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It Is Not Easy - Try It Yourself

              Not easy to speak or write a foreign language
              How many languages do you speak or write
              There are many that comes to your country
              who do not know the language ..... it is difficult
              I spoke with a "foreigner" today .... nice guy
              He worked on the garbage car
              A very well paid job in Norway
              The box of garbage must be wheeled down to the port
              I'd forget ... ran after the car with my box
              Smiling and cheerful, he said:
           * Norwegian: "Do glemte sitte ut do " ?
                                              -  ((Do you forget to put the box out ?))
           * Translated: "You forgot to sit on the toilet " (?)

 - A smile from reality :)))

A-L  Andresen :)

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You're Easy to be Proud of

You have grown to be such a man
yet, I cannot help but see the boy in you
you are my Son, who wears many uniforms
as your father, I cannot help but be Proud,

I see you march in the Orange and Black
your new horn, the one you have polished to a glow
every step you take, Orchestrated to perfection
with every note played, My pride, Crescendo 

Then, you have worked hard, and Matured
a letter arrives, Office of the Governor, the Man himself
an invitation, Ambassadorship, a Musical one
Travel Europe, Summer next, Seven Countries

A Father, busting with pride, Why? I'll tell you!

        Because, " Your Easy to be Proud of"

Yet as proud as I am, there is this other Uniform
the one you wear with Honor, Duty, Love of Country
the one with Medals, Braids and Epaulets 
the one with a special pin, a hometown pin

Five Stars Golden, enveloped by Black and Orange
Tenne' a Chevron, a Chief, a Ring of Life
of the First Argent, A Scroll in Black
an inscription, " Classis Adhaereo Adstringo"

A Motto, In Latin, ascribed by the Navy
for Five hometown boys Lost in War
of how they lived and died " We Stick Together"
Albert,Francis,George,Joseph and Madison Sullivan

In that Uniform, I see the Man, not the boy
I cannot help but be caught, in solemn thought
This Man, with Anapolis in sight and mind
on this, the Eve of the 9/11 tragedy and War

That solemn thought reverts to Sacrifice
the Sullivan's sacrificed,9/11 over 3000 sacrificed
all did so,willingly or not, for Country, for God
I think you have foreseen Your Destiny, Your own

Josh, whatever Uniform you decide to wear,
whatever path, you may choose to walk
I'll always Love you, Be there for and with you
and be So Very Proud of You, Why? Because!

             You're Easy to be Proud of! 

             With all my Love.....Dad

Copyright 2011 Richard Pickett

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I am easy--senryu

I am easy....
3 drinks of rice wine
and I love you!


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Etch each embrace
Apply appeal
Sketch special space
Yoke yonder yields

Endow each etch
Ablaze apt aye
Sign spacious sketch
Yes yielding yea

Explore ending
Appease asking
Sensuous soothing
Yes yours yelling

Employ entice
Align adore
Survive surprise
Yes younger yore

Expound extreme
Amass anew
Suggest supreme
Yesterday yields you

Leon Enriquez
04 Apr 2014

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It Ain't Easy Being Green

Kermit is a canary,
He's such a pretty boy
And when he starts to sing,
He sings with so much joy.

Kermit is a canary,
The prettiest I've ever seen
And with his strange coloured plumage
It ain't easy being green.

The other canaries stare at him
Because he is unique.
They think because he's green
He's some kind of a freak.

But Kermit is a pretty bird
Who has a pretty voice
And as for his green colour
He really had no choice.

The yellow and the orange coloured birds,
They think they are the best
But little "Kermit the Green"
Just doesn't look like the rest.

But he can sing a pretty song,
The sweetest ever heard.
It just ain't easy being green
Especially if you're a bird.

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Rest Easy my Friend

Rest my friend truly you deserve some peace 
Life sometimes hard but you always did maintain 
Your friends carry a memory of  you that  won't cease

A peculiar fellow quickly your anger could increase
How adamantly you would continue  to explain
Rest my friend you deserve to get some peace

Your passion for life could never decrease
Even after suffering so much agony and pain 
Your friends carry a memory ofyou  that won't cease 

From every lecture I could take away a piece 
Always knowing there was something to gain
Rest my friend trulyyou deserve some peace

I continue on now still searching for my crease
We have a friendship that death cannot contain
Yes I'll carry a memory of you that won't cease

Truly our friendship never faltered in the least 
Even now I can still hear you complain and complain
Rest now my friend truly you deserve some peace 
Your friends carry a memory of you that won't cease 


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Violence and demonstration is 
Not an easy route to break frustration, rejection
Bounce back on hardship and dismantle disappointment.
It's not an easy route to betray suffering and sorrow   
Not an easy route to freedom and liberty,
Many would die, humiliated and battered like an oaf
There is never an easy route to success.
Procrastination is foolish and stupid in its little world
Not an easy route to succeed.
Break through the broken thought and spirit
Swirl pass fear and grab the hurdles
With a club in your fist tight
Then hurl it at wisdom and understanding.
There you make success your friend 
Killing and rituals is not an easy route to fame,
Hard work and commitment silently bring the answer 
Which shower a tiny and blissful rain on 
Your efforts and waters your Destiny to effect.
Silent mouth is not an easy route to get to the mad house,
Not an easy route to get published in the mad house
Build up your failures and refuse to give up 
Even in the face of rejection and critics
A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

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gentle and easy the hot air balloon did float

gentle and easy

luminous clouds, I touch flight.....

exquisite freedom


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Not Easy Being Green

He has sung the song often before
'bout a color he really abhors,
but Kermit's been seen
all smilin' in green
on St. Pat's when he walks out the door.

March 18, 2014

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three easy pieces
the kind of tunes children like
are so out of place
in this electronic world
grandma moses comes to mind

the colors    simple
country places brought to life
you identify
alive again as a child
love    comfort    security

in this complex world
simple things are still the best
three easy pieces
love    comfort    security
old grandma knew how to live