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Tanka Tree Poems | Tanka Poems About Tree

These Tanka Tree poems are examples of Tanka poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Tanka Tree poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Weeping Willow - Tanka - Your Welca

hey there willow bank admire your hanging eyes  mine are far from dry withdraw tears another time now...i’ll cry you a river

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ivory trees

dressed by winter's hand
glistening within sunlight
trees of ivory
swaying branches in the wind
whispers of white cascade down


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Natures Umbrella


  a weeping willow

    never really shedding tears

      nature's umbrella

        branches trailing to the ground

          green leaves sparkling in the wind

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Harmonious Clearing of the Soul

Exhausting my skills To the tempered, fiber soul Timeless harmony I follow my heartstrings on Beyond glow of temptation Path in the forest Leads to grand open clearing Obscure light deepens Birds sing beyond the circle And flowers praise nature’s heights Simple minded eyes Dynamic pleasure moves on Leans over inside Heartfelt ties won’t gasp and leave Not to bring loss, frosty drought Russell Sivey

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Icy Repose

Trees are glazed and bent.
In silent chill they breathe on
laden down with ice
laced with delicate design.
Winter's majesty unfolds.

for Tanka Me Fall Or Winter contest
written 11/7/2013

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Tree Lined Avenue

Tree lined avenue Ochres and yellows display Graciously they fall In carpet gown, soil enriched In life they shone, now they're gone .

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The Virtuous White Rose

--**--The Virtuous White Rose--**--

White rose is holy
Matrimony pureness of
Bond between lovers.
Blessing  to Old Rome deceased’s
Chastity and innocence.

White Rose in myth and
Legend was tainted by blood,
Made blush from kiss, thus
Made it red and made it pink
Against its pride purity.

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Tanka of the Forest

Sunlight filtering 
Verdant through whispering leaves
And groaning branches.
Wind's tempestuous rhythm
Breathes life into the forest

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Lost/ Verschollen/ Desaparecido (Sentanka)

A drought ridden land
And miles and miles yet to go
Into uncertainty

A dream lost in desert sands
All tracks of existance wiped out


Ein ausgedörrtes Land
Und noch Meile für Meile zu gehen
Hinein ins Ungewisse

Ein Traum verloren im Wüstensand
Ausgeöscht alle Spuren des Seins


Una tierra secada
Y milla por milla para ir
Hacia lo desconocido

Sueño perdido en la arena del desierto
Todas las trazas de ser borradas

Note: Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-1848) was a German explorer, zoologist, botanist and
geologist. In 1842 he came to Australia to study its mostly unknown nature. He wrote a
diary on his first expedition (1844/45), titled "Journal of an Overland Expedition in
Australia 1844-1845. This ebook is available from the Australian Explorers Journals page.
His second expedition in 1848 failed and he started again on a third expedition in 1848 to
find a cross-country route from the cattle station McPherson (Queensland) to Perth
(Western Australia). He and other expedition members were lost in the desert. Two rescue
expeditions in 1858 ans 1869 ended unsuccessful. Only in 2006 a small copper plate was
found by an Aboriginal with Leichhardt's name engraved fixed to remains of a  half burnt
rifle which hung in a Baobab tree near the Simpson Desert. The tree was merked with the
letter "L"

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Days of Fall

The wind is blowing
Scattering the fallen leaves
From the Maple trees
Covering the barren ground
With the color of amber


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The Finches

They're singing. They are.
The finches. They sing beauty.
That tree is their house.
How charming! Birds, music, tree.
And the sun, friendly, like them.


Tanka Contest 3rd place
Contest Judged:  4/27/2014
Sponsored by: Amy Green

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Winter Trees

Dart anywhere:
"lonely, mournful; please return",
picked from limb by limb--
hold them to your aching chest;
they are all alone with you

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Gifts of the Trees

The gift of the trees, Fresh oxygen and lumber; A place in the shade To ponder whispering leaves; Beautiful leaf serenades!

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In Becoming a Forest

In the need of trees To become the forest here Abide by the realm Of peculiar openness Listing immaculate peace
Russell Sivey

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One Lonely Tree

It weathered harsh storms

and grew to be very strong

but the day soon came

when life was taken from it    

so that Another would die   

One Lonely Tree  07/31/14

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Three Christmas Desires

Happy Santa Day
Here’s my short list of desires
I wish complete peace
My wish came true this very morn
My tree held exquisite cross

My second wish now
No more greed upon the earth
At the stroke of noon
Golden abyss circled world.
Tree had a smiley face bulb.

As this day ended
My third wish for no hunger
Became abundant
A note found, said "down-to-earth".
My tree now bore so much fruit.

written by
Cecil Hickman

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A Birds Best Friend

Whispering willow
A haven for tiny birds
She weeps to hide nests
Rustling leaves fly on the breeze
Confounding neighborhood cats.

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Carrion Watchers

Through the mists they land Carried by darkened wings, spread Sensing, they await Suspended death in decay Inhumanities now shared .

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Succumbing to Time

Derelict now cold Mossed stones in sporadic spill Ageing arms out spread They, competing for the light Sadly, both succumb to time .

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A Forest Child

Tree seen in forest
Is one of many thousands
Showing its branches
Now to me, a forest child:
One needing Christ's redemption


Contest - Tanka 2

Sponsor - Andrea Dietrich


Honorable Mention