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                                  Slow passionate kisses on your lips 

                                    Fireworks exploded in my mind

                                      Loving hands upon your hips

                                         Leaving troubles behind

                                            A perfect night had

                                              Just you and me

                                                Love like mad

                                                    Sets free


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Lady Luck

Lady Luck ~ (the Nonet) 

Tears, shadows that swallow other tears
united and out of control
eyes decompose like soft coal
water, in swimming hole
everglade pistol 
celestial toll
river pole 
dead soul


again, pause
deep darken jaws
engraved, digging claws
deteriorating flaws 
still alive, eating what was
waste, rain, disabling because
nature lingers, emotional raw


Nonet, 9 lines, 
beginning 9 syllables, then 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 syllable(s) ~ I hope~

for RICK'S contest...

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Sequined fireflies winging lightly by into grassland ablaze, they swirl on moon's romance of a dream buoyant as crepe lanterns throwing gold stardust on my damp cheeks; night magic... blow a wish! Freddie V's Contest Never published NONET

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Onion Love

Oh, pungent onion, large, sweet and fried in golden rings, diced, sauteed for casseroles or grilled with meats; tossed raw into my greens! I love you so, that when I slice your skin, I’m the one that weeps!

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Dark Ages

If in one thousand years they'll ask me
What made this one so different 
I'll say lust for purity  
And control lingered on
Only this time God
Was shaped like an 
'S' with two
Lines through

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Mentor, O’ My Mentor

On this day I complete on the earth       
*Seventy five years, one regret                
My children and grand children                
Surrounding me with love                          
Reminds me go back                                    
My childhood                                                
Days I missed                                                     
With my                                                         

My mentor                                                      
Everything for me                                          
Worked in rustic village                                
Living alone, cooking bread                         
On rustic stove, living sage life                    
Putting me in high-school in a town.          

He didn’t live to see what I have scored  
Himself primary school teacher                 
No chance, surrounding him ever.             
Me lust busy upstairs                                    
Dad dying downstairs                                   
In the morning                                               
Lay in bed                                                         

=====================================================     DR.Ram Mehta

Contest: Heart's warmth sponsored by Sami Al-khalili                        

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Spring's First Kiss

By Carolyn Devonshire

Two hearts we carved in the budding tree
One heart for Peter, one for me
Fifteen, fresh as the season
Breeze brushed love to our lips
Sharing our first kiss
The heart remains
Tree has grown
Love once

*For Michael Falotico’s contest: Nonet Me a Spring Kiss

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A Silk Rose

I run my hands down your silk shoulders
till our hands are in each others.
As our bodies lightly touch,
these lips can only kiss.
I whisper softly
my only words,
I love you

by Michael J Falotico 2nd place in
"Poetic Art" contest by the Sweetheart

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Life - a Nonet

Life might be compared to a Nonet; if words be deeds, how we flourish in the first several lines! But the lines, like time, start to dwindle midway. Last word; last line - Too fast we meet the end.

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Stars and Souls

Stars and Souls velveteen tapestry shrouds sky beautiful cold warmed by star glitter gather bits of shiny heaven in palm hold it close, light a candle let light glow in the dark Sing to the Moon, pull the tides with you let your song echo deep within then allow it to be heard Let it ripple, then Soar move souls with ardor Let fire burn, Blazing strength then share it tiny lights gather amidst dark sky beaming bright… stars in lives are souls for Constance's Nature, Four in One Contest :) -nikko