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Wafting Winds

erased for publishing

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Super Soupers

It was a rainy day so I flipped through a stack of comics
My Amazing Poet series
Finally I picked the fabulous Five
I liked the picture on the front
Yanny the Zen Master with long black hair
Becca the Creative and Beautiful with her mythical pen
One of my favorites sultry Eileen known as the Emotionator
Anne the Philosopher was right there beside Eileen with her magical smile
Then to round out this team was Vicky Victorious calling from the wilderness 
In this edition they were battling the Poet Destroyer and Joker Jack
who had kidnapped Newbie Timothy Hicks
As I read their words I was in awe of my Heros
They made me cry
They brought me to new worlds
Filled with adventures
Sexy had new meaning
Tears became diamonds
Winds swirled inside my head
All the emotions of the rainbow
I longed to write with such clarity and strength
I tried to flex my poetic Muscles
Worked out every day
Then on the back of the comic
A scrawny poet sat on a beach
Beside the girl of his dreams
He is writing for her when along comes a muscular poet
The big poet kicks metaphorical sand in his face
The the scrawny poets girl is whisked away
Underneath it says
Are you tired of having Metaphorical sand kicked in your face?
Are other Poets getting the girl?
All that can change
Join the Andrea Dietrich School of Creative Poetry
She will have you writing like The Fabulous Five
You will never be afraid to flex those poetic muscles again
So I cut out the back page and sent my five dollars
The address is PO Box 88888 Inspiration California 
Now all I can do is wait
What will the future Hold?

Note there are many Poets here who would appear in my vast Amazing poet series.
Poet Destroyer and Joker Jack are not Evil nemeses they were chosen for the roll
because of their names( also I love their work.) I hope you enjoyed my little tale.
Some of the younger poets may not be familiar with the Charles Atlas ads that used
to be on the back of comics, the rest of you I am sure will get the joke.

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Love Letters A Collaboration With Mike Clarke

Love Letters A Collaboration:

These writes are from the letters of John and Janet Camden. These letters were gathered together by the Camden family. The dates and the names of the recipients are all that shall appear on these letters. These letters have no true chronological order, they only go by date. Some were never even opened by the recipient, such is the way of war. 

Love Letters - 1. A Collaboration. Prose. November 15th, 1942 The Love Letter...

 ~My darlin' how I have missed your loving embrace.Feeling the warmth and the strength as you hold me close.Your eyes that gaze into mine and without ever hearing you speak....I know without a doubt that you love me.How I crave to taste your sweet lips my love.Oh,how long before you may return to my aching arms.I want to walk arm and arm with my head on your shoulder as we watch a beautiful sunset on the warm summers eve ,to hear your laughter,to dance with you 'neath the soft glow of a lovers moon as we gaze into the heavens at the diamonds sparkling high in the evening sky.Do you realize that you my precious darlin' are my every every breath that I take,my morning sun and evening moon and are all that I am my very reason I exist.I pray each day to God above to return you safely to my waiting arms .Hurry my love...hurry home to my waiting arms.
                       ~ Forever and always my love.~ 

The Love Letter… 

My beloved, how i miss holding you close. How my heart yearns for to feel your body close, your warmth and Love slowly entering me. To feel your most precious heart beating against me. I so miss our nights when we would walk through the fields of emerald green and gold. What i would give this night but too hold your hand and walk with you through the fields. We would walk to our tree and there we would make our memories. I taste your lips each night as i know you send me a kiss on our favourite star. The stars shine so beautiful tonight my Love, i can but close my eyes and i know you are there. I know you walk these stars each night watching over me. You come into my every dream and i live inside. The moon now shines my Love, i feel your blessed hand in mine. I shall feel your precious lips upon mine. I am lost here without you, My heart does ache to be with you and walk the tracks our Love has followed. I see your face...

                           Now And Always.

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Simple Words For Simple People

If I had a pretentious brain which acts faster than my heart Maybe then,I would abhore this soul which spreads freely through each verse Maybe then I would impress you with my intellectual grammar and sophisticated words I would scrutunize each and every coma dot and exclamationmark believing I know best But I would never let that happen I'd rather stay at bay Writing firstly with my mind and not my heart leads only to an asylium within the being of myself Poetry is my voice,my shadow The sacred shrine of great escape Each stored emotion processed within a yesterday Poetry is the inner of my existence breathing softly,bleeding deeply exploding in death,love passion and romance In every verse a whisper a thought that I would scribe of a silent cry expressed Maybe in a tomorrow you might pass by me Tread your footstep on my ink and spit saliva in my face But maybe in a today a broken -hearted fool stops by to find comfort in my world Maybe a prisoner,a tramp an insane soul or outcast would pick these scattered scribbles and gather them as whole Maybe through each criss-crossed puzzle finds a narrow passage which leads his faith to home Maybe a little child whose blissful giggles depends on little words would turn the dusty pages of silly rhymes I penned Rhymes which know the moons stars,faries,and the magic land Rhymes which know each fantasy and how to be a friend And maybe He would smile Maybe He would laugh Maybe He would dream Maybe He would grow up to write the most eloquent sonnet there has ever been Or maybe He would grow up to write simple words just like me about daises or dandelions and expressions to be free

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A Getaway To Ancient Venice

I can still recall the look upon His face Each thought still makes me go to that enchanting place The vernal air was floral sweet and honey breezed We roamed along Venice's zigzagged lanes and cobbled streets On our secret rendezvous,We hugged affectionately under pastel gothic galleries Greeted by the aromatic smell of freshly brewed roast coffee beans Strolling along the pigeon-filled piazza San Marco We wandered hand in hand,in the serenissima ancient floating land Street musicians played their We sat on a roof-top wooden terrace We glanced at merchants sell hand-blown murano glass by the picturesque Doge's palace We ate a snack , then walked away towards the old opera house which now has risen from its ashes. We sauntered forward through little alleys from where He bought me ,a gold painted venetian mask To my surprise ,He had another gift,a wrapped up scarlet sheer laced basque I peered at him through my dark lashes,He raised his left brow and flashed a smile Expressed his charm in playful ways,in a flirtatious endearing style. Boarded at last on a black gondola,cruised the lagoon and the canals A few light kisses,a few soft brushes,waiting the bell's toll whilst in his arms There we lay in waiting beneath the bridge of sighs We sealed our kiss and promised lips,to the harmonic sound of chimes He leaned on me,I welcomed Him,our spirits been entwined Above,the sky has changed its colour,I watched the sun set in his eyes All I am,I gave to him,my enduring heart- His sacred shrine All that He is He gave to me in once upon a time
Not for the contest,but thanks for the 'Lovemaking in an ancient place contest,inspiration'. This post is inspired by Ancient Venice and the tale of 'The Bridge Of Sighs' The tale goes-If you kiss your loved one with the bell's toll of St,Mark's Basilica, at sunset,beneath the bridge of sighs,the couple seals their love forever. There is another tale to it,a sad one,but preferred to share the happy one : )

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I flew over Bryce Canyon my wings fully spread in a gentle glide as I marveled at the view below. It wasn't the first time but it always felt like it. I flapped my wings to ascend even further and consume even more of the landscape. The weather chiseled rock that always reminded me of sandcastles children sculpted at the seashore. I loved the fragrance of the pine trees that neatly grew amongst the rocks and the white and golden blend of colors that jutted here and there against an ever changing sky. I suppose if they could see me - humans would gasp at the sight of an Angel and me well I still gasp at all that God created for the pleasure of mankind.
22~12~2014 With Love Maurice Yvonne

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Tribute to Susan Boulet Art

Susan Boulet was an artist 1941-1997
Her paintings are famous for their layered effects which she started later on in her artistic career. She loved fantasy which is easily seen in her paintings. This is my fantasy poem as I look at this beautiful picture painted by Susan Boulet.

The old man sits quietly on the hillside, knowing his days as one
Spirit would soon be coming to an end. He stares blankly at the heavens where the pale blue sky is the backsplash for Cumulus clouds now filling in, the horizon. He chants his prayer over and over again calling his brothers to come receive his spirit and be one with him for all eternity. Brother bear, cloak me with the warmth of your coat that we may walk through each winter and never be cold again. We will stand together as one, never again will we know fear. Brother wolf fill my heart with your loyal spirit that we may rise to heights of a love greater than any human could possibly achieve. His prayer seems to rise more intensely as he continues. Mighty cat, share with me your speed that we may be faster than the wind, jumping through the clouds as one. Wise and good owl, become one with us that we shall have wings to fly as eagles and wisdom to find eternal peace. Now the old man whispers, together we shall hold the secrets of the universe in our hands. Soon his chin drops down on his chest as a smile crosses his face, and the old frail body crumbles to the hard rocky ground. Then the cry of a wolf, the hoot of an owl and simultaneously the roars of a sabre-toothed and bear echo through the valley. As darkness fills the sky and the moon is high, the silhouette of a young warrior stands proudly on the bluff.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
For Debbie Guzzi’s Contest:
Free Verse, Prose Poetry, Haibun

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The Pedicure Virgin

I don't know what came over me that day - an instant of weakness after years of resistance, I suppose.

My beaming spouse leads me, a dog on a short leash, into the forbidden citadel, the sanctum sanctorum of feminine fastidiousness, the dreaded nail salon.

As we pass through the portal, we enter another dimension, one not of Man. 

One of Woman.

Overwhelmed by estrogen, like Superman in the presence of Kryptonite,  my strength saps. 

The harpies in the salon immediately sense fresh meat, hailing my wife like Caesar in a Roman triumph, gleeful in the knowledge of the barbaric sacrifice to follow. Lightheaded, my eyes dart around, a trapped beast seeking escape.

I'm screwed.

The sacrificial altar is prepared. The torture device is like a dentist's chair, but with a tub for the feet, presumably where they will drain out my blood. Resigned to my fate, I mount the gallows.

Glancing around, it seems that all the employees are Southeast Asians. Mostly young. Reputedly, they own this territory, like Indians in convenience stores or Italian greengrocers. My personal tormentor is the proprietor, a slim pretty Vietnamese woman perhaps in her mid 50's, with cold eyes and a professional smile.

I immediately sense  that I am dealing with She Who Must Be Obeyed. I am commanded in that bossy Asian way to put my feet in the tub, as she turns on the water. Apparently, like some feminine droit du seigneur, Dragon Lady reserves the right to draw first blood from pedicure virgins. My primae noctis, so to speak.

As she sits below me and leans forward to grab my feet, I get a good look at her  well-formed cleavage. Maybe this won't be so bad,after all...

As my feet soak, I close my eyes and sink into a Felliniesque fantasy, surrounded by Asian houris garbed in short white Grecian gowns, catering to my manly whims.

I'm getting a semi...

Dragon Lady brings me back to reality, placing my left foot on her toweled workspace. 

There's another guy here... 
and that SOB is getting a manicure from one of my girlfriends!

An older lady enters the shop. She has an experienced and well-traveled look. Obviously a repeat offender, she immediately begins apologizing to Dragon Lady for her tardiness, meanwhile sizing me up like a slab of man-meat. Dragon Lady gives her a proper scolding, then the horny old biddy tweaks my big toe and flashes me a knowing smile. I wonder if she is packing heat in that big purse...

Suddenly, I become William Holden in Sunset Boulevard. As I make a break for freedom, I am plugged in the back by the scorned Gloria Swanson lookalike.

Then, a cold look from Dragon Lady and my spouse re-establishes territory and Gloria backs off.

Dragon Lady looks pleased as she draws out what appear to be farrier's tools for shoeing horses, presumably to work on my virgin toenails, which I admit are heading toward Fu Manchu territory. A pair of evil-looking wire cutters makes short work of my talons, then she pulls out a chisel and begins removing layers of yellowed nail until they are smooth and white. 

Nice. I can take this. 

Then she removes the cuticles and pushes back the skin.

Holy crap! I think she just popped my cherry! I see blood on my big toenail. I take it like a man. A bead of sweat runs down my brow.

She finishes the flaying job, puts the foot back into the soothing bath and begins carving up the other one.

"And women pay for this?", I think.

"You like massage?", she asks.

"Massage?" I glance at my spouse nervously, wondering if she intuits the direction of my thoughts. 

She points to the control panel on the chair. 


"Why, yes. Yes I would!", I reply.

Anything to take my mind off my pending amputation.

"All the way?"

I suppress my licentious thoughts.

"Warp seven, Mr. Sulu."


"To infinity, and beyond!"

She got that one, and turns on the machine. Robocop immediately digs deeply into my neck  and spine with his titanium-steel fingers, plowing my vertebral column like a John Deere cultivator. My central nervous system releases a  flood of endorphins. The cocktail of pain and pleasure is a masochist's wet dream.

The surgery going on downstairs dissolves into the background...

Dragon Lady puts the second foot back in the tub and removes the first. She pulls out a big cheese grater and goes to work on the bottom of my foot. I don't have thick calluses, but she produces a pretty respectable pile of Parmigiano. Makes short shrift on foot two. My smooth feet now look like a baby's. 

Not too bad, not too bad. 

My spouse shoots me the old Told You So look and smiles.

Dragon Lady now pulls out the pumice for the final polish. As she goes to work on my foot, nerve endings now exposed after many years return me to infancy.

It tickles! Oh Momma, does it tickle! 

I'm giggling like a young girl. I can't stop, and I really don't want to either. The entire salon joins in my giggle fest. 

Dragon Lady doesn't let up for a second. She is giggling too, and for the first time I see the young, innocent Vietnamese girl buried deep inside. 

Then I see the napalm and burnt village.

And all the rest of it...

I see and she sees. We each have seen... too much.

She smiles sadly. As do I.

My next appointment is in a month

I'll be there.

September 11, 2014

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The Old Victorian

My great, great Aunt had a lovely old home, with many a wonderful story, hidden within its walls. A Victorian, architectural designers dream; vaulted ceilings, full of ghosts; where spirit voices sang of its splendor. What I remember most, were the sparkly door knobs; prisms reflecting the sunlight; beautiful rainbow colors, adorning her sitting room walls. The animated colors of her crystalline chandelier wove dancing shadows into the fabric. As a small child, I reveled in that light-play; how I loved her magical home.

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warning sorry a bit sexual

It is a sun splashed day; the air is silent with the sound of waves 
from an ocean moving to the rhythm of crying gulls. 
The sand underneath my feet is warm and soothing. 
The crashing waters from a wind sculpted waterfall swims 
into the arms of its mother sea.

It is a private beach at a spot in the world 
were the Caribbean Sea and The Atlantic Ocean hug. 
It is a strange sensation of hot then cold, that tease the senses.

The young woman with me is my lover of four years.
 The golden rays of light from the bright morning star 
lives in the flow of her platinum blond hair. 
In her eyes I can see the bright clear blue ocean, warm, 
but with a piercing love glare that sends shivers up my spine.

We are young, in love and safe 
inside a perfect glossy postcard background.
 Her red lips and light drenched skin glows 
with the beauty of this perfect Jamaican day.

Without a thought I grab the back of her head, 
jerking my lover's whole body towards me 
locking her in the strength of my grasp 
inviting her to quench my desire.

I bite her lips before engaging in a deep passionate kiss 
and remove a barely there bikini from her statuesque figure.

She embraces me as I lift her in my arms 
naked for all the Gods to observe.
 I set her down under the refreshing flow of the rushing waterfall. 
She attempts to pull at me, but I deny her.

I hold back both her arms and use my mouth 
to suckle her all the time absorbing the beating waters 
that kneads my flesh, like so much dough.

Suddenly I set my angel free. She pounces on me, 
like a lioness in heat famished for the taste of flesh.

The world disappears and I find myself willingly trapped in a void. 
Nature's voice conducts an orchestra of emotion. 
We writhe in the ecstasy of touch. 
With the strokes of a divinity fingers paint a portrait of rapture. 
We dance now to the precise notes 
of an escape into the arms of serenity.

In one fluid movement, our bodies become one.
There is no end to the divine flavors we share. 
Cooling waters flame our sins. 
We explode like a building 
imploding gracefully to the roar of infinite sound.

Until eventually we pass out naked 
locked in each others arms. 
We find ourselves lying on the warmth 
of the fine white sand beach when we awaken, 
tattooed in the telling shades of a Jamaican suntan.

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Shades of Grey

Dark cumulous clouds contain
the filtered sunlight in a strange
monochromatic sunrise
where birds seen in silhouette
seem to think they can sing color
into this this grey day.
Mountains defined by stark dark shapes
fade into the distance as if swallowed
by fog's mysterious whiteout.
I feel encapsulated, as if inside of
a black and white photograph
that only defers to shades of grey.

© Connie Marcum Wong
March 8, 2015

Back Black and white film photography 
Poetry Contest Sponsor Giorgio A. V. 

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The Story of the Grand Piano

She was a grand piano: grand in structure, grand in beauty, grand in quality 
of sound. She had captured the heart of every pianist who had come to play in 
the great hall. Once they touched her keys…they fell in love with the 
celestial sounds that resonated from her core.

He was a grand musician, adept at playing several instruments. Music was 
what made him come to life…his passion seen in the swaying of his body as he 
became enraptured in the sounds. He came looking for her, having heard of 
her perfection, and once he touched her, he was captivated. 

Night after night the hall was packed with music lovers who came to hear him 
play, but they also came to feast their eyes for when he sat there at the 
piano…it was almost as if he were in the throes of passion. She made him 
pour and release his inner soul in notes that vibrated and pulsated within 
every listener’s heart. Passion redefined.

His fame spread.  He spent hours every day…sitting there on the stage, 
caressing her keys, making her do his bidding…moving her to a forte 
crescendo…and then another, soothing her with pianissimo after the 
storm of passion was spent. 

When did it happen? When had the restlessness taken hold? He couldn’t 
remember a specific moment, but at night…after the concerts were over, and 
he was there in his room, he would dream of traveling again, and he’d think of 
the Stradivarius he had seen for sale in the most renowned music store in 
Europe, a store right beside the grand hall. She was a beauty…sleek, 
streamlined, shapely, and after he had touched and fondled her, heard the 
noise he could bring to life with his flexible fingers, he knew…the time had 
come to say goodbye.

All his savings and more went into purchasing that Stradivarius that fit 
snuggly under his chin. He could travel with her. She was…lightweight, easy to 
carry. She was not stationary.....heavy. 

It was the last concert, and he gave that piano his all. The audience sensed a 
difference in the man. The room was electrified with the notes of a passion in 
bursting from the fusion of man and instrument. The piano had never sounded 
so angelic, sweet, replete with every nuance of a lover’s dream. Something 
seemed to be tugging at the pianist's heart for before he took his bow, they 
saw his eyes wet with tears. 

Years passed, his fame grew. He was now known as the master violinist....the 
shining star among his of a kind. He was happy and 
famous. He was traveling….light. His Stradivarius was his to finger and play 
with every night, a perfect mistress, a perfect muse, yet why…why did he find 
himself back in the hall after all this time? He stood there aghast, for all he 
could see on the stage was the old janitor, sweeping the floor. “Where is she?” 
he demanded. 

The janitor squinted at him, trying to remember, and then he gave a sad 
smile. “Why…didn’t you hear? It was in all the papers. After you left, 
something went terribly wrong with that grand piano.  All the notes kept 
coming out wrong. It didn’t matter who sat down to play, and to tell you the 
truth, some of those pianists were even better than you, or so I heard said. 
Nothing sounded right. They brought professional tuners. Everything seemed 
alright, but…the music, the music lacked….life. She couldn’t get fixed and so, 
in the end….she was sold for scrap pieces to a carpenter who hacked her into
pieces to use for firewood.”

The musician stood there, tears streaming down his face. She had been 
heavy, her maintenance difficult, her stationary heart, unmovable. He had 
longed to travel light…to relish minimum maintenance demands, to travel far 
and wide, like a feather on the breeze…airy and light…oh, so light, but could 
someone be found who could explain to him the extreme leaded heaviness in 
his heart that rooted him, immovable, to the spot where once a beautiful 
grand piano had stood.

Eileen Manassian

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A Wedding In White

He buried his face in her. At first gently. Naked his muscles rippled in the morning light. He was beautiful. She was beautiful and he held her as if she were the last raindrop that would ever fall.

In the white of the stone. In the hand of their creator. Her dress flowed like, sat like, curled like silk. Her face spoke even in the stillness of her passing. His body, his presence yelled of a passion unharnessed.

Death by the poison of a venomous snake and you know we all die like this by the hand of a heartless serpent even if by happenstance but still the sculpture painted romance painted love. Screamed into the eyes of the beholder if not for love then what? 

Maurice Yvonne

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Wandering through the crystalline mists, is truly a revelation. Dreamers merely dream, but seers roam misty, dark realms, to find the truths, which others would hide. The swirling fog forms; takes its sweet time. I seek clarification; Fog only hints, at life’s coming storms. Some have died, for their gift; slaughtered by those who can’t or won’t try to understand; insisting that, they must be of service to others. It’s no comfort to know events, Before they occur, but God gives gifts. Prognostication is one of the Best and worst gifts. The god within, will not be silent; inner knowledge is the wheel, that steers us to safety. A prognosticator channels the map, for those who cannot see.

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Muse With Pen and Sword

My soul rides the pen. Flowing through the nib, my thoughts are revealed; flowing onto the page in dark, liquid waves. As a vessel, I pour; all within me, spews forth. Naked rivers of ink Reveal muse’s secrets. Muse wields her sword, sliced opinions, fall away upon journal pages. Pen-to-paper, scratching letters and words that betray us both. She talks too much and insists that, there are others who dream and believe, as we do. Why do I feel like I must keep silent and Let her do all of the talking? With Pen, she speaks; with sword, she conquers. I am her vessel and I must let her pour.

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Love Letters - 4-A - A Collaboration with Mary Jo

Love Letters - 4-A. A Collaboration. Prose. December 2nd 1942.

Love Letter No. 4...Janet Camden.

My precious brown eyes, my Love whispers to you across the many miles, as my words wrap you in warmest embrace. I wanted you to know sweetheart, that ever since you wrote and told me you were coming home to my arms before Christmas,i have been readying our home with all the Love and care to welcome you into my arms where you belong. The weather is so different here as you know my Love, compared with what you have been dealing with where you are for so long. I was standing by the window lost with my thoughts a million miles away and it started to snow. It was so softly falling my Love, just like i adore, and it wasn't long before it started to blanket every branch and twig in a Lovely, downy white softness. It brought back my sweet memories, one beautiful December day such as this, when you came inside and told me to bundle up and close my eyes, you took me by the hand and led me out of our lil' cabin out into the cold to the front of the barn where you told me to wait.

After a few moments, you told me to open my eyes and you had the old sleigh all decked out, and around the horse's necks were wreaths and jingle bells, and in the sleigh you had even managed to sneak in a thermos of hot cocoa and Lovely blankets for us to cover up with. I remember i was so excited when we left because we sang beautiful Christmas songs and laughed and talked, and we stopped 'neath the old wooden covered bridge and watched the river down below, dotted with snow and crystal ice shining in the sunlight, and we shared many tender moments that day. I couldn't help but smile to myself and then i heard a most lovely sound that brought me back to was the lovely song of the most gorgeous red cardinal outside the window, singing to me and it reminded me of what we had always said to one another. Do you remember my Love? "Whenever the birds are singing, they are singing their serenade of Love for us, from our hearts, to send to one another across the miles.
                        Our birds are singing loudly now my darlin'...XXXXX

A Collaboration by Mary Jo Hose & Michael P Clarke.

Let Love forever flow onto the page. It is always a pleasure to work on love Letters with you Mary, you make it so easy with your gentle way of writing. May our ink ever flow together in Love's golden dreams. Love always....MIKE. XXX

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Love Letters 4A A Collaboration with Mike

Love Letters - 4-A - A Collaboration with Mike
Love Letters - 4-A. A Collaboration. Prose.
 December 2nd 1942. Love Letter No. 4...Janet Camden. 

My precious brown eyes, my Love whispers to you across the many miles, as my words wrap you in warmest embrace. I wanted you to know sweetheart, that ever since you wrote and told me you were coming home to my arms before Christmas,I have been readying our home with all the love and care to welcome you into my arms where you belong. The weather is so different here as you know my love, compared with what you have been dealing with where you are for so long. I was standing by the window lost with my thoughts a million miles away and it started to snow. It was so softly falling my Love, just like I adore, and it wasn't long before it started to blanket every branch and twig in a Lovely, downy white softness. It brought back my sweet memories, one beautiful December day such as this, when you came inside and told me to bundle up and close my eyes, you took me by the hand and led me out of our lil' cabin out into the cold to the front of the barn where you told me to wait. After a few moments, you told me to open my eyes and you had the old sleigh all decked out, and around the horse's necks were wreaths and jingle bells, and in the sleigh you had even managed to sneak in a thermos of hot cocoa and lovely blankets for us to cover up with.

 I remember I was so excited when we left because we sang beautiful Christmas songs and laughed and talked, and we stopped 'neath the old wooden covered bridge and watched the river down below, dotted with snow and crystal ice shining in the sunlight, and we shared many tender moments that day. I couldn't help but smile to myself and then I heard a most lovely sound that brought me back to was the lovely song of the most gorgeous red cardinal outside the window, singing to me and it reminded me of what we had always said to one another. Do you remember my Love? "Whenever the birds are singing, they are singing their serenade of love for us, from our hearts, to send to one another across the miles. 

                        Our birds are singing loudly now my darlin'...xxxx

 A Collaboration by Michael P. Clarke & Mary Jo Hoose

*Thank you darlin' Mike for taking up your romantic pen and allowing me the privilege to write with you once*

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Love Letters 3 A Collab With Mike Clarke

Love Letters-3 - A Collaboration With Michael P. Clarke

Love Letters. A Collaboration. Prose. November 27th. 1942.

Love Letter No. 3.....John Camden.

My living sun, i hold you so close to me this evening, I feel you within my heart. We dance within the stars my beloved. Finally we got the word, we go overseas on the 18th of December, we get a weeks leave starting the 10th of December. I wish it could have been the Christmas week but at this time we have to take what we can. I let my eyelids close on a starlit sky and i see your smiling face. You are standing on the porch of our cabin. I walk up the steps and i have you in my arms. I can feel your body press against me right now. A tear of joy is coming from my eye right now. The silken touch of your lips lifts me to Heaven's heights. As i sit here, just outside our barracks I do feel a peace this evening. We shall soon be together and my heart breathes Love once more. My eyelids open,I smile as i look at your face in every star now. Soon we shall be at the bend of the river. Always remember the bend of the river. I have to get back inside now my Love. I come to you on the ethereal breeze, for your heart is my home.

I Love you my precious, the breeze shall whisper my love into your ear. 
                                    Soon my love.....

Love Letter No. 3....Janet Camden

My precious love such wonderful news your words have brought to me! My brown eyes have filled with tears of joy in reading your words telling me that you will soon be coming home to me my sweet darlin' love. To see you standing on the cabins porch tall and proud in your uniform as you take me in your loving arms as I get lost in the softness of your brown eyes when we share our kiss and I will know I am truly in heaven for you are home again where you belong. We will celebrate our Christmas early this year my sweet darlin' and it will be the very best two hearts can share. I promise to make it one you will never forget my love.I will make the turkey golden brown with all the trimmings that you so enjoy and your favorite desserts and later we can light the tree and we'll snuggle close by the fireplace as we watch the snow fall gently outside the window until it's time to go up to our comfy bed in the loft ,where we will make the most beautiful of memories
together my angel as I hold you in my loving arms and whisper my love to you...

                           ~ now and always you are my hearts desire.~

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Love Letters 9 A 2 A Collaboration With Mike

Love Letters  9  A  2. A Collaboration. Prose. December 7th. 1942.

Love Letter - 9  A  2...John Camden.

Now let us not think of earlier, I am now sitting out under the stars and my thoughts are with you and you alone. I see your beautiful, adorable face, in the dark velvet above me. Now until forever you are the vision in my Soul. I carry you in my heart forever Janet. You shall ever be my Aphrodite. I was recalling our walks down by the river just then. I was thinking, we shall have to get past that bend one day, but then we always have so much fun at the bend of the river. One day we may explore further up that river. That's something we shall do once this war is over.

For now it is enough to know that you are with me in spirit. You come on the ethereal breeze and so gently fall into me. You caress my heart with gossamer touch. You enter your Rose that shall eternal grow within my heart. I come there now to be with you my love. On a silken petal of your Rose shall we join as we have joined many times before. Your Rose shall cry blood tears as it watching our union, a fire of passion that shall never end. 

My Janet, for you my feelings shall never lessen, they shall always be strong and getting stronger. There has only ever been one woman put on this earth for me Janet and that is you. My Love, i hear your whispers on the wind, i feel your precious kisses on my lips, i feel your long auburn hair on my chest and i inhale your scent. You are with me. Now i feel a little peace inside my Love.

                           It's time for us to meet in dream my Love.........

Love Letter 9 - A - 2....Janet Camden.

Ahh yes my love, we shall indeed make it past the bend in that great rivers bend one fine summer day, when we walk barefoot in the soft emerald waves of grass that blows in the breeze.The soft scent of honeysuckle floating on the warm summer air, so sweet like sweet perfume, as we walk along listening to the sounds of the lil' river toads, croaking back and forth in harmonious song, just for us in our own little world my love.Remember how happy we are when we spend these times with nature, so peaceful and serene, just you and I where we made love so many times 'neath the cool shade of the towering oak, and I fell asleep in your arms. It felt as if we were Adam and Eve in our own garden of Eden.

                   ~From now until eternity you have my heart and my love~ 

A Collaboration by Michael P Clarke & Mary Jo Hoose

Thank you Mike..xx

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Reflecting on Police Brutality

It was the spring of ‘74 when my student peers and I
were on the tail end of a group excursion  
through southern Spain, across Gibraltar’s Strait
and into the exotic northern tip of Africa.
I remember lots of greenery and mountains
and the fascinating sights and sounds inside Tangier,
but one small thing that happened somewhere between
the time we viewed the landscape we traversed 
and our time inside our destination city
stands out in my mind forevermore.

Our bus had briefly stopped on the street of a town.
I was looking out the window when I glimpsed a child,
looking poor and ragged, not so old.
He ran down the block with an orange in his hand,
an older man behind him in pursuit.
Quickly I observed that the man 
was a type of law enforcement officer,
 for he wielded a long strong stick
which he proceeded to use on the unfortunate lad
once he had caught up to him.

The event was very near our bus, 
so I could watch with growing horror
as this country’s version of a cop
unleashed brutality on a fellow human being,
a boy who was no doubt simply starved for food.
I saw the heavy stick fall repeatedly
till it struck the boy’s ear and blood gushed out. . . 

I would later view ornate gold buildings in Tangier,
 see colorful hand-crafted clothes and rugs, and smell
the aromas of strange delightful foods,
but beneath all that wonder was the singular event
that stayed inside my brain.

I think of my own country - free, so very free,
with laws against “this kind of thing” that had appalled me;
a land so free that gangs of filthy evil men, 
even sometimes with the help of the police,
had in days of yore lynched the black man
for crimes as meager as the taking of that orange,
or worse, for no crime at all!
Hateful mobs had beat and hanged
men and women, even children,
In the midst of the beauty of 
fragrant magnolia trees . . .

Civil Rights has done a lot 
to eradicate these horrors, yet even now,
a remnant of the Ku Klux Klan mentality
exists inside the minds of some, and even in
 the minds of some we trust to uphold the law.
I cannot know the thoughts that enter
the minds of law enforcers who think they are confronting
a person who they’ve deemed a criminal. 
I cannot know their fear when they see, perhaps,
what they suppose to be a weapon.
We cannot know their backgrounds 
or if they harbor prejudice against another color
or against the lower class.
The court and the jury decide the fate of those
who have used what our society may see as undue force.
God alone will judge them in the end.

We, as citizens of all the world, must be aware
that violence can be used
when the threat of it against themselves
is perceived by our police.
How sad to think that some of those 
who serve to offer us protection ,
whether out of ignorance, fear, or prejudice,
are using brutality so haphazardly. 

Those in my own country who have seen 
or even experienced police brutality
must have felt the same horror I felt the day I saw
a child beaten in a foreign land.
Who am I to judge another country
when mine is also mired still in sin?
God help us all to fight against 
the inane and unjust cruelty of those
who practice police brutality.

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Santa's Special Delivery: a collab

Brutal was the biting wind,
sweeping brown locks of a tiny urchin 
side to side, often hiding her eyes.
Oversized slippers she had donned
were lost in deep snow drifts.
She plodded forth barefoot, risking frostbite.
Little daylight remained to guide her;
a dangerous holiday trek she undertook.
Villagers in passing carriages didn't notice her.
With snow falling fast and accumulations growing deep,
she didn't realize she'd left the main road.
If only she could find her grandfather's cottage!
For Christmas Eve it was,
but in her heart there was no joy.
Her cruel stepmother’s house she left in search of love.
As darkness fell, the biting cold increased.
Her weary legs she dragged; with teary eyes she searched
in vain, for only shadows could she see.
A green-clad elf with lantern lit was homeward bound
deep in the woods, when all at once he spied this forlorn girl,
sprawled on the snow deprived of strength and shivering.
He shone the light on her white face; eyelids moved and flickered.
He read her thoughts and understood; he knew just how to help her. 
No time was lost; his crystal flute he blew to call his trusted friends. 
An entire family of elves pulled the shivering child,
placing her gently on a sled,
fully decked out in Christmas flare.
The elves had been on their way to Santa;
Yuletide deliveries had to be made, 
but the wee girl's plight took priority.
Once she was aboard the sled,  
reindeer arrived on cue,
ushering the crew to the North Pole.
The little girl came to quickly,
nestled in Santa's arms.  
With pleasure he brought her to her grandfather's cottage.
Grandfather sat alone by his roaring fire
when a knock came to the door.
He went to see who it could be so late into the night.
There on the doorstep his young granddaughter stood with shining eyes,
a dream come true for those who never give up hope.
He picked her up in welcome arms, a warm embrace of love.
The clock struck twelve. They heard the sound of jingling bells
as Santa waved goodbye and off he sped across the sky.
Christmas had arrived, and his first gift had been delivered! 

[Inspired by the first paragraph of The Little Match Girl by H.C. Andersen]

Co-written by: Paul Callus~Carolyn Devonshire~Valentina Stagno-Navarra
Contest: A Christmas Tale
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Placed: 1st

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Lady Kathleen

She pours the brewed, hot cup of tea, as we relax here in the shade
Honeysuckle vines encircle the posts, of the old screened porch
Webs of daddy long-legs, glisten in the afternoon light, and I listen, intensely
while she nonchalantly chatters, telling me stories, if they were ordinary tales
True life adventures, that I can't imagine, but yes......they are real

She crossed an ocean, saw war, in action,
A life of adventure, of hardship, of courage, of fear
Yet, nothing revealed, to hint of the years
that have weathered her crinkles nor dampened her cheer

Inside the house, the counter is a clutter, piled high with dishes
The old floor is sticky, and dog hair floats in prisms of light
One old hound sleeps in the middle of the worn kitchen rug.
Another lame Labrador laps water from a pie tin,
     dripping water from his sloppy face across the peeling checkered floor.

Throughout the house, a lingering musky smell of well loved pets,
       and a stale, smoky odor of burnt toast from her attempt at breakfast.
Servants, cooks, gardeners, part of a long ago past.
The house is filled with dust covered, belongings
History fills each corner to mingle, along with the dust motes that linger in air
 Junk mail, newspapers, dog treats, documents and clippings
 prized antiques and artifacts, ......just facts of life, from how she sees them

On every shelf, and on the walls, are sepia-hued photographs
Famous faces I have seen, on the news, and on the screen

A handsome young man, and she was his bride
A commander when the world took sides
She followed him to the ends of the earth.  
And soon will gladly follow him to the grave

I sit here now,...with this woman of many lives.
Like one of the flowers on her porch, she wears a tattered, splattered dress.
Today, she is a homespun, country widow.
An extraordinary woman, this grand Duchess,
          yet now who bears traits of Ma Kettle
She brought class, dignity, and a wealth of knowledge
       to our small country neighborhood,....... to my life.
Here we are, together, so far from the world she once knew.
We sit in the shade of her covered porch
A long haired, grey cat jumps into her lap.
Under the veil of a summer day
I pour her another cup of tea, and a little more for myself.
    Tea is served, flavored with lemon....I have much more to drink savor.

A True Character....dear /Friend/and Neighbor (Kathleen Maitland) now deceased
Whose husband was an aviation pioneer
The most amazing couple I have ever known
Revised 10/21/14   For Guatami's Contest: Sketch a Character

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A Love Letter to My Friends of India

When I think of India, I think of dark eyed beauties, their foreheads painted with decorative red dots, and I see them moving deliciously in beautiful bright costumes as bangles dangle from their slender wrists. When I think of India, I think of a culture steeped in history and tradition: folkloric music, myths, and dance, and the influence of the Hindu religion. I visualize the rich and poor alike bathing themselves in a river called Ganges. I see an olden time when mighty elephants, colorfully decorated, carried men atop their backs on elegant elephant seats, and I recall pictures in my geography studies of the white sacred cows freely roaming the narrow streets of Delhi. I recall a novel I read: Rudyard Kipling’s engrossing tale of a jungle boy and also other novels depicting a clash of cultures as the British imposed their rules on Indian society. I think of current movies showing the seedy side of India such as one named Slumdog Millionaire and a movie to contrast it, the romantic Bollywood delight named JabTak Hai Jaan. Furthermore, I recall the grace and good nature of the Indian people depicted in a film called The Best Ever Exotic Marigold Hotel. When I think of India, I think of the Taj Mahal, Kama Sutra, and curry, and also I recall horrible stories of Bride burnings now banned and by contrast, the good works of Mother Teresa, who labored there among the poor, and I think of the man who is probably the most recognized by Americans as a good and strong example of leadership: Mahatma Ghandi. All these things are the sum of what I have learned about India in my lifetime. But what do I really know of India? What I have learned recently relates to poets I have come to know at this website and who have shown me through their poetry and their communication with me, a more personal side of the Indian people that I never used to know. Through the poetry of Ravindra I have learned the love of an Indian for his heritage and how he emulates his father‘s work through beautiful translations. From poets like BL and Jag, I’ve learned more about the deep and philosophical nature of the Indian poet! Through great friendships with people like Kashinath, Yesha and Yasmin, and Guatami I have come to learn about the actual personalities of dear Indian people whose life experiences, struggles and desires are not so different from my own, and also I am able to enjoy their eloquent words as they describe their own emotions, passions, and love of nature through their poetry. Perhaps their culture adds a flavoring to their words and phrases that is a bit different from my own, but in the end, we are all alike beneath the skin. Whether from India or any other country, we are, all of us, becoming a part of a global community in which our differing backgrounds can be accepted and even better - celebrated! Thank you I say to all my poet friends whose words enrich my life, but in particular, today I thank my friends from India, for helping me to really see how beautiful you are and to understand your country better through knowing YOU.

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One day a scruffy looking dog turned up on the doorstep,
an independent sort of lad. Now to who do you belong?
wondered the boy calling for his dad. "Look Dad can we keep him" 
"Well while we look for his owners. He must belong to someone"  

Time went on and they called him Wag as his tail never stopped.
He always stayed near to young Tim somehow knowing he was ill.
Saved his life too a few times until the day came when
Tim fell into a coma his young body ravished by the cancer.

After the funeral Wag went to the man and laid his head on his knee,
Then the man realised that Wag's time here was done and he was saying goodbye.
The last he saw of him he was trotting north, purpose in every stride.
He thought to himself in nine years he never seemed to age. 

So he did some research and the stories of Wag were astonishing,
where ever a child was mortally ill Wag would turn up bringing Joy.
These story spanned over sixty years yet Wag looked around three.
What ever you are he thought thank you for making Tim's life easier.

As for Wag, well he travelled on until he got to Mary's home.
There he stayed for twelve years bringing her cheer each day.
Yet when ever a picture was taken, he would not be in it.
To this day none know why but all love him and all call him Wag.

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Erika Gardner, celebrity British chef, is dead after police attempted to arrest the heavy-set 35year old woman for jaywalking. 

Gardner was notorious for her colourful language while drinking on the set of her popular cooking show, “Flambé, My Way.”   She is also well-known for slapping a security guard at Tiffanys and kicking a paparazzi outside her luxury condo. Her driving license was suspended in 2012 for drinking under the influence. 

Police approached Gardner yesterday to arrest her for jaywalking, for which she had been arrested for in the past. 

Witness videos show that Gardner became irate though did not become physical when office John Smith attempted to arrest her.

“I have had enough of these ruffian tactics,” Gardner clearly says. “I am meeting the mayor for lunch in an hour. He will hear about this. Now, back off, bub.” She then continues, “I have done nothing that warrants this attention. At least not today.  Please, just leave me alone.  I am minding my own business or haven’t you noticed? For heaven’s sake, I was only jaywalking!”

Officer Smith attempts to take her into custody.  

She says, “Don't you dare touch me.”

Then, Officer Smith puts a chokehold on Gardner and four more officers force her to the ground. Gardner says, “I can’t breathe” as four officers remain on her.

She lies still, unresponsive and the video shows officers checking for a pulse.

It takes several minutes for EMRs to arrive at the scene. Paramedics do not administer any life saving measures and one is heard to say, “Get up,” though Gardner was unconscious. 

Gardner was pronounced dead an hour later at the hospital.

The video has gone viral and the officers in question are under investigation.


This is fiction. Cause this would not have happened. 

However, something very similar has.

Speak up. Speak out.