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Details | Blank Verse Poem |


Opened like a morning leaf
exposed beneath the moon,
Resting in the tentacles
of a clouded ink coccoon.
Wringing hands now rest at peace-
the solitude of night,
a lantern in the wilderness
the miracle of flight.
Dancing on the tabletops
or falling from a swing,
is noticing the networking
of every living thing.
Observation is the art
that shows a single frame,
experience will turn to stone
the given and the gained.

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

Septembe Blues

September, you are a wistful song
Summer sheds a tear when you come along
Sunny summer melodies yield to your mellow song
Its melody fades while yours grow strong

Summer ends and a certain sadness ensues
Sunny days make way for winter blues
September gives us glimpses of summer
Though days be short and golden leaves slumber

The vibrant colors September brings
disguise the coming winter sting
As summer dies it makes one last sunny stand
But will return, for thats how it was planned

Until then we must endure a harsh season
All bundled up, keeping warm is the reason
When the first snow  falls
The pristine beauty leaves us enthralled

Soon summer will begin anew
Gray clouds make way for skies of blue
We awaken from our winter slumber
And welcome the butterflies of summer

For Joanne Grisetti's Copy Cat contest

:Inspired by the poem: September
Which was written by: Andrea Dietrich

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The world is a heavy boulder,
both in bulk and severity...
We can lighten the burden -
it’s up to you, and up to me...

Let me be a beautiful balloon,
my string tied to the earth below.
Add each of you to help me pull us
upward and onward as our goal.

Each laugh, each smile of each day
makes the air grow fuller with love.
There may be sorrow below us,
but we can sigh and rise above...

Balloons, we can be, with our
strings tethered to a weary earth.
Rising skyward to a higher objective,
giving us each a new and brighter worth.

Details | Blank Verse Poem |


Ever wrote a sequel
To a poem about 
The road of dead bodies
that you drove upon?

I dont Think So^^

O. Yeah im laughing
At such a radical idea
Thats not registerd yet
Into naiive-Like brain cells

Yeah! Am laughing^^

Wish I could just throw
My smile on that kid
That lay stone cold
Hand over ears even in death

Died of the noises...

Not laughing anymore?
Thought so
I just laid there staring
Right ontop of him

Dead silence...

I panicked
shoved my fist in his jaw
I felt his bone crunch
Now he doesnt have a screaming face


You think thats deep?
The guy right next to the kid
Was his dad
They kept him alive to watch
As his son burned
then became death
and soon a fossil
And when they chunk this place again
He will be dust

...His father
    He was right there

...To watch

Now read those last three lines
In Slow Mo
Read it and weep
Maybe the tears could drown
A father who is still there to watch
And spare him of the "Madness"

"Well,if its what you want to call it.
I mean you can call it unfair
But its just Mad-ness"

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

Finding Contentment

Put God before all. 

Put family before friends.

Put people before things.

Put  others before self.

Give to those who can’t give back.

Make peace before sleep.

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

The Ice Enchantress

As droplets freeze half-breathed
     From the mouth of Winter
          Howling winds, foreboding
               Bring gloom to pale landscape
                    Yet the Ice Enchantress 
                         Conjures sultriness:
                              Fluttering tree lashes
                                   Snow-covered ample breast
                                        Her crystal lips invite
                                             She burns  despite the chill
                                                  And dares adventurers
                                                       To succumb to her will
                                                            Despite the threat of death
                                                                 It's futile to resist
                                                                      The cool invitation
                                                                          Which glistens from her eyes
                                                                               As she entrances those
                                                                                    Who cannot look away
                                                                                          But step so willingly
                                                                                               Into a blissful fate

First place in Constance La France's "Let it Snow" contest

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

The Happiness Come And Go

          It is the glittery eyes of your
          that cause my heart to find nourishment

          You do not see my searching eyes
          Feels like I'm swimming in an ocean all alone

          Is there a formula for happiness - life's fragile tangents
          Let the roses live and let the thorns quietly die

          You are beautiful like a pearl in the oyster
          I was just a friend when you needed a shoulder to cry on

          I can read your divine and the powerful face
          My great love which was awakened by longing ... is dead

          Along with my thoughts I throw red the rose petals on the sea
          Is it the past or the future that cause the blood flowing

  * ("Some cause happiness wherever they go;. Others, whenever they go" 
       - Oscar Wilde)

      Sponsor: Giorgio V.
      Contest Name: Relate your poem to one of these Quotes 
      Deadline:1/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

A-L Andresen :)

(1st place in the contest)

Details | Blank Verse Poem |


      Why have all a beauty ideal
      Every day we make aesthetic judgments of each other
      We put the characters and judge each other's appearance
      What is beauty and what is hideous
      Is it  the feathers that make a beautiful peacock
      Is there consistency between the outer and inner

      Unlock the diamonds fiery beauty in yourself
      Is appearance important for a happy life
      Long dark eyelashes, full lips and big tits
      Or it's about charisma, inner beauty and charm
      The beauty ideal ... naturally beautiful

      It is of course true that beauty comes from within
      through the personality and the radiance
      Do not let a different appearance scare you away
      A huge body, nerdy glasses, big nose and enormous ears
      Beast, behind the raw, brutal exterior hides a warm and sensitive soul
      There is no appearance that determines whether we are valuable or not.

      All beauty and intelligence in this world comes from nature
      and we are a vibrant and beautiful part of the whole
      We do not love someone because they are beautiful
      But we think they are beautiful because we love them
      You ...... are an incredibly great person

A-L  Andresen :)

Sponsor:Nette Onclaud
Deadline	12/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

(4th place in the contest)

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

- A Love So Great -


   May the sun always shine in your heart - melt away winter's ice
   Always look for beautiful colors - even if you never find the rainbow

   Nobody wants to experience the towering and storm high waves
   Adversity makes us strong - like sailing on the sea in storm

   Open up your heart - take a deep breath
   Dreams you will find among the stars - where peace prevails

   Let your thoughts dance between the clouds - without a worry in mind
   Bring your paint brush - paint the world in stunning colors

   Our world is so endlessly large
   A human so little, a love so great

A-L  Andresen :)

Details | Blank Verse Poem |

Eternal Love

Equipped with feathers, in the wind it flows 
Ascends, comes down and flourishes on blue; 
above the sea, beyond the dark and deep, 
my love extends and balances, on wings.... 

For you it stands above horizon's edge,  
an arrow swift and lodged on pining breasts;
unspoken words that hang on fluttered breath 
as you return, sweet blossoms on my lips.

You speak of ageless love, endeared in dreams  
against the stills of frozen, winter grey, 
joined, drifting mates eternity shall bring, 
hence both our aching souls shall be redeemed....

With tenderness I hold you in my eyes, 
(ethereal spirit born in arbor green); 
I fear to touch my love's angelic  bloom, 
it tears my fleeting heart to hear its cry. 

For Jared Pickett's Contest : "Collaboration"

A Poem written by Giorgio Veneto and Gautami Phookan

For Giorgio Veneto's contest : "Relate your poem to one of these Quotes"

*Couldn't have written this without Giorgio, my good friend, who's been a great help in finishing this poem. He has given a soul and a definitive form to my random lines. 
Thank you Giorgio!
(Where you feel, 'Wow, this is beautiful!',, those parts of this poem are his!)

The quote that inspired me -
 “It is part of the nature of every definitive love that sooner or later it can reach the beloved only in infinity.”    - Rainer Maria Rilke