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Best Maltese Poems

Below are the all-time best Maltese poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Maltese poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Maltese Poems

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The Maltese Moon by Manassian, Eileen
The Maltese Maiden by Chircop, Charmaine
A Maltese Summer by Zammit, Ronald
Twistees: A Maltese Treat by Callus, Paul
A Maltese Trifle by Callus, Paul
Maltese Maiden by Fraser, James

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The Best Maltese Poems

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The Maltese Moon

The Maltese Moon,
she draws my eyes
to shapely orb
in starlit sky
she smiles at me
with wanton grace
and spills desire
upon my face
I'm all awash
in milky glow
sacred secrets
Mine to know...

the Maltese Breeze
he flirts with me
can't let me be
his fingers trace
my rounded face
my hair he twirls
my skirt's a whirl
he has no care 
this Maltese Breeze 
alone can dare
dishevel me
and set me free

The Maltese Sea
now beckons me
wets my desire
in moon glow fire
that rides the waves
as my heart craves
His liquid arms
and all his charms
This Maltese Sea
so vast so free
is calling me
is calling me....

I close my eyes
as Maltese Air
caresses my lips
in great fanfare
I breath him in
in sheer delight
by his might
I pause a while
my life on hold..
my heart, it beats
so brave, so bold

The others, they just
walk on by
and yet I wait
alone, I sigh 
Awash in light
of Maltese Moon
the Maltese Breeze
just simply croons
and Maltese Sea
he, murmurs sweet
and I am lost
In Maltese treat

The magic starts to fade away
I start to walk, I cannot stay
They've called me from my reverie
I rush to catch up with the three
but turn for one more blessed glance
at Maltese Moonbeam's fond romance
There's more to me than what they know
more passion than what I can show

The Maltese Moon, she smiles at me
For we have shared sweet ecstasy

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2016

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I'm near cuckoo
This Monday blue
A day not eas'ly recommended
for making sense
I'm way too tense
And hung-over to comprehend it
My mind's on the bend
my imaginary friends
are threatening to abandon en masse
I was perfectly sane
till they pissed in my brain
negotiations are at an impasse
It pains me to mention
the bone of contention
menacing our peaceful existence
my voices of own creation
went above their station
with mutinous and unfair persistence

Old Mother Hubbard
had sneaked to the cupboard
to steal skeleton bones for her yapper
the skeletons in-wait
welcomed their bait
with little resistance managed to trap her
As to why she'd no clue
their demands were few
and until met they'd keep her as hostage
twixt two skeletons squeezed
the hag was well-pleased
only in dreams she was ever in bondage
The skeletons vacated
on their long-awaited
crusade for their rights to be equal
a sudden scurry in my head
when the voices I have bred
became hushed, which was rather unusual
The spokes-skeleton
passed a colorless wind
voiced their single demand:  to remain
"We were made to vanish
to a dark cupboard banished
we demand henceforth to share your domain."
A resounding "No!
You'll stay down below
we're totaling 20, including the yapper
there's hardly space
the din to embrace
and an hour-long queue to the crapper."
"Then the beldam Hubbard
will remain in the cupboard
lore would have it, bare to the bone
the cupboard, that is
not the hag, whose Maltese
diced up raw will be fed to the crone.

We implore you most
kindly engage our host
in negotiations and if necessary plead
we want into his brain
and share your domain
or prepare for a skeleton stampede."


Copyright © delysia hendricks | Year Posted 2013

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Ru-Bee-n and the Dove


                                Broken Butterfly feeding
                                on nectar from my flowers
                                _"These are my...Don't bite me...Ouch!

                                I will keep my proboscis
                                and my stinger for the spring
                                when the Maltese dove returns
                                Charmaine, where are you!

Ruben Ortellao

Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2012

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Hidden Beauty


On the island of Comino
Naked rocks are burning hot,
Without mercy, sun at midday
Robs the shade from every spot.

It’s a bare desolate area, 
Here the snakes are free to crawl,
Lazy lizards meditating
Where the gnarled wild bushes sprawl.

I trudge on towards the inlet
Drawn by water cyan blue;
It’s deserted and inviting
For it’s known only to few. 

I arrive and there to greet me
On dry sand a wondrous sight
I behold, sensual, alluring
Virgin flowers dressed in white. 

*Comino is one of the islands that 
  form the Maltese Archipelago.
22nd January, 2015
Contest: Hidden Beauty
Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Placed: 2nd

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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A Maltese Trifle

Pretty crystal dish that holds
A rainbow delight
Layers of coloured custard
Jam spread sliced sponge cakes   
Sprinkled with sherry
Meringue topped

8th November 2014 
Contest: Make Me Drool with Epulaeryu
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Placing: 5th

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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My Table of Three plus Me

A poetry convention is a wow
Our writes we endeavour to plough
We'll meet so many friends
To enhance writing trends
Our strengths are as thick as the bough

To my table I have decided to seat
Three ladies whom I'd so love to meet
They are favourites of mine
And they will be for some time
Their poetry to read is my treat

The first lady to seat is a gem
Her novels just shine from her pen
She's a New Jersey girl
Who makes my heart twirl
Her poetry flows 'tres bien'

The second lady to sit at my table
If given the chance, I'd surely enable
She's Maltese, she's Celene
A Mediterranean Queen
Her name would be beautifully labelled

The third lady who I now show to her chair
Her writing just makes me openly stare
It's oozes life's desire
It makes me aspire
Table Top Mountain, I wish I was there

<*> Not for any contest, but I thank Michael for the idea, ty <*>

Thank you Carolyn Devonshire, Celene Crescent & Wilma Neels for being you,xxx

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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The Maltese Maiden

There was once a maiden who lived by the sea with lustrous lips that dried too soon like early dew perched on a tree . She once was beautiful with skin so fair A veil of lilacs covered her hair. Her eyes the brightest of moonglow beams Her voice, a drifting wave on a late night breeze. Her dimpled smile lit each dark alley Her carefree spirit reached every valley. This little maiden had never married though noble blood her womb has carried. Undressed from innocence, her tender flesh has felt the warmth of drunken breath. His fingertips exposed her neck and then trailed down along her back. She couldn't move, She couldn't scream At last, She ran not to be seen. She ran so fast to be set free She raised her son, lone by the sea.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

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We got off the plane in Malta after our flight Reached the arrivals hall and to our delight... there to greet us with a hug and a smile Paul Callus, his wife and his lovely grand daughter Valentina THANK YOU PAUL - YOU MADE MY HOLIDAY COMPLETE BEFORE IT HAS EVEN BEGUN!!!! Written in my hotel room in Sliema Malta 27th October 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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A Belated Birthday Wish For Charmaine

Everyone loves our dear sweet Charmaine This adorable young lady of Poetry Soup fame Just had a Birthday Apologize I'm late To my Maltese sweetheart, best wishes I convey © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Our Dear Charmaine

Everyone knows our dear Charmaine From the Mediterranean Isle of Malta A beautiful lady so loving and gentle My admiration for her never falters Charming and sweet are a couple of words Describing this dear loving soul I hold my breath till her name appears Since this ageing heart she stole Others on the site are sweethearts too Can't possibly mention them all But this is all about Charmaine Chircop That dear sweet Maltese doll Since the day Charmaine came into my life The sun has never stopped shining She fills each day with such joy and kindness Forever on her love, I'm dining © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Mediterranean Undressing

This rock of the brave
In the Mediterranean Sea
There is a Maltese Maiden
A lure for me

We will meet in it's Capital
Steeped in history
Valletta is it's name
But for tonight it's our chemistry

After a three hour flight
In Malta I land
To the hotel I am taken
Corinthia Marina so grand

I am now booked in
On my balcony I await
Looking over St George's Bay
For my Maltese date

I hear a knock at the door
As I open at ease
A beautiful sight I see
Has my blue eyes in please

A dark haired maiden
With skin so tanned
So beautifully dressed
Like a million grand

On the balcony we sit
With a vintage red wine
My heart is pounding
At her beauty so fine

I lay down my glass
In pursuit of a kiss
She responds like a magnet
Our lips now in bliss

I take her by the hand
My Maltese girl
My heart pounding
In an ever-ending twirl

Into my arms I take her
In kissing embrace
Our hands now in wander
In undressing grace

We fall on the bed
Of silken sheets
Where our adventure begins
As our bodies meet

In carnal crave
We join as one
As we are shadow dancing
In the late evening sun

The depths of our love
As we share our potions
In arched sync
Rhythmic explosions

As we sigh and groan
At the moment we have shared
For tonight on this brave island
Our love has been declared

We awake in the morning
Entwined in each others arms
And our sensuous joys
Loving charms

We spend the day
Holding hands and kissing
With my Maltese Maiden
In many years, we'll be reminiscing

For a Lady, whose heart is as big as the island she stays on " Charmaine Chirop "

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Maltese Maiden

This dark haired beauty Whose romantic words grace us Our Maltese Maiden

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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Twistees: A Maltese Treat

A delicious crispy snack
Made of rice and maize
Packed in special airtight bags
It is such a craze.

          Cheesy Twistees are attractive
          They are tasty and unique
          The result of rare technique.

They are healthy, baked not fried
Now a household name;
Many flavours to boast of
Rapid rise to fame.

          Cheesy Twistees are attractive
          They are tasty and unique
          The result of rare technique.

          Curly Twistees are so yummy
          Nothing beats them, it is true;
          Once you try them you’re addicted
          You’ll get one for price of two!!


Paul Callus ~ 31st May 2015
Contest: Sing Me a Jingle
Sponsor: Lyric Man
Placed 1st

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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On the balcony of our room We stood alone, just you and me Watching the rising crescent moon The twinkling undulating sea Inhaled the salty fragrant air You had your arm around my waist Warm breath that flirted on my nape The teasing lips ready to taste Let out a sigh, there was no haste, It was yet early in the night Temptation waited by the side It lingered, silent, out of sight I’d longed for moments just like this You smelt so good, tasted divine Our lips were locked in urgent kiss Full bodied gift like rich red wine Your gentle hands removed my dress Dilating eyes filled with delight For I wore not my thermal vest The heated passion filled the night A cloud went by, obscured the moon Now things were not how they should seem I was alone, he was not there This must have been a Maltese dream! Collaboration: Paul Callus & Jan Allison 30th October 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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She being Christina

She being Christina Poetic Maltese Maiden Such lines I've learnt Growing my poetry grading Of love, life and it's surrounds Many a day took my breath away You only have to read her words From the page I hear them say Be unto others, and they'll be unto you Love all those around, in turn they'll be true But more importantly be you, for you are their core As they are to you, the word love she so adores <*>

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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Charmaine Chircop

My Maltese falcon and falconer
Of words, soaring above the net of love
I use to walk from tree to tree
To hear on earth the strangest thing
The falcon that flies and sing
And every house and every yard
In world that was all soup
Cherished you, so beloved your thoughts
So beloved you
I heard a feather fell and became a spring
Came to drink of it
And find you not again
Singing from limb nor rill like before
Did ever a heart tell so sweetly?
Did ever a falcon hunt so obscurely
In the forest of the passion bright?
What pining and what longing we did feel
Fishes pierce by beak and reel,
O sweet love, O verse beyond compare
How shall I let you fade into dust
And all the shadow of my jasmine bringer disappear?
How shall I forget friendship and trust
When we built the old camaraderie here?
But these virtual walls hold me now to despair
What if my friends need me
What if time has shaken their human crust
Against the global village now I rage
That bid us fly in a bigger cage
I cannot hunt this imagination alone
I need the falcon to guard my throne.

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2010

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To Your Majesty, One Big....

...Hoender - Afrikaans, Pulë - Albanian, ???? - Arabic, ?????? - Belarusian, ???? - Bulgarian, 
Pollastre - Catalan, ? - Chinese (Simplified), ? - Chinese (Traditional), Piletina - Croatian, 
Kurecí - Czech, Kylling - Danish, Kip - Dutch, Kanaliha - Estonian, Manok - Filipino, 
Kana - Finnish, Galiña - Galician, ??t?p???? - Greek, ??? - Hebrew, ???? - Hindi, Csirke - 
Hungarian, Kjúklingur - Icelandic, Ayam - Indonesian, Sicín - Irish, ?? - Japanese, 
??? - Korean, Calis - Latvian, Vištiena - Lithuanian, ??????? - Macedonian, 
Ayam - Malay, Kylling - Norwegian, ???? - Persian, Kurczak - Polish, Pui - Romanian, 
?????? - Russian, ???????? -  Serbian, Kuracie - Slovak, Kuku - Swahili, Kyckling - Swedish, 
??? - Thai, Tavuk - Turkish, ????? - Ukrainian, Gà - Vietnamese, Cyw Iâr - Welsh, 
????? - Yiddish, Huhn - German, Frango - Portuguese, Poulet - French, Pollo - Italian, 
Pollo - Spanish, Chicken - Maltese, Chicken - Slovenian, Chicken - English.,...-=.....-=..-=..-
=......HA! HA! HA!...for old times Kidster, Your Majesty.

Copyright © SillyBilly theKidster | Year Posted 2010

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A Maltese Summer

A Maltese Summer

To wake up to a balmy dawn,
when the first church bells toll,
and dewdrops glisten on the lawn,
invites me for a stroll.

The warmth landed on perfumed breeze,
of lavender and thyme,
the fruit has ripened on fig trees,
to harvest in their prime.

Amongst caper bushes in bloom,
And walls of prickly pears,
where flocks of sparrows weave and loom,
so sweetly tweet in pairs.

the blazing sun rays make me squint,
on my way home for lunch,
for mum’s tomato paste with mint,
on Maltese breads that crunch.

Hear grandma hum Italian tunes,
as she scrubs clothes by hand,
a short nap in the afternoons,
then off to beach and sand.

Hence, why I love summer so much,
reminds me of childhood,
that time, it had the Midas touch,
still makes me feel real good.

@Ronald Zammit - All Rights Reserved

I have just returned from a quick visit to this magnificent island.

Copyright © Ronald Zammit | Year Posted 2015

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Spring Flowers

Ambitious Amaryllis arrive soon,
Bloodroots  beauty appears to bloom.
Colourful Camellias  grow in shade,
Daffodils  dance in garden parade.

English-daisies  pretend as innocent,
Freesia  flowers friendly and fragrant.
Gleeful is the glamorous Geranium,
Hyacinths  cling in cluster they come. 	

In too many shades Irises  are seen,
Jovial and joyous are the Jasmine.
Kind are the keen Kangaroo paws,
Lamb's ear  some attention it draws.

Maltese Cross  active and anxious,
Naive and nervous are the Narcissus.
Orchids  are obedient with open-eyes,
Pampered Pansies, peep in small size.

Quince  flower is bright orange-red, 
Rockrose  arrive as shrub and spread.
Stylish smile surrounds Sweet pea,
Trillium  flower has petals only three.

Umbrella Magnolia  shines like star,
Virginia bluebells  stunning they are.
Wallflowers  stay silent and are shy,
Xyris  watches with her yellow eye.

Yarrow  are tiny tightly together,
Zestful is Zephyr  in lovely weather.
Nature's colour in flowers is seen,
Among all seasons Spring is queen.

Enter the A poem you are proud of #3 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: SKAT A

April 18, 2016.
Spring Flowers - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Meenakshi Raina | Year Posted 2016

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Un beso de despedida

I just can’t leave without saying:
at least bye for now or ‘till we meet again.’
a conventional phrase we always say
to people we’ve met and cared for.

In another country like in Italy,
Ciao o arrivederci is a common cliché
in Spanish they always say, ‘hasta luego’
and in my own language, ‘hanggang sa muli’

As Filipino myself it’s a lovely thing.
to have that courtesy before leaving;
it’s an important gesture, an ethical manner
at least to show a smile or word of thanks.

I remember where I was assigned before,
working with immigrants like those Italians;
some Hispanics, Maltese, Irish and Sri Lankans,
it’s a universal thing to say bye for now.

Then another mission assignment came to my life,
that’s a tough one working at the borderline
that’s between El Paso and a city in Chihuahua
Ciudad Juárez, a place where I lived with Mexicans.

While I study and work at the same time
there’s an element of joy and compassion
I saw how these people like Mexicans
struggled to live and coped with life.

I really enjoyed my relationship with them
I even developed my own sense of freedom
to be creative and compassionate to them
A real commitment, like a song to my ears.

But when that time came that I ought to leave them,
I couldn’t say a word but just a sweet smile,
they understood right away that I’d stay no longer
in our Casa del Migrante, a place of hospitality.

As I was leaving my mission to face another role
in another context, place and working relationship,
some close friends and faithful followers,
organized a party with music and camaraderie.

And I still remember how they spoke about me
saying in a chorus of voices: ‘we’ll miss you,’
that’s a moving experience that even now
I recall those mem’ries so precious to me
that I cherish them all in my heart.

It’s a memorable scenario, a moment of joy
with a cadence of notes unfolding –
un beso de despedida!
though in a short period of time 

Copyright © mark escobar | Year Posted 2012

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I Am Thankful For

Mom, Grandma, Nancy, Stephen, June
Laughing, talking, cooking past noon

Clean, fresh vanilla candle smell
Messy house means all is well

Christopher, David, Penny, Jan
My dog Short Stack; my biggest fan

Sweet caramel Hershey kiss
Sour lemon Lipton iced tea; Brisk

Melanie, Ashley, little James, Sebastian
Cousins sharing stories with great passion

Sincere talk with my lovely niece
Rough tug a war with my Maltese

Frank, Barb, Allen, Deby, Steve, Debi, husband, wife
All couples with true love in their life

Icy Crytsal Geyser water; cold
Steamy green bean casserole

Myself, Allen, Steph, Rob, Tami, Ron
Texas hold ‘em, reminiscing about Don

Innocent ones filled with love and hope
Raw feelings, finding strength to cope

Alicia, Terry, Frances, Marea, Gayle, Beth, Danielle
Close friends who about anything, I can tell

Together on opinions about men
Apart in our attractions to them

Icy chill in the air forcing others to touch
Friends and relatives we don’t see enough

Hot red bonfire, eggnog with brandy
Cold blue lips, children with candy

Missing my dad, wishing he was here
Taking comfort that others are near

Quiet glances, whiff of cigar smoke
Loud voices, sip of Bacardi and coke

This day is a day I will always remember
Memories to hold until next November

Hate how time slips away too fast
Love this day and want it to last

Here’s a toast to Thanksgiving Day 2010
Until next year when we celebrate again

Copyright © Lori Jean Phipps | Year Posted 2010

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Maltese bows toss and roll 
Within liquid diamond waves.

Pulsations of foam in a crystalline field.

Poseidon's herd a joyous lot
these dolphins at play.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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My Maltese dog Short Stack barks wildly at animals on TV
And his reflection in the mirror when I hold him up to see

The hamburger helper hand from commercials gets a loud reaction
Either a real or cartoon animal whether moving or having no action

Dogs, chickens, roosters, ducks even people if on all fours
Eddy the Jack Russell from the show Frasier he totally adores

The family guy dog, Brian gets recognition and so does Cesar Milan
The dog whisperer is his all time favorite show that’s why I leave it on

Barking only at characters with similar animal traits I find rather peculiar
Can he actually distinguish between what is and what isn’t familiar

He doesn’t bark at pictures of animals in magazines, photos or a book
Or even at my computer screen of animal videos or photos that I took

Maybe it is real to him because my television is such a large size
I find him mesmerized by the screen as if truly hypnotized

Adorable and hysterical at times this odd dog behavior state 
Although I live alone when the TV is on I have a roommate

Copyright © Lori Jean Phipps | Year Posted 2010

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Sipping Her Beauty's Wine

Tableau this fashion's design; laying out her beauty's puzzle ?
In tantalizing light majestic of, bluish gray; love's Maltese kittens
Years were claimed his rocking chair production ? Hydrospheric time
Clasp it's cup and fragrant petals; their evening stars burlesque de facto....
Symbolized velvet tides pervious her kiss sublime Gemini, she shares my tithes.

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014

Details | Maltese Poem | |

Good Taste

My Laredo boots are red
My Clairol lipstick is hot 
My Wrangler jeans are blue
My Leather Jacket is not

My tastes are expensive
My Dell lap top is too
My Samsung Phone is silver
My Jeep Liberty is new

Love all brand names
Can’t live without a few  
So I end up spending
More than I need to

Sterling Silver or White Gold
Prada or Gucci Purse 
Only Grey Goose Vodka  
Having good taste is a curse

My certified pedigree Maltese
Is the love of my soul
And drinking Kenwood red wine
Is just how I roll

Copyright © Lori Jean Phipps | Year Posted 2010