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Knowledge is power

Listen to me I a wisdom spreading the message to grown ups and children Mentality philosophy sycologicoly educationaly given My brains spinning working 7 days a week thinking My thoughts are high beonyed the sky it's like an angel blinking Thoughts of determination I will spread knowledge to the nation So all that negative in the world I am replacing With lyrical penatration only spoken by a consealer I can never be the same never follow I'm a leader This world is going down if I keep this to myself I would die a 1000 deaths to help everyone else This life is so amazing while hell's fire keeps blazing Billionars keep getting money and prices are still raising Homeless people craving 3 pennies they are saving I'm getting so pissed I'm about to paint the white house black Uplifting my community and bringing it all back Apply all this wisdom because every word is a fact

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Without Anabel's smile,
I am a forest without a tree,
a universe without its golden sun;
and with a loner's heart,
I'll forever search for my lovely and unseen star!
Without Anabel's smile,
I'm tossed by the be thrown into the sea!
and with little hope,I easily lose heart!   

Some women are easy to love,
and Anabel's name fits these tender words;
a real woman stands by her adored man, 
and gives him all she can...
Anabel...lovely Anabel,
everything turned awfully sad...
when our beautiful star fell
from the August sky to the silent earth!

Without Anabel's smile,
life becomes a flower without spring,
an empty hand that holds nothing;
and mine waits for her distant hands
to touch me and make me come alive...
and if destiny is kind, we will dance!

Anabel...untrue Anabel, prettier than an unreal goddess:
have you found another sweet-heart...and settled for less?

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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Over Energy Transfer

Fact none the less science has proven
That forms of energy does so change
Overly abundant is this synaptic spark
Power be contained in thus rotting shell
Only one knows thus where energy goes

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Godly Men


I speak thy name so often, you’d think I’d know the spell; but so help me, I swear I do; I
saw it this sullen
Mourning standing in the cue – the gaunt brother of commerce’s inclusion aching with
regret; I could smell it on his breath – Lord, the world devoid of love drains my brothers
blue – they seek you in such vacant places – they see you where they are, not: a subtle
telling sub-plot of longing and regret; oh how they adorn such phases: the raincoat, the
cup of coffee, the last great event of yearning; the wrong turn not taken; for all is
gone, forsaken – in the void that seeks consume them one, two or three. 
This is the last remark that can be spoken on the subject, for to lend it power is to doom
those brothers bold who beat thy rhythm true – those saints who ply a trade unique – to
stare at Godly men’s best intentions and render them oblique.

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If tomorrow I’ll be late for a coffee to "The Greek"
Do not wait
Above Olympus of pain I make portrait of Mother
In the loneliness I knit nostalgic mosaic of Father's
To the Children we build together the statue of longing
Let we kiss a lot Grandmother but not let us kill the exile

If after tomorrow I will be absent for cappuccino to "The Italian"
Wait me a bit
To save desperation about homeland
I will ride crazy within Dante’s circles
While daughter of Tyro’s King wound words from haven
Kills me every day and Kosovo in daylight

If today again I’ll not come to “The new club”
Don’t think that I don’t want
But there are gossips, rumors and fog
And I pray for everyone, even for those who only speak Albanian
Wait me to the field of the church where our childhood suffering
To make toast of tears; why we haven’t had the beautiful youth age

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be smart stay in school

see spot see spot run, wow mom i can read
yes but you must go to school to get all you need
at home i can teach you how to tie your shoes
but they can teach you why one and one makes two

back then getting an education was so clear 
and we didn't bother to question why 
as we learned the different between hear and here 
and of course how to multiply

but now it seems school is not what we pictured
no more recess where we run and laugh
they have brought in American literature
a when will i use all this math

then you must combind all you know and more
just to try and get a deceit S.A.T. score
which they say is based solely on your knowledge
and it's very important when choosing a college

this is why we must focus on our priority's
in order to get into a good university
and in these times you need a college degree
that's the only way to make it in today's society

you'll have plenty of time to have fun 
so don't be anybody fool
it time you start looking out for number one 
be smart ! stay in school

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Love Spell

A love so zealous
Can defy a thousand men

But to whom shall I give my love
If no one wants, what I have to offer him

I lay awake at night
And cry a million tears
My pillow cries back at me
Because it hears my fears

At daybreak, I lay awake
Heartbroken, yet I persevere
For I will never give up on finding him
Not for a hundred years

Today, I passed a man, who gave me a wink
I think …

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The WORLD beyond WORDS

WHY she doesn’t understand? I want to speak something, Unfortunately she gets something. Why is there a gap, between our thoughts? I went for a nap, Hoping everything will be fine afterwards But…nothing has changed As if I am cursed, I am back to hell. Why I am like that? Why can't I make anyone happy? Why my life has become so sad? Where are those joyful berries? I am so scared From all the directions I am so dumb That I can't believe on my own self When will the light of glory, Come to my life For which I have always thrived. When will I be able to convey my feelings Of love & care for her? When will I be able to share? She behaves as if I don't exist Like I am out of her life. This makes me feel , As if my heart is cut with a knife. Talking is far... She doesn’t even give a glance How can everything be alright? I can't even see a trace of chance. My eyes are swollen because of tears. They have become red But I don't think she cares Which makes me tremble with fear.. I never wanted to hurt you I am sorry if I did I know it was my mistake to some extent I am sorry.... I am rude But I don't pretend I will try to be polite As per your delight Please please please don't walk away I am ignorant Instead help me to find a way Help me to rise, Take me to paradise!!! ~~~~~@!<@!\!!<$!-!@ Priy@

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the Sun is shining brightly.

when the sun is about to rise above, one can see and admire the beauty of the light coming
out the sun which is like gold colour which is covered all whoever it comes on. all the
birds meet on the trees nearby singing with perfect cordination with each other, saluting
the sun, one can also feel the heat of the sun  on those who shining on them. some
passerbys drinking water to quinch their thirst because the heat is going very high as soon
the sun goes up little by little, and when the sun goes down in the evening, one can feel
the light heat and the light that seems to be very golden  yellowish on the fields and where it
passes leaving a spectular beauty looking at it, by going up little by little till it vanishes behind the sea for good

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The Naked Truth

The stories I could tell and having told
of trials which would led thee upon a well worn path
within the skin and to the core the soul
through torrid memories of the long lost past.

I'd speak of Joseph whose passions prompted bliss
of kisses deep within this form of Eve 
of baths with gentle hands, where my soul heaved 
as fingers traced each mounds earthy contrast.

 And so that, days pleasures not bow to nights repasts
I'd share with you a tale of sun baths in rye fields
laying au naturel in hip high grass, as caution yields 
to tender taunting's upon an oh so, rigid mast.

Truly, I'd say for bold I am, and never cold,
the naked truth should never be, left undersold.  

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Lord Valentine's Heart

To thee, my love, I send a well worn heart
though wrapped in crimson satin and unbeating
I fill it with sweet meats and love's entreating's
Oh please return, we've been too long apart.

I brood at break of dawn and setting sun
behind the velvet cloth of our bower.
I stare from arched turrets in our tower
and strain to hear the homeward hoof beats start.

Hear me now return, I'm left with but a part
of a life not worth living without my dove.
Your Valentine is but a token love,
for needs be, I've much more to impart.

To thee, my better half, my sweetest bride
will you return to me, will you homeward ride.

*A Canzone is a pre-curser to the sonnet
and has 10-11 mixed metered lines, I have used
Dante's end rhyme pattern [abbcdeeccffcgg]

Contest: Your Best Rhyme
Poet: Debbie Guzzi

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Ready for Love

I've loved you for awhile.
I know now I can share my heart with you.
You have proved to me that I can trust you with it.
Can you help me put it back together again?
All i ask is for you to handle it with care because it is fragile.
So here it is my heart open but broken.
Ready for you love.

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I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder were you are; were you might be.
I wonder if it is possible for you to still think about me.
I wonder if you'll love me forever, like we promised to; or if that all faded the day I lost you.
I wonder if I'll ever see you again, my husband, lover and best friend.
I wonder alot of things; but most of all, I wonder why you; why you at all.

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Put A Ring On Your Finger

When you kiss me
I get high like I could 
touch the sky.

When you touch me
I get them butterflies.

Something about you 
really turns me on.

Might be your looks,
or the way that you 

But one thing's for sure,
I can't get enough of you.

I can see myself spending
the rest of my life with you.

You're driving me crazy,
I'm in need of you daily.

I'm hoping that you feel 
the same, so we can make 
things official between us.

Put a ring on your finger,
and become husband & 

Then live our lives 
in paradise.

Written by: Poet Shi

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Time pass by

A crazy gloomy highway,
Whacky streets of birmingham,
Catostrophe like winter bloated in winds
Tremble like passion cursed to flow,
Sounds where i heard the first smirk,
Her eyelashes twinkled like whisky sky,
An irish coffee mocked me to look,
Her raindroping hair wrinkled my eyes,
An smothering  truth or a soothing lie,
Sip on sip coffee hanged me high,
It was a rainy day,no one to say ,no one for bay,
It was her tranquilizer which made me die,
on the very moment which now pass by
That love on sight like a first pie bite
I hinder this road to look for her,
Which now looks like a labyrinth masscara that she floss on,
Roads came narrow, i glazed on to follow,
She moved to a door,that went inside lamped on floor
It was lazy  me ,sure she was nice and it could have been a night
but now its better begin for my Redbricks lane,
My days are bad and luck is hard, let it be let time 
pass by
coz her eyes are still in my eyes,
and its still a long winter and coffe shop is just two blocks aside.

by    poems

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Life is a Game

The grief and sorrow came into my Life,
Turn my soul change, Sharp like a Knife,

Never let down, Before the Game End,
Play it in a real, don’t left it as place we Lend,

Try your luck, For Even at last Minute,
You don’t know life after death is Infinite,

Every moment you think positive, You seems to be Fly,
It vision You strong, Put Through Your Aim High,

Don’t count what you have lost, Just see what You have Now,
Future can give back your lost things, You have to searched How! !

Life is a Question, Just like a playing (Cards) Game There,
Answer is, right now in Your Heart Here,

Life is Game, its all about Your Aim!
Burning every thing around us Just after a Flame.

M. Shahid H. Chouhdry

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Love is like a flower
It needs room to grow
kept in a pot of soil
to watch over, has nowhere to go
It stems become lifeless
petals scatter and no longer vibrant
A boquet it will never blom into
I wish I never met you
Can't believe I let you
Suck the life right out of me.


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A lot of us,
forgot to live,
knowing that we must,
do whatever we can,
all to give.

Forgot about,
what was important to us,
always doubt,
what we think of,
we knew it,
wasn't love.

It's time we change,
find a way,
to arrange,
what has lay,
in our past,
needs to go away.

I say we start,
what is there to lose,
we can all,
be a part,
of what we choose. 

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Raw human emotion is shown tonight
As the clock ticks in its hyperbole of time
The broken hands and frail hearts are left to fix this
But this call is nothing more then a dial tone
And life slips through her vulnerable fingertips
Tonight will be the last for this crazy brute; this nightmare
Right now she may take her last breath
The virgins pale skin becomes translucent as her soul creeps out of her body
This tormented mind searches for ease
But eternal slumber is the only option left
No sedative can offset or suppress 
This undeniable pain that has poisoned her soul

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If Love

If love was a river

I would pour you
an ocean.

If love was a planet

I would give you a

If love last forever

Then forever is not

When you feel
how we feel...

Love means more 
to the heart.

If we love to be loved.

Then the feeling is 

A feeling incredible...

Magnificent, beautiful.

Written by: Poet Shi

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I thank you all for being

you've touched my life as I have yours


Oh yeah, and if you don't know this about me, I often lie on forms

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What is Love

What is love?

Love is just a state of mind,
We enter it as if we’re blind.
Love is death love is life,
Love is trouble love is strife.

Love is something we cannot see,
Yet from love we cannot flee.
Love is the reason for life itself,
Sometimes we leave love on the shelf.

Love is the very air that we breathe,
Love is something that we bequeath.
Love is happy love is sad,
Love can sometimes drive us mad.

Love is seldom easily explained,
Sometimes solid and sometimes strained.
Love is distant love is near,
Sometimes obscure and sometimes clear.

Love is funny love is sad,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Love is simple love is plain,
Sometimes mad and sometimes sane.

Love is black love is white,
Sometimes wrong and sometimes right.
Love is cold love is hot,
Sometimes hidden but not forgot.

What is love?, I hear you ask.
To answer this would be a task.
For just as love is not constrained
Love just cannot be explained.

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Sand Man

Citizens of Sand unite and rejoice
if our twin suns have not parched your tongues
demand for water long gone fills your lungs.
In the impending darkness of our twin scourges 
may your dwellings hold the heat of sunset.
I see you now a mass of reflected solar light
pulsing, hoarding for the coming of night.
When all that was diamond-bright will sure fade
and blacks, and blues and purples fill the glade.
The golden glare of mercurial day
for a decade will pass or so they say.
Stoke the memory of light in forges
for all the newborn babies to recall
the blazing fading light as two suns fall.

*rhyme pattern abbcdeeccffcgg

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just another day

we wake every morning wit the same frame of mind ,so much to do but never enough time. but still we rush to get it all complete, which is so hard to do on 4 hrs, sleep. pouring all into the lil time we have left , trying to please all but ourself.thinking one day it'll all pay off{who knew it come at such a great cost} yet here again in the bed we lay preparing to do it all over today...