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Triumph of the Soul

As I wandered alone without a task
All around me wild flowers sprang forth
My face a sad contorted mask

Of emotionless strife since birth
My eyelids closed against the day
Enjoying the fall of darkness on my Earth

The sun tried to spread its ray
The sweet smelling fruit kissed my head
As beneath the mighty mango tree I lay

The deep red scars on my heart fled
When a strange melody on my fancy grew
And the balm of stillness on my limbs spread

An unknown peace I soon knew
When the leaves danced with the breeze
The shadows of my life I threw

The butterflies and the bees
On me did comfort heap
That amazingly I found under this tree

My shallow life and forgotten sleep
This wilderness made new
With pleasure my heart started to weep

The grave cares now seemed so few
My life found a new definition
And into the azure sky my soul flew

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  Along resplendent lanes in groves of green 	
  In sundown’s mellow tinge aglow, we cruise  
  To grasp unto moon’s fingers so serene,

  Where we are charmed by lovebirds that amuse
  Who hum a rhapsody with lilting beats;
  Through gentle drones that seem to render blues 

  Like first theme song we wish breaths could repeat--
  Should we but fix past warmth beyond the sands 
  The way a glossy mist embraces heat.

  A constant vow that ever understands
  Our mild and fragrant chiming of daybreak,
  As spirits abide on Aurora's hands.

  When birds flutter a trill, then ignite
  This dulcet paradise we leave to night!

 Alfredo Vassallo's Terza Rima
 by nette onclaud

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Flowers Fill Her Universe

Beyond the valley mottled clouds and blue
Invite all strangers into quiet peace.
There sunlight sparkles with the morning dew.

The river hears the loudly honking geese. 
And fragrance from spring flowers fills the air.
Each anxious soul can feel his qualms release.

A quiet stillness floods the valley fair.
Magnolia blossoms show their shining white.
A virgin giggles adding her sweet flare.

While smitten by the golden sun’s daylight,
She challenges desires in her mind.
Beneath the yellow trees her heart takes flight.

Idyllic beauty with God’s hand entwined,
Resounds His message through nature’s converse.
Departing there, good virtue still aligned.

Delightful flowers fill her universe.

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Comin' Hame - Coming Home -Scottish Dialect

A angry sky, as cauld as Loch Lomon'
fair drew me out from cot o' peat, an' bed.
The wolves wus wailin', an' thund'r respond'd
Ah gather'd tam, me tartan, an' dug Red.
To  'orse ah took an' found the 'erd sam 'urt. 
The 'ungry wolves 'ad already fed. 
Inta the bi'er blaw, the rill ah skirt 
thro braes a white, t'ward ham an' fire burnin'
the bleatin' sheep, the 'orse an' ah alert.
We wud mak it hame, stomaches churnin'
O smell the peat fire on the wild wind now,
'ear the cows faint distant ca', a lowin'
'erself wud know, we'r near ta the brow.
Noo, we 'ad beat the storm hame, an' kep' me vow.

Dedicated to Jimbo Goff & James Fraser
and the spirit of Robin Burns

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Punching Preachers

two bible-blabbering, prattling pastors

   from two denominational sectors

      ended up in stitches and bloody plasters;

those around said it actually began

   when one yelled, "faith alone can save a man!",

      the other screamed, "only charitable acts can!";

swinging bulky bibles, shouting curses,

   they whacked each other's eardrums and noses,

      bludgeoned and bloodied their righteous faces;

so ironic, how they maimed each other

   for faith, for charity and didn't bother

      to heed the Lord's words: "Love one another."

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As Night Grows Colder

As summer sheds the autumn clamours her decree  
And fig discarded leaves are left to flutter fast away  
Beneath a barren tree of old, where anyone can see 

That seasons come and go, for it is nature’s way 
To dress the crocus blest, in vivid purple shade 
Behind the cool façade of fall, a snowdrop day 

We don our coats and scarves, to meet our fate      
And take our feet to onward walk, to where a bear 
Can catch a few lethargic winks, and hibernate 

As evening falls upon us, too swift without a care  
The sapient moon sends tell tale signs of closure  
And soon, the night will be pitch dark, one flare 

Can light the sky a thousand fold and lose composure 
Or bring us to the close of day, as night grows colder 

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December Sky

I sit, with deep contentment, by the window 
And watching the young evergreen out-shadowed
The oak tree, where love once etched on it, I sowed 

My time quietly slipped into the picture
Between my only son and his firstborn son
Between the past, the present, and the future

I have the feelings, but no words are spoken
When the words are spoken, my own feelings gone
Hidden for life, in my sagging rocking chair

I felt the late afternoon cold breeze, touching 
White-bearded face, with the autumn scent tingling 
While the golden sun has faded, into gray

I saw the charmed naked ladies, still smiling
In a bright purplish pink, for there are no snows
Soon, the land will be white, when tomorrow bows

As I eagerly wait for December sky
To glow, with sensational firecrackers’ lights
In my arms, my grandson awaken from sleep

No words spoken, but, has the smile on his face
In him I saw myself, in my father’s arm
Now I know, December’s coming, to give grace

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Picture Perfect

Gracefully gliding, reaching you in sky,
Chasing all notes on air in sublime rhyme,
With shining leotard, my wish is to fly.

I feel every rhythm from time to time,
The sweet smiles lift every spirit so high, 
My magic fingers draw a paradigm.

Tiptoeing on the ice, so cold and dry,
Most chilled pirouette, impressive in sight,
Everyone wishes me for one more try.

“My picture”, I look wistfully in sigh,
I stand with shaking knees, my dance is wry.

Aug. 17,2013 11.05pm
by Leonora Galinta

Terza rima is a verse form composed of iambic tercets (three-line groupings). The rhyme scheme for this form of poetry is "aba bcb cdc, etc." The second line of each tercet sets the rhyme for the following tercet, and thus supplying the verse with a common thread, a way to link the stanzas.

My first terza rima poem. This poem was late for the contest with the theme, "Picture Perfect" so I entered it in the other contest.

Third Place
Contest: Metrical Verse
Judged: 9/20/2013
Sponsor: Poet Giorgio Veneto

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Together at last

They are laughing like naughty children calling out
As they run through the sweet smelling heather
Watching for a gnarled tree trunk to sit and rest about

Looking up into the sky they're wondering whether
The clouds will break and fine rain will fall
Nothing could  mar this moment of joy of being together

They sit close arms entwined shining eyes showing all
The love they have kept hidden all this while
Life has been tough apart as they waited for this  call

No more do they need a watch, time is no longer a trial
Together for always, kisses exchanged, love songs sung
Touching her sweet smelling hair he whispers with a smile

The years have not aged us as we waited for this moment we are forever young

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The Misfit

The forest's morning sunlight tip-toes through the trees
casting puzzle pieces round, oh so, carelessly;
hiding all the corner bits scattered by the breeze.

The slighter boles of ash whisper endlessly
as their upright slash of gray teases 'tween the green
while their larger cousins stand, oh so, stoically.

And, the sky far over head blues the in between
back lighting, spruce and pine, as far as the eye can see.
Man intrudes like a child, man and his machines.  

Knocking down the squirrel's nest, disturbing the bee 
leaving waste along the path, muddying the stream
misplaced is his disregard in that we all agree. 

Oh so brashly, mankind walks through nature's domain 
a misfit son, a terror, crippling while he reigns.