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Below are the all-time best Etheree poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Etheree poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Touch Me, Dream Weaver

Where are you?
Caress my hair,
drift through my mind's eye...
Let your fingers dig deep,
unearth the day's toils, plant seeds
that give birth to joyful tendrils
Use these, weave me rivered reveries...
Stay by my side 'til Sun kisses my cheeks

                                                 Blanket me in your kaleidoscope warmth
                                                     let silken threads of dreams tickle me,
                                                           so smiles meet my lips as I sleep
                                                                     Unravel my wrinkled mind,
                                                                 smoothen it, breathe new life
                                                                           with your magic touch
                                                                                    Let me feel you,
                                                                                     Dream Weaver

Date posted: April 25, 2011  6:40am

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The Gracious

One little sunflower alone among many headless stems poses by my mailbox. Some summers ago, others flourished there, but were all mown down. If they can forgive their being slain, perhaps they will resurge and rejoin her. Today as I back my car out onto the street, I chance to glance over where that one new flower has remained, and I see, to my delight, that the lone sunflower has brilliantly turned into a small and gracious group of three! for the Encounters with Flowers Poetry contest

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Response of A Harried Housewife To Her Spouse

“The children are always interrupting. You never have time for me,” her husband whined as he dropped his dirty clothes right there on the floor by the bed. Trying not to roll her eyes, she gave this quick response to her disgruntled spouse: “The kids, chores and mishaps have me spinning, and you tell me you feel rejected. To have a blissful home takes two. Consideration is key. I’m also missing you! To be successful in our bed, take time OUT of it. . . for ME!” A Double Etheree written May 27, 2012 for David Williams' The Three H's Poetry Contest

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Connie Marcum Wong

Her poetry springs from inspiration. Her service merits admiration. She sees the hue of souls and hearts, speaks with hands, knows magic arts, loves the sea, rides the skies; Easily she cries! A lovely dame, and Connie is her name.

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Tantalizing Love

Tantalizing love, how long I’ve known you.
How often I’ve succumbed to you, but
how often I’ve resisted too -
while wanting you so badly.
I’ll never tire of you,
nor do I want to,
for you’ve been a 
part of my
have had
to learn to
control myself
when you are around.
I’m not the only one
who loves you more than I should.
You are so good when you are bad!
Oh, to breathe your scent and hold you to
my lips! Delicious food, I adore you.

WRitten 9/19/14 for the Double reverse Etheree contest 
of Shadow Hamilton

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In the Desert

I wandered restlessly in the desert as the sands of time blistered my weary feet. Then as the sun bled crimson and night’s coolness washed over me, I awoke! Again, that damn Sandman had snatched slumber’s deepest comfort from me. Written by 9/15/2014 by Andrea Dietrich for nette onclaud's "In the Desert" Poetry Contest

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In the Empire of the Ice

(These are 2 etheree I put together to form a double etheree.
They were inspired by the marvelous
documentary movie "March of the Penguins.")

In the Empire of the Ice:
“The Plunge” & “When Childhood Ends”

They poke small heads out from underbellies;
feeling chill, retreat; and shivering,
remain a while longer where it’s
safe.  Nourished by both parents,
the chicks adapt.  One day
they’re left alone, but
Sea soon beckons 
them, and . . .  they
take the
years they
play, chase warm
waters’ flow and grow
with stomachs always full
before black heads emerge from
sea. . . Swollen bellies slide on ice.
Upright, they resolutely waddle
miles home. . . fierce winter storms not prevailing.

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need for
red roses
Broken flowers
in a child’s small hand
They make me understand
that beauty is found within
the dirt and grass and broken stems
Who needs florists’ bouquets when this child
loved me enough to pick broken flowers

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Cruelest Winds

Autumn leaves released against the cruelest winds
unmoored, without  a distant shore to land
have no instruction, nor direction, 
swept up on waves of winter seas
Drifting boats without their oars
curled tight against themselves
Here, there, ...soaring where?
until they fall
and crumble

I must
not stumble 
and must not curl
tight against myself
but be kin to nature...
soar the waves of winter seas
adrift in a sea of knowledge
following directions of my heart
unmoored, but with a distant shore to land
against the future of autumn's cruelest wind

9/12/14  For Shadow's Contest: Double Etheree

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The Awakening

pink passion of
trembling dew-damp bloom;
peach bliss of morning's kiss
coaxes a roseate flush;
warmed inner whorls teased to unfold,
the blushing bud swelling to open,
sun tonguing fragile folds, petals parting.

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Tomorrow's Grace

When children are taught never to forget conflicts’ lessons, to love all humans, to honor those through history who, selfless, wrought liberty. . . Then will spangled dreams of world peace be fulfilled as God imparts tomorrow’s grace on all. Written on an Independence Day, maybe in 2004 when my husband was involved with a biker group, and it was so boring to me, i just sat by a tent and wrote this poem. For the Didactic poetry contest of Regina Riddle

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kiss me
your sweet rays
let your warm breath
touched upon my face 
bathe me with your radiance
and witness as a smile blooms
from my eyes that glow in surprise
to my full lips longing to be sealed
by an endearing and passionate kiss!

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Sun is rising, new day in Africa
Construction redefines horizon
Opportunity everywhere
Magnificent obsession
Professionals working
Business booming
People moving
Forgotten children
Without hope or future
Absolutely desperate 
Beautiful brokenness exists
Incredible emptiness abounds
Never enjoying the sunrise of love

*The contrast I see in Ethiopia, an emerging Nation 
completely focused on progress, while the orphan child 
sinks deeper into desperation from neglect.

Contest: Shadow's "Double Reverse Etheree"
Date: 9-26-14

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HEAR THOSE BELLS (Etheree and Tanka combined)

HEAR THOSE BELLS (Etheree and Tanka combined)

those bells
wedding bells
one plus one    two
it is a magic time
when promises are made
a lifetime commitment     two
at the time so easy to do
but  there will surely be many trials
two souls in a give-and-take arrangement

many couples fail
fail to give each other space
space to know themselves
and those who weather the storms
owe thanks to god’s bright angel’s

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The Moon Smiles

The moon beguiles us to embrace again
And so you wrap your arms around me
I hear your whisper softly now
Loving words that caress me
You turn my face to yours
So your eyes can speak
Your lips move close
I tremble
Our lips
And again
More deeply now
You’re taking over
Chasing inhibitions
You whisper your devotion
As your mouth starts its journey down
Everything seems like a dream to me
The moon looks down with smile of contentment

For Shadow Hamilton’s Reverse Etheree Contest
September 27, 2014

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Poems As Butterflies

is a 
beauty in 
when images are
wondrously concrete. . . a
butterfly’s opalescent
wings unfolded on a shiny 
leaf - not flitting about . . .  Poems that
don’t elude, the ones I choose to peruse.

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She Craved

She Craved For the beast. Amidst his lair In candle surround, Ripped white linen clings As their sweated bodies writhe. In unification, his seed Shall spawn the beginning of the dark. Whilst his translucent shadows walk earths light. .

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Save Nature

The dog days of summer have come and gone
Heat's quickly being replaced by cold
Autumn's arriving with a surge
Vibrant hues adorn the trees
Painting the perfect scene
Deer in the meadow
Birds all abound
Shorter days
Long nights
Set them free
Nature has called
Mankind must answer
Preserving what is true
The writing is on the wall
Think globally act locally
Helping to save the environment
We can make this a better place to live

Double Etheree Contest

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I need a poetess

I need a poetess with passionate pens
To write me real and romantic rhymes
I need a sweet, super souper;
To write lovely lyrics
And make my heart happy
Every day and night
We’ll be lively;
Please will you
Be the

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The Kite


Today, walking on the beach, lost in thought,	
I came across a father and son
At the end of the road, tied to			
A kite, pulling the heart strings,			
Soaring towards the sky,				
Climbing on fir trees,				
Over meadows,					
Full of love,					
Of future,					
Filled with pleasure,			
Impending nuptials,			
Reaching for the heavens,		
The plane that takes you away,	
Caught in turbulence, like our lives.
Destroyed, like the kite that hits the ground,
But the man fixes it and I….still hope.	

Penned by: Ronald Zammit 	
Dated: 13.09.14
Contest: Double Reverse Etheree
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Placed: 1st

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The blood- so much of it upon the floor
of that small cell - was all that remained
of fury in a prison hell.
The guards could find no weapons,
for what they'd missed was this:
the slaughter had been
wrought simply by
a female

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Touch Me - Dusk

at sunset
cooler breezes
evoke slight goose bumps
or perhaps they are caused
by the spectral reflection
of sky colors kissing the sea
overwhelmed by many sensations
dusk evolves slowly in the April sky
I shiver, knowing Holy Saturday
pulls curtains of anguish to a close
remaining awake to see dawn
tapping Resurrection’s hope
wrapping my weary heart
sensing salvation
as Christ rises
Easter morn
love brings
*For Nette's first contest theme “Dusk” and “Touch”
by Carolyn Devonshire

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Cash Gone in Tax

Slashed by
Uncle Sam
Hard earned wages
Burned as income tax
Cash gone like blowing wind
Tax is not like sweet vermouth
This is just like pulling hen’s tooth
Tax going up, paycheck going down
Tax man leave us alone—we need a break!


Won Honorable Mention
Etheree Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Andrea Dietirch
June 20, 2010


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Your Love

touch my
heart often
by being you
and by loving me 
with all your heart and soul
Your unconditional love
fosters stength within my being
that creates character at my core
and empowers me to be who I am

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Seek Elsewhere Death!

hung a,
Feeder near the,
Window of my room,
So I can look outside,
See life again as God's gift,
And raise my broken spirits up.
She doesn't know how much she gives me,
But I vow to live because she loves me.