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Below are the all-time best Italian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Italian poems written by PoetrySoup members

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An Italian Thanksgiving

Tom Turkey’s tender meat waits Lasagna’s served first Enticing garlic scent wafts Melted, fresh mozzarella Layered with rich sauce Temptation Yield !
*Written October 26, 2014. ;D My brother-in-law’s family has no room for turkey after eating the lasagna!

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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round One

Put your heart in my hand and just trust me,
Or you do not have to give me your trust.
Eventually, you will find the lust
That I have for you was easy to see.
Dakarai Cobb is who I must be
Each day until I return to the dust.
So, being honest with me is a must,
Trusting that my pen will always flow free.
Read me and my words like an open book,
Only to find out that I am a flirt.
You may want to keep an eye on this crook,
Even if he does not remove your shirt.
Remember, I want your engine to cook,
So when I start driving, it will not hurt.

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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round Eight

Putting my kisses all around your neck,
Obligates you to do the same to me.
Electrify my soul and I will be
The one whose knees will quickly hit the deck.
Destroyer, I am now a nervous wreck,
Expected to pay the ultimate fee,
Selling my soul so I can set your free
To bounce, as if you had been a bad check.
Restitution will have to be paid back,
Or I may never pleasure you again.
You can take my payments off of your rack,
Extending the time to pay for a sin.
Royalties will always be in the sack,
So that I can always secure a win.

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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round Two

Promise me that I can not offend you,
Or confuse you with my innuendo.
Every time I look in your window,
There is always something lovely to view.
Destroyer, I want to give you a clue!
Experience my touch when you then show
Sixty-nine things to do when you sin, though
Tonight I will let you do what you do.
Rely on me to satisfy your needs,
Or at least allow me to get you wet.
You can have all the rhymes that you can read,
Even the ones that I have not done yet.
Right now, I am trying to plant the seed,
So lets see how much moisture it will get.

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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round Five

Poetry is designed for love making,
Only because these words still sound so sweet,
Easily uttered to a perfect beat,
Telling me why your legs are still shaking.
Do not begin to think about faking!
Everybody can detect the heat
Surrounding your body from head to feet,
Turning on an oven made for baking.
Remember to leave me enough head room,
Or I just might be the one who goes numb.
You will be swept away by my lead broom,
Elevated beyond where you came from.
Roses from the bath tub to the bedroom,
Sets the mood for anything else to come.

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THE SOUNDGARDEN: Blow Up The Outside World acrostic-Italian sonnet

Though I have fallen to the end,
Hell on earth can not break, nor kill,
Even the weak part of my will,
Since my will will not break nor bend.
Others tried to act like my friends,
Until asked to pick up the bill,
Not willing, nor able, to fill
Desired roles that help and mend.
Giving everything I gave,
Allowed you to take what I own.
Roads to the underworld were paved,
Destroying the hope that was shown.
Eternity will not have slaves;
Not until the outside is blown.

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MISS TINKER BEL acrostic italian sonnet

Magically magical eyes,
Instigating skipped heart beats, while
Showcasing her own unique style,
Sparkle like the stars in the skies.
Truly, her beauty helps her rise
Instantly, carried by a smile,
Noticed from the furthest of miles,
Kept up on the highest of highs.
Exhuberant minds, hearts, and souls
Rise to the occassion, on wings
Built for angels with earthly goals.
Enchanting moments often bring
Levels of learned poetic roles,
Like the one that made my pen sing.

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Quinn, framed by the most proper name
Uttering her essence in pen,
Indispensably, provides men
Necessary musings for fame.
To remain ahead of the game,
Essential credentials must win
Substantially. Since she has been
Significant, Poets take aim.
Excellent expressions describe
Notable features of my muse,
That are what the doctor prescribed.
Ideal in all the ways her views
Allow her to be, as we vibe
Like the poetically fused.

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THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-8-2012

Taken to awaken favored
Havens, where images are stored,
Expressions, one can not ignore,
Render visions that are savored.
Aesthetic art provides flavor,
Catering to a hungry core,
Hungry eyes, hungering for more
Extracts that can not be wavered.
Literary images show
Quintessential beauty in ink;
Uncompromised poetic flow.
Imaginations are in sync,
Now that she glows from head to toe,
Named as the one, of which I think.

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THE RACHEL QUINN 11-14-2012 acrostic-ITALIAN sonnet

Transcend words! You recommend words
Heard only by listening hearts,
Expressing blessings from the start,
Regarded with the favor spurred.
Admiration, already stirred,
Contemplates how to play his part
Honorably. His words are art's
Experiments; Seen, but not heard.
Loosen confusions in your tongue!
Quote your mind, so his ears can hear
Unique descriptions that are sung.
Indicate that his words are dear,
Not mere, with the breath in your lungs,
Nurturing his hope with good cheer.

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Sonnet written in Optimist Park -Italian Sonnet- -win

(Rhyme scheme : abba abba cde cde) I met a pessimist walker in Optimist Park, She walked with a walker and a co-walker Crippled, stressed, depressed, a fatuous talker. Swaying on either side, not in her mark. Troubled by winged insects blood sucker in the park “mosi-ki-toss” many “mosi-ki-toss as if in utter danger Shouted she in her Serbian accented mumur, Waving palm to drive away foes & woes to debark. Immigrants of different nations & cultures, Come in search of shades of optimism, Culminating in the Old Testament adage, "HE hath made all things good in their times" Indulging in the mirage of meliorism, Things are bad but can be of better advantage.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ================================= The sonnet was posted on PS ON 6-16-2005, the day I joined PS I wrote this sonnet visiting Optimist Park in Windsor-Ont-Canada. It is " thoughts recollected in tranquility" I was inspired to write this sonnet by P.B.Shelly's " Ozymandias " sonnet ========================================================= Third Placement Contest: My Inspiration ================== Ninth Placement Contest : Italian Sonnet

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THE RACHEL QUINN acrostic-Italian sonnet 11-7-2012

Tinker Bell dwells well in my mind,
Helping me find the words to use,
Endearing enough to help choose
Radiant qualities that blind.
Alluring my mind from behind,
Charm is in the arms of my muse,
Handing me lines I can not lose,
Engaging enough to be kind.
Lyrical miracles flow free,
Qualified to be the unique,
Uncommon qualities we see.
Incredible enough to speak
Notably of? Enough for me!
Noticeable enough to seek!

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He Kissed Me (Italian Sonnet)

It was something quite unexpected,
your feelings, I surely could not tell,
emotions you had hidden so well.
Oh, those feelings of being rejected,
my Love, you must have suspected
all of the words I could not say.
You kissed me and took my breath away.
Forever we would be connected.

A caress from the lips, I so desire.
Be still, the thunder of my heart.
Bathed I am in a liquid fire,
holding on as we come apart.
Feelings, yes, so unexpected.

For Italian Sonnet Contest

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Spanish Fly With An Italian Taste...

unfortunate guy
drinking a cappuccino
sharing with a fly


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A Little Italian Flair

                                       Baked Eggplant Casserole
                                         Fresh garden eggplant
                                      Battered fried in cooking oil
                                      Layered, eggplant, cheese
                                         Spaghetti sauce, meat
                                               Bubbly baked

Contest:Poeta-Any Form/Theme

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POEM TO MAGEE -Italian translation

Poesia per Magee

Poem to Magee- Italian

C'è stato
un momento
un incredibile istante
quando ho ardito attraversare
la linea invisibile
eretta con tanta cura
fra di noi
per proteggere
i nostri soffici
muti segreti

come potevo sapere
che non sarebbe esistita
 un'altra te

con un solo battito del cuore
privo di ragione
privo di freno
attraversandola sono entrato nel tuo mondo
e ti ho scoperta
il mio primo vero amore
nella mia stretta
e nella mia

come potevo sapere
che non sarebbe esistita
un'altra te


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Angels wish that they had her smile,
So they could inspire the words
Heard coming from the heart that spurred
Lovely forms of poetic style.
Each angel would stay for a while,
Yielding their heavens to the birds,
Waiting for a chance to be stirred
Instantly, with poetic files.
Left to right her smile moved this pen;
Left to right her smile wrote these rhymes,
Inciting both angels and men.
Angels, until the end of time,
Must remain content with their grins,
Since stealing hers would be a crime.

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Panettone Italian Fruited Pudding

One of the things I love to do best during 
for the Holidays, is to make Bread Pudding.
This year will be panettone italian fruited
bread pudding. With loads of eggs, whole 
milk, cups of sugar, a splash of vanilla a
another splash of almond extract and add
some fresh strawberry or apricots. Oh yes!
and brown sugar to sprinkled over the top.

This is also a wonderful gift to pass out to
hungry neighbors for a little Christmas 
present...they'll all love it.

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All of Days (Saraband Sonnet (Italian/Spanish combination)

If love is lost for evermore
my heart will surely fade to naught
and life will be an endless chore.

Tormented eyes that beauty sought
would pierce the air in anguished pain,
my love's unwritten song in vain
if you should leave my soul distraught.

Yet hidden in the azure skies
I feel your love return my gaze
and in my dreams invoke my sighs.

My heart is yours for all of days
through winter sun and darkest night
and in the ancient mystic ways
our love will stand in its own right.

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To the Italian Poetess, from the Highlander

This Saturday morning
As i logged on to the Soup
A blog i read
Left me cock-a-hoop

Our Italian poetess
Has decided to stay
So we can read and comment
For many a day

In her writing 
She has her own style
Some make people worry
But make many people smile

This Highlander can say
With a smile on his face
That this Italian poetess
Is back home, in her place

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Shadowed Heart (Italian Sonnet)

I've fallen in love with you every day, 
with each beginning feeling like fresh air,
the warmth of your sweet kiss still holds me there
it does not diminish in any way.
In depths of winter when the world is grey
your smile reminds my heart to say I care
while touching places no others would dare
and loving you is where I want to stay.
And in moments I wander to times past
I often find my thoughts are thinking you
to when we were first lovers lifetimes ago
a magic spell that is forever cast
until all that remains, are just we two
your love, my heart's desiring shadowed glow.

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An Italian Limerick

There is an Italian guy named Eddie
He works in a mill making confetti
One thing he did not like,
his union went on strike
Now he can’t afford to buy spaghetti

Who says a limerick has to be Irish?

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Phantoms of Pleasure (Saraband Sonnet (French/Italian combination))

I see you arching under me,
the dew of passion on your skin, 
as bodies strain for liberty.

Our quest together, love within
a calming serenity's spin,
the physical unites with dreams
and sustenance in wanton screams.

Can phantoms of pleasure relate,
the fevered moments such as this
as nerve-endings reverberate.

We are as one in love's abyss
and all I am is all you are.
Daylight reminds, you are so far
and leaves me yearning your sweet kiss.

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Future Dreams/ Zukunftsträume/ Somnis de Futur (Catalán)/Sogni Futuri (Italian) Sentanka

Your future dreams
Empty paper in your hands
Disguised as desire

Your words written in silence
Until the last sunlight vanishes


Deine Zukunftsträume
Leeres Papier in deinen Händen
Als Wunsch verkleidet

Deine Worte in Stille geschrieben
Bis das letzte Sonnenlicht verlöscht


Seus somnis per al futur
Blanc de paper a les seves mans
Disfressat com un anhel

Les teves paraules escrites en silenci
Fins a la llum del sol extingit


I tui sogni per il futuro
Foglio bianco nelle tui mani
Travestito da un desiderio

Le tue parole scritte nel silensio
Fino al quando il sole si spegne ultimo

Note: The Catalán version is for Ruben and the Italian one for Lisa-Marie and Charma

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The Poet Destroyer vs. The Acrostic Italian: Round Ten The Fianle

People, were you ready for this romance,
Or prepared to read a statement this bold,
Enticed by words that were not to be sold
To you, though, to buy, you would have no chance.
Distant poets would offer you no glance,
Especially at a sight to behold.
Since most might not know, the truth must be told,
This was not a slam, but was a slow dance.
Readers did you know that you would be shocked,
Or that you would be taken down this road.
You could not have known that you would be mocked,
Entrapped by my seductive moral code.
Readers was the title, and they flocked,
Since this was my POETDESTROYER'S ode.