beaches, winding rivers and streams.
Famous for its dazzling and enchanting creatures.
Picturesque greenery with blue mahoes, palms and coconut trees,

A place of much flora and fauna;
with dandelions, roses and lilies.
From plains to valleys to beautiful species of birds and bees.

A land with people, 
people of different pride and creed.
Our rock solid history of hardship and struggle to a future of power and strength.

A land of much energy.
Our thrilling reggae music led by the great Bob Marley 
 Courtney Walsh, Merlene Ottey and Veronica Campbell legends of sport.

A land with rich food and culture 
Oh can we forget our: rice and peas, jerk chicken and pork, boiled bananas, 
ackee and saltfish and rundun.

This place that distinguishes us from the rest.
Yes! a land full of flavour our land Jamaica.    

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I dream of a day
when there is total blending.
Like sombiant in host.
the self extension that is self.
Total penetration in each other.
The discussion of eyes,
the echo of embrace.
My time wants in your love,
like brook surrounds stone
like breeze shivers tree.

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From St. Simon's island

I listen on the beach to the waves cascading,
Slapping, tossing the sand pebbles,
Creating swishing, swashing sounds,
I hear hissing, rustling sounds of the wind.

I see some gliding fishing boats there,
The seagulls soaring, gliding in the air here,
On the horizon floating ships still further,
Surfers trying to get rides on the waves here.

I watch people running strolling and sunning,
The sun is about to set on the horizon,
With a promise to rise anew tomorrow morning,
Like the human ambitions and desires unknown.

I notice the crabs scurry somewhere hiding,
The scooping pelicans with mouthful of fish,
Leaving the smooth bed of sand, water receding,
All sounds now receding to its minimum hiss.

Come, Grace, getting away from the turmoil,
It is the time for us to be in tranquility to coil?

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Do raindrops know
when dandelions cry
flowing flaxen feelings 
like honeysuckle hues
cuddling a marigold morning
Will weeping willows wake
parched parades of poppies
silted by searing seasons
stigmas of seedless seduction 
shadowed by stormy sunsets
Can rainbows of renaissance
twist tulip tongues 
so stamens of wilted whispers
oscillate osmotic overtures
of pistil pardon
Do thundering trumpets 
mourn misty meadows
when dandelions cry 
tides of tawny tears
widowed in floating fields of life

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- Old But Still Beautiful -


                                 A garden fence worn by the weather
                            The entrance port screaming in the breeze
                               The paint is peeling off many years ago
                                Inside the port where it grows timothy
                                     between weeds and dead roots

                           An old and weather worn houses in the garden
                                 The house has its soul, but no people
                                   A long time ago, a beautiful home
                                       Much joy, laughter and love
                              in this old house and the uncared garden

                          The roses are deep red and is a beautiful sight
                                    they creep up the unpainted wall
                                   and cover almost the entire house
                                  A beautiful carpet of deep red roses
                           There is a forgotten garden that lives its own life

A-L  Andresen :)

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Kite of a forever day

Breaths of air raise... emotion.) classic form 
departure is.. "a feeling through a line"
bright red; sky or blue.!
my first inkling of..
wide ranging 
as dad 
and I 

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A Fine Young Woman

In the manner of lovers
I embrace the dream.
In the nature of solitude
I cherish your desire.

It is an act without intention,
The cause remote;
And I am in the web of it
With all the others.

A little mad
With all this exotic experience...

Such a fine young woman,
Bemused and unresisting...
And a little mad,
Like the rest of us.

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The Dream

This life has turned around 
many curves past many 
beautiful places that have 
beckoned me to stop and walk 
among the wild flowers.

I have stopped to walk among 
the wild flowers bending low to 
smell and gaze at their intricate 
colors wondering if there is 
anyone out there that would pull 
me down and explore the 
wonders of this world ?

I look for a woman to complete 
me to bring to my world what I 
can not give.

I dream of a woman that I will 
pour a bath for , light candles 
for that I will wash her back in 
the moon light and ask her to 
dance to the sound of the 

 I dream of a woman I smell on 
the breeze , who's eyes I swim 
in dropping all pretenses on the 
shore. My skin is so soft that a 
baby will coo when she touches 
my chest. 

She would appreciate me not 
for my beauty, but even more 
for the beauty inside my soul.

She has a smile that comes 
from inside and some would say 
rivals the sun. 

She will move with confidence 
and she will look for a man 
whose touch is tender and this 
touch awakens all who meet 
him to the fact that there is love 
in this world.

When ever she is near I will not 
be able to contain myself and 
my body will respond 
automatically pulling her gently 
to me. 

My heart will always want to 
make her smile. Yet she is no 
twig to be broken. 

She is strong and resilient like a 
willow bending but never 
braking in the wind. 

Her sadnesses is deep he knows 
the pain of this world, but her 
joy brightens a room. 

She calls to the man in me to 
love her so deeply, to find every 
way to pleasure her and she 
wants to do the same.

I could hold, kiss , make love to 
her all day and she would beam 
when we stepped outside to go 
for a swim. These are my 
dreams this is the heart I carry. 

I am gentle and I am 
independent but I love oh so 
deeply! Is it you my woman?

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Eiderdown Drifts

The warmth of me curls knees to chin hiding from the frosty chill.
My eyes peek out in dawning light to see the snow piled windowsill.
The traffic sounds have been toned down, the once blue sky's over glazed,
all of life has been dampened down, as flakes fall upon the earthly stage.
One can hear the tick of clock, the hum of the furnace heating
without the wind, the snow simply falls, bringing Winter's first greetings.
So like the eiderdown it drifts, each hillock seems a baffle fluffed,
each brush once green a pillow seems, each boulder bears a comfy tuft.

Oh, to stay here all of day, watch the patterned snowflakes fall
but, I must harken to the day and rise up to life's daily call.

Poet: Debbie Guzzi
Date: 11/16/2012
Contest:White Blanket

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Love thought

My eternal love is with you,
never shall it die, 
weaken, nor be faded by life's unkind gratitude.

Wherever your body and mind takes your beauty,
my arms will protect you,

keep you warm.

I'll give my soul,
and heart for you  to keep,
if you should return it,
it'll always be warmth from your touch,
Until my last beat...

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Circ’ling down in brilliant whiteness,
Sett’ling here upon the ground;
Blowing now about the bushes,
Making patterns straight and round.

Perfect beauty, perfect whiteness
Now assails my clouded sight;
Spread unbroken o’er the mountains,
Sparkling brightly in the light.

Microscopic detailed order;
No two flakes were e’re the same:
All designed in sep’rate order;
Who this wondrous tho’t can frame?

Who decreed this awesome order,
Who these details tho’t and planned?
Who made clouds to grace the heavens,
Spread the snowflakes with His hand?

Jesus Christ and God the Father,
And the Spirit, three in one,
Planned and formed, decreed and ordered,
Till this blessed deed was done.

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We Found Love

Every time we fight,
fight over nothing,
I realize how hard
it is to live
without you,

Every time I look at
your photo,
And remember your
Your touch,
Your breathing
Love burns in my
Lighting the embers
in my soul
No one baby, no one
can put off this
No one baby, no one
can quench the
thirst I have,
For your love,

We find love in
every argument,
In every second we
look at each other,
We found love, that
sweet day in the
A love that lives

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Hearty Tank of Love


                                    Thanks to that Man
                   whose heart reflects the sweetness of music
                    who sings to the lullaby of my waking tout's
                      whose melody comforts the crying heart
                                        with wants                    
                                      Thanks to Him
                 whose voice sings to the merging hearts of Love      
                              Thanks to that sweetness
                       that combines slow melody with words
                              Thanks to that special Him 
                    in whose arms my searching heart beams!

© Tina O Chimma

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autumnal light

Autumnal Light. 

Softly they walk on a day in October the old man 
and sunlight amongst ageless olive trees planted
when his great grandfather was young.

On the track there is mark of hooves from flocks
of sheep that walk here daily on their way home
after grazing on the upland. 

Bits of fleece on thorny bushes, black pellets
and the pungent aroma of the wooly backed
still lingers…

He sees the old cottage the roof has fallen
in and bushes grow through its floor, but
he doesn´t stop, it was all so long ago. 

Light is fading wants to turn in, time to go
home for him too, autumn evenings are chilly,
and damp, no good for his chest.  

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Pyu Ray

I wanted to write to u, 
to let u know,
that ur were the sun that lit my day,
and the moon that shone
in my path through the night

Charles Mwalimu

I wanted to write to you, my love
And to tell you of my desire
To see your smile
Of the dream I had
That took us way back in time
I wanted to write to you...

Pyu Ray

I wanted to write to u,
and let u know,
that I had closed my heart
to every love,
but urs

Charles Mwalimu
I wanted to write to you, my love,
To tell you of the warmth,
That comes with your voice
Of the light,
That sparkles from your eyes
Of the fragrance, that comes
From your breathing...

Pyu Ray
I wanted to write to you,
and tell u things,
that av neva been able to say,
coz my body would grow numb and
I would go dumb at ur sight,
my love

Charles Mwalimu

I was to write to you, my love
To assure you of my undying commitment
Of the pleasure of loving you
Of the words I wanna hear from you
And my desire to listen
To the music in your heart...

Pyu Ray

I was to write to you,
I want to write to you,
I will write to you, 
some day, my love!

Charles Mwalimu
I await the day you will write,
My love
The day I'll read you
And feel your voice in your words
Someday my love,
Someday you'll write...

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Sound of music

I'm lost in the sound,

lost in the music,

trapped in the decibel,

caged by the keys,

hidden in the rhythm.

The maze of harmony 

complicates my gyrations

controls my movements.

Encore, over and again
is the pattern of this composition

I'm lost in the sound,

i dont wanna be found.

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A little patience,
Tomorrow shall come
And you’ll be a day older.
Just a little patience,
The egg shall hatch
And the chick shall be cock.

A little patience, 
The night will be over
And morning shall come.
Just a little patience,
What shall come shall come
And will not wait.

A little patience,
What was lost could be found
And be possessed again.
Just a little patience,
You’ll have your wish
And your dreams come true.

A little patience,
What looks scanty will be plenty
And be more than enough.
Just a little patience,
What was planted would be ripe
And ready for harvest.