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My Drug of CHOICE

Man-made drugs
Induce an altered state
A psychedelic paradise
Of euphoria
A burst of colors
Impaired reality of dreams
A fix of blissful forgetfulness
Married to ecstasy

What need have I of these?
When I have you
My drug of choice
I will not touch any of the others
But you, I long to touch…
To feel you under my fingertips
To caress before I ingest
And let you posses...

Every way I can have you is good…
I inject
Take you in orally
Taste you laced with everything
Under my tongue...

There…ah….there….it begins
I start getting high….
Climbing and climbing
My roller coaster rocketing high
On your words
On the scent of your emotions
On the presence of you in my mind
Who could ever find
A more wholesome or better stimulant...

Yes, you stimulate every part of me
You excite me
Make me delirious
Bring fire to my veins
Drive me insane
Make me oblivious to the pain
Leave me wanting more than the time before
Wanting a larger dose of you
More dangerous
More hallucinogenic
Unaware of my surroundings
I climax on this induced trip
You….my drug of choice
The drug from which
There is not even an iota
Of hope for rehabilitation….EVER...

Every cell to my very core is under your control
I want you coursing in my blood
Flooding my brain
More often…more intense…longer…stronger…
What drug can compare to you?
My ever present addiction…
Opiate of my obsession
Drug of my choice….

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Was struck by a bolt of inspiration on this one! :)

Belt it out with Amy Winehouse…..”They wanted to take me to rehab, but I said ‘NO, NO, NO’.” ;) When I teach my students a rule or so in grammar, I say, for example, "Can you use a comma to join two independent clauses? Is it enough punctuation?" Then, in answer, I belt out with Amy..."NO, NO, NO!" They laugh!

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Crack -the drug i am

i kill your 
i kill your 
i kill your
i slide in between
your most 
wanted desires 
and tear em down 
like bull dozers

i bring all your 
fears closer 
and damage you 
crack i love 
your pipe 
crack i love 
your life 
you feen for me 
and dream for me 
i call you 
late at nite 
after you eat 
you throw up 
cause i can't bear 
to let you gain on me
rehab can shelter you
but you wills be back!

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I Am Drug Free

Drugs are nasty, drugs are bad,
Rage consumes you and makes you mad.
Using drugs is unhealthy,
Getting high don’t make you wealthy.

Family and friends keep me clean,
Rehearsing that, before my teens.
Education is the treasure,
Encouraging us, to stay fresher.

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The Drug of Jealousy

Jealousy could be as harmful as a drug...
It chases away all that's close without a hug...

It's an addiction that tears apart all that's good...
A self inflicted wound that spreads like only cancer could...

When life is going well those feelings rain in like a storm...
And it's easier to to get washed away then stand tall in form...

Trust and love are words thrown around like chips on a table...
But to live them and really feel them, only a strong person is able...

This is dedicated to my past where I climbed up from at last...
If this mirrors your ways then read and learn, you touch the 
jealousy flame you will get burned...

By Michael J Falotico

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I am a Drug Dealer

Blessed they say I am with lucratively running through my hands
I am too busy keeping up with supply of demands
Nectar comes pouring in, sweets shoveled of the selves
Eager little children can only think of themselves
He comes in sweating for can
The smell permeates under the heat and fan
Diary Milk by the cream dreamy dozens 
Chocolates with toys they bring in their cousins
Milkshakes and cans of cola and sparkling lemonades
After work and school they come in and parade 
Then he comes staggering in sweating again for another can
The smell permeates under the heat and fan
Papers fly like planes day after day
Reading to hear what others gave to say
Then he comes staggering in sweating again for another can
The smell permeates under the heat and fan
Rows of tins cover a whole wall
365 days you won’t go hungry at all
And then he comes staggering in sweating again for another can
The smell permeates under the heat and fan
Ring ring ring goes the till
I am waiting for him to come in, that man, the man I make ill.

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my drug

 I love you 
From the deepest depths of my heart
You are my addiction
I am craving my next fix
Everything I am
Everything you are
I need 
To feel alive
And I will
With you by my side
You will always be my drug 

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A Drug Test

Those who enforce and make our laws
Must be of sound body and mind, that is not impaired
To administer The Law, justly and fairness to all
Protect the honest, not mingle with outlaws
We have the best legal system in the world, does not need to be repaired
But only as good as the ones that carry the ball

Like those in the medial field, they take an oath
Promise to care for all, not just those they choose
As we are a great land, we should have the best
As for the bad ones, we  need to cut out that growth
If we do not, in the end we will loose
A very simple and cost effective cure, is a drug test

To get and hold a job, we all have to take one
So why should they be any different?
Where I have been, if you did not take one, you were fired
If one's mind is altered, should he or she carry a gun?
This is the message that needs to be sent
If they do not take one, they are not hired

So what is done to the little man should be done to the big man
They maybe the law, but no one is above the law
If any should fight this, the first sign of failure
And a sure fire way to protect every American
In every state, drug test those in law
Then we can sleep better every night, that is for sure

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575 drug world

words are simply best words
your music follows fast pushing everywhere brother
lights,smell,moments,living, peace.

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You Are My Drug Of Choice

Your beauty is zin in thoughts of you I swim
Feeling relaxed within harassed at the fact that I’m a wimp
When I try to let you in best expressed with my pen
The way I feel this is real untangible but I can feel
A connection look into your eyes and feel protection
From a lack of affection
In your atmosphere I’m at recess like Gretchen 
Your in the east I’m a west wind 
Barely come to a close
We continue in circles relapsing but I want to overdose
I just sit and wait with my eyes closed
Meditating trying to get rid of resistance like diodes
Seeking hope for you and I or just freedom to fly
Closer to you I’m high
Freefalling ignoring others passing by
On my way down loves my allaby 
So im guilty as charged filthy with stars
Day dreaming of you then I put you in bars

Feeling blessed by your presence 
Deep in the thought of your origins and essence
The feel of your lips pressed against mine in a session
Of indulging, examining your profile and emotion
Your smokey silohuette in motion
Choked up when togetherness is broken
Stimulated by your soul, I’m sold
Now I’m generating stocks to hold
Pleasure particles are overgrown 
Synapse is overwhelmed me and you in our own realm
Our bodies light up with touch
Eyes want all the light our senses can conjer up,
Hoping our interests are not different, collars up
On the same page when it comes to lust
And when it finally comes to we simultaneously combust

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on being called a drug addict

the wheels just thumped
a jazz beat

(and it woke me

from sleep- with my Lunch
Poems) that made me think
I was somewhere else
like the drug-
that all look	    the same

only nothing like that nausea.

(not the sweat I get
from the stale air-

not that prefab 
from offwhite
prefab aisles
that all twist 
in the same direction, all
born in 
weak perfection).

the startling rhythm displaced

its syncopated thump
contused me
and left these little ugly rainbows
on my arms

and that tattoo really goes
at the start from each station
but here 
               the cadence has slowed
(like the wagon wheels in an old movie
that spin the wrong way)

as we move backward it sounds more like a train,
more humane.
The wheels catch their groove and the pace relaxes
the bumps disappear - 
it sounds more like a train.

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The Drug of Choice

I need an injection
Of the resurrection
I need a dose
Of the Holy Ghost
This disease is just the devil
I can’t stoop down to his level
The only high that I can feel
Is when I rise or when I kneel
Your motion is my potion
That bleeds out all this commotion
In the darkness, I can see
With the lord inside of me
In the storms, I can fly
Because I no longer live a lie.

By: Sabina Nicole

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the drug addict

like my first high its been
casted with a certain amount
of lows,has my reddened eye seen
like a swoop to a valley from a high mount
as the skin is hardening,and grim
decline awaits,i know,but our first,
like the flight of the float of our arms, the nerves are gittery
with hard substance from the heart,the palms
most sweaty of the body parts,misery
all through the last days,when the calm
head is now violent,the first days were very
much like though the end was one
our hearts lay less caring

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A Drug Needed

How can this be?
How can I let another human being 
take control of me
Let you whisper promises I've 
already heard
I told myself that better is what I 
What makes you different?
I'm still trying to figure it out,
I try to lose thought of you as I 
wonder about
but I end up back in your arms
Safe and warm
your every touch sending chills from 
my head to toes
Oh how I don't want to let go!
These blue veins run with every 
ounces of your heart that I have,
I wonder how long this love will 
just, just one kiss so I can sleep
One heart that you can keep
don't ever walk away from me
I may just go crazy!
I know I'm every where with this 
poem but I can't get right 
Maybe a-another kiss will make me 
alright ;)

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The boys of summer/ the drug's of wonder

They make asprin's to help ease pain of headache and body malfunction. So I have
a personal vendetta against the steroid-maker and performance enhanchers drugs
that these baseball player's and any other professional athelete's use to make them
stronger as they think-but end doing more to there psyche than the public image of
there particular sports. WHY(?) when the world is in dire-straight for the future gen-
eration that's to follow, of an idol. WHY(?) because millon's of dollar's are at staked
could that be reason enough, no I don't think so. The world of amature baseball is
blighted by the news of favorite athelete's admire by so many kids and adult's alike.
Now what do we do for a "Hero". Scar, by controversy over this enempt drug, will our
future generation copy the method of famous star's such as Barry Bond, Alex Rodriquez,
and so-so many other's. Stop making the "Damb-junk and your worse nightmire of some-
day loosing the game outright may never occur!!.

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A Drug Too Deep This Love


YOU SAY............I LIE.........THAT I'M THE LIAR!
THE DIFFERENCE.........BETWEEN.........E=MC squ!ared.........
AND.........R squared.........IS......94 to the 27th minus 5x TIMES 13 to the
Rth.........IS THIS TRUE?
(X x Y) to the 14th power OVER 2z times R to the 40th power TIMES Rsphere


BUT.........THE HARDEST EQUATION.........IS.........LOVE!
HIM.........AND US.........AND-ALL-OF-US!


AND WHEN I GO............I'LL GO!


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the drug lull

I need you 
I hate you 
I can't live with you or without you 
My life lost due to my mind toss 

I hold you in my hand 

only to be damned

The world so cruel 

you are my only escape tool

Further down i will fall

into the drug abyss lull

Shaking and vibrating i push you past my lips 
Sinking in my brain 
Escaping from the world of pain

To entangled to resign 
Destroying my mind 
I just want to escape this periling decline

But you have taken my body, soul and mind 


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I'm Drug-Free

Just because I don't do drugs, let alone marijuana, doesn't mean I'm a wimp or a chicken.
Being drug-free has, and will always be, the greatest moment of my life. I don't need
illegal drugs to improve my image or my so-called "social status;" all I need are my
family and a clear head. I don't do drugs because it's wrong, it's stupid, it's dumb, and
it's not my thing. Doing all kinds of drugs, like crystal meth, will mess up a human
being's brain and lives will have been ruined. I don't sniff cocaine in my brain because
it'll mess my brain up. I don't smoke weed, pot, skunk weed, or marijuana because all of
them will tend to mess me up. And I don't use heroin because it'll mess me up and my
social life, as well. I don't need drugs to prove to anyone that I'm cool, or to be part
of this so-called "clique." Everybody knows that being drug-free means that good things
will happen. I tend to stay drug-free, and that's what I'm going to do. And if everyone
were to withstand the rest of their lives with no drugs, then it'll be for their friends
and families. I will remain drug-free for what will be the rest of my life. In the words
of the D.A.R.E. organization: "Just say 'no'."

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a drug called power

trippin on a drug called power
elevated from the ground like sky high towers
turning mortal men into monsters
turning gardens of goodness into demonic dumpsters
turning flowers of love into bloody barbwire
slow soul subtraction assets quickly turn to loss
turn a snot nosed punk into a shot calling big boss
turning stations and twisting knobs
small tin soldiers turn into genocidal gods...
with powerful rods of wrath and revenge
creeping death on the end of a syringe
on a neverneding binge burned and synged and set to devour
trippin on a drug called power

false prophets,preachers, and puppets bring that ridiculous revival
on sweaty sin stages of strength and mad survival
slaves and kings on ropes and pullies
helmets head get struck with bullets
and prisoners of pain they wither into nothing
strong ones die like there's no tomorrow
trippin on a drug called power

i rise like the sun and fall down to my knees
that drug called power leaves me dark and diseased
the heartless warden laughs as he dangles the keys
he screams like a nazi...."WORK WILL MAKE YOU FREE"
i die like the grass and toxic trees
i swim with the fish in a cyanide stream
satan feasts on my flesh...he grins and he seethes
seconds and minutes march on to meet that final hour
trippin forever on a drug called power

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The Drug in Me is You

The drug in me is you,
Our love is new,
Your love is like,
A medicine for me,
When I'm sad it makes me happy,
It's impossible to be depressed,
When I'm around you,
Your love is my addiction,
Addictions are bad,
But my addiction to you,
Is my everything,
You keep me alive,
Most people need,
Artificial drugs to get high,
All I need is your love to get to cloud nine,
The fact that I get to call you mine,
Keeps me alive,
If I lose your love,
I'll go into withdrawal,
And slowly die,
So never stop loving me,
The drug in me is you,

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The Most lethal Drug In The World

I'm going to tell you about, the most lethal drug in the world, or so I think
It's one I swear, though it may seem contraire,  maybe makes your brain shrink
First let's decide what a drug does, a quick debate?
Can leave you immobile, uncommunicative, kinda catatonic state
Might not even notice your dinner gone cold upon the plate
The chills of panic, if you don't fix your crave
To this thing, so many, become it's slave
Hiding away in a lost world of retreat
Sat on arse's all day, barely upon the feet
This violent crazy world, riddled with crime
There's people being shot all of the time
The government though, is in on it too
Much bigger crooks than me or you
A fine is one 'punishment' they do
They charge us tax to control our brain
and manipulate the information we gain
Another threat they use, now listen
If you don't pay the man, you go to prison
So many potential uses, such an educational prism,
But, I believe the most dangerous drug is television!

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The Drug Store

Driving through a small mining town
Angle parking in front of an old drug store
Memories flashed back to my childhood
Those days are gone forever more

Sitting on a stool at the soda counter
Large cherry coke for a dime
The place had its own kind of smell
A memory lost in time

Hamburger was more than worth the price
With a toasted bun and an onion slice
A metal Coca Cola ad hanging on the wall
For a nickel you could buy a red sponge ball

Fountain soda tasted mighty good
Floor was clean and it was made of wood
Get a prescription filled and something to eat
An ice cream soda was a special treat

They had Squirrel Nut Zippers and Mary Janes
Red hot dollars and candy canes
Good n' Plenty and crackerjacks
Magazines and paperbacks

Baseball cards came with gum inside
The owner flew our flag with pride
I looked to the sky and heard myself say
Lord, I'd trade all I own for yesterday.

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The drug-seller kids

The kids are used to sell drugs
To the customers –
What else poor kids can do?

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~The Last Legal Drug~

‘et je l'ai regardée expirer tant de fois’

and I watched her expire so many times
when bound by phantoms
at realities edge
take not a shallow breath
but inhale each others
tangled prayers

melded bodies, melted minds
where a heartbeat crashes
to drum upon heavens door
and anarchy reigns 
with expunged cries

in loss is found escape
when reality slips
and space between time
feels like death

***Inspiration - La Petit Mort

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The drug-dealer girl

Her one kidney was damage
The money for her treatment -
She could not manage!

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My drug of choice

I have to admit that I am using again.
The years if serbrity has came to an end.
Knowing that the time was close made it more,
This new drug is so addictive.
It makes me excited.
Its deadly taste leaves me begging for more,
 the craving seems to never cease.
Leaves my body restless.
No treatment will be needed, I'll
never stop usin this drug.