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Carpe Diem - Definition

The definition of: Carpe Diem is below.
There are 3 syllables in the word Carpe Diem.
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Definition of: Carpe Diem

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Poetry Definition

Latin expression that means 'seize the day.' Carpe diem poems have a theme of living for today.


Leuconoe, don't ask--it's forbidden to know--
what end the gods will give me or you. Don't play with Babylonian
fortune-telling either. Better just deal with whatever comes your way.
Whether you'll see several more winters or whether the last one
Juppiter gives you is the one even now pelting the rocks on the shore with the waves
of the Tyrrhenian sea--be smart, drink your wine. Scale back your long hopes
to a short period. Even as we speak, envious time
is running away from us. Seize the day (Carpe diem), and trust as little as possible in the future.

Poetry Definition

Latin for 'seize the day'. Originally a phrase taken from an ode by Horace, but more recently synonymous with the film Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams.


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