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Alice Sweet Alice

      ~Alice Sweet Alice~

        *Like Sisters*
  Everyday -- Holding Hands 
Sunday Dress -- Pink Ribbons
         *Her And I*

How can they say she did not exist
This Sweet Girl I Named Alice

The way she looked at me
-her eyes tender green
A body figure I can't describe
Together we played hide and seek
We swung in ways no one could see
This girl with pretty red curls
Who loves the sound of pouring rain.

Together we slept under the same breeze 
We carved our names on the same tree
Side by Side it Read Alice & I!
We whispered the day I fell off my bike
Alice sweet Alice, said I look good in bloody red

Every day I stared into the mirror
Alice put her left hand on my right
We share the same identical scars,
under the right and left palm.

The way she held my hand
Healed the scrapes in every fall
Beating from the bullies, she could not take
Again Alice, whispers--- "Kill Them All!"
No one ever said a word,
when she stood by my side
Alice, knew me inside and out.
She knew my eyes -When they cried!

Now I can't sleep,
Since the day Alice, fell in the abyss
Forever conscious in a self hug
--- this is no dream 

The rage took place 
--- when she left!
Burning curtains  
Empty mirrors
This Girl Named Alice, spoke of darkness
Then disappeared 

Now when I hear the sound of pouring rain
I stare at the shadows on the wall
I allow myself to soak in the abyss of where it started all.

My hair of red, is not the same
These cuts are all that remain
The only clue in which Alice, was here!
Holding on to stainless blade

Please call my name!
Why did they say she never held a single breath?
I know she is real, she's existed
Why else would I had let her cut my wrist?

This Sweet Girl 
Visits again ---
Who is to believe?
For everyone says 
Alice lives inside my head.


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Paper Thin
Cut down to any size,
Crumble, crop me wrong 
Pull the insulation from my heart.
Never will I be "A Paper Doll!"
Thank you for calling me a "Friend!"
Thank you for wasting  my "time!"
Enjoy the WALLPAPER display

Layers and layers of lifeless brick, 
Emotional poster boards of doubt 
Envious fiberglass green never seen
Yuletide Carols warped around my energy
Merry and full of acrylic sh!t-
Hand full of putty maintains the makeup on my face
Arts and crafts display my inner fancy grace
Heavy installed Sheetrock so easily replaced

Tough paint chips away silently through the night
Rigid boards transform into fragile crystal light
The greatest illusion blinding reality 
Smooth Tiger Skin, texture of orange simple peel  
Beautiful mud swirl, L'Oreal.
Gypsum soft enough you want to touch

Dark walls of a thousand words
A plasterboard of discordant grey notes
Blots and clots of ink, slave my skin  
Colorless drywall, resilient to your charms  

Printed designs of cleverly decorated lipstick 
Morbid shadows underneath the ceiling veil
A double coat of Pacific Waterproof Blue-
Printing bags from -- YESTERDAY!

Plastered wounds of cement dries and roughens along the edge
A human made barrier not even God comes in.


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Midnight Poet

Whisper's of October  

Whispers in this soup bowl
20 minutes after its muse explodes,
Daylight, remains nothing more than a dream 
Avoiding the howling sound in mid September's stream
Writing about a ginger light,
  found in the depths of everything
Taking from the sitting twilight, numb, tranquilized 
Exposing and expressing the emotions found inside
An attic lost in the Ancient sky  ---awaits 

A poetic hand is formed ---reaching out
In the hiss of darkness, 
Listen-in,  the echoes of October are calling
A halo, that reconciles a mysterious monarch moon
A mano grip in which summons a deep voice
  of sweet serenity
Poets posting poems along the midnight page
Each poet can write a poem and mimic free fallen verses,
One might  call it a creative craving curse,
Webmaster's whose words speak for themselves
They feel, and spills the will of idolized ink,
Blind-handed, splitting day from night

Warm whispers, needing no food to consume
Migraines of ink, feeding the soul
Burning Pages, over used pens
They've forgotten the pretty flowers
Living like lions, who never comes out of their dens
Murmuring and devouring, the enigmas of the unknown 
Eyes behind a sieve, close tighter than before, 
They hide-
A globe created from every sky-scrape wall
Wanting to belong, a trick -or- treat*er in disguise 
No friends, everything pretend
These poets can’t be described, can't be trusted
They are the best, at what they do
For all you know this poet might be me, 
This poet might be you

By: PD

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Illusory Disguise

My reflection is vague, perception unclear.
My mind is like a shattered mirror 
That devises a veneer fashioned of my fears. 

I'm seized inside this illusory disguise 
That's only feeding me a mouth full of lies.
Oh, how I hunger to be recognized…

Actuality stays hidden behind the scenes:
What my eyes perceive is make believe.
Trickeries are fitted in deceiving sleeves.
I'm incapable of comprehending the genuine me.

By Anne Currin

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To Bloom in Red Flame

Underneath all the layers
Of tradition
Of religion 
Of philosophy
Of reason and understanding
I smolder
In passion's pleasure bed of red
Paroxysms of pleasure
Emanate from my core
Searing the shroud
Flames of fantasy's feast burn
Yearning I yearn and lie in wait
In my ambuscade 
with the relish to ravish ravaging 
every fiber 

Conceived in the throes of passion
My conception is my perception of life
Woven into my being
I’m prisoner to pleasure monomania
Obsession of desire hysteria
My cacoethes:  gratification gratified
Thus, I scintillate sparks
Riding on my satin flares
They captivate your stare

You see me
Feeling the heat of sultry flame
You want to play scorch torch game
So your reach out to touch
Mere kindling in my blazing wake
You quake as I slake your florid fantasy awake
Convulsing in temptation’s torment
You combust to lust
Consummating till consumed
Eliciting my passion flower bloom
In opulent oriental room
You swoon
Exertion exhausted
Gratification’s glory gained
Having tasted my reign
Revived your leave
My image I’ve seared
On your flesh and mind
Branded, you’ll find
Your way back to me
Slave to my passion's decree
You’ll come to me

And I retreat
Enshrouded once more
In virgin layers
Of tradition
Of religion
Of philosophy
of reason and understanding
Biding my time
when sensuality sublime
calls me
to bloom in her red flame


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Insanity or Death

Insanity or Death

Life begins with insanity~~
~Your soul is kicking and screaming, 

Ready to exit with the touch of human hands.
Insanity rides on a gallant stallion ready to pant.
Hides in the mind, mourning its captive soul. 
Ready to breach over holding its breath.
Projecting in and out without a guide.
Bites away at the feast, enchants for freedom.  
From the lips……….....
Taking length against a world of dilemmas, 
Contrasting to a never happy end.
The epidermis cover every wall of insanity.

To live, to eat, and to suffocate it determination without air.
Dramatically hallucination against its will of no wells.
Until it realizes it can drink without water.

No further needs a slumber.
The mind-bends and unfolds to ordinary jolts, 
When left to human consummation.
Insincerely bidding and cutting to die in the sleep.
Is how it pleads!

Graves where dreams have no meaning.
Caves where goodness can be redeemed.
A temple of misguided fortune.
All respect lost to this infection,
The patients’ weight distracted from an antidote.

The madness begins too finds admiration-
That makes catastrophe go on and on.
The psychosis of the mind and mockeries of them will never be gone
Dictating in everything wrong,
Layers of cramped bricks, level the isolation.

Death drags its feet off into this infinite helix world.
A source of light breeding out of darkness.

"Sanity is no friend of mine!"
Insanity is earth herself, 

Where there is life, there is a reason, 
Where there is reason, there is madness,
Where there is madness, there you are,   
Feeling nothing………………...
Lost in darkness................ 

~Your soul is kicking and screaming
Life ends with death~~


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I'm torn up, shaken and shattered
My mind's broken, torn and tattered
Too much thinking, not enough drinking
My strength is gone, my courage shrinking

A life without love, a life without care
A life without breath, a life without air
A life clouded, troubled, and blurred
A life listened, glistened, not heard

Too much pressure, too much stress
Need more time for me, but I only get less
Needing it to be over, needing it to end
Don't need an intervention, just need a friend

Breathe deep, breathe slow, take it all in
Show me a smile, let the healing begin

Tim Smith

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( Repost )

Somehow, her eyes expand with the disobedient sky
and there, she senses urchins filling water on the lake
her feet and thighs slide up changing hues,
with receding incarnations of the moon.

She bends down gazing at images on the lake
as limbs turn into seaweeds, a mermaid in pain
changing hues in the crystal white of sky…
and the moon with slices of split mirrors burn
on wiggles of unscented tresses in water.

She dips her hands to catch the sleek tail in a plunge
knowing not a word to describe the reflection on the lake,
and witness the need to flow randomly in its
entrance through the expanse of one silver sky…
trying to recover glimpses reflected in the water.

Without point of reference to unknown images,
she vaguely remembers how transparently liquid 
the changing hues of the moon become watery
like a  hint of coagulated  blood on a mermaid’s lake...
and the laughter of the sky drips into imaginings.

* Written for a fantasy contest that was discontinued; 
its theme required entrants to describe one's mirrored
image of the self. Few comments ranged from " Nice, but I
didn't get it" to " You seemed to have overused the word
"water?" In hindsight, I asked myself," what
were you thinking? This is sloppy!"

Jerry T Curtis' This Poem S***s Contest 

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Alphabets gather as words unravel
the passing and returning of moans;
lines of phrases inflame the arteries 
of beauty, angst, love woven 
by imagination's pining.
Sound of words… taste of vowels… 
touch of verses enter the soul, as if to dive
into the very basin of layered expressions.
On a fresh scroll baring my bones and raw mood,
I enter a daring challenge
with a theme that reels my senses
as poetry makes the eyes hungry.

Yes…feel me, temper my insanity, 
hold my fleshed  passion as I connect
with an audience to share how a night
devours monsters at the seams.
And yet, this refrain loses as the final poll
excludes my name. Why so? My lenses 
run up and down the fourth time; my breath
skips : but the multitude of acclaim
from my readers inhabit my soul,
allowing me to shower my ink 
with deeper hues as my inner congas 
beat for another round of adventure;
this time more assured that by nourishing
my own desire to regard the heart's compass
first and foremost is what matters..

as always.

Jerry T Curtis' Contest

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I am a poetry addict
I keep inkwells scattered about
to collect my random thoughts
I hoard pens and pieces of paper
hide them in every crevice
I need to hear the sound of words
clip-clopping across the page 

Do not try to save me from myself
I understand me better
when I can describe a tear as it forms
in the corner of my eye and meanders
down the planes of my face to drip
onto a piece of cake poised on a fork

I am unstable
I must be to untangle the letters
tripping over themselves in my mind
and form expressive words
I count meters and syllables in my sleep

I wander off     though I never leave
I am just dreaming of the poetry found
in an empty swing swaying without wind
Stage an intervention for me and I will write 
you a poem about the power of selfless love

Poetry is    
Yesterday's sorrow
Tomorrow's beauty
Today's life in its many disguises

For which of these is there a remedy?

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Frank Herrera Once Wrote

Frank Herrera Once Wrote 

Bukowski’s Quote:     An intellectual says a simple thing the hard way 
                                    An artist says a hard thing  in an easy way 

“I don’t care much for long winded ostentatious verbosity 
Full of riddle words to unscramble it’s a poets generosity 

Yes I much prefer the simple enigmatic daily prose in use   
Well structured, it defines Art’s etch a sketch and muse “ 

Dear Frank, 

I own a diary of you that is out of use 
Also a memorial of your tenderness that petitions every day 
The yesterday moments, the one’s long pressed away;
Care you,    to stay,    in my thoughts n’ heart for a while 
Well,   we could,    be good friends,        in copious style   
For the language of friendship is etched            overt  
And the silence is what makes    spoken word   act  

Let me leave you with my soul’s converse 
As you free lance my thoughts in sauntered verse 
So let me end this neither bathing in fear nor hope Frank 
For to be honest means that you are being frank, 

Please be kind, when you nudge,
Much Love, Your Fellow Poet & Friend, you’re Vienna 
Also known as Mystic Rose 

Frank’s Words In Quote: 
“If I succeed in entertaining you with what I write 
Then this could be a start  
You then may decide if it be poetry I write, 
And if I am indeed,                              a Poet “

Written in Collaboration with a dear friend, 
Thank you Frank for your love and support, 
For the invisible wings that lifted me the other day 
You were an angel, sent my way, xxx

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The Simple Pen

            The Simple Pen

I am but a simple man with pen in hand
To cut open a slice of universe with verse
And with the ink
Let it bleed not red
It flows instead with mortal colors
Over a life well spent
What is left over
We drink this in a cup
Pour more to fill it up
But little at a time
Too much reality can cloud your mind
Said the simple man with bleeding pen

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Into the mirror, blindfolded, Denying the sight of my sins. Upon my flesh lies are molded, Into the mirror, blindfolded. From my mind to heart is scolded, Suffocate the light, darkness wins Into the mirror, blindfolded, Denying the sight of my sins.
For Contest: New Triolet Date: 09-26-2014

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My Name is Scheherazade

I do not want to die
Like each virgin you bed
When you have ravished her
It's off with pretty head

I do not want to die
But…Oh to be with you!
The supreme ruler, KING
So handsome, yet so cruel

You wanted your revenge
On woman who betrayed
The one who broke YOUR heart
So you must have them slayed

But what am I to do
When brought before the throne?
When you have had your fill
You’ll bow to oath you’ve sworn

And here I am tonight
The Vizier's flesh and blood
My beauty may not save
So knowledge I impart

A story sweet I weave
As in peace you recline
On cushions of damask
In scented room divine

You’re lost in what I say
Your its height
And there I stop the tale
To be spared on this night

You ask to lie with me
Demurely, I refuse
I promise you delights
When I'm no longer Muse

And so you let me leave
The richness of your bed 
Wanting to know the end
My tale plays in your head

Each night I leave undone
The story on my lips
And wantonly you beg
While grasping shapely hips

One thousand nights have passed
I stand before you now
With no tale left to give
Will love suffice somehow?

You come and touch my cheek
I look up in your eyes
"I've come to love you now
You are my love, my prize."

And so my life is spared
You whisper, "Sweetest Dove!"
My stories all forgot
You've fallen for my love

You tell me through the night
Your own love story fine
And now I let you taste
My flowing luscious wine

No virgin girl…now Queen
My love has set you free
And now Arabian nights
Are filled with ecstasy!

Eileen Manassian

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Sweet and Salty -LIBRA TALE


Sweet and Sour hectic sign
Love me, trust me, the stars align
   Balance of truth and dare
   Good and Evil, full of care 
Blind when it comes to blood line

:) PD

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In My Place

I have been put in my place many times
Told how to talk
What to think
How I need to look a certain way
Be the way I'm suppose to be
Expectations to be met
I could never be me

That place that almost drove me insane
I kept being placed there
Over and over again
Yet I had no choice but to be true to myself
I couldn't be someone else's book 
Placed on a shelf, in a perfect row, not standing out
No one knowing what I'm about

I ripped out the pages
Inserted my own
Scribbled on the cover
Added my own colors
My pages screamed to be read
Hoping others would hear what I said

As time went on
I often changed my design
Desperately trying to know myself
Unsure what I would find
Never really fitting in
Confused by what I found within
Hard to know where I belong
Listening to notes from others songs
Was my way of thinking right
In a distance I could see a glimmer of light
I dreamed my dreams
I craved the light

Then one day
All the pieces clicked
I fell into place
Joy accompanied by a certain grace
Comfortable with me
I live in the moment
I can just be
Finally, finally 
I am free
I know my place

Dedicated to my Friend Armand who knows 
his place and helps others discover their place. 
You my friend are a true original Happy Birthday!

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Cyber real

Has the convenience of technology 
inoculated us from reality?
Do androids dream of electric sheep?
I pray the code my soul to keep?
Does your universe live within 4G
Or megapixel infinity?
Which memory lies within
The one that was
Or the one that's been
Or how much gig how much ram?
Which reality is true?
Cyber me
Or cyber you?
Cyber bully
Cyber crime
Cyber hate 
Cyber time?
Cyber boxer
Or cyber brief?
Who is the real identity thief?
Cyber pleasure
Cyber pain
Hours spent glaring into the screen
Choosing an alternate username.
Status updates and trending tweets
Fill your mind and rob your sleep.
Clever hashtags and Instagram 
Will shape your image and gain more friends.
Is the you you've shaped in cyberspace 
The same you I'd see face to face?
We hide behind our computer screens
And criticize with brutal ease.
Virtual reality
Is buying souls of men you see 
And robbing the ability to dream real dreams.
I want to conquer something real
That I can grab that I can feel.
I want to touch life and hold on tight
I want to unblock true friends
And "like" real sights.
I want conversation face to face
In real world time
In a real world place.

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This Poem Is Who I Am With Everybody

       This Poem Is Who I Am With Everybody.

I was told who I am, always reflects upon my friends 
and family. When I choose a friend we become one 
soul forever.This Is how I interpret my friendship.

When I choose a friend, I would shelter their names 
in my heart,after conquering their friendship.
Their secrets will register in my brain to never be exposed. 

I was told who I am always reflects upon their lives, they know
my spirit and soul will not survive without them, my consistency 
will nurture their strength to exude.
When I choose a friend, my love will never sleep or vanish,
my telepathy will wake up and sleep when they retire.

My sharing becomes an unconditional awareness of either their 
pain or happiness. They feel that I am capable of praying for 
them each night.
If they are near or far makes no difference out of love their 
shadow will send me messages in what state of mind they 
are at the moment.
My heart will surrender when I am needed, if they want to talk,
I will listen, if they cry I will wipe their tears, if they are hungry 
for food I will feed them, if they hunger for philosophy, I would 
share my knowledge, if they crave for silence my voice is muted,
if they are weak in health nothing will hold me back from running 
to stay next to them day and night till healing will prevail.

When I choose a friend, I was told who I am always reflects upon
their everyday living, because knowing all what I possess will be 
shared without asking, generosity progresses out of love.
Their silhouette constantly moves next to me, feeling their heart 
beat continuously to determine how to approach them.

That is why who I am always reflects upon their everyday,
knowing I analyze the word friendship as the dearest to my soul,
I have no boundaries, my tears will flow like raindrops reaching their 
window if any help is needed.
I love all my friends.

21/5/2013 Contest For SKAT. This Is Who I Am with everybody. WIN (10)

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She wrapped herself in a beautiful lie
Bound so tight she was unable to fly
Slave to some pictues in a magazine
The essence of her could barely be seen

Bound so tight she was unable to fly
Choices she had made but didn't know why
The essence of her could barely be seen
The face of a woman who's only a teen

Choices she had made but didn't know why
Taking her love from a much older guy
The face of a woman who's only a teen
Absorbing sad from the places she's been

Taking her love from a much older guy
Minutes became years as her youth went by
Absorbing sad from the places she's been
Wanted happy but became sad and mean

Minutes became years as her youth went by
Life of desperation and getting high
Wanted happy but became sad and mean
Pain began early when she was fourteen

Life of desperation and getting high
She wrapped herself in a beautiful lie
Pain began early when she was fourteen
Slave to some pictures in a magazine

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I saw you looking in the mirror again today You can’t seem to go past one Without taking a second glance Your own image seems to impress you As if you were really in love With the one staring back at you You never seem to notice me Watching you as you pass the mirror And you seem almost a narcissist to me Who only sees how you prance and primp Staring long and hard at your appearance I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Another look so long or endearingly Into that looking glass where we all see Ourselves staring back at us Could it only be me or are you actually In love with what you see Looking back from your reflection And it is a little troubling to me When I see you speak to yourself Long moans of yearning Puppy, I know you long to believe That puppy in the mirror Is your brother or sister!

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Poor man Rich man

I went to a poor man's house
There was an exquisite car in the driveway
I walked up to the grand entryway
Rang his doorbell
The chimes sounded like cathedral bells
He greeted me with a practiced smile
Welcomed me to sample his world
Together we walked across marble floors
Gazed out magnificent windows
A truly glorious view
Yet I noticed no photographs on the wall
A mansion filled with things yet he was all alone
We sat and talked
Into the night
He told me of his great success
The trophies, awards and famous guests
I could see it was important for him to impress
He told me he was living the dream
Yet it was only sadness I was seeing
He thought more was more
So he grasped at the extreme
The best of the best
He was busy being
In the end he only talked about things
All the pleasures his money brings
Convincing himself as he blindly sings
Unaware of his poverty
When I look in his eyes I seen misery
This house a mosoleum to his insanity
He left his wife a while ago
They grew apart both fast and slow
She raised the kids he never got to know
To busy chasing his successful dreams
I left his home with heavy heart
Unimpressed with all his expensive art
More concerned with his bankrupt heart

I went to a rich man's house
A modest car sat in the driveway
The wheels were scuffed from when his daughter learned to park
He was at the door before I had a chance to ring the bell
He welcomed me into his lovely home with a warm smile
Introducing me to his wife and kids
We sat in the front room looking out at their yard
I commented on the tree house
He proudly told me how him and his son had built it together
Boys only sign on the door
Still his son would play tea party, with his sister there
It seems they were an inseparable pair
This man had so many stories to share
Photographs of family displayed everywhere
He was living such a full life
So much to be thankful for
He appreciates his kids and loving wife
I got to see an art collection on the fridge
Spending time with him was a privilege 
He invited me to stay for a meal
I said "gladly, that's a great deal"
Enjoying myself with a man who's real
For he posseses a richness of the soul
Not trying to impress by playing a roll
Success in relationship his primary goal
When I left I had gained his smile
Real is real I liked his style
A worthy life a truly wealthy guy
I turned and waved 
sad to say goodbye

Inspired by Dave Wood's poem "Poverty"

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OLIVE ELOISA came from my Mama's name: OLIVIA.. OLIVE means peace: ELOISA means hale and wide MY TRAITS: *CHILDISH 28 but young at heart, sometimes still impulsive and too trustful; sweet they said *DAUGHTER the 2nd child of ALEX and OLIVIA *WOMAN AND NURSE soft but firm, strong and loving; angel but can be an antagonist; forgiving; SISTERS OF IRIS AND ALELI ALEXIS the one in between fire and ice; sugar and spice; the one need to decide... LOVER of: *FOODS: wahhhhhh! sure I can't say NO to: ICE CREAMS, CAKES, CHOCOLATES, PIZZAS, RICECAKES *ANYTHING SOFT like pillows; marshmallows; human hands *HUGS: the warm, comforting, soothing, from the heart hugs. *MUSIC: I sing along with mellow and gospel sounds, and R and B's; I dance along hiphops; modern music. but well when so "FEELING ALIVE" I do both sing and dance. *BOOKS: I read any book that catches my interest: from romantic to historic novels, cooking to lifestyle books; philosophical to scientific to religious book. *POETRY: weeeee!!! I am so eager to learn how to do it right and the different styles too.. *NATURE: not a green thumb though :( but I love flowers, puppies, sitting or lying on a grass, dipping in hot springs, falls etc though I can;t swim :P *HONESTY: better tell me that truth than letting me believe of a lie. *JUSTICE: I try to fight when I fully know am right.. When accused, I try proving my bad accusers wrong! *DISCOVERY: Life is just too short that as much as possible when given the chance: I TRY and I TAKE RISK. *HUMILITY... I can only smile. *GOD. WHO FEELS *grateful for everything that has been *excited of what still to come *special for I have a God who has been always faithful and loving. WHO FEARS *failures but am taking risks and I am positive that I can overcome them for I have my God with me. *heights but gradually am conquering it through rappelling and disaster training. *being the one being prick via needle catheters or anything... :D :D :D WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEE *Disneyland, my long dream trip and I will make this come true soon! *Two guys beside me at the bed each time I wake up! and a girl, I will teach to cook, sing and all.. :) *My ever silent friend and rescuer, my LOVER before am born, my all in all: GOD RESIDENT OF *the troubled challenged but still never forget to smile: the PHILIPPINES GUILLERMO ©O.E. Guillermo Sponsor: Regina Riddle Contest Name: BIO poems Placed 1st

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Plastic Siblings

Genial to avoid confrontation
Baseborn kind, complaisant character
A spurious recital, a cheap imitation
Apocryphal mind, and comical creations
Counterfeited Christ
An unholy effusion
Sons of Belial
Clutch arcane knowledge
Esoteric information

Delve into oracular verse.
Deadened faith
Recondite belief denuded denials
Portentous and abstruse
Divested of the truth
Desolate road
Traveled day after day
Seriatim in miles
Strangled in hyperbole
Hypothetical noose

Cheaply loose

Suicidal salvation
Covertly clandestine
Do what art wilt
Deliver the chosen
indoctrinate guilt
Derision to the destined
To learn love over hate
Adoration to inculcate
Imbue their sick lessons.

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A Palindrome called Temptation

A Palindrome, also called Mirrored Poetry, is a poetry type not listed, so I put it under Free Verse.  If anyone finds a better categoy for this please let me know.  Thomas


And porn replaced love
Day after day
We are bombarded
Sex and beauty
Objects over heart
Thoughts lustful, confused reality
Isolation supplanted communication
Clouds out move clarity
Facade my life
Life my facade
Clarity move out clouds
Communication supplanted isolation
Reality confused lustful thoughts
Heart over objects
Beauty and sex
Bombarded are we
Day after day
Love replaced porn and

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As the lights went down, the sequence began 
A series of well dressed puppets entered the stage 
Maestro raised his jewelled fingers and began 
Playing his violin as a haloed boy took center stage 

His lips were cupped with O’s and he sang of love 
Like he’d never been hurt before, such octaves 
Reached the conundrum eyes of a ballerina in love 
She skirted the scene with eros and octaves; 

Figure eights appeared, each puppet choired in 
As they danced round their peers, 16 little strings 
Moving in vertex, while 4 strings piped in,  
The dance of the marionettes kicked in, taut strings 

They played the scene, like orchestrated violins 
I watched mesmerized as they took on life and form 
I thought of Antonio Stradivari and his magic violins
And realized these puppets, were his new re-form 

Little puppets of vibrancy n’duplicity 
Born for entertainment and mimickry 
It is a dying art that we must treasure 
Because it brings us so much pleasure!

Mystic Rose 
Dec. 18, 2014

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