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Below are the all-time best Diminished Hexaverse poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Diminished Hexaverse poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Why He Beams

Pallid and forlorn,
my heart broke for her.
Never saw such gloom,
but somehow I knew
she shone from within...

She buried that,
feeling dry...gray-
a crumbled mask 
made out of dust.

I asked her
one cold night,
“Do you weep?”

“My tears
    fill up

vowed to
kiss her
every night,
let her feel
she was loved...

And oh! How much
love she can give!
She's still shy, hides
from time to time,
but her smiles break free...
(One can't trap light's glow)

Her warmth makes me beam,
reveled eclipses.

Moon dust becomes blush.

for Catie's Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest  :)

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The Moon Dust will not Fall Nevermore


                                             At different times
                                             in separate beds
                                             we sleep to forget
                                             Sunset is sunrise
                                             and nobody cares

                                             There it's sunny
                                             and here it rains
                                             who needs rainbows
                                             if no one cares?

                                             The Moon dust 
                                             will not fall 




                                             That's that!
                                             Who cares?

                                             Just drowned coins
                                             a cracked glass
                                             feeble stars

                                             Where's the Moon dust?
                                             Where're the arrows?
                                             Where's the fairy?
                                             Where's our strong faith?

                                             A distance that drowns
                                             through forbidden dreams
                                             we wait for the Moon
                                             to sleep and forget
                                             and nobody cares!


Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Tidal Lullabyes

The man in the moon
changes position,
showering my eyes
with a moon dust of
tidal lullabyes.

Slumber takes hold,
dreamscapes unfold,
and the girl walks
towards an edge
I cannot
reach, before
stormy waves
grasp and

is stored
within two
flights moving
in opposite
directions, as
once again, we
feel the distance.

I wonder if in
another lifetime,
we find tickets for
the same outbound flight,
soaring towards dawn.

March 28th, 2012

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Dandelion Wishing

Recollections waft
across my mind like
wisps of soft white spores - 
the vague remnants of
my memory’s threads.

Spring’s sun-gold heads
I now can‘t hold!
But glimpsing them,
I can recall. . ..

a young girl
blowing fluff
and wishing

time would


For Brian Strand's
UP TO FIFTEEN any form/any theme max 15 lines Poetry Contest
for Cate Lindsey's What the Hex contest

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Art and Ownership

People buy pictures
They have a notion
That they are owners
But actually
The pictures own them. 
They will outlive
Or outlast them
They are only
They purchase
Art will live.
And they...

Date 2-28-14
Motif : Epic
Dr. Ram Mehta
First Place win
Contest: Impress Me with short poems II by Giorgio 

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Impassioned Descent

Cunning seducer
Your presence beguiles
I taste your fever
My body complies
Good intentions die

Dare not touch me
For I shall fall
Where angels fly
And hell is nigh

Oh to taste
Faulted grace
Tempt me not

Too late
My fate


Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |


Plant Not your seeds in Poor
soil. Heinous and Quagmire
loves society. Yet,
you seclude yourselves from
your very own seed that
you have planted. But, Why?!

Non compos mentis
at the time?!... Were you
Callous?!... Or maybe
Myopic?!... Even
society that

claims to be so
Erudite has
no rejoinder.

lurks within
the poor soil.
Be Chary

when you
Make your


Pace, G.


Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Cops and ROBBERS

Turn facing the wall
Lift your skirt slowly
Take off your panties
Throw them behind you

Don't turn around.
Now, close your eyes.
Relax for me.
I'm touching you.

Babe, I'm
trying to
spice our



Pace, G


Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Raven's Watch

She's always there, watching
Over the quiet graves
Torn between life and death
Waiting 'till her time ends
When at last, she can be
Reunited with him

Without his strong arms
She falters and fails
Ne'er to love again
Her gentle heart is
Smashed beyond repair

She is the one
They call Raven
Soulless, helpless
Without his love

She stands and
Looks over

Where they


Written By Nick Bagnall
For Contest "Among the dead"
13th Place

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Rainbow Sleeping in its Dream

A journey in my mind beyond that horizon where the sky meets the earth in search of a rainbow rainbow of my childhood still sleeping in its dream on butterfly wings past the fluffy clouds a journey within to slide in that dream then waking it up softly caress every colour whisper to them go,fly again! Bring me back childhood days that old sky! Dance,sing laugh,play fly! © kash poet ============000============

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Celestial twirl

Planets in orbit
Some big and some small
Beings from outer space
Some named, others not
Discoveries made

Orbital spin
Perfect timing
In retrograde

Planets sway
Comets fall
Earth rotate



Contest: The Universe
Placed: 8th

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Moon Dust

Once upon a time my mother read me tales of princesses who joined with their prince - fairy tale romance. Wishing on stars, I hoped my prince was out there too. He hung the moon. What magic when life held such promise! I was spurred by . . . dreams. Love! It filled my mind. A young girl, I asked for just the moon! I longed for it. I searched for it. How elusive it seemed to be. Once found, it often disintegrated quickly, for it was - after all - simply the moon dust of dreams. For Catie Lindsey's Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest Poetry Contest

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As ocean tides cascade from Amphitrite’s dewed breast with ripples of fine air in moans… she gushes out along white crest, the trail of love, passion, and faith. Searching tenderness that fondles heaved waves to soak every curve moist with finesse… she dives in rhapsody. Hymns cuddling sea across bright lune, her flesh of tones quenching dried hearts. She bestows on mankind life’s essence Primal… like raw night
© ~ Amphitrite—Greek Goddess of the sea by nette onclaud especially for David William's True Diminishing Hexaverse

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Passed out

Toot, toot goes the train.
Jump, jump goes the brain.
Moved to a new house.
Old one had a mouse.
Sometimes change is good.

It's all the same!
Play the sleep game!

I can't sleep!
I can't sleep!

Passed out!
Passed out! 


This is a Dimished Hexaverse, thank you Dr. Ram Mehta for correcting me. This is a fun type of poetry.

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Love Yourself

I can't promise love
That from myself seek
That same acceptance,
That same forgiveness,
That same inner peace

I can't offer
What I don't own
And cannot give
Even myself.

I can't share
Tenderness -
True passion



Written June 28, 2013

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

The Glow of Angels

To think each star we see
was there but might not be.
A star when we were born
could now be dead and gone,
but even stars that die
will light eternity.

A wave forever
lights tomorrow's past,
then here and beyond,
washes in a flash
to infinity.

It touches all
but none can feel
the hint of warm

shines today
with angels



Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

The Bird and The Moon

`` In the middle of a dream was I, when suddenly a sound which I thought profound, woke me up at night.. Squinting my eyes, got up to sight bluejay shrill, on my window sill; air wrapped in a fine mist, it sparkled like pearls on moon beams.. moon dust shone through the window as glistening long white trail.. Down swooped the bird, looping cold rays. I fell under magical spell; fumbled for my limbs, wibbly wobbly things; held fast on the bed, I was covered in fine silver cobwebs ... ~ For Catie Lindsey's "Diminished and Advancing Hexaverse Contest" ..

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Gone are the Winds But Long Live the Words

Heavy in the wind,
was sound of a phrase-
Rhett Butler's curse word   ~
blew open the door
to eminent change
The dialogue 
withstood critics
who could not keep
that door bolted                                  ~

A strong wind               ~          ~
swept away      ~
old values

Filth caved
in the

            ~                 ~

For Judy Kono's Contest: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Young Love

* Oxytocin pours: illusion of heart is it real or not how long will it last perhaps forever? susceptible to anguish now likely to hurt; his heart frozen dare she leave dare she stay dare she love one thing matters: hope

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |


I know you are there
In light and darkness
Sunshine and rainfall
You are beside me
Just like an angel

I know it's you
Who holds my hand
When I fall down
When my soul crushed

I know why
You are here
Why you care

I know
You're my


By: Doris Day Jamoner

Dedicated to all my friends whether they are near, far or in virtual

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

In Your Eyes


                              For love has killed me
                              many times before
                              I dawned in your eyes  
                              that it's the first day
                              of my final death

                              I freeze and burn
                              and every time
                              you look at me
                              I surrender

                              at first sight,
                              deathly eyes

                              kiss me
                              kill me



Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

In and out of Seasons

The contrast of the
bluest sky to be 
and the crispest green
seen. Make one enjoy
the colors between.
From the petals,
whites thru indigos.
Robins red; Grey
squirrely fellows.
Outside you'll
find enough
to inspire.

The sunshine
beckons all
to appear.
Wave hit beaches
invite feet's splash.
Woodlands call fourth
picnickers cache.
Families spend time 
together amidst
clear warm days, into
short nights. Sharing their
laughter with delight.

Sun releases grip,
days light compresses.
Winds cool relief to
heat that oppresses.
Colors wane begins,
from brightest greens
of spring to shades
of golds and reds.
Browns of the dead.
Fresh harvest
abounds with
a bounty
of thanks
from all.

sets in.
hold begins.
Colors hide
beneath the
snows white covers.
There's beauty as
each flake hovers.
Each is unique
in size and shape but
together unite
as one. Same is true
for those who snuggle
until Winters done.

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Causeway of hope

Neptune grant me leave
To build a causeway
Across your waters
A barrier reef
To connect two souls

Thor's hammer strong
Will smite these rocks
No mountain chain
Will I endure

Until I
Hold you close
And can kiss

The tears
From your


Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |

Absolution 1


Like this time-worn  tiled roof
Moss-covered,  grimy , broke
Patched up  in places with 
Pieces  of  cheapest  tin 
And asbestos, mantling
A labouring  lattice

Of rafters, beams , ties 
Squatting  amidst  those
Rising,  flashy , fresh 
Modern constructs  by 
A  pell-mell  highway 

I too wait for
To give my space 

Ridding it
Of my stiff
Air and stern

And ire’s


By:  S.Jagathsimhan Nair
11  jun  12

For: David William's True hexaverse contest

Details | Diminished Hexaverse Poem | |


in the moments when
I allow silence
to permeate the
endless storm of doubt
that thunders through me

I realize
that it hurts more
to let silence
in when it has

been so long
absent, and
how very

much I
have to