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Below are the all-time best Failure poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of failure poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Details | Failure Poem | |

Success without Failure, Isn't Success

As I sat feeling lost and defeated
Conversing with an old friend
He offered words of encouragement
And this is how he began

My dear, life is far from simple
And it's more difficult the higher you go
For the more you learn, attempt, and obtain
The more hatred people will show

Always give yourself a chance
Don't give up before you begin
It may seem to be a feat in the beginning
But it'll be worth it in the end

Sure, sometimes you will face struggle
And yes, sometimes you'll even fail
However, it's those that stumble and continue on
That will conquer and prevail

Still, once you've reached the top
You're bound to fall and retreat
Yet, the key to obtaining success
It to get back on your feet

So give it an extra effort
Don't hesitate or refrain
Because without some type of loss
There will never be any gain

Details | Failure Poem | |


It was the worst division of life,
I was afraid and feeling lonely.
No one seemed to be friendly,
Even, I was entirely different from others.

I asked what the negative factor was,
Why I was a big jerk for others,
One after another, I had to face difficulties.
Heaven was there but no vacancy for me.

Daily routines did not stop for a while,
No time to think about expectations,
No time to wonder its severe consequences,
God was disappeared.

Mostly, I kept quiet and looked dull,
Thinking of my past failures
When I remembered,
How my life took a huge turn,
A thrill of terror went through my body.

I could see my life getting damaged,
And I found no ointment for it.
I was exhausted of it,
I was vanished.

My mind had already crossed its limitations,
There was a queue of failure thoughts.
I cried and begged:
To stop thinking, let me sleep for a while.

The day came, I was left alone,
Standing on my house roof
Nightly sky was deep and dreary.
Suddenly, a little star sparkled,
Sprinkled all over the sky
I felt as if it touched my heart.

The lost hope was seen inside the stolen heart,
That changed the whole mind.
If a little one could bright in the darker world,
Then why I was not like that?

My life took an another passage,
I am remembering the harder previous days,
When I was a struggler
Now I believe in unsteadily fate,
I believe in me.

Details | Failure Poem | |

For The Love Of Failure!

For the love of failure’s flail,
Of choices bearing no avail,
I wish the indecisive mind
Would make a choice and leave a trail.

For the love of failure, fight!
Do not feel ill, or be contrite,
Free will is fate, not random chance,
And life’s demand is not polite.

For the love of failure’s threat,
With loss, accumulating debt,
I do implore your anxious soul
To worry not about regret.

Now is not an age of keen,
To think your troubles are extreme,
When old with wisdom you’ll appease,
When failures supersede your dreams.
And on the day you will not seize,
You’ll die with happy memories,
And your regret will die alone,
And your regret will fade with ease.

For the love of failure, live.
For the death of failure, love.
All your faults you may forgive,
Save for regret; the cause thereof.

Details | Failure Poem | |

I'm not a failure

When I’ve tried and don’t succeed
That doesn’t make me a failure,
But if I give up and throw in the towel
I‘d be setting my self up for disaster 

Situations may not work out as plan, 
I'll Keep trying, and try again
I may fail at one thing or even another,
But i won't stay in that comfort zone forever.

Some set backs are temporary, and are part of life
If i fail at one thing i will try another
Failure at some things may need to teach me
lesson that will help me excel and grow.

Details | Failure Poem | |

"a failure"

A failure is seduce by its up and down.a storm of worries unites in my mind.prefer to be a winner  
. do not asept the role that society foist on you. They deceptively play with your aperreance . Its 
hard to trust in this confusing world. Ill maintain my my trust in side me . Knowing that failure 
will stand right beside me.                 by    "joseph pichardo"

Details | Failure Poem | |

A Failure BOY

Ever with me, Ever with me

Sorrows and the borrows

Pains and the strains

Never with me, never with me

love and the affection

The people I love and the things I like

Loving is my hobby , Sorrows made friendship with me

Happies are like my relatives , Sorrows are  like my family

Happies come very frequently but sorrows remain constantly

Oceans are their in my eyes

Valleis are their in my heart

What I want that go far and what I need that gets rare

Oh! God, you have build a ocean of sorrows in my life

And You gave a rain of happiness in that

God! Will you be friend to this foolish boy

If any next birth made me a statue which has no feelings and no sorrows

Side of success

Details | Failure Poem | |


                 I BLESS HIS SUCCESS

If a father’s success can be measured by that of his son
Then with certainty I am as successful as anyone
If a father’s job ends when his son is a success
Then I have a victory to openly confess

I look at a man and see the man I would have liked to become
I am brimming over with utter pride and then some
My son has taught me humility and the meaning of self-esteem
And has brought to fruition every father’s ultimate dream

If I am not the man that I had planned to be
but at least I can say my son has done much more than me
He continues to astound me with every passing day
By how he gives back to the world in every way

If a man’s character can be gauged by that of his son
Than this father has as much character as anyone
Although he has no real reason to be proud of me
I am more than proud of the man he’s come to be
     clarence darrow opined that the sins of a father fall on the shoulders of his am I glad that didn't hold true for you!

Details | Failure Poem | |

am self failure from

                                           am self failure from 		
                                       God deserves it so I love 		
                                               my destination		

Details | Failure Poem | |


The masterpiece of failure that is witnessed by doom
Stored in a museum of documented let-downs 
In a miserable four-cornered room
The burning of hearts that are used as candles
Illuminate the vile environmental setting
The aroma is the stench of the righteous not getting
The dark strokes of the brush
That paint with acrylics of destruction
Supposedly abstract art
But it is biased towards abduction
Abduction of brush cleaners
That wash away paints
That cover up the notion of success being faint
Legacies of what would have been
If it ever got started
Intricacies of the human mind with potential unlimited
Have now become artistically retarded
Superb expenditures that never fulfill sure prophecies
Mixing of colors for that fine blend of evil thought
Erase the vision of  the triumph that is sought
Mix money with lust for power and it equals greed
Mix low self esteem with gullibility and you've planted the seed
Mix arrogance with over-ambition to create the color of unsatisfactory ends
Mix temptation with lust to create demonic friends
Mix jealousy and envy to come up with the color of malice
It has become a prime color to line the walls of the dark palace
The list goes on because there's so many combinations
There are many ways to fail The lords divine expectations  
The masterpiece is almost complete
The canvas is the flesh of apprehensive souls
Of those that believed that they would never reach their goals
It looks to have been conceived
By a mind of bacchanal wisdom in a house of ill repute
Stained by barriers making angelic voices mute
Did I mention that this museum was a portion hell?
A revelation of satanic point of view
When demons stand back and proudly marvel
At what has become of you
A painting of fire and brimstone with you in it 
Is the prized possession of Lucifer's gallery
It was sold for the price of your soul
The product of increasing the beasts salary  
Remember that without your help
He couldn't have done it

Remember that failure and Satan are proud allies and will do anything to achieve victory.
Don't let them do it!!!