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Below are the all-time best Diamante poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of diamante poems written by PoetrySoup members

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                                                love, mystery
                                         beautiful, bright, caring
                         peaceful, spiritual, messengers, guardian angels
                                      powerful, sparkling, presence
                                                 hope, longing

26. June 2012
A-L Andresen

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Precious Gifts of Love

God/Jesus Loving, Good Saving, Blessing, Guiding King, Lord of Lords, Savior, Creator Teaching, Leading, Fishing Powerful, Almighty Father Father strong, industrious building , directing , sacrificing family head, director, leader, manager hardworking, supporting courageous, patient Mother Mother caring, kind nursing , assisting, guiding teacher, adviser, counselor, caregiver, leading, molding, supervising tender, understanding friend Friend loyal, warm brothers, sisters giving unconditional love whom we can hold on to and trust, so,love and honor your father and mother one of the commandments of God Above are precious diamonds and gifts of love, Safely kept in my diamante- poem treasure box.
August 18,2012 First Place Contest: Diamante Judged: 11/13/13 Sponsor: Poet Dr. Ram Mehta

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The Two Foods

Health Food natural, low-calorie nourishing, strengthening, boring kale, *kimchi, chips, chocolate tantalizing, satisfying, fattening salty, sweet Junk Food *Kimchi is the national health food of Korea, fermented vegetables, particularly cabbage. It's nasty-tasting stuff, but to each his own. For the Diamante Poem Contest of Regina Riddle

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twilight gentle, inky moaning, seeking, caressing ambrosia, prurience; mantra, lace mystifying,unbuttoning...deepening pastel, awaiting dawn
Diamante Form Contest by nette onclaud

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War and Peace

                                     violent, deadly
                          confusing, damaging, suffering
                    armament, strategy, dialogue, harmony
                       forgiving, respecting, understanding 
                                    mental, spiritual


                                  11th November 2014
                               Contest: Diamante Poem
                                Sponsor: Regina Riddle
                                         Placed: 3rd

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Earth and Sky

Earth magnificent, finite spinning, shifting, living shores, oceans, horizons, heavens beaming, reflecting, inspiring celestial, infinite Sky
for Regina Riddle's Diamante Contest, 11/7/14

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Life Is What You Make IT

                                Awesome, Beautiful
                          Crawling, Walking, Running
                  Toddler, Student , Retirement, Elderly
                             Falling, Aging, Agonizing
                                   Painful, Lifeless

for Dave Wood's
Life Is What You Make It Contest
Tim Smith

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Earthquake ominous, tragic crumbling, exploding, mocking destruction, ashes, horror, shambles, ruining, flagging, pulverizing unmerciful, belligerent tremor Diamante Poem for Regina Riddle 11 Nov 2014

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                   Abandoned, Afraid
               Losing, Longing, Lacking
            Always Alone, Forever Home
              Lasting, Loving, Lavishing
                     Chosen, Secure

       Contest: Regina's "Diamanté Poem"
                     Date: 11-12-14

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Fool's Gold

Gold Shiny~~~Bright Mining, Extracting, Holding Nuggets, Money, Empty, Void Crying, Devastating, Madding Broken, Lost Pyrite
Pyrite's symbol is: FeS

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Battling Addiction


Drug weak, dizzy alienating, boring, fading quicksand, asphyxia, tunnel, light embracing, joining, aiming eternal, paternal God

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God's Gift

balmy, breezy
shining, shimmering, laughing
birds, flowers, color, fragrance
dimming, calming, falling
sleepy, restful
November 7, 2014

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Halloween Diamond

Bones Pale, chalky Hating, stalking, gripping Skull, skeleton, Jack-O-Lantern, candle Humbling, pleasing, comforting Orange, hollow Pumpkin
Russell Sivey

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Dark Dawn

Dawn hopeful, expectant tantalizing, exhilarating, inviting friends, citizens, government, politicians inciting, embezzling, dictating greedy, covetous Darkness

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I keep thinkin about you and me
thinking bout us
How would it be
if I was your wife.
We would have a great life.

My love,
Thinkin bout me and you
thinking bout our baby
we haven't made
if it only came to that day.
wishin', dreamin it will be  someday!!!!

Thinking about us
Where this would lead
I can only will wish and pray 
Waiting is all I can do..
Love you that much
I give you my everything.

Thinking about about me and you 
Where this will go
I can't think
All I can do is 

I am on top of this crazy world
I will wait for you...
Glad to know I got your heart
Will always be your girl!!!!
You are a dream come true.

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                                                    hot, blazing sun
                                       light clothes, naked, summer brown
                              sunglasses, sandy beach, sunscreen, sun umbrella
                      sunburn, summer love, summer kiss, summer joy, happiness
                                sun umbrella, sun hat, swimming, water skiing
                                      strawberries, ice cream, cold drinks
                                                   lazy days, pleasure

A-L  Andresen :)

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Cookie Warm, golden Gazing, longing, tempting Diet, restrained, guilt, resignation Biting, chewing, swallowing Moist, delicious Cookie

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A Poet Never Faultiers

I drank my words from the cup of evil lately not holy water
Like many I sit in my dungeon of doom on earth trying not to my addictions faultier
I'm sitting knee deep in the shitted down reservation sewer street water 
Im looking for wisdom daily with sinners with calls that I shouldn't be trying to call her
I know I be looking for a life filled with silver and gold when I know Im living in copper
I know I got a crazy  coming my way so I best get on trying to stop her
I remember the first time I was in love with lust when I first saw her
I know without the water in my life I would scream silent as I would quietly holler 
I know I been like a bunny moving around in life that sometimes people call me a hopper
I know I been kicking it in the field so much that people tell me I should start playing soccer
I should be more of an actor of actions and less more of a talkitive talker
I know I got what I got so I will be a poet that will never ever faulteir

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Autumn Beautiful, Romantic Relaxing, Kissing, Snuggling Love, Happiness, Beauty, Seduction Working, Thriving, Surviving Cold, Dark Winter

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Jimmy and Brianna

Jimmy imaginative, poetic learning, protecting, misjudging father, parent, daughter, child accepting, forgiving, understanding artistic, gorgeous Brianna
*Written for my middle child Brianna - daddy loves you!!!

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Sister's Forgiveness

Although there the same ,in blood and name. they hinder each other
with there ways, there's no understanding there strangers in every
way, why brought  together a parent ask. When they can't forgive the
past. There selfish, and quite disturbed They see themselves 
they don't speak words. someday there see ,just much to late.
The blood that flowed was no mistake.If only strangers they could 
retake the life given to them was all though Faith. So hold each other
without regret, accepted each other and make a Peace.  This is the best 
without this there will be no rest.So forgive each other without delay
because there may not be another day, Remember Sister's All of your 
Days forgiveness is the only way.

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Jimmy and Audrey

Jimmy Sexy, articulate Learning, writing, satisfying King, Queen, Friend, Lover understanding, giving, loving gorgeous, intelligent Audrey

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A Nice Place To Sleep(?)

                         Soft, downy
               Sleeping, snuggling, crying
        Cushions, dreams, nightmares, wood,
                Biting, nipping, splintering,
                        Cold, Resistant

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Fickle Sweet Heart

Love A sting of devotion It's wild emotion and smiles It's being so caught up in the moment Wind lifts up caution, your guard down for miles You can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't stop to concentrate You're constantly lost in your thoughts and perpetually running late The world is still wildly spinning but for you it's stopped, until one day the bubble of all bubbles does pop. Did I forget to mention you're young? About sweet sixteen now Your heart is so gentle and just learning how, to hold hope. When suddenly it does a number on you The butterfly feeling sinks lead in your soul and your stomach turns over in a sickened death roll. You feel like you're trapped in a water filled cave, you must get out quick if your life you will save. You push and scratch while your heart you snatch back. Run with the wind at your heels! So scared to look back so you shout out, attack with uncommon inflection and zeal This wild emotion and pain A sting risen shame Hate

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Would You Be My Concubine?

I've asked this of many women,
And get strange looks towards my way,
And in all honesty,
I think I ought to say,
What the hell is a concubine??
Is it an imprisoned porcupine?
I just don't really know,
But, ask it I do, often,
With results too easy to show,
That's not a healthy rosy cheek,
But face-slaps I seem to seek,
Stings like all hell,
Oh, what, by God, do tell...
What the hell am I saying aloud,
And why does it leave me less than proud?

Gotta' get me one'a dem fancy dik-shun-arees
Else I be beaten down to my knees..........