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Best Quintain (English) Poems

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The Best Quintain (English) Poems

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Dear Quintain

Dear Quintain, how beautiful you are, allowing us to paint the spacious sea or sky, landscapes, or nights’ celestial bodies beckoning from afar. Even when my quill is running dry, with you along, my thoughts are sure to fly! For all I need to do is let you slip inside, then nestle in my brain. The pattern of rhyme required by you is not too difficult; here I will remain content to write with you, dear Quintain. Your English form, so lovely, does not ask that we adhere to meter even though I want to dance your lines as I bask in your sweet simple charms, and lo! My quill has filled; my lines now start to flow! I’ll keep on going for two stanzas more because I wish to sing your praises! My mind is like a shore upon which you are tumbling, glistening! A sea of inspiration you bring. Continue on - through poets - bringing words that paint our world, entreating all to see God’s gifts or to enjoy the singing birds, taste clear mountain springs, and smell the salty sea. Continue, dear Quintain, enrapturing me. Written 8/17/2015 for the Quintain Poetry Contest of Francine Roberts

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

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In the Sun's Last Glow

On her terrace where she once had viewed a crimson field, she stands recalling heroes who were battling their foe. She still can feel the terror! How her poor heart reeled thinking of her lover fighting on the field below, with others on that plain bathed red as the sun dipped low. The brave men lie in caskets which now are concealed beneath a plain that ran with blood, where bright irises now grow. She thinks of her own strong brave man, draped in white and sealed forever in a casket too. He was her Romeo. The sorrow flooding her she had never thought to know. She looks down from her terrace with a heart that won’t be healed. The mighty dead now lie in grassy fields. . . and lo! Around the graves are swords, which are green blades revealed with *purple flags that softly wave as a May wind starts to blow and she is bathed in red again, there in the sun’s last glow. * Purple flags refer to the name of the purple iris that resembles a flag

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

December Magic

Frost crisped, the lawn remained
beneath the frozen dew.
Water dripped to ice as gutters drained.
The cardinal bids the day adieu;
the winter storm has left a gelid view.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

December Magic

 She   arrives with a mystic charm
 Gliding in on silver moon
 With a peaceful vibe that oft disarms
 As words of praise in yuletide tunes
 Echo  where the stars are strewn

Copyright © Joseph May

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

The distinguished gentleman

His simple presence lights up the darkest room
A man of calm demeanour and smoothness are his ways
All the ladies turn and stare wishing he would be their groom
Such class he oozes, so many offer him an abundance of appraise
Desperately trying to get his attention and to enter his gaze.

His subtle politeness is a rarity in the fast paced society of  today
A distinguish gentleman as him, is one of a kind
Surrounded by jealousy, yet he keeps the vultures at bay,
as his enemies struggle to belittle his tenacious mind
He has no serious competition, as they all get left behind

Distinguished he is, but in no means is he complete,
for he longs for a beloved who will be his one and only
To show him loyalty, love and admiration, to never cheat
Someone he could be with forever and never feel lonely
He just wants to be loved, before he becomes an old crony!

30 August 2015

Copyright © Silent One

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

Wonders of Winter

Look up!  Snowflakes appear in streetlights
   Hear children cheer as snow days are announced
Watch the powder fly during snowball fights
   Listen as faith through joyful hymns is pronounced
   Join snow angel brigades while on wintery landscapes we pounce

Walk briskly with me through the winter woods
   Where boughs of evergreens droop with white frost
Don your boots and pull up your jacket hood
   Let’s slide on the lake until our energies exhaust
   Then trudge back home as snow drifts are crossed

Place damp clothes on a chair by the fireside
   Pour a glass of wine and snuggle with me
Whispers of passion, ‘neath a blanket confide
   Lights from the fir tree fill our hearts with glee
   As you offer me your ring on bended knee

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

The Curious Moon

A young man leads his girlfriend to a tree
one sultry summer eve as night is looming.
the branches of the old oak form a canopy
under which he leans in for a kiss, assuming
his new love also feels their romance blooming.

The pretty girl is innocent and shy,
but from the boy’s sweet kiss she feels that he
might be her one true love; more kisses make a sigh
escape her lips. Her inhibitions flee,
and touching him arouses her curiosity.

Aglow, they feel a passion all-consuming,
undressing one another as fingers fly.
The curious moon, with incandescence blooming,
peeks down from a star-bedazzled sky.
Young love with moon above shall never die.

Written 10/17/12 for Francine Robert's
Romance me with English Quintains Poetry Contest
and now for A true love -poem #2 - Poetry Contest of poet destroyer A

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

"In the heat of Pasion" (to Angela wih love)

     The first time I saw you, there was a glow about you
      that baffle me.  I-I just could not find the right word,
     "you had that certain glow about you".  Not the way you walk
       nor the way you move, "but I believe in miracle's", yes
      I do - yes I do.  So finally I step to you and ask, would you,
       could you smile ? just for the camara in my mind so that the
      image of an Angel would be on my mind just in case the world
      ended (today) much to soon, much before time.  The first time
     I saw you naked Angela, my mouth got lost for words-but the one
      that slip through my lip's were (mmmunn) "what a gorcious women,
      breast like lucious melons", and a voice (sweet) like that of the ocean
     and wave's of heat and my idea of nerviousness brings trembeling to
     my feet's.
    "I do believe in miracle's", "I do not believe in love".  Miracle's that it
       take to sustain a relationship that the odd's of longivity are against us.
      And we do become desponded, most of our day is spent fussing and cussing.
     Never to see true love at its best.  The first time our lip's did touch, I remem-
     ber this Angel who I call Angela, she had my name tattoe across her chest.
      Love, became the missing attraction, and you comfort me in my desire to ex
    press myself, for I thought I was so macho, never in a thousand years, "will I
      meet such a someone (?) that's such a women".  A women (aaaah) such a
    women, "from her head to her shoe".  
       Now Angela just in case the world ends tomorrow.  Don't denie that there's an
       "attraction".  O'Angela.....kiss me quickly, "In the heat of Passion".

Copyright © John Streeter

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

This battle inside me

I could bask in the warmth of virtuous ways    
With a calm assurance of how it should be 
As though nothing could chase these feelings away
I’ll cover myself in a cloak of purity
Let the sun continue to shine down on me …

But the storms! They come with a crashing blow
Seducing me, shaking me to the core
They flood me, fill me till I overflow
Will my cries be heard … will my strength be restored?
Or will the turmoil inside me, I choose to ignore 

Shall I cover my eyes to keep myself safe 
And follow the rules of shouldn’t and should
Shall I feign contentment as I go through my days
Being ever so thankful because life is so good   
Though I know what I’m feeling is not understood …

Or should I cry out with a resentful scream!
Should I rage with the fire that’s burning inside
Like thunder and lightning, start making a scene 
Let pain turn to action where passion resides
Embracing those feelings that make me alive

Should I follow the sun on this path of my life
With faith to arrive at my destiny safely 
Believing that I’ve done everything “right” 
Or will I succumb to the thoughts which provoke me?
--This is the battle which rages inside me

*Not for any contest. 

Copyright © Becca Teagan

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

The Sweetest Starlight

The Sweetest Starlight
You are the sweetest starlight shining across the ocean so pure
Moonlighting and enchanting my dreams with warmth aglow,
Touching gently my heart and soul with your beauty and wonder;
If we were together—I would hold you so gently in my arms and I
Would forever kiss your adoring lips with a passionate goodnight.

Love is a faraway queen rising in the morning sunshine’s warm rays, 
And your light glows brilliantly as the dewdrops glisten on my dreams 
Of pure sweet surrender and kiss the very depth of my immortal soul;
You are the light of Heaven's dream of a rainbow's flight of angels
Arriving at Heaven’s gate and coming to me on a beam of silver light.

Mesmerized I am as I embrace you as the heart, soul, passion and
Desire of my life—I see you as my true dream and my heart’s delight;
Feeling palpably your wonderful caress as you ask me to kiss you,
And to place your ethereal lips upon my very own knowing that
My heart and soul are open now to your loving heavenly embrace.

Gary Bateman, Liam McDaid, and Michael Clarke
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
August 2, 2015 (Unrhymed Quintain)

Copyright © Gary Bateman

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |


"Anyone there?" says Magenta Madness
A tremulous knock and wicked pink grin
Insidious.....with sly silver badness
Lethal leather and his ebony sin

        Dark expectations of a soul stealing win

Uninvited, his stark entrance grand
Painted pretty, his lavender Lies...
Slides her thoughts with a daring hand
Muffles her lips and mutes all her cries

        He giggles, thinking her sanity dies...

"Victory!" He shouts, as white lilies fall
Precious petals careen to glass floor
He drapes his win in a purple shawl
Turning his back, not accounting for

       Her dash to sane, through a splintered door

Copyright © Christie Moses

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |


The world wants a torch
but I only wished to be a candlelight.
It gives dim light but will never scorch
Though it will never be a highlight
but it can be your hope tonight.

The world think highly of leader
but my eyes admire those who serve
Leaders may seems stronger
It is all because those who are willing to serve
Even if it will lead them to their grave

The world wants a raging water
But I only want to be in still
Does it even matter?
There is nothing more for me to fulfill
To become greater is what the world wants to instill.

By: Doris Jamoner - 01/28/2015

Copyright © Doris Jamoner

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

Infamous Icon

Should I enhance my recognition
by defiantly treading on an innocent heart?
Or perhaps mine is a sin of omission,
fleeing with fame a la carte,
while thoughtlessly tearing another soul apart.

What reward can be found
as I stomp on another’s dreams,
leaving them quaking on the ground
where incivility screams
and not one ray of light beams?

Perhaps there is more joy in obscurity
than in fame that grows from ill roots.
Before me is an angel basking in purity
besieged by destructive brutes –
wolves dressed in lambs’ suits.

My soul will not let me go there –
to that place where evils dwell.
Entrust my fate to a prayer
that self-promoting acts cannot dispel
the eternal fires of an infamous hell.

*Written April 12, 2015, for Sheri’s “I, Icon” challenge

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |




When sunset comes it makes me smile
A mystic silence greets me then
The birds they sing in grandest style
I am the happiest of men
When I do spot a fairy wren.

When morning comes it gives me joy
As darkness fades, and sun shines bright
This feeling, nothing could destroy
The dawn it gives me such delight
As magpie bids the day ‘goodnight’.

I love to walk down to the lake
And watch the ducks swim lazily
Sometimes a mist is in the air
Then sun shines through so hazily
As parrots screech from yonder tree

Some folk would say that I’m insane
Because I’m filled with happiness
From laughing, me I can’t refrain
I love to feel life’s sweet caress
The God of love my heart does bless

22 November 2014

Copyright © Peter Duggan

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

River Song

On the bank of the river, I watch the brown leaves drifting,
and let the current lift me, to where the sun resides
Rock rimmed, and cold,  the waters ever shifting,
without a hesitation, with no reason to abide
I watch the brown leaves drifting, to where the sun resides

Somewhere down the river,  the thrushes and the swallows,
fly high above the rushes, with bright, satin wings 
Reeds grow in shadowed shallows, there are ducks in all the hollows
Moss is green, and willows lean, and the haloed twilight clings
There are ducks in all the hollows, with bright, satin wings

As I watch the streams meander, I can hear the seasons call
Water soothes the jagged stones, and shadowed day is done
The moon arrives, and sun declines, as if from earth, it falls
Does it melt into the river's flow, as the seams blend into one?
I can hear the seasons call, as the seams blend into one

1/15/15  For the Contest: Manassian Quintain
Sponsored By Craig Cornish

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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This Year In English Quintain

Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear It’s Good Joy. Cheers! No more, no more Oh dear, I cannot open the door for her Sorry Joy, glide by, I’m sick and not in my gear. Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear It’s Good Hope but I can’t be lured. In dark shadows I grope, what makes you come here? I know you mock the life, glide by, I desire. Someone is knocking at my door The night’s cold, my world’s dying and drear Oh, It’s Good Health. This year you won’t be ignored Welcome, I dart my doors open for you, dear. I do need nothing but your blessings this year.
+++ January 15, 2015 Form: Quintain (English-ABABB)

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta

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Passionate Storm

The rain cascaded, those tiny tear drops.
Leaving a small path, on her smooth plump lips.
It was like nature pulled out all the stops.
I drank from her bounty, with thirsty sips.
Those tiny teardrops, on her smooth plump lips!

Drifting on passion, rising with the swell.
Paradise fullfilled, love's secret revealed.
As a gentleman, I can never tell.
So those details, in my heart have been sealed.
I can never tell, love's secret revealed.

We parted ways, after the morning storm.
Our tsunami, was a wonderful kind
She walked away, I admired her form.
I'll remember her, she'll stay on my mind.
After the morning storm, she'll stay on my mind!

Second attempt for Craig Cornish's contest.

Form: Manassian Quintain

I hope I got it right this time Craig and Eileen!

My first attempt was "Crashing on The Shore", thanks
Seren for letting me know I messed up the form.;0)

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

Spring Sleep

Sighing softly, a gentle breeze, dances amid my clothes line. Sweet the scent, refreshing tease, as sheets, its hug entwines. This night, on Spring, I shall recline.
2/8/12 For the contest: English Quintain, A Spring Day Sponsored by Francine Roberts

Copyright © Paula Swanson

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

Crashing on the shore

Oh how I enjoyed the Ocean's soft mist.
When the dark waves came crashing to the shore!
That powerful moment when we first kissed.
My heart opened up and I wanted more.
I felt the stirring of love on that shore.

Like the Ocean I was drawn to you.
A lovely Siren's song you sung to me.
Our moments together they seemed so few
Were you afraid I wouldn't set you free?
I had hoped you would be happy with me.

So now I dive into the Oceans waves.
Not wanting to hear any other sound.
Remembering how we explored those caves.
That place where I thought true love had been found.
Hear waves crashing, that's my heart's breaking sound! 

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

This Year

There is no way that anyone can know how each new year will be: how our jobs or our relationships might go. What great new things might we live to see? Might we have to endure some tragedy? I can only hope the good will far outweigh the bad and that our every tear might be cried for joy instead of something sad. May peace abide with those whom we hold dear as all of us press onward through this year! For the "This Year in English Quintain" - Poetry Contest of Francine Roberts

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

Unzipped Lips

As I was busy “being” just who I am, I didn’t care what others were seeing. To be as they wish, would be a sham and I will not be part of a scam. People are really the sum of everything that has touched their lives. When others take issue with what you’ve become, don’t expect to receive high fives. If you stay true, your uniqueness survives. No one can tell you what to feel, when to laugh or how to pray. The very act of being real will find you rising above the fray, dispelling regrets each day. For if you submit to playing a role that doesn’t fit your personality, you’ll dig yourself deep into a hole. Don’t succumb to others’ mentality; maintain your individuality.
*English Quintain by Carolyn Devonshire for Nancy's "Unzipped Lips" contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

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I ponder deeply on this coming year For I know what the future holds for me I face it with trepidation and great fear Awaiting the passing of a member of my family Other life events I‘m glad I cannot foresee I will face each new day as it comes Will cherish each moment of time Until to God my father succumbs For when the mourning bell doth chime He is with his Lord God so divine 01~13~2015 Contest- This Year In English Quintain Sponsor Francine Roberts

Copyright © JAN ALLISON

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

A Sea Of Love

Swimming in tears of glee
birth from water - my child I hold.
Gently, carefully I cut her free.
The skies open, rain streams of gold.
In tears of glee my child I hold.

Her mother immersed snugly 
displays a glow. She flows, radiates.
I hand her our daughter our baby.
A sea of love opens the flood gates.
Our daughter our baby she flows, radiates.

Fluid are the feelings now fill me,
rushes through me like a lifeline.
We three, are now a family,
like rivers to the ocean, we combine.
Feelings now fill me, we combine.

Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Contest: Manassian Quintain

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

This Year

Eve of the New Year, eyes strain to see pale depths of yonder anticipating a fresh sky to gleam golden this year. With said goodbyes, I awaken, reborn in wonder of innocence held in sunlit smiles of those I hold dear and hope to value lessons learned ‘neath gracious skies swept clear. Happiness renews in a freckle faced sky of twinkling stars as I slow my pace to laze below her beauty and gaze in awe of infinity, searching for miracles beyond my many scars, and I shall live free to dance and sing, honoring God’s law, humbly glorifying Him, seeing His reflection through each flaw. Standing tall in this new year, I resolve to be more grateful, finding joy in each day and confidence to breathe life genuine. The sky will change above, the earth will spin below, and faithful, I’ll take my place amid with these ideals circling within. This year, I’ll reach for sky that never falls and dream of heaven. Written for Francine Robert's This Year in English Quintain Contest, 1/6/15

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Details | Quintain (English) Poem | |

This Year

This Year A brand new year began today…a new page, First sheet of twelve to see upon the wall… It pristinely hangs, no scribbles, signs of age, Fresh new start…a slate wiped clean of scrawl… Time to breathe, set new plans both big and small. One whole year, so many days to get things done, Lots of time, do not rush, haste does make waste… Surely, days will pass unused and one by one, The pages fly right off the wall replaced By some regrets no challenges were faced. Yet, I will see Earth’s seasons come and go And feel the surge of Spring’s rebirthing rite, The Summer sun and flowers, the Autumn glow, Then Winter wonderland of snow so white… This year will be another gift of life’s delight. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~1st Place~ Contest: This Year in English Quintain Sponsor: Francine Roberts Judged: 02/16/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight